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Why does almost no one respond to comments or messages

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Started by cocky76 at 21,Dec,20 07:08  other posts of cocky76
I have been a member of SYD for a lot of years, under one username or another. My membership often expires because I have stopped using the site, due to the disappointment from receiving no response to a message or comment.
I have tried, complimentary, sexy and sometimes very suggestive comments. It makes no difference to most people. I always reply to any messages I receive, male or female, but even then that is the end of the matter. I exclusively compliment women, but also always reply to men.
I know most people only "look" on the site or the pictures of women are being posted by men, but it does help if we are polite.

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By Skittles at 21,Dec,20 08:23 other posts of Skittles 
oh dry yer eyes!
By #551147 at 21,Dec,20 08:57

Big ole meanhead!
By Skittles at 22,Dec,20 08:35 other posts of Skittles 

By Skittles at 24,Dec,20 13:24 other posts of Skittles 
I tried to send site flowers, but the cunt refused the delivery
By #551147 at 25,Dec,20 10:17

By admin at 22,Dec,20 08:19 other posts of admin 
If you try sites like Tinder you will find out that women rarelly respond there too, they are spoiled by men's attention too much. You should also understand, that aside from that women are generally not that interested in men's genitals as men are interested in theirs. They are wired differently.

Also, some straight men here get furious when receive comments from men and blacklist them. So if you specify that you are very straight, be prepared that gay and bisexual men will be less inclined to comment on your pics since they probably met bad attitude from straight men on the site in past.
By Skittles at 22,Dec,20 08:34 other posts of Skittles 
Gotta show the the AMEX on tinder!
By admin at 22,Dec,20 10:14 other posts of admin 
Sure, 3.375 inches is enough to satisfy any woman.
By #551147 at 22,Dec,20 10:31
LMAO 😄😆😂🤣
By Skittles at 22,Dec,20 11:41 other posts of Skittles 

By phart at 23,Dec,20 10:49 other posts of phart 
That is equal to 1 foot isn't it?
By admin at 23,Dec,20 13:10 other posts of admin 
Nope. 1 foot = 12 inches. 3.375 inches - long side of a standard credit card.
By phart at 23,Dec,20 13:47 other posts of phart 
got it!,I forgot about that 1!!

By mr_blue at 23,Dec,20 12:14 other posts of mr_blue 
are you speaking from experience?

By knewbi at 23,Dec,20 11:57 other posts of knewbi 
Women are a little more difficult to get a dialogue going. I have chatted with a few of them here but the guys are so very easy to get a response from. I have chats almost every time I am here if I spend some time hanging around. Had a real spicy chat with this one older mature woman and did she ever get me going... Her photos were not real complimentary but her words and attitude drove me wild that day...

By #621517 at 21,Dec,20 08:48
Keep posting and you’ll get a response. I visited your site. If that leggy, big boobed, hairy counted woman is your wife you’re a lucky guy! Nice dick too!
By cocky76 at 23,Dec,20 07:33 other posts of cocky76 
Thanks for the compliments. Yes the lady is my wife - now of 50 years marriage. Most of my photos were taken when we were active nudists and the others were when we were nudists at home.

By #551147 at 21,Dec,20 08:13
It does take a LOT of work to have any sort of relevance around here, to be honest.

That being said, one of your biggest issues, on a primarily "gay site" (per Mr. Admin), is the first thing that caught my eye in YOUR profile message... "VERY STRAIGHT" taking that into consideration and the fact that 95% or higher of the females are actually men...

Are you able to see what the problem is?

With the staunch "straight" declaration many of the members will pass right by as the real homophobe "straights" black list you, cuss you out, etc. for merely saying welcome or wow you look good.

Hope that helps, good luck!
By cocky76 at 21,Dec,20 08:21 other posts of cocky76 
Ah Well! Perhaps so, but I always correspond with anyone who messages me.

By cocky76 at 22,Dec,20 07:28 other posts of cocky76 
Thanks very much for your very kind and helpful comments.

By TWOWARMTTS3 at 21,Dec,20 15:02 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 
Cocky76 sometimes we are tired and the gray cells refuse to work. I am guilty of doing that.

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