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Amazing boobs

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Started by metro1000 at 03,Jan,21 02:46  other posts of metro1000
Hey guys, what do you think of her:

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By Wantcockancunt at 09,Jan,21 12:44 other posts of Wantcockancunt 
That we should be DP her

By #121361 at 03,Jan,21 07:45
Check my Wife
By metro1000 at 03,Jan,21 16:05 other posts of metro1000 
marvelous tits ...
By Oddmanout at 06,Jan,21 12:46 other posts of Oddmanout 
Yeah Len...your wife’s tire are magnificent!!
By bella! at 09,Jan,21 04:02 other posts of bella! 
Did you mean to refer to her breasts as "tires" or did your device do an autocorrect?
By Oddmanout at 09,Jan,21 10:35 other posts of Oddmanout 
Damn it...fucking autocorrect
By bella! at 09,Jan,21 11:12 other posts of bella! 
You know, it's good to know that autocorrect is the culprit! I can't imagine that any woman wants to hear anyone refer to her breasts as "tires". "Fun bags", 👍 , tires, 🚫 !
By Oddmanout at 09,Jan,21 12:34 other posts of Oddmanout 
Totally agree!!! I would never refer to a woman’s boobs as tires! So, my apologies if anyone was offended by my “tires” autocorrect fuck up!
By bella! at 09,Jan,21 12:39 other posts of bella! 
It depends on the condition of the tires. Are they flat or inflated as recommended by the manufacturer!

By #633740 at 09,Jan,21 03:04
hi baby look at my dick pictures

By leopoldij at 04,Jan,21 20:30 other posts of leopoldij 
And here's where you can find other pics and vids of her. She's masturbating her wet cunt nicely, you can see pink inside and you can feel ready to fuck it hard or simply lick it. You're welcome.

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By metro1000 at 05,Jan,21 15:41 other posts of metro1000 
she is amazing
By leopoldij at 05,Jan,21 16:29 other posts of leopoldij 
Glad you agree. You should v tell her. She might let you masturbate on cam for her

By Skittles at 05,Jan,21 08:31 other posts of Skittles 
Saggy Granny- do NOT post yours here! No one wants to see two fried eggs hanging on nails! Gross!!!

By XxXKing808XxX at 04,Jan,21 21:34 other posts of XxXKing808XxX 
Yeah she's got really nice tits

By leopoldij at 04,Jan,21 20:18 other posts of leopoldij 
Fucking awesome. Sexy. Nice holes too.

By nekekal at 04,Jan,21 16:13 other posts of nekekal 
Pretty cute. Huge tits. Great nipples. I would fuck her. Get her on her back, lets see how her huge tits look then. Should be a great titty fuck.

By #551147 at 03,Jan,21 04:36
Purdy face, too much tits for my liking.

Does she know? 🤔
By metro1000 at 03,Jan,21 05:10 other posts of metro1000 

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