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Size concern

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Started by #44513 at 04,Mar,10 05:31
I guess im still a lil concerned about my size, everytime i have sex with a chick im always concerned about my size and what shell think of me ...im a tall guy (6 feet 1 inch) and my dick is 5.10 inches so it looks really small in my big hands and its always on my mind when i meet a chick can you check it out (my video of me jacking it illustrate better what im saying ) and leave comments :O !

thx yall

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By Darthshame at 22,Apr,18 15:53 other posts of Darthshame 
I think the same thing. Always a fear she'll laugh or walk out. Hasn't happened yet, but still a fear.

By oldbugle at 04,Mar,10 06:51 other posts of oldbugle 
OK,...Firstly, be reassured that 5 inches is well into the 'average' size that most of the male population of western countries fall into,...so you are entirely normal and have no need to feel inadequate.

However, that said, you are a big man and much of your feelings of inadequacy are due to this unfortunate clash of 'big' and 'average'...so, you need to work on your self confidence until this is not an issue for you or your partner(s).

Most women (and ALL women with any brains!) are much more interested in a man as a complete package rather than as a 'penis bearer'. This means that many women will get much more fullfillment fromm a very good lover with an average sized penis who is also a first class dependable friend with character and humility, than they will from a big prick attached to an even bigger prick!

Next, please consider that, just as you fall into the largest group of penis size, so do most women fall into the group with a 4 inch long vagina,...of which the important nerve ends for lovemaking are in the first 2 to 3 inches. So, they are 'not going to miss what you think you don't have'!

It's true that women sometimes like to feel 'full' or stretched by a man. However, there are techniques that you can learn from a good sex manual that will more than make up for average size,...and remeber, most men don't take the trouble to really learn about the mechanics of sex so they won't have your expertise!

Finally, you should know that you can make the most of your size by various excercises that will enhance your erection and even increase size to a degree. Most women like a firm penis rather than a big soft one as it suggests a keen and excited lover and most women are concerned with their attractiveness to men especially during lovemaking. So, you should immediately start 'Kegel' type excercise to strengthen the muscles around the base of your penis. Apart from health benefits, I can attest that this will give you greatly enhanced erections and endurance abilities.

........Remember that for human beings the brain is the largest sexual organ! Good luck!
By spermkiss at 04,Mar,10 14:02 other posts of spermkiss 
Old bugle put it very well. However, if I may I'd like to add and addendum.

First off, there isn't a man in the world who doesn't wish his penis were larger, and that includes those men with very large penises. And many men are insecure about their penis size. This has led to all sorts of useless creams and medications marketed by unscrupulous people who prey on men with those desires and fears.

Second, there have been at least two scholarly studies of American penis size. The first was conducted by the late Dr Alfred Kinsey in the late 1940's. Dr Kinsey reported that the average American penis was just over six inches long.

Another study was conducted in the late 1990's of 1500 college age American men. In that study the average came out to be just over five inches.

Now did American penises become about one inch smaller in the fifty years between the studies? Probably not. The answer is in how the data were collected. Dr Kinsey's subjects took the measurements themselves in private and there was no attempt by the researchers to verify their accuracy. In the later study the researchers took the measurements. It would appear that Dr Kinsey's subjects fudged their measurements by about one inch.

And, no they don't need any help in collecting the next set of measurements. I already asked.

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