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My Girth

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Started by Lonewolf123 at 24,Nov,10 13:53  other posts of Lonewolf123
Hey all, im a little self conscious about the size of my cock mainly my Girth my length is about 7 inches and my Girth is about 5 inches. I would much prefer more girth. What do you guys think? Do i need the extra girth?

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By qhaos at 06,Feb,20 03:56 other posts of qhaos 
I have a 6.8 inches long cock and my girth is 6.5. And it appeats a little squat. If you need more girth, i need more lenght!

By HelmetHead at 06,Feb,20 03:33 other posts of HelmetHead 
I think would all like extra girth. 5 inch girth isn't considered thin, plus you have your 7 inch length. Actually makes it look even longer.

By DarkMax at 03,Sep,18 15:19 other posts of DarkMax 
My Girth is 15 cm

By Leejones1974 at 03,Sep,18 05:46 other posts of Leejones1974 
Mine is 8" x 6"think that is acceptable

By biggerdick at 26,Aug,18 10:01 other posts of biggerdick 
mine is 7"L x 6.5" girth

By #497509 at 28,Aug,16 19:57
Mine is 6.7"long and 5.5"thick.

By nekekal at 05,Aug,16 17:24 other posts of nekekal 
I would think that you would get it sucked a lot. My cock is 6 1/4 around and that is a mouthful. No one deep threats it.

Your cock is a bit long, but I bet it is popular with women who will suck cock.

By #497672 at 16,Nov,15 09:41
My cock has a 5 and a half inch girth and is 6 inch long, and I'm happy. Yours has a bit more length so I reckon you have nothing to worry about

By JustWill at 12,Nov,15 12:54 other posts of JustWill 
How would you go about adding that extra girth? F*rce-feeding tacos to your pecker doesn't work...
By bella! at 12,Nov,15 12:56 other posts of bella! 
How do you know this to be true? Have you tried?
By JustWill at 12,Nov,15 14:31 other posts of JustWill 
Nope. Just using pure logic. The human dingus does not have teeth and lacks the mechanism required to swallow.
By sinanff47 at 13,Nov,15 01:55 other posts of sinanff47 
But to continue with your 'paté' analogy, I believe the f*rce-fed geese ALSO lack teeth, and aren't given a chance to swallow?
By JustWill at 13,Nov,15 12:10 other posts of JustWill 
So you're suggesting he hook his willy up to a tube that pumps pâté into it to make it heftier?
Seems like that would just clog up the works, no?
By sinanff47 at 13,Nov,15 22:09 other posts of sinanff47 
Oh no, no. The geese are NOT fed paté to make them "heftier". I presume they are fed some kind of 'goose food', but are overfed and forcibly (banned in California). The wonderful paté is then made from their terribly swollen livers.

His "willy" could be packed in this paté for about 2 hours everyday, which then, according to fans of this procedure, will greatly increase its girth, in about 2 months.

By #501321 at 12,Nov,15 09:43

By #170147 at 16,Apr,15 12:51
I'm 4.5

By berty35 at 04,Dec,10 19:05 other posts of berty35 
I would luv more length my self, exactly 6in, but been blessed with 5.75in in girth.

By #107983 at 25,Nov,10 10:14
I cant see anything wrong with it at all ,mate

By #81930 at 25,Nov,10 09:27
Are you kidding? Your cock is beautifully massive..........mirth and girth, you've got it all.

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