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All Trump and only Trump

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Started by kebmo at 19,Jul,18 05:03  other posts of kebmo
I'm sure a lot of people here don't want to talk about the US President. I am also sure that there are a lot of people that do want to so let's do it here so they won't have to "listen" to us if they choose not to.
I watch a LOT of news, Canadian and American. I don't get Foxx News but I do get CNN and MSNBC which are very left leaning. The two Canadian news networks, CBC News and CTV News are more middle of the road. I watch the late shows too and I especially like Seth Myers' "A Closer Look".

Let's talk Trump!

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New Comment

By Scorpio69 at 14,Dec,18 03:57 other posts of Scorpio69 
I'm almost as giddy as a schoolgirl! Brace yourselves for the upcoming battle royale! Steadily poking that hornets nest Bahahahahahah So... I'll translate my giddiness, for the lame. NO BODY GIVES TWO REAL SHITS about what President Donald J. Trump did prior to becoming President. ESPECIALLY in regards to his personal life. Really, its irrelevant to this country! Just as I didn't really give two shits about Clinton fucking in the Oval office. The difference... One did his dirt while in office and then lied. No difference, right? Oh bullshit! They announced they are going to reopen other investigations that were so obviously covered up and poo poo'ed under the carpet. You reap what you sow... In the end, I hope they lock that lying vindictive bitch up. I also cannot wait to find out the level of participation by the anointed one. You keep poking the hive with a stick, your gonna get stung. It's coming... This will show what happens when your own house is dirty and you want to throw stones at someone else. This could be one of the biggest revealing of crooks this country has EVER seen. Keep poking!

By kebmo at 11,Dec,18 16:42 other posts of kebmo 
Have you seen the Trump, Pelosi, Schumer, Pence shit show in the White House today? Pelosi and Schumer are chess players talking to a checkers player. They'll eat Trump alive in the next couple of years.
Through the whole meeting, Pence didn't say one single word.

I call Ivanka Trump for next Chief of Staff.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 11,Dec,18 19:22 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
By kebmo at 11,Dec,18 19:45 other posts of kebmo 
Just to be clear, no part of "The Wall" has been started and no money has been allocated for it.
I could have sworn I heard somewhere that Mexico was going to pay for it. Who said that?
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 11,Dec,18 19:56 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Trump wrongly believed that the Tijuana Cartel was going to donate 80% of the cost in exchange for free entry of certain goods to be named later.
By phart at 13,Dec,18 10:44 other posts of phart 
Yea,I read a bit about it. Pelosi and Schumer are coing to TRUMP now offering money to help build what they are calling a fence instead of a wall. But yes,I did read it,democrats offereing to help get the wall started.The power of negotiation.Ask for more than you want and stick to your guns and a counter offer will come along if the other side wants to move on.
By kebmo at 13,Dec,18 10:54 other posts of kebmo 
Phart where did you read this? I don't believe it. Show me a CREDIBLE news source that says this and I will eat these words but I think what you just said is not true.
By phart at 13,Dec,18 19:28 other posts of phart 
this damn ole flat face phone thing I got recently has all kinds of "news" feeds on it.I read it on that but here is a couple excerpts and links from a short google search.;

Schumer and Pelosi visited The White House on Tuesday to negotiate with Trump over border wall funding in the next spending bill. The pair offered Trump approximately 1.3 billion dollars in funding for the wall, while the president demanded 5 billion dollars. The impasse could lead to a partial government shutdown.

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The Democratic leaders, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. ... he won't accept anything less than what he has demanded for his border wall. ... Along with Schumer, Pelosi intends to "offer President Trump 1.3 billion dollars in ...

only registered users can see external links
By kebmo at 13,Dec,18 21:27 other posts of kebmo 
I saw the shit show in the office. $1.3B was for border security not a wall.

By kebmo at 13,Dec,18 02:41 other posts of kebmo 
"If Donald Trump was a rapper, his name would be Colludacris".

-Jimmy Kimmel

By phart at 22,Nov,18 09:22 other posts of phart 
Got my first Trump 2020 flag in the mail yesterday. "Keep America Great"
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 22,Nov,18 10:42 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
By phart at 12,Dec,18 10:33 other posts of phart 
You wish!
2024 he will go.
Hopefully by then things will be straightened out. Alot of growing pains right now. Everyone is trying their damnest to bring him down.Funny thing is he aint falling yet! hehe, that is pissing off the liberals BAD.
BUT hey, even a liberal with any sense should be taking a second look at what got voted in office in new york,she is purty but DUMB as a fucking ROCK

By JustWill at 21,Nov,18 12:43 other posts of JustWill 
So, under Smokey the Trump's new forest management policy, the goal is to rake the floors of millions of acres of forest to prevent fires.
Here's an idea that can put that plan into motion AND resolve the immigration problem:
When folks cross the southern boarder seeking asylum, hand them a rake. Once they have cleared 10 acres of forest floor, they gain US citizenship. Two birds killed with one stone!

By Scorpio69 at 21,Nov,18 14:00 other posts of Scorpio69 
Oh! 😆 That was clever if nothing else
By phart at 21,Nov,18 18:13 other posts of phart 
I remember hearing my dad talk about how clean Germany was when he was there in the 50's. And it was partly because the folks burned the wood for heat but it was also because they were proud of their land and for fire safety.
As a former fireman that has fought several small, as in 10 acre fires,I can tell you the idea of keeping underbrush and general trash like leaves and stuff out of the woods surrounding homes is a great idea.
What do you think a fire line is? It is a line that is cut thru all the combustables.A dozer is used to clear underbrush and leave bare dirt in a strip wide enough to stop the fire spread. Depending on the winds as to how wide the strip needs to be.

As far as the folks in California.That is just to damn much for anyone to deal with.You could find fault with every single person involved but the simple fact is, it was or still is a HUGE problem.
Once it is dealt with,Trumps idea would be easy to implement because it is BARE ground now.
Prevention and preservation is cheaper than replacment.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Nov,18 18:26 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Phart, the problem is that soon every one would want a vacuum cleaner. We can't have that. The amount of electricity that would suck up would break the local utility. And what if a person of color complains that the illegals are taking his job. No,we can't do that. It's easier and better if we evacuate the area every 2 or 3 years and burn everything to the ground.

By kebmo at 21,Nov,18 23:20 other posts of kebmo 
Phart aren’t almost all of California’s forrests run by a national department? Isn’t it Trump’s government’s responsibility to care for them?
By phart at 22,Nov,18 09:12 other posts of phart 
`well trump has only been in office 2 years. Kinda hard to fix everything at once.
Frankly the power company whos equipment has caused the SECOND major fire in that state,is who should be catching the most flack.
By kebmo at 22,Nov,18 10:57 other posts of kebmo 
How about picking up the phone and telling his forestry person to take care of what ever needs taking care of instead of blaming California for his lack of action? One phone call.
Rake the State? Rake America Great Again? Just one phone call.

By kebmo at 20,Nov,18 23:30 other posts of kebmo 
So now Trump says it's OK for Saudi Arabia to murder journalists? I think his post presidency financial plans depend on Saudi and Russian money.
By JustWill at 21,Nov,18 12:37 other posts of JustWill 
Under the Trump Administration, you can brutally torture and kill as many people as you want...as long as you pay us enough money.

By Godzillas at 21,Nov,18 13:01 other posts of Godzillas 
Saudi Arabia is containing the murderers and face death penalty on this charges. What more do you want? At the same time Iran is our threat.. Just like USA had to join with Russia to defeat hitler then going back to hating each other after the war.. You appear smart... Use your intelligence to figure out the equations and you will come up with different conclusions..
By phart at 21,Nov,18 18:08 other posts of phart 
from what I read the "journalist" was a enemy of the state. Who are we to decide who Saudi Arabia considers a threat to them?
frankly I wish Trump had just kept America uninvolved and let those folks settle it without us poking our nose's in it.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Nov,18 18:32 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
That journalist was an American citizen
By phart at 22,Nov,18 09:14 other posts of phart 
Still irrelavant really.
No differnt than the clinton list of people that get their ass's wacked when they got to be a problem.When Americans go sticking their noses in everyone else
's bussiness,things don't always go so well. He could have stayed in New york,and been mugged and killed for 20 bucks out of his pocket and no one would be saying anything.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 22,Nov,18 10:04 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
No one would be saying anything in a national scale. If he had died during a mugging in NY, the cops there would have had plenty to say and would have pushed for justice. Trump is pushing for business. People who think like you eat that up. Lives don't matter. Good is only good if it doesn't get in the way of the mighty dollar. Oil is the only justice that we should persue.
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

And another thing. You think the USA is the only country that sticks it's nose in other countries business? Let me give you a list: RUSSIA, GERMANY, GREAT BRITAIN, FRANCE, CHINA, ISRAEL, IRAN, CANADA, INDIA, JAPAN, SAUDI ARABIA, YEMEN. AND MANY MORE. The world is small and all countries want their piece of the pie. Why shouldn't the USA have a piece too?

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Nov,18 18:35 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
I think we should be nicer to Iran. They protect us from the TelAvib caravans headings for Brooklyn
By Godzillas at 21,Nov,18 20:39 other posts of Godzillas 
Or keeping broom sticks from going straight up your ass..

By Godzillas at 21,Nov,18 20:48 other posts of Godzillas 
I know something better.. How about if we got 5 million pigs to give a nice new home in Tehran?...
Personally I am not affected by your comment,, but be careful because many Jews will find that to be a racist comment .But I'm starting to understand why you worshiped Carter and FDR now..
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Nov,18 20:59 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
No, you don't understand. That, lollipop, was sarcasm.
By Godzillas at 21,Nov,18 23:16 other posts of Godzillas 
Like I said I understand but others may not. The reason being is this. H ate crimes to races or religions or certain groups Jews are targeted and hit 58% of the time. The race or religion that is 2nd is Islamist's at 18%. There are even Jews that h ate Jews. Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer are Jews but are anti-Israel in fact. Israel has a left like here and they too are Pro-Palestine and believe Jews are unauthorized to live in the land of Canaan.
The left is geared towards destroying Israel. Why do you think certain presidents go as democrats and certain presidents go republican.. The last democrat to actually sympathize with Israel was JFK who in fact was the last president to be murdered by the deep state.. The democrats are a very controversial and violent party.If you want proof then do research on how the KKK was formed. Yes the democrats.. The civil war was the democrats throwing a shit fit because Lincoln abolished slavery.. If they do not get what they want they will resort to terrorism and flooding the media with false accusations. The fact of the matter is, Hillary Clinton got sloppy and exposed her clinton foundation with her clients being from anti-american Muslim countries. This also included Cash Payouts for the FBI to provide protections to this path of corruption. This has put Israel in jeopardy.. What I know is this... If Israel falls, the United States is done including the free world and freedoms for woman, Jews, Christians and any other non-muslim will be eventually destroyed with sharia law ruling the world. As time goes on because of their radicalization they will even kill each other off.. The proof is in Iran, Chad, and Somalia. Once they get their hands on nuclear weapons it is over and out !!.... So keep voting democrat,,, keep supporting radical Islamic terrorism.. Yes of course.. I really understand what you mean now..

By phart at 09,Nov,18 11:03 other posts of phart 
Some dumbass judge has stopped the pipeline AGAIN>
Taking money out of people's pockets. I would think Canada would be furious as this is taking money from their pockets,jobs and so forth.
The Indians are upset about the pipeline.A senesable solution was found to alleviate their concerns.But it is not enough for the conservationist and the indians.

But Sadly the fact is if Trump walked into the reservation and offered to fill in the lake and build them a cassino, they would jump all over that! he would be their hero.
Tell me I am wrong and convince me.
By kebmo at 09,Nov,18 21:59 other posts of kebmo 
I live in Alberta where most of the Canadian oil comes from and we are pissed! We are landlocked and just got a smackdown for a pipeline west to the coast of BC now we have to deal with this.
The province of Alberta relies heavily on the revenues of oil. I view this and the pipeline west to the coast as setbacks. I hope they both get resolved.
The use of oil will continue for decades to come and it's in the interest of Canada and the US to use domestic products instead of lining the pockets of the Middle Eastern countries.
Pipelines are a great way to safely move a lot of product to market from where it's produced. It's just too bad that in order to build one the builder has to kiss every ass along the route.
By phart at 10,Nov,18 09:31 other posts of phart 
To a point I can see the logic in addressing major concerns,like a 8 foot diameter pipe going right past a church 10 feet away,yea,let's move it down the street aways.
Try not to take out alot of homes and what not.But sometimes a issue like this pipeline gets used as a wrench to throw into the gears of government.As in "Trump approved this,it has to be wrong". Which is niether here nor there as far as the jobs and income and stability it could create for both countrys.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Nov,18 15:37 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
You are wrong. They know that if Trump built them a casino, it would be bankrupt in months
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

They could fix it. They don't want to spend millions going through a different route

By Scorpio69 at 08,Nov,18 19:33 other posts of Scorpio69 
To: TWOWARMTTS2 There you go again... Drawing your OWN conclusions, and saying things I NEVER once said.


I'm not quite as conservative as you want to believe. I TOTALLY believe in the W.I.C. program, Food Stamp program for those in need, Unemployment Insurance, Disability (FOR REAL DISABLED PEOPLE!), and of course Social Security for our Elderly.

Food stamps and welfare checks shouldn't be lived on for the life of the person that keeps pumping out **** recklessly. GET A FUCKING JOB! Be more responsible!!

Now! How did you conclude that I don't believe in those cushions?

Lastly, to YOU and talk5s...

My Wife and I have monthly recurring donations to 6 organization's that we believe in. 2 outside this country. Can you two mouth's make the same claim? I would venture to say... NOT!
That's someone else's responsibility, right?
Also, I didn't disclose that for either of you's approval as I don't need it, nor want it. But, you both act as if I or any conservative, republican, white guy, just don't care about others. Well, neither of you really know me and I could honestly give a flying fuck as to whether you choose to believe that or not.

Just keep employing your bully tactics and see what it gets you. Trumpily Frumpily as one of you refer to him, will win the next election too. As this country is tired of these ridiculous stupid arguments. YOU think this past election was a clear sign of what?

I hope with every ounce of my being that the shitforbrains on the left, do everything in their power, to attempt to impeach this president, and continue the Russia collusion bullshit for the next two years. That will seal the deal for another four years. I'll pray they do that very thing for you guys, even cross my fingers for it. 🤞 🙏🙏

I concede he's brash, and could tone it down a lil. But, it's who he is.
By phart at 09,Nov,18 10:59 other posts of phart 
The trouble I have with the system is the fact if a person winds up on foodstamps and so forth and they make a effort to improve their lives and get a Pell Grant to go to college, they loose the food stamps because the Pell Grant is consided income.If the person getting the grant goes to work 20 hours a week, they can get BACK on food stamps.
Hell,if they was able to find a job, they wouldn't need the stamps or the grant,they would just go to work.!
I know all this 100% for fact as it happened to the xgirlfriend.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Nov,18 06:37 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
If I was wrong, I'm sorry. My conclusion comes from your coments. But, you assume conclusions about me from my posts. I won't coment about you. Hopefully, no one else does either as you can only handle people who agree with you
By Scorpio69 at 10,Nov,18 13:21 other posts of Scorpio69 
Nah! I haven't assumed much about you, as you seem like a lovely person for the most part. See! I cannot take credit for this as it's NOT my words. But the words are SO true.

One of the biggest problems with our liberal friends, is that they know TOO much that isn't so. That being said I have only assumed your a lil misguided. Other than that, I enjoy a lil opposition.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Nov,18 15:35 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Well, you know it all so you know what isn't so. Us, lesser mortals, plod along with no clue on what's right

By phart at 08,Nov,18 10:17 other posts of phart 
sad when a dead guy is considered a better choice than the live 1!

only registered users can see external links
By kebmo at 08,Nov,18 14:48 other posts of kebmo 
That's hilarious!! I saw the loser on the Jimmy Kimmel last night and she was funny.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Nov,18 15:39 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Will she be declared the winner anyway? The dead guy won't serve (I'm pretty sure about this)
By kebmo at 08,Nov,18 15:43 other posts of kebmo 
I'm not sure what happens now.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Nov,18 15:56 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
I'm reminded of the film West Side Story. One song went "only in America,"
By kebmo at 09,Nov,18 02:14 other posts of kebmo 
"The assembly seat will be declared vacant, since the winner is dead, and the county commissioner will begin a process to fill the seat."

-New York Post
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Nov,18 10:08 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
By phart at 09,Nov,18 10:56 other posts of phart 
I guess when I kick the bucket I will run for President!
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Nov,18 12:01 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Can I be your running mate?
By phart at 09,Nov,18 21:02 other posts of phart 

By Scorpio69 at 08,Nov,18 18:47 other posts of Scorpio69 
To: talk5s, I had NO desire to respond to your post for a couple reasons. Albeit, I consider myself to have a decent sense of humor, a number of your post are soooo incomprehensible due to you trying to be cute. I surmise your attempting to speak hick, hillbilly, redneck... I think! As I try reading your post it's more like... Jamaican, Ebonics, fortune teller, illiteracy? Not really sure what your attempting. Anyway, sorry if that bothered you. There was also NO response because there was nothing notable, I BELIEVE, worth commenting on. Sorry!

Now to your next post... Nicknames are cool I can handle Scorp. 🙂

I understand what your eluding to in your last post. It's a perfect world scenario that ONE country, the United States, cannot do now or ever!

I absolutely believe that MOST our (United States) resources be bound by OUR borders for OUR citizens. If you don't, that's YOUR opinion and you are entitled to it. AND I hold no grudge against you for that.

As I further interpret what your saying, you would like to see America as the Worlds helping hand, AND take care of every citizen in this country too, with all the free shit libs want and demand.
I may live in a tiny box but it's certainly not la la dreamland, filled with delusions of worldwide grandeur, where you or anyone else thinks this country can pay for everything. It's SO stupid I can't even believe I'm attempting to reason with you.

When major crisis strikes other countries the United States quite often steps up to lend a helping hand, with donations, aid, our military resources etc. There's also outside agencies that accept donations for those countries in need. That being said, you want more, huh?

FREE babysitting, FREE edumacation (just for you 😐 ) K - Doctorate, FREE phones, FREE transportation, FREE healthcare, FREE food stamps, FREE Welfare Checks, FREE housing, FREE internet, FREE clothes, Social Security, Disability, FREE contraception, FREE abortions (aka more contraception), and... Take care of the rest of the poor on this planet.

I can't be any CLEARER for you... YOUR DELUSIONAL!!

IF you think our country is soooo bad you outta consider another. I certainly would if I felt like you.

By talk5s at 06,Nov,18 14:00 other posts of talk5s 
Let's ALL try to imagine an 'Amuricah' under Trump, shall we? Liberals, Conservatives, Thinkers and non thinkers 1st, we must all realize 'THE Donald' does NOT care about YOU. How could ANYONE who puts a 'THE' in front of his name care about anyone EXCEPT himself? If you are too dumb to see this, STOP READING NOW...Under the 'donald' the US would have walls both physical and figurative around our entire country. Some of the figurative walls have started with his trade wars. Since he has NO knowledge of previous history, he does not realize lots of trade wars have resulted in ACTUAL wars. Look @ China and their military ambitions and what they have done in the South China Sea. Already dangerous, just needs some 'tinder' to erupt in outright war. If you don't know what is going on out there, never mind and STOP reading. This is above your head. ... A 'walled off' country was known as an 'Isolationist' country in the past, as was America in the years leading up to WWII. See where that kind of thinking got us? If you are too dim to see this or don't know about WWII, STOP reading now. Caus I am getting ready to piss you off even more! Country's with blind leaders, and I use that term EXTREMELY loosely when it comes to the current Airhead in Chief, find themselves in dire shit at some point. Either all out war or MAJOR economic destruction. Or BOTH. I know, look how 'great' it is now under Trumpily Frumpily!...But IS it? REALLY? Most of you are just relying on a bunch of government numbers. (They are not REAL. Simply there for the MARKET. Rigged also. Nuther story) and 'soundbites' of your choosing. Fox or the other 2...None of that is real EITHER! Some is MORE real, but it's ALL driven by money and as Charlie Sheen once said, 'WINNING'!...The Economy is like flying a Blimp. Every control input takes 30 seconds to have an actual effect on it's flight. Two years in Economical terms, is nothing...Slashing taxes and the immediate good result is like a premature orgasm. Feels GREAT when it happens, but after that glow wears off...it SUCKS! And the deficit GROWS!
By Scorpio69 at 06,Nov,18 15:33 other posts of Scorpio69 
🤔 Hmmmmmm...

No imagination necessary!!

We ARE in an "Amuricah under Trump".

Before I go any further. I would just like to say... That I personally am very happy that you emerged from the coma you were in. It frequently disturbs me when people are in comas and their family's are quite often forced or inclined to pull the plug. 😥 That being said, welcome back! Good luck with your recovery. 😘

p.s. Amuricah is actually spelled - America

As for the rest of what you said... The proof is in the pudding! More money on my AND my wife's paychecks (less taxes), our health insurance went back to near what we use to pay (NOT tripled like it was during Obama's administration), job boards are filled with jobs, we both got raises from our respective companies.

Yeah! He's REALLY awful. He even gave the system leeches a raise. I know because I know at least 18 people sucking off the "Oh! I'm so disabled" teet!

HE EVEN GAVE THEM A RAISE!! Yeah! Once again. He's just awful!

Crap! I almost forgot...

The deficit! Your joking right?

Obama added MORE to the deficit than EVERY other President before him, COMBINED! That's factual!

Are you sure your "liberal"?

I only ask because most libs are... Throw caution to the wind, let everyone and their brothers and sisters into the country, give everyone FREE healthcare, FREE education from K thru Doctorate, FREE checks to all that just simply dont feel like working and earning theirs, FREE housing for those that just don't feel like working, FREE phones to ALL citizens, FREE Bus passes or transportation of your choice, YES, even a Free Car, FREE food stamps for ALL cause everyones gotta eat, unno. I could go on more, but I would think you would get the point by now. SO! Anyway, after ALLLLLLL those freebies, where is the deficit going? Down?

Damn! I didn't even mention our military. I guess they can all just quit. See what happens to our country, then.

WHERE'S ALL THE FUCKIN MONEY FOR ALL THOSE FREEBIES COMING FROM? How difficult is it to understand the scope of what libs want?
By phart at 06,Nov,18 22:29 other posts of phart 
You are talking to a tree stump.Most liberals do not want to hear the truth.Nor do most of them want to understand even if they were capable.
They like meyhem and saddness and riots and fights and so forth and will whine about anything to have a excuse to riot.
America is better with Trump.
I found some stuff awhile ago ,it was the "hope and change".The first 2 years of obama and it was awful to read how high gas went and how high the unemployment rate went.But it made no matter to the liberals. Facts don't affect their conscience.I often wonder if they have 1.
IF they did,they would not WANT TO BUM off anyone.They would want a job that Trump is trying to bring back to the US.
By talk5s at 07,Nov,18 14:45 other posts of talk5s 
Nicely said, Scorpio!!! Apparently, from YOUR viewpoint, we are BOTH in comas! Kudos to you for seeing just the short term! While I see the LONG term! Sorry to state in such a 'Cockian' fashion. BTW. You did NOT really make sense in your statements. Which I READ, unlike you for mine. For instance, the deficit IS bigger under dumbass. NOT that is different from most other Prez's. It's JUST that 'HE' (I say that so you worshippers kin 'unnerstan') LIES about it or totally IGNORES it. All that FREE stuff you allude to...AIN'T NOT DIFFERENT THAN forever! NOTHING changes in this country. Or ANY other. EVER!...At least in the SHORT times spans of our individual lives. The status quo stays the same...it's just the coverage, or propaganda, that changes. You have fallen for what you perceive as the 'truth' and I have for what I see as the truth.Which is ALL propaganda is just...LIES!. The truth is NOT in what you see daily...but what you actually FEEL...Do you actually FEEL anything anymore, Scorpio? Or are you JUST what you see and hear?... Please, wake up. News no MATTER where you hear or see it...is just MONEY.

By talk5s at 07,Nov,18 14:59 other posts of talk5s 
Hi Phart! I resemeble that!!! I ain't jis da ordinNERY tree stump! I kin tink. I kin seeeee...N I seez what ya n Scorpio don't seez! Ya both be blind as newborn 'chillen'...I does aktually like ya Phart! Really. We be da same generateeeeown! But one of us be blind, n one of us be FULL of future sight... None of us will know for some time...but I am willing to bet both you and Scorpio, I like him too in his youthful beliefs, will one day think...'Jeez Looeezzz! That dumb asshole Talk5s was RIGHT!'.

By Scorpio69 at 07,Nov,18 15:09 other posts of Scorpio69 
Well phart!

You just never know when you may get through to someone. Causing them to have their own personal "ahhh ha!" moment.

That's what happened to me.

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I registered as a Democrat way back when. I was told that's what our family was. Because, the Democrats are for the "poor people". Considering how sweet and caring my people were, I cannot imagine that the Democrat party of today is the same one of their time.

Honestly... I think the party was hijacked somewhere along the line and mostly infiltrated with the most ignorant pukes to draw breath.

That being said, somewhere around the Bill Clinton year's (whom I voted for), I had my "ahhh ha!" moment, an epiphany of sorts.

As a Father of 7 who worked very hard to take care of mine, without the assistance of my Government. I am very thankful for that awakening, and haven't looked back since.

Here's to hoping to breach the fog that another lives in.
By phart at 07,Nov,18 17:44 other posts of phart 
Don't be embarussed for registering as a Democrat.Years ago it was NOT the party it is today.

I typicaly vote Republican. I have voted for a couple democrats for local postions over the years because I felt they were doing a good job.
I registered to vote as a Independent so I could help Bush jr get in the second term.I felt he handled getting the bastards that flew into our towers very well.But sadly, things did not go well that second term.It was almost like he or his family had been threatened or something serious and it all fell apart. Obummer gave the order to take out Bin Laden and with all the frufru you would have thought he actually popped a cap in Binladen himself.
Which I still think Binladen is alive and well somewhere.
No that is not a Elvis like "dream" it is a logical conclussion because his $ister already lives in New York and Bin Laden, if dealt with in the right way, would be a valuable asset to prevent further attacks.

The democrat party was once a great party of people that wanted the working man to be properly represented and the Republicans were the "rich greedy bastard crooks" of the world.

So older democrats still remember that old republican reputation. Younger people are confused because the democrat party has changed so much.
It no longer seems to be for the working man.It seems to be more for the lazy bum.

The republicans have took on the role of representing the working class now because without the working man, they don't make profits,they don't get rich.

And frankly Some of us just have to choose from the lesser of the 2 evils because the system does not really allocate any time or coverage to a 3rd party. Which we need so bad.
What doesn't help is when there is a 3rd party guy, he is usually a nutcase so far off in the back 40 he is not even close to left or right feild.No one can relate to them. that does not help set the stage for folks to want a 3rd party running.
By talk5s at 08,Nov,18 14:41 other posts of talk5s 
Hi Scorp! Hi Phar! Pardon the nicknames. Here is TalK! Despite you both ignoring my posts in reply COMPLETELY I am not offended...Having ALREADY stated in terms likely too polite and nice for you to understand in any actual DEPTH I will state this as simply as I can. You are BOTH in a little TINY box called 'Muricah' (Scorpio) with it's outright hoodwinking of people that really want to be good 'Americans'. The kind of 'Americans' that saved the World 70 years ago in WWII. 'Muricahns' cain't do dat no mo as they be so blind to anything beyond this country's politics. Which END at our borders! If you had real foresight, you could both see our entire planet and our combined dangerous PLIGHT living on such a TINY ball in an infinite (who knows?) Universe...of which we know so little...I can't state it any plainer. 'America' is less than 3% of the total land mass on Earth. Around 5% of the total 'humanoid'(7.3 BILLION unthinking and uneducated SCARED SHITLESS and starving bipeds) population. Consumes 25% of the produce and food!!! We also feed a LARGE part of the population that would be DEAD without us...Yeah, I can understand your feeling of entitlement. Have felt it myself because I have always loved 'AMERICA'. I have NO respect for 'Muricah' as it has gradually become. In 2 years under dimwit trumpity dumpity, it has plumbed the depths of a country that no longer cares about it's citizens or it's place on this Planet. I won't go on. You won't read it anyway. Even IF you do, it will not be with an open mind. Just as you accused me of not having...Say something that will open mine and change it to your viewpoint, besides blind rage. I will listen if you do...I have wondered what if (?) lots of times. What if all I know is JUST media driven? Propaganda just as it has been used thru the EONS of human existence to create 'followers' (are you one Scorpio? You Phart?...ME???) for the powers that be. Our beliefs simply the result of the 24 hour news (money/viewer driven and NOT just the truth) driven into our brains at ALL hours of EVERY day. It comes down to who can read between the lines, see the total picture...AND THINK FOR THEMSELVES. I know you both think you do, just as I do...So, have a HAPPY journey down your chosen paths...History is the only thing that will tell which of us had any foresight. And that takes TIME to turn into hindsight...the ONLY truth.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Nov,18 15:49 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Scorpio you should be given a medal. Seven **** and still have energy to spout nonsense.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

It always amazes me. The guy that is able to make it without a helping hand, is always the one that resents others getting help. Why are you so mean, so fast to deny others help. I bet you call yourself a Christian yet you don't know the meaning of "help thy neighbor"

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Nov,18 15:46 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
The fucking money comes from taxes. Many people don't give a shit about the other people, or the shape of our infrastructure. Those freeloaders should not get any help. If you loose your job you should not get unemployment insurance and if you don't have money to eat, you should have the decency to go starve were we don't have to see you
By kebmo at 08,Nov,18 16:19 other posts of kebmo 
TWM, "you should have the decency to go starve were we don't have to see you"

By kebmo at 07,Nov,18 06:57 other posts of kebmo 
Congratulations American voters!! First of all for showing up and making this an amazing turnout but more importantly for electing women, Muslims, Black people, Indigenous Americans, Hispanics and gays. Very progressive!
By phart at 07,Nov,18 09:43 other posts of phart 
Notice it was Michigan,way up north!
The Muslim was supported by none other than the Democratic Socialists of America.Does that really sound like a good idea to have our countrys enemys inside our government? How can we protect our country when they have infiltrated it's government? Gee thanks Michigan,your jobs as in the automotive industry have left you out of work,now you will be left without a peaceful country.
The women,as a whole does not bother me that much if they are conservitive educated women.But the muslim seems more like a trophy position for the dems moreso than a real asset.
By JustWill at 07,Nov,18 12:21 other posts of JustWill 
You were able to combine racism, misogyny, xenophobia,religious intolerance, and paranoia all in one short post.
Well done!
By phart at 07,Nov,18 14:07 other posts of phart 
I am sorry my bad!,I forgot it was Buddist Monks that flew planes into our twin towers.

Quite honestly, I know what I said sounds brash,and is actually a slight stretch of how I feel. I know not all muslims are evil.But it is very difficult to forget 9-11 for alot of folks.That serious of a tragdy tends to stick in your mind.Hopefully she will do good for her state.The rest of the country knows that state needs help from somewhere.Bad water,no work,crime out the wazzoo.

And you know as well as anyone, the Dems are showing off their trophies as we speak."LOOKEE here,we got a Muslim in offfice,lookee here,we got a woman in office." And so on.Actually they are using those folks like tools to divide and conquer. They know folks are in disagreement and that makes for good media coverage and opertunitys to protest and riot. And don't we know there is nothing like 20 bus loads of rioters to boost a local economy!

1 of those words I am going to have to google to know what it means.Damn it man! you are educating me!
By JustWill at 07,Nov,18 16:02 other posts of JustWill 

intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.

I know, the Democrats should be ashamed that they got a more diverse representation of America elected instead of a bunch of old, white rich guys.

While we're on the subject, a white guy shot-up Las Vegas. Does that mean all white guys have to be feared?

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 07,Nov,18 16:11 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
It was Japanese pilots that attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec 7,1941. I'm reminded of this as I sit in my Toyota.
By phart at 07,Nov,18 17:20 other posts of phart 
Being you had family in the military,that does strike me as a bit odd for you to be driving a Toyota.

misogyny is the 1 I gota google later.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 07,Nov,18 19:41 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
That's my point. Think about
By phart at 08,Nov,18 07:52 other posts of phart 
I have,I am still stumped.If a country tried to invade mine and was shooting at my family,I sure don't know that I could turn around and be a loyal fan of their stuff.

By JustWill at 07,Nov,18 22:27 other posts of JustWill 
dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.

By kebmo at 07,Nov,18 16:22 other posts of kebmo 
Phart here's a tidbit of trivia for you. Calgary is Canada's fourth largest city (1.2M) and we are about 60% white. Our mayor was elected in 2010, re-elected in 2013 and re-elected yet again in 2017.
His name? Naheed Nenshi. His religion? Practicing Muslim. Do we give a flying fuck? No because he's a great mayor.
This may sound outrageous to you but all Muslims are NOT out to get you. Most of them are fine people who want to live in peace and better their communities.
60% white and we elect a Muslim mayor THREE times!!! Crazy eh?

--------------------------------------- added after 12 minutes

BTW you don't appear to know that there were TWO Muslim women elected yesterday. One in Michigan and one in Minnesota. Two states bordering Canada starting with the letter M. Coincidence? Watch out in 2020 Montana and Maine!!
By Scorpio69 at 07,Nov,18 16:39 other posts of Scorpio69 
Your Prime Minister though... Hubba hubba

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Nov,18 08:00 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 

By leopoldij at 07,Nov,18 19:23 other posts of leopoldij 
Trump threatened to adopt a “warlike posture” and retaliate if they use their newfound power to investigate his financial and political dealings.

Imagine the audacity of the democrats! To want to investigate the president's dealings! How stupid! This president is above the law!

By kebmo at 07,Nov,18 03:45 other posts of kebmo 
Well I think that went rather well. The babysitters have arrived.
By JustWill at 07,Nov,18 12:17 other posts of JustWill 
Let the spankings begin!

By Scorpio69 at 02,Nov,18 13:51 other posts of Scorpio69 
There's so much pure unadulterated bullshit, anger, and idiocy in this thread. I don't even know where to begin... Someday! If the mood strikes me (which will probably be NEVER). I may indulge myself, and attempt to explain the definition of "liberalism". For now, I simply don't have the strength. As arguing with a "liberal" is like arguing with someone with attention deficit disorder. Don't like what I've said... Go suck a dick! 😉
By JustWill at 02,Nov,18 16:40 other posts of JustWill 
For the record, I'm okay with sucking a dick no matter how you define "liberalism".
By Scorpio69 at 04,Nov,18 12:22 other posts of Scorpio69 
This is EXACTLY why you are loved by many... 😘
By JustWill at 04,Nov,18 17:30 other posts of JustWill 
"Loved" is kind of a strong word. I've always viewed it more like "Fondly tolerated".

By kebmo at 03,Nov,18 00:18 other posts of kebmo 
Scorpio, that's why I started it in it's own thread. It's not for everyone. You can choose to open it or not. There is no middle of the road with Trump. It's a love or **** situation but if you open this thread, that's what you'll find, love or ****.
--------------------------------------- added after 38 hours

By Scorpio69 at 04,Nov,18 12:23 other posts of Scorpio69 
I get that Kebmo, and thanks for doing so.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 03,Nov,18 09:42 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Scorpio69,,whether there is or there isn't bs,anger,idiocy in this thread, at least we have the balls to state our views. I find it amusing that you can come and imply you have the definition for a liberal but you don't have the balls to describe yourself and give valid reasons why we should emulate your way of thinking. You may feel that arguing with us is like arguing with someone who has attention defecit disorder. We have similar problems. Arguing with your type is like dealing with a toddler who wants a toy and can't have it
By Scorpio69 at 04,Nov,18 12:32 other posts of Scorpio69 
Feisty old broad huh? Well... You got the right one this time. 😉 My lack of explaining, certainly didn't have anything to do with my balls, it was strength as aforementioned. SEE! YOU read into what I said, what YOU wanted to see. Put your bifocals on and GET IT RIGHT, ok? As for acting like a toddler who can't have a toy. Well... I was an ONLY c.h.i.l.d. so I may somewhat fit that description. Alas, I will say this, FACTS Trump BULLSHIT any day of the week. Good luck kool aid drinker. I would have thought by now at YOUR age you would have grown up. My BAD for assuming such.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 04,Nov,18 14:55 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
You can call me an old broad and take offense when I suggest getting a set and explaining yourself? Ok. At least tell us why it’s so hard for you to explain liberalism and why you think it’s a bad thing
By Scorpio69 at 05,Nov,18 04:08 other posts of Scorpio69 
Heya TWOWARM... I took NO offense to what you said. As for the "old broad" comment, lighten up! It was akin to a lil poke in the ribs as we are not that far apart in age. 😉 All in due time I will explain. I promise! 🤚

By phart at 04,Nov,18 14:56 other posts of phart 
I happen to like Grape Koolaid.
I was a only chi1d myself and I won't get into it but if I was raised today I would have been taken away and put in foster care while my mother sat in prison.
But I decided when she did leave home and left me to learn on my own how to take care of myself and so on that I would pay attention to others actions and the results and learn from it.Someone wrote that is what a wise man would do. My knowledge and opionions are derived from watching the news, talking with real people out there in the real world that try to run bussiness's and raise familys.And from a college education.Although I don't write like. Biggest waste of those years of my life.I could have had several more years towards retirement to show for that time from a decent county or state job.
For example. Before Trump the unempolyment rate around here was very high. Construction workers were loosing homes and struggling. Now, you never see them at home,always working. New vehicals in the yards, kids in college, life is better for them. Leadership that understands bussiness can help folks get back to work. Logical.
Watching these bafoons like the 1 running for gov in Florida while under investigation by the FBI btw, makes me sick.I know there are alot of democrats in that state.But they can't all be dumb enough to vote for that dumbass.And his color aint got a damn thing to do with his abilty to run a state.It is his ethics that are on tv -Fox news if you take a moment and watch, that are a problem.
By Scorpio69 at 05,Nov,18 04:25 other posts of Scorpio69 
Hey phart, next time try a splash of vodka in your grape kool aid 😉 Yum! 😋 I do primarily watch fox news, but! I occasionally watch HLN and CNN until I can no longer tolerate their bashing. However, most my opinions and beliefs are self formed, and I take pride in that. It's what makes me, ME!

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 04,Nov,18 15:00 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
When Obama was president conservatives ripped him a new one. The Rush Limbaugh’s of the day, and every right wing conservative accused him of being a chimp with stupid ideas. Now, we are the “fake news” because we criticize Trump.
--------------------------------------- added after 73 seconds

And what exactly is he doing or done that makes people like you kiss his ass like he was a savior?
By Scorpio69 at 05,Nov,18 04:50 other posts of Scorpio69 
I think you are directing this at phart, but I would like to comment.

Obama seemed like a cool guy, great dad, and a decent husband. No question in my mind about that. It was his radical ideas that I, personally, did NOT subscribe to. That being said... Guess what! I was INFURIATED when people actually made it across the lawn to the door of the White House. He was at the time, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! My President (not my choice or my pick) nevertheless My President!! He was leading the best country, in MY opinion, in the ENTIRE world. And as such, should be protected the VERY best from any and all lunatics no matter from what walk of life they are from. Do you understand that? Outraged! Speaking against his views is one thing, and certainly don't rise to "bashing him".

Does this President AT MINIMUM! Get the same MINIMUM respect? Whether you OR anybody else in the United Staes likes him or not. He's our President! I don't necessarily agree with everything he says, as I didn't necessarily disagree with everything Obama said. But I bet you by God, you can't cite ONE instance calling for Obama's death. At least from anyone of any importance. Can you?

Disagree with his ideas, stay strong to your convictions, all you like. Make any and every attempt you can to change the guy's mind. Calling him vile names and for his death is a lil overboard and frankly despicable and abhorrent!

OH! Almost forgot to address 2 other of your remarks.

This is just ONE example, the most recent that I personally observed. That I'm recalling at this very moment for the sake of discussion. "Fake News" Yeah, you gotdamn betcha! When he says he's a "nationalist" and one of the idiot channels remarks that he stated OR eluded to... "WHITE NATIONALIST" WTF else can you make of that, other than... "FAKE NEWS"? Any SANE individual should be able to see why it's called "fake news". Why twist his words at all? Does that make sense to you? Why twist it? Just report what he said WITHOUT the friggin spin, conjecture, or personal opinion, conspiracy theory, etc. It's IDIOTIC! Hearing that how many actually believe now that he did say white nationalist? That is why, to answer that remark.

Lastly... I can only speak for me. I'm not, nor have I ever kissed anyones ass, nor our President, for any reason whatsoever. The man has made many changes for the positive, in my opinion and should be applauded for such. Nothing more nothing less. Unemployment lowest in like 50 years, people are making more money, getting raises, our healthcare costs actually went down and that's BIG when you have many k.i.d.s. like I do. He cares about OUR country! That is what's MOST important. For example... I care to a certain degree about my neighbors and their c.h.i.l.d.r.e.n, but to my or my family's peril... HELL NO! Who would? You? Would you care more about your neighbors family than your own? Using that analogy, he wants OUR country to be even better and stronger than any other in the world. But, he's such an asshole and bigot, right? Funny! For being such a racist, all the other races (non whites) in this country are sure benefitting from his choices.
By kebmo at 05,Nov,18 05:03 other posts of kebmo 
Scorpio, I bet heads rolled for the breaches of security at the White House. Big heads.
By Scorpio69 at 05,Nov,18 05:25 other posts of Scorpio69 
I hope they did! It actually happened a couple times if you remember? I was in D.C. when a man with a gun got near the white house. He got what he deserved, they shot and killed him. I never wanted to see a hair on Obama's head harmed. As he was OUR leader. Trump doesn't even get that modicum of respect. Anyone with that much hatred in their heart for another human being, to call for his death and many of the other vile garbage they say directly about him or his family, should be ashamed. You can disagree all day long without making it personal. It's sickening! BTW... You guys Leader 😁😁😁 He's kinda cute though 😉
By JustWill at 05,Nov,18 12:20 other posts of JustWill 
Scorpio, I don't want him dead, but he IS one of the most repulsive human beings in existence. (He's kind of like Paris Hilton in a suit.) The guy has no class. This is not a conclusion I arrived at just recently...that's been my view on Trump since as far back as I can remember.
I hear a lot of people complaining about Trump-bashing, but they all tend to overlook the fact that he is actually the Basher in Chief.
The President sets the tone, and the tone these days is pretty crappy...

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 05,Nov,18 12:02 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Scorpio69, the president is the president and the office demands respect. No argument with that. What you forget is that many of his accomplishments were started by the previous administration. You know whom I mean. The one refered by Mr Trump’s base as the chimp? Along with his wife? As far as other races benefiting, his demeanor and actions have set back race relations 50 yrs. I will give you that we,as a country, buy too many foreign made products. But, no one was complaining when the unions got lug nut installers $25 an hour contract at Ford. And similar in other industries so our manufacturers left for China and other countries. There’s been as many Republican presidents as democrats yet no one stopped the exodus of these manufacturers. Now, Mr Trump wants to fix it with tariffs. Poor idea. Tariffs don’t work. And lastly, we’ve always been the land of milk and honey. Where does he get off saying we need to make this country great again? When did we stopped being number one? Maybe he meant “not great for him and his rich cronies?”
By kebmo at 05,Nov,18 19:24 other posts of kebmo 
TWM and Phart, I STRONGLY disagree with your statements that the President and their office demand respect. Demand? Respect is earned and it is the opinion of myself and a millions of others that Mr. Trump is not a respectable person. He represents the Office of the President so by default the Office does not have the respect of millions of people either...for now.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 05,Nov,18 20:40 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear. The office of the presidency demands and should get respect. Case in point, you do not address president Trump as Mr Asshole. The man on the other hand is and often described as an asshole.

By phart at 05,Nov,18 18:55 other posts of phart 
There is no clear black and white answer to alot of the questions ask here and else where.
But let me ask a question that I know will have different answers but it might help you think.
How many of you would fill the postion of President and take all the bullshit Trump has and still keep trying to fullfill the promises you made to the people that put you in office? Not many I bet. Most would either chicken out or cry "everybody hates me".
Trump has been given the least amount of respect by the media and folks that disagree with him than any other prez in our nations recent history. Obama got more respect that Trump.Bill Clinton was getting blow jobs from interns before meeting with important leaders from other countrys and he still gets respect.
I think Trump gets less respect because he does not hold back on how he feels and he has succeeded in life. Most folks that don't like him will give a long list of reasons, but deep down it is simple.They are jealous of his successe's.
I don't kiss Trumps ass. I just feel like he is trying to do what he promised us and is fighting a long hard fight while doing it.
I disagree with the parties view on net neurality and the E 15 gas crap but hell, we would be blown to hell by Rocket man by now if HIllary had got in.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 05,Nov,18 20:47 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
All presidents have their agenda and people that support him and people that don't. The rough way he pushes his ideas is one reason he gets little respect. He acts like a king instead as a president

By kebmo at 27,Oct,18 03:56 other posts of kebmo 
Gee I really hope that the 7,000 people from Honduras don't get into the US as refugees. I really don't think that the US could handle a population increase of 0.000021492%. That would be the same as 700 people coming to Canada.
By phart at 27,Oct,18 10:24 other posts of phart 
last count I heard was 14000.That included the MS13 members along for the trip. and honestly, no ,our systems are not designed to handle so many people.Each county has x amount of money and it is meant for the citizens of that county. not every other countrys rejects. WHy don't those people stand up and fight or why doesn't someone go down there and elimate the threat they claim to run from?
By kebmo at 27,Oct,18 14:04 other posts of kebmo 
You are making the same claims that some Canadians made before we welcomed 25,000 Syrians in 2015/16. "There are bad guys amongst them". Well we accepted them and they haven't overrun our country...yet.
I think the US should be more concerned about Americans killing Americans, not refugees. You know, like the terrorist that was arrested yesterday. American born Florida resident.
--------------------------------------- added after 15 minutes
….and in Pittsburgh today. Robert Bowers was arrested for the slaughter of eight people in a place of worship.

Americans killing, or trying to kill, Americans.
By JustWill at 27,Oct,18 16:16 other posts of JustWill 
Any moment, some Trumpian nimrod will declare this, too, as a liberal plot to discredit Trump.

While we are on the subject of the Fucktard in Chief:
Trump actually said that the shootings in Pittsburgh have nothing to do with "Merica's gun laws and that, if an armed guard had been present at the synagogue, the deaths could have been prevented.
By phart at 27,Oct,18 16:37 other posts of phart 
Trump is correct a armed guard may have prevented that tragedy.
Just last week while eating breakfast there was about 10 people at a near by long table discussing church safety.Turns out the sheriff's department is coordinating efforts with church deacons to TRAIN church members how to carry,and use a firearm in a hostile situation.Yep,the very thing that threatens the members,is sadly the only tool that protect them. Unless you all want to stand out side with some Wasp spray maby?

I am starting to think perhaps we need to open a safe trail north thru the US to Canada and let those Hondurans go leach off your governments programs.Hell,some of the immigrants already here might join them and we would be rid of them! Instead of 14,000 you all might get a bonus crowd of 50,000?
Once leached dry,you all might see things different.
The Horn Of Plenty does have a bottom.
Kembo,I am glad you did add the word "YET" to your statement. At least I can rest assured knowing that YOU know the possibility is there for problems later.
I have a friend that lives about 3 hours away by interstate hwy. I went to visit shortly after 9-11 and we were out in the back yard. I saw yellow tape around a house up the hill. I ask why? He said 1 of the pilots of the crashed planes had came to the US and married a really fat,as in 350 pound woman,that lived there a couple years before.Police had it roped off for investigation. He said a week before he had spoke to the guy.Never had any problems or police calls. Just a average neighbor.Until that day.
It can and will sneak up on you.
By kebmo at 28,Oct,18 00:39 other posts of kebmo 
Maybe if the US tweeked the Second Amendment so there weren't so many guns in the US, Americans would stop being slaughtered by other Americans. Phart, Americans are the people you need to fear, not immigrants. I know you have stories about immigrants killing Americans but for every one of those, there are probably 100 about Americans killing each other.
Who slaughters chiidren in your schools? Americans. Who slaughtered people in multiple places of worship in the last five years? Americans.
Places of worship and schools shouldn't have to have armed guards, people shouldn't be shooting the people that are inside such places.
This DOES NOT happen in Canada on such a horrifying scale because we are not a country full of guns.
By phart at 28,Oct,18 10:02 other posts of phart 
Yes I know that the school killers are American citizens ok?
I think the main point you are missing is there is a bottom to the barrel of goodies the immigrants are coming her for,.
You have better sense than to think money grows on trees and grocerys come from out of the sky .

By JustWill at 28,Oct,18 16:55 other posts of JustWill 
Here in 'Merica, we love our guns more than we love our ch1ldren...
By phart at 28,Oct,18 23:17 other posts of phart 
You might love your guns more than your kids,but most love their kids more.That is why they have guns to defend them! DUH
don't put no "we" shit in there. We are not all Kooks!

if you do some googling you find little known stories all over of guns preventing a killing or whatever.But the media seldom covers those storys because it does not fit their agenda.
By JustWill at 29,Oct,18 09:31 other posts of JustWill 
Anyone who believes that the solution to gun vi0lence is to require armed guards at churches and schools, rather than to do something about how easy it is for the crazies to get their hands on a gun, is--most definitely--a "kook".
What other "civilized" country deals with this issue in that fashion?
By phart at 29,Oct,18 19:38 other posts of phart 
It would take decades to get all the guns gathered.What are we to do,just let the killing continue until people are taught to value life and liberty and quit killing each other with guns,knives and rocks?

By talk5s at 29,Oct,18 14:13 other posts of talk5s 
That's 'Muricah', Will. Gots ta says it jis lak one of dem suthernrs ta git it's FULL meanin'.
By phart at 29,Oct,18 19:40 other posts of phart 
And you don't have to talk redneck to us.We can read.We are not perfect,but we can read the constituion that says we can have guns to protect ourselves

By phart at 03,Nov,18 20:02 other posts of phart 
Lets put this in a differnt perspective.
Let's say a 1000 il1egal immigrants come to your town. They bring nothing but babies and empty stomachs.
Each day they walk around and take a can of soup from your cabinet,a coke from the fridge and the morning paper. They do this every day and leave nothing good in return. Is this ok with you?
Your k1d is sick and needs to go to the doctor.To pay his bill you have to let the phone company cut your phone off for a week until the next check comes. Mean while,a immigrant walks in,gets the care needed,and walks out talking on their free phone from your government. Is that ok with you?
You loose your job,and have been looking for 3 weeks. You see a ad in the paper and respond,only to find 1 of those imigrants has taken the job. Meanwhile you get a foreclosure notice in the mail.Is this ok with you?
I could go on, but I am trying to get you folks to look at this immigration thing from a different perspective than the "horn of plenty is full bring your many" attitude.
THis is 2018, not 1940. Things just can't work that way any more.

By admin at 29,Oct,18 07:00 other posts of admin 
You are missing the point. Mexico and Honduras made a packt 5 or more years ago that Mexico allows Honduras il1egal migrants to move freely through its territory as long as they do not intend to stay in Mexico but going to enter USA il1egally. Really, I'm not joking, it was on the news and it was official.

So it's not about 7000 people, it's about closing the channel through which constant flow of il1egal migrants is being siphoned into USA.
By talk5s at 29,Oct,18 14:26 other posts of talk5s 
How about 'give us you poor, give us your hungry', etc.?...I know. That was way back when...things were different. Got ya, Admin. Things ARE different now. So 'Muricah' kin fergit what made it AMERICA...
By admin at 29,Oct,18 14:54 other posts of admin 
100 years ago and before people moved to USA looking for opportunities to just work (and I do not mean employment). Now they move for employment, benefits and welfare. Do you understand the difference?

Also, I'm against all borders and citizenships at all. It was not me who made a welfare state out of USA. I'm only stating the obvious - if you open borders to USA, in half of a year you all will be living like in India.

And by the way, I'm not a resident of USA. I would be glad if I could come there without a visa. It's cheaper to fly via USA into many directions, but it requires a visa. And I'm not talking 10% cheaper, sometimes it's 3 times cheaper.
By talk5s at 29,Oct,18 15:24 other posts of talk5s 
And you are adding the evidence of what I stated in an earlier post on this page. Look further and you will see I stated human population is the real problem. I do understand the difference. So, please don't condescend to me. I ain't no country bumpkin jis fell of da hay wagon. I have lived outside the US for many years...Likely you and I see an ideal planet Earth...undivided by borders and race. Simply one planet, with ONE race...of humans that can see there are no differences in any of us. Except for countries and governments and what all racists see...skin color.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

BTW...My grandparents left Germany in 1923. Because they ALREADY saw what was coming. Talk about foresight. I wish I had theirs...But sadly, there is no escape anymore to a country that welcomes all...
By admin at 29,Oct,18 17:23 other posts of admin 
I'm not condescending, I just don't have a good feel of what I say in other languages. Honestly, I'm not even always good with my native language, I'm slightly autistic.

By kebmo at 29,Oct,18 15:50 other posts of kebmo 
talk5s, Give us your poor , give us your hungry as long as they're white.
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

...and Christian.
By JustWill at 29,Oct,18 16:09 other posts of JustWill 
You know, if these mass shooters started attacking yacht clubs and country clubs instead of schools and churches, you wouldn't be able to swing a dead cat without hitting a bunch of new gun regulations...
By kebmo at 29,Oct,18 16:17 other posts of kebmo 
JustWill, ain't that the truth?!
By phart at 29,Oct,18 19:21 other posts of phart 
Talk about KOOKS, I reckon you all are sitting around with your Wasp spray and 9-11 on speed dial right? When seconds count, the cops are minutes away!
When it was written,"give us your hungry and poor", that was in a time when people were still willing to WORK for what they recieved.it was a attitude along the lines of John F Kennedys speach, "Ask not what your country can do you,but what you can for your country".BY the way,he was a democrat and said that! PRoves at 1 time the Democrat party had some level of inteligence. Damn shame it is shot to hell now.
Immigrants built this country with their bare hands,along with slaves. This shit going on now is equal to spitting on thier graves. Those folks worked for what they got.They were not able bodied,lazy ass people just wanting to ride the gravey train.BYw the way,My heritage is mostly German and Cherekee. None of my family was wealthy and I was the first to go to a college,even though it was only a 2 year degreee. Most never graduated.Couldn't ,they were busy working the fields and welding to put the food on the table.
They didn't come over here and expect the citizens to keep them up .
By JustWill at 29,Oct,18 22:34 other posts of JustWill 
It must be so horrible living every day in constant fear and paranoia...
By phart at 30,Oct,18 11:03 other posts of phart 
When you take your own safety seriously,and you keep your nose clean,as in stay out of dangerous neighborhoods and so forth, there is no need for fear or paranoia. You feel safe because you yourself take responsibility.
There lies the problem. You folks don't want to be responsible for yourselves.you want to be pampered and protected like chicks under the mother hens wings.That attitude is part of the reason why alot of these country's with gun control "mind control" didn't make it to the moon and so forth.We take chances,but we also take responsibility.

By phart at 30,Oct,18 11:24 other posts of phart 
Well,i just read that 5200 troops are headed to the border for "support roles" and to build tents to put the migrants in.Oh boy,so we are going to be feeding the bums after all.BUILD THE DAMN WALL!
China built a wall over 2000 years ago and it worked.Without all the red tape!
By kebmo at 04,Nov,18 00:32 other posts of kebmo 
Where is that wall anyway? It should be built by now.
By phart at 05,Nov,18 18:59 other posts of phart 
To many Rhino's in the way. Rhino as in "republican in name only."
People of his own party won't help him get the job done.
Funny thing though,I just saw today on this damn #$(#*$ "smart" phone screen that Obama was stumping for a senetor that SUPPORTS the wall! HUM!
I dispise this new "smart" phone. It has something on it called "newsroom" It is more like "Trumpbash2018" channel. I will be asking about how to get rid it when I go pay my bill next week.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 05,Nov,18 12:07 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
I agree with you Kebmo. No country can handle so many toilet attendants and tomato pickers. And all the diseases they carry but don’t make them sick could devastate the Southwest. All the coyotes and prairie rats could disappear

By kebmo at 30,Oct,18 16:45 other posts of kebmo 
Oh my God the US is being invaded! Not from their arch enemy to the north, Canada but by 7,000 homeless, unarmed men, women and ch1ldren walking thousands of miles to take over!!
Grab y'er guns Ma 'n Pa they're a comin'!!

End sarcasm
By JustWill at 30,Oct,18 16:49 other posts of JustWill 
Some of those so-called "ch1ldren" are actually Middle-Easterners and terrorists in disguise.
But, never fear! Trump will just lock them all in wire cages like he did with the last batch...
By phart at 31,Oct,18 10:11 other posts of phart 
I am thinking trying to sort out the legit asylum seekers from the evil folks would be like separating fly shit from black pepper.Very difficult.I hope no one gets hurt,but I do wish folks would fix their problems at home instead of bringing them here.
Think of it as your Broth@r-in-law and **** coming to live with you and them not having a job and also having marital problems and 3 screaming babies.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 01,Nov,18 13:34 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
the US conservative movement has almost entirely divorced itself from mainstream institutions, norms, and standards, developing its own media, think tanks, legal scholars, and historians — a hermetically sealed ecosystem of knowledge, news, and information in which nonsense and conspiracy theories flourish.
In other words, the hicks are taking over.
By kebmo at 02,Nov,18 00:57 other posts of kebmo 
MAYBE.... Trump could consider building a wall along the border to keep them disease ridden vermin out...all that smallpox and leprosy. He's had two years; I wonder why he hasn't built a wall yet. It's probably Obama's fault.
By phart at 02,Nov,18 11:39 other posts of phart 
Well,until recently I had only heard the "don't let the bedbugs bite" as a joke. Since the immmigration thing has taken off,the last 5 years or so have been differnt.Motels having issues with bedbugs from immigrants.
The county I live in has problems with the ambulances carrying bed bugs.The local firedepartment just spent 5000 dollars on equipment to sterilize fire suits and clothes to prevent the volunteers from accidently carrying home bed bugs to their familys.I know this because my vote was the deciding vote on spending the money. This was not a problem 20,or even 10 years ago.
The wall has not happened because of some Rino's not supporting their President. Republican in Name only.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 03,Nov,18 09:54 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Phart, this is laughable even for you. Are you aware of those flying things called airplanes? Did you know that the majority of i,llegal immigration flies in and overstays their visitor visas? And most discriminating bedbugs would rather fly than track through the southwest portion of North America
By phart at 03,Nov,18 11:09 other posts of phart 
You mean a machine that flys by it's self? WOW!
Yes I am aware of aeroplanes.
BUt that does not change the bed bug issue. They come from backward countrys that don't stay clean.We got rid of them for the most part here in the US a long time ago.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 03,Nov,18 12:38 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Not really. New York hotels are loaded with them
By phart at 03,Nov,18 20:07 other posts of phart 
Another good reason to stay away i guess.Yuks,

By talk5s at 29,Oct,18 14:55 other posts of talk5s 

Wonder if all these photos will post?
--------------------------------------- added after 64 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

Are there ANY similarities?????????????????????????????
--------------------------------------- added after 5 minutes

Sorry. I be an idjut dat cain't see nuttin' beyond me knows.
--------------------------------------- added after 12 minutes

NOT sayin' trumpily bumpily be Hitler. There can ONLY be one of him But, there can be someone very similar, that does things in a less MURDEROUSLY way. Who knows? How will this all end up looking @ what has happened in just 2 years...Wake the fuck up all you dumbass Trumpian IDIOTS! ...History is a MEAN bitch. And you are joining a very similar history...
By phart at 29,Oct,18 19:36 other posts of phart 
You know,i typed a response but if you can't look at the obvious and see that TRUMP is not HITLER, what the fuck is the use of trying to explain it!?
By JustWill at 29,Oct,18 22:37 other posts of JustWill 
Um...he actually said that he wasn't saying that Trump was Hitler. (Do you actually read these posts before you start typing?)
What he DID say is that Trump is a lot LIKE Hitler.
If YOU can't see the similarities, what the fuck is the use of trying to explain it?
By phart at 30,Oct,18 10:58 other posts of phart 
Hehe,yes I did see it but I felt he was implying it.
I get some of it,the flaunting and such but still,We are better off than we would have been with the Hillary.
By talk5s at 01,Nov,18 15:03 other posts of talk5s 
Tee f'in' HEE...Here I beee! To 'splain myself. First, even tho I done sayed 'History repeats itself' It's never EXACTLY the same as before It may get to a VERY similar and bad place again, but it keeps you guessin' about exactly how that will happen. Makes life on Planet Earth with a shitload of giant IDIOTS fun!! Did I mention that Trump ala Dump is one of the BIGGEST...and...DUMBEST ever to hold office? ...Here's the OTHER fun and COMPLETELY historical part...'They' deleted pictures of dear sweet Adolf standing EXACTLY like Trumply Frumply with his arms folded and looking just like a (dangerous) lil school boy with LOTS of weapons at his disposal...Censorship is the beginning of a downhill slide into HISTORY...Try and look out 20 years and imagine what it will hold for this country. Can you say the US will be BETTER for Trump?...If so, join the LEGIONS of dumbasses that cannot see beyond their nose.
By phart at 02,Nov,18 11:43 other posts of phart 
Censorship is a problem,regardless of your politics,it is a violation of free speech.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 03,Nov,18 09:46 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
There's a lot to be said for shutting some people's mouth even if it is a violation of his free speech

By phart at 30,Oct,18 11:48 other posts of phart 
Trump is referring to himself as a Nationalist. Sadly of course the liberal media wants to steer their agenda so they put "white" in front of it to make it racist to want the country you lead to be the best in the world. What the fuck is wrong with people that they do not want our country to be on top?
Do you not want what is best for your country and your neighbors?

noun: nationalist; plural noun: nationalists

a person who advocates political independence for a country.
"a Scottish nationalist"

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links
By JustWill at 30,Oct,18 12:20 other posts of JustWill 
I'm not hearing anyone adding "white" when they refer to Trumpian Nationalism (except for the alt-right whack-a-dos who SAY that liberals are saying it). What they are reminding people is that Hitler was a "Nationalist" too.

1. often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
2 : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control
early instances of army fascism and brutality
By phart at 30,Oct,18 16:37 other posts of phart 
Sadly I heard it alot the other day on cnn and another news cast
By JustWill at 30,Oct,18 16:47 other posts of JustWill 
What they are saying is that Trump needs to publicly repudiate
"white" nationalists, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists.
Of course, he will never publicly do such a thing because those groups make up such a huge part of his voting base...
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 03,Nov,18 09:29 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 03,Nov,18 09:24 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Phart How many people do you know that go around saying they don't want this country to be on top? While we are at it, name one country that tops ours. Nationalism, like JustWill stated, is associated with people like Hitler and Musolini. They, too, championed nationalism, but, they used it to go to war, suppress the people, eliminate enemies. This was not for the betterment of their country but for their own benefits of power. Trump wants this. He wants power above and beyond the presidency. Calling himself a nationalists plays to the baser instincts of his supporters. A group of people that hid their bigoted ideas in a politically correct world. Now, they get to spout their hatred by hiding behind a president that spouts the same hatred "for the good of the country "

By JustWill at 02,Nov,18 12:48 other posts of JustWill 
In a typical "everything is about ME" rant, Trump complained that those two "maniacs"--the nail bomber and the synagogue shooter--ruined the "momentum" of the upcoming election by taking the news' focus away from politics.
Once again, the Asshat in Chief shows his complete lack of empathy...
By kebmo at 03,Nov,18 00:49 other posts of kebmo 
How fucking inconsiderate of them!! Please do not murder people while it's inconvenient for me!!!

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 03,Nov,18 09:28 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
This is a man that gets up in the morning and asks the Allmighty what's in it for him that day.

By kebmo at 29,Oct,18 03:05 other posts of kebmo 
Why would someone in the USA think that health insurance should NOT cover a pre-existing condition? So your baby is born with a heart defect and you have to sell your house to pay the medical bills?
You can't get insurance because of your cancer?
Am I misunderstanding how this works?
By admin at 29,Oct,18 06:54 other posts of admin 
In countries with socialized health care your baby may die while waiting for the surgery. Or may be a commission decides it does not worth to save your baby Don't be delusional, it only works nice while the society can afford it, when economical problems start it shows its ugly side.

By admin at 29,Oct,18 07:06 other posts of admin 
Also, I fail to understand the logic that if you got unlucky other people have to save you. They may if they want to, but they certainly don't have to. I bet you do not expect to be resurrected in case if you fall by accident, break your neck and die. I.e. you do not think universe owes something to you, but you think other people owe you. Why?
By kebmo at 29,Oct,18 15:26 other posts of kebmo 
"Thirty-two of the thirty-three developed nations have universal health care, with the United States being the lone exception."
-Wikipedia only registered users can see external links

I was asking specifically about the USA because it's a big election issue. The USA could certainly afford it. Obama instituted it and Trump tried to take it out, and failed thanks to John McCain.

I don't feel I'm being delusional, I feel I'm being compassionate. It is not unreasonable for Americans to want Universal Healthcare.

If I fall and break my neck in Canada (and live) I will be taken to the nearest hospital and receive all the healthcare I need and I will not receive a bill when I'm done (except for the ambulance trip). All Canadians pay for this service through our taxes and personally, I'll gladly pay.
By admin at 29,Oct,18 17:18 other posts of admin 
There is nothing free there is only other's people money. If your country run out of it, you will be taken to the hospital too, but I'm afraid they won't have much except anti-septic and aspirin. I lived in socialist countries at their late stage of development, I've experienced it first-handed when I had to buy everything for my mother and not in the hospital, I had to find it on a black market. Fuck, we had to bring even our own sheets there, since they did not have any.

USA healthcare costs are inflated at least 3 times as it is already. Nationalization will only make it worse. They will be siphoning state's (i.e. people's) money to private contractors while being irresponsible and inefficient. It's a curse of all mixed socialist-capitalist economies.

If anything, they should make it less regulated, not more.
By kebmo at 29,Oct,18 18:08 other posts of kebmo 
I don’t know about other countries’ healthcare but Canada’s isn’t private or for profit. It’s run by Provincal governments not by companies trying to make a buck off my Mom’s treatment. Of course the system isn’t perfect but it works for Canadians and other countries.
By phart at 29,Oct,18 19:16 other posts of phart 
Admin,you are correct, when you don't make your own way and you use resources from others, when it runs out you are without.
People over 45 here in the US are used to working and getting the things they need as compenstaion.Salary,insurance, retirement.It is the lazy ass young people that want to sit back and text and go jump off into shallow water or run with the damn bulls and we pay the bill that is part of the problem.
Government regulations on medicine is another problem. Millions have to be spent to get medicine on the market and God forbid rubbing some of it on a rat's ass to make sure it is safe.
And medical degrees cost to much,so doctors salarys are expected to be high to pay all that back.

As with everything else, the liberal government wants to "fix" the wrong end of the problem.
If asprin came out now it would be 400 bucks a pill due to government regulations.
By mr_blue at 30,Oct,18 12:20 other posts of mr_blue 
There is no liberal government... trump is president and the GOP hold both the senate and the house...
Trump and the GOP had how many years to come up with a replacement for Obamacare?
Problem is taxes,if big corporations paid their fair due in taxes there's is enough to go around,but the top 1% don't like that...
Corporations hold the power,they have all the politicians in their pockets..look at how many ex lobbyists are working in the present administration....
It's nothing new,but trying to blame just liberals for healthcare prices is silly...you can argue against the pros and cons of healthcare or a single payer system..
And regulations are for your benefit,you don't want to take an aspirin that cures a headache but makes you puke your rectum out at the same time do you ?

Did you pay for your schooling other than college ?
You got a hand out,did you drink clean water? Another handout?did you use public roads? Another handout...
Someone will always pay, that's why taxes are supposed to collected,everyone pays,everyone gains...so the elected officials can actually have the money to fulfill the pie crust promises they make...

Amazes me that military spending will always increase,yet there's not enough money for infrastructure....

I thought trump was going to sort out everything,so you saying if aspirin came out during Trump's presidency would be 400 bucks is an interesting comment...

By phart at 18,Oct,18 23:47 other posts of phart 
Why hasn't someone proposed legalizing prostitution yet?
I mean really,police women would not have to dress goofy and get out on the streets to entrap men. They could sit around computer desk and try to find a republican that failed to pay a parking ticket 40 years ago or something productive.Ok so that was a bit over the top for sarcasm.

They could tax pussy just like anything else.

Just picture it,a whole street downtown with buildings full of willing women, no need to beg,no need to bribe,no need to do without,just look for the best price for the service you want and walk right in.
By sinanff47 at 19,Oct,18 00:44 other posts of sinanff47 
Fifteen or more countries have legal prostitution:

only registered users can see external links

By leopoldij at 19,Oct,18 17:20 other posts of leopoldij 
It's legal in many places.

By talk5s at 23,Oct,18 14:15 other posts of talk5s 
Prostitution will likely go the way of legal MaryJane. Once the government finds out how much 'green' they make pussy will be soon to follow! And then other drugs?
By phart at 23,Oct,18 16:52 other posts of phart 
Well at least the fat,lonely,grey haired,short penis-ed,and old guys like me could get some for a change! Quick oral service 20 bucks plus tax = 23.35. Full penetration, 50 bucks plus tax, etc.
By leopoldij at 24,Oct,18 12:21 other posts of leopoldij 
You're right. It should be legal everywhere. Prostitution has been with humans for thousands of years. The reason given for being 1llegal is to protect women. However, no matter how many laws against it, it won't stop. In fact, if it's legal there is more protection for women.
By phart at 29,Oct,18 01:20 other posts of phart 
Can you imagine for instance,the reduction in domestic vio1ence alone? Men could just go down town if the old lady didn't want to.
Less drinking and doping because lonely people of both sexes could just go get exactly what they are lacking,good SEX.
That 1 thing is what alot of people are lacking that causes them to latch onto other crutches like dope and drinkin.
You could go fuck as long as you can or as much as you can afford to,and drive home tired and go to bed and s1eep well and not endanger anyone.
By leopoldij at 29,Oct,18 17:08 other posts of leopoldij 
Absolutely. As long as safe sex is practiced,
providing it for a fee, legally, safely,
regulated, accepted, then it should be
no problem. As you point out, it would solve
lots of problems.
--------------------------------------- added after 11 minutes

 People argue that prostitution increases trafficking of women. But if it were legal, then there would be more control and it would be easier to find those who abuse women.  If one could go to a legal prostitute why would he choose to risk it and go to 1llegal ones?

I heard today, on the radio, that the famous Austrian composer Anton Brückner was very sad because no woman ever wanted to be with him or marry him.  Probably, he never had sex.  He actually drove himself mad and ended up in a mental clinic.  If he could go to a prostitute, if he could have sex from time to time, I bet he would have been happier. But it's not only that prostitutes were not available, it's also that it was totally against the society to go with any of them.  He was very shy and could not attract any women.  If he was more aggressive and self- confident he would not have had problems getting laid.  So, there you go.  Society punishes those who, for one reason or another, can't get sex. And they need it.  Society is cruel.  Legalizing prostitution and, moreover, making it socially acceptable to go with them, would alleviate many problems.

By talk5s at 29,Oct,18 14:22 other posts of talk5s 
May I please settle this back and forth about 'caravans', borders and just exactly WHO is going WHERE?! It 'be' simple. Even fer simpltons NONE of it is about borders. NONE of it is about politics. NONE of it is about countries...It's ALL about population. On a Planet that cannot support any more of 'US'!...1 Billion of 'us' in the year 1800...7 + Billion of us now!! Do the math. 1800 years to get to 1 Billion. 218 years to ad 6 BILLION!!!...Face it, we be rats. We be a plague. We 'be'. Dat be funny!...But here be da latest...We be SCARED...

By tinydickslut at 27,Oct,18 23:41 other posts of tinydickslut 
You have to admit: No one knows how to stop his train.

This president is the perfect con man. He can spin anything to his advantage. He can contradict himself in the same sentence. And his cult goes along with anything he says. He is impervious to facts, truth, law or principle.

A nut mails a bomb = It's a stunt by the democrats. His twitter popularity declines = Someone erased his followers.

By JustWill at 24,Oct,18 12:28 other posts of JustWill 
Idiotic Trumpian quote of the day: "There’s no proof of anything.There’s no proof of anything. But they could very well be."
Once again, the guy just makes shit up and proclaims it as "truth"--without any grounding in reality.
That being the case, it is "truth" that the bombs sent to Clinton, Obama, and CNN today were most definitely sent by Trump himself.
Sure, there is no "proof", but it "could very well be".
Trump is a bomb-sending terrorist...
By Scorpio69 at 24,Oct,18 12:33 other posts of Scorpio69 
By phart at 25,Oct,18 17:18 other posts of phart 

He didn't a bit more send those bombs than bernie sanders did.But rest assured the media's talking heads are blaming him!
It is just some wacko kook out there trying to make things worse before the election.
Who in a semi right mind thinks Hillary Clinton walks out to the mail box or the porch in her bathrobe and bed room shoes to get the mail? "AH, I got a package from someone that loves me,let me open ----BOOOM!".
IF by some small chance the damn bombs worked and they got in the hands of someone that opened them a innocent employee would be hurt or killed.The lazy ass politician would be unaffected.
--------------------------------------- added after 25 hours

well it appears they caught the kook, trump supporter and of course the media is all over it.Just as it was planned.

By phart at 27,Oct,18 16:39 other posts of phart 
Well, they didn't Arrest Trump for sending the bombs.They did arrest a guy living in his van that apparently has been a unstable kook for a long time.

By phart at 27,Oct,18 10:26 other posts of phart 
You know,after watching the libtards on tv the other night saying that Trump did not say enough in response to the mail bombs I just wondered,"what could Trump do correctly that would please the libtards"?
IF he hung himself on the white house lawn the libtards would complain he did not give the media time to set up cameras. IF he invaded Mexico and made them the 51'st state so they would not have to move up here, the libtards would complain.
THere is NOTHING he could do that some libtard would not complain about.

By kebmo at 27,Oct,18 05:06 other posts of kebmo 
“A blizzard of bullshit.”
-Pundint on Bill Maher referring to Trump’s campaigning style.

By kebmo at 24,Oct,18 08:15 other posts of kebmo 
Hyperbole is my least favourite word of the day. It's used by Trump supporters as a synonym for lies. They are not the same thing.
By leopoldij at 24,Oct,18 12:22 other posts of leopoldij 
The opposite of hyperbole is hypobole.

By bella! at 19,Oct,18 22:36 other posts of bella! 
This qualifies to be in this thread; only registered users can see external links
By kebmo at 20,Oct,18 01:22 other posts of kebmo 
I love it!
By bella! at 20,Oct,18 15:35 other posts of bella! 
This clip was shown on Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy's comment was, did we notice that only the white dogs obeyed.

By leopoldij at 21,Oct,18 06:28 other posts of leopoldij 
Indeed, Trump thinks he's talking to dogs rather than humans. The funny thing is that all those poor humans don't realize that they're been seen as dogs by their supreme leader.
--------------------------------------- added after 57 seconds

And we all thought that Trump likes cats rather than dogs only registered users can see external links

By spermkiss at 18,Oct,18 18:24 other posts of spermkiss 
Concerning the recent disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi while visiting the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, it has often been said that the USA has a good relationship with Saudi Arabia. One of the reasons for this is the close friendship between President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. I expect that they are indeed good friends, one might even say "special friends", if you know what I mean.
By phart at 18,Oct,18 18:57 other posts of phart 
I think the "friendship" goes back further than any Trump relative.I think it goes back to the first Iraq war when the Saudi's and Kuwaiti's found out we would be a cheap police forse for them. If we stopped buying their oil,they would pay Iraq to bomb us probably.
By spermkiss at 20,Oct,18 16:37 other posts of spermkiss 
I know that. Indeed the relationship between the USA and Saudi Arabia goes back at least to 1932, which is ten years before I was born. But as has been said more than once, cozying up with the Saudis is making a deal with the devil. They are not nice people.

I mention the possibility of an intimate liaison between Jared Kushner and Mohammad bin Salman for the purpose of humor.
By huxley999 at 20,Oct,18 17:47 other posts of huxley999 
only registered users can see external links

The best explanation I've ever seen of why the West finds itself saddled with such an unsavoury "ally". Lots of other good stuff too.

By leopoldij at 21,Oct,18 06:26 other posts of leopoldij 
You got the name of the country wrong. It's called The Dictatorship of Saudi Arabia. It's one of the worst dictatorships in the world. The reason that the US has a good relationship with it is because the US makes money from it. The other, equally terrible dictatorship, North Korea, is in bad terms with the US because there's no way that the US can make money from them. Ergo, when you hear that democracy .... oh, ok, I'm not going to say they obvious, I'll let you draw the conclusion.

By leopoldij at 18,Oct,18 19:55 other posts of leopoldij 
I grab pussy like Trump

By kebmo at 18,Oct,18 21:45 other posts of kebmo 
You had permission.
By phart at 18,Oct,18 23:48 other posts of phart 
And do we know 100% that Trump didn't? Those women wanted up the ladder didn't they?

By kebmo at 18,Oct,18 00:21 other posts of kebmo 
I'm surprised that Trump hasn't said a word (that I know of) about the legalization of cannabis in Canada. I bet he hates it. I foresee a lot of cannabis tourists in the future.
It is legal to smoke pot in all National Parks because when you're camping, it is considered a temporary home.
By phart at 18,Oct,18 10:28 other posts of phart 
More than likely Trump is looking at the situation as is most working class Americans."what a bunch of nuts".
You know in Colorado and the other states that can sell weed here in the US, the dealers can not put the money in a US FDIC insured bank because Thankfully the Feds still consider it **** money and would seize it!.
Car wrecks have increased in Colorado.
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Trump and anyone else with any sense at all would take a second look at all this and shake their heads.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 18,Oct,18 11:30 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
a majority of Americans approve the legalization of "weed" in Canada and wish it would happen in the USA,too. Alcohol and cigarettes are legal. They are just as damaging as weed, why not legalize it, tax it, and stop wasting time and resources trying to police it?
By phart at 18,Oct,18 18:58 other posts of phart 
Why not teach the young not to use it in the first place? As for all the "crutches" that people use like liqueur and weed.A permanent solution.Educate away the need and desire for it.

By kebmo at 18,Oct,18 14:48 other posts of kebmo 
Phart the people of Canada have decided that it's more important to get the real criminals behind bars, the ones with guns, and not worry about Bob down the street who's having a toke after a hard day at work. "Bob" will be buying his pot from a licenced seller and not a dealer who's a trickle down member of the Mafia. His pot will be taxed and the tax money will benefit schools and hospitals because Canada's universal medical really is expensive.
You see Phart, Bob has been having a toke after work for years, it's just where he gets it that's changed. The pot sold in your neighbourhood, and it IS being sold there, is profiting the Mafia and whatever thugs run the racket and it's not going to go away. Your prisons are full of non violent pot users in part because they are for profit prisons and the owners want them full of anybody yet your chiidren are being murdered daily in their classrooms and nobody seems to give a flying fuck about it. Where are your priorities Phart? Killing chiidren by the hundreds every year is OK but smoking a joint after work is the crime of the century?
Do you know about the opioid crisis? People are dying in the streets of the world, including Canada, and that is THE real problem that we need to take care of.
So the bottom line Phart is that it's just not worth the while of police and courts to fight a fight that is unwinnable and futile. Most Canadian citizens and politicians are OK with the change so we did it and you can be sure that other states will do it too. Get used to it.
By phart at 18,Oct,18 18:54 other posts of phart 
Uh forgive me but there is a flaw in your thinking.
It didn't stop when Prohibition was lifted.
The mountains are full of stills to this day making moonshine,and from what I understand the moonshiners are NOT paying any taxes. People buy it because it is better quality and the government does not get taxes off it.
And do you know why the government does not like moonshiners? Because they don't pay taxes.
Why is pot legal in your country now? Taxes.
Will it stop the unlawfully sold weed? No, the unlawful weed will be cheaper and plentiful and folks will be growing it at home and mislabeling it and so forth.
Only time will help you understand the Pandora's box you have opened.
Mafia,Do you HONESTLY think the Mafia is going to just wither up and blow away like yesterdays fart? NO, they will just sell more crack,more cocaine,and who knows what else.The damn Mafia is MUCH more powerful than any government and in some sense has better morals than our government. Remember who came up with the soup kitchen first? Al Capone.Google it.
Yes, short term profits for your government.But long term dope heads dependent on your government later.A BAD tradeoff.
Best I can remember the gal I grew up with that turned out to be my former girlfriend, her first use of drugs was weed,then it was not enough,and she went on to other stuff.
The market for the stronger stuff will bring the Mafia to the top once again. And the government will be faced with a much larger monster to try to cage.
By kebmo at 18,Oct,18 21:47 other posts of kebmo 
Of course Phart, you're absolutely right, as usual but just one question that I've asked you twice and you haven't answered.
Where did you find the "facts" about impaired accidents and workplace injuries will likely increase tenfold because of the legalization of cannabis?
By phart at 18,Oct,18 23:03 other posts of phart 
10 fold may be stretching it a bit,but damn,I forget only "facts" are acceptable here and not education by observation.By the way i posted a link to colorado's accident rates right up there? did you check it?
only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links
This 1 pisses me off because if someone goes to work high,they should NOT collect if they are hurt because of it.

only registered users can see external links
this link can lead to better understanding of how some folks will downplay the role of pot in a accident.Which causes the stats you or I would use in a argument to be incorrect or biased or hard to find.

only registered users can see external links
I can provide more if need be.
edit,here is 1 that will help with the tax revenue,
only registered users can see external links

overall crime, the report said, went up by 11 percent in Colorado between 2013 and 2016, and in the state's biggest city, Denver, crime rose by 17 percent. Despite promises that marijuana sales would generate major tax revenue, only 0.8 percent of the state's budget was paid for by pot taxes.
Now that is less than 1 percent.Are the lives lost worth that lousy .8 %>? I mean really.

By the way,would any of you want a ems worker or a fireman responding to a call at your home high on pot?
--------------------------------------- added after 107 hours

I was just eating breakfast awhile ago with some policeman and at another table,a nurse in a ER.
The Er nurse said during her shift they get 3 to 5 per night of heroin od's. The 1's they are able to talk to once the emergency is under control, yep,they started out with pot,it was not enough and they moved up.
Not as many as you would think come up saying pain meds led to it as the media wants you to believe.Could it be the liberal media steering opinion? Hum.

Pot is not the biggest issue locally. It is heroin and a lot of folks are not making it to the hospital after they od. Actually the next county over is number 1 in the state for heroin od.
Sadly, the cops told me they and the ambulance folks will respond to a od, and give the narcon, some one will call a hour later from the same address and need the narcon AGAIN.
They had 1 person that did it 6 times in 24 hours!!!

Meth, they said the Mexicans are importing it now because it is cheaper and the fact the folks here can't get all the stuff to make it.
I ask about dwi and the cops told me if a person fly's in from a state that pot is legal to smoke and they rent a car and they are pulled and found impaired,it is a dwi and they will be dealt with.
They did tell me that during a traffic stop or something the pot head is calmer and easier to arrest and control than a meth or heroin addict.
They also said that due to the better economy **** use in general is DOWN from what it was during the last recession.
Strange,I would have thought it the other way around?

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 12,Oct,18 13:06 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Florida, Georgia, and the Carolina's towns are devastated by hurricane Michael and Trump is having lunch with West. Is there no way to get rid ourselves of this joke of a president???
By phart at 12,Oct,18 18:47 other posts of phart 
I think all the areas have be declared disaster and the federal money is freed up for use.Alot of stuff like the national guard and such was already activated before the storm.So other than having his limo or helicopter fly him around in every bodys way,not much else he can do. Probably in a couple days he will make a appearance and shake some hands.
By kebmo at 12,Oct,18 19:12 other posts of kebmo 
Shake hands and toss paper towel while telling the crowd how wonderful he is.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 12,Oct,18 20:40 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
That's about right,
By phart at 18,Oct,18 10:29 other posts of phart 
Again,what the hell is wrong with passing out paper towels? Would you rather he tossed condoms?
I mean really? What people need is help cleaning up and rebuilding.Paper towels can be used to clean mold and mildew and be burned to rid of the germs for good.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 18,Oct,18 11:25 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Nothing wrong, but, you missed the point. As a leader, he should have been discussing how FEMA was being directed to start the help Puerto Rico needed. He could have been in a soup kitchen giving out food. Food and shelter are the things survivors need. Paper towels combined with his insensitive remarks and lack of action "because it's an island" is poor leadership
By phart at 18,Oct,18 19:10 other posts of phart 
Well I will agree with you as far as it would great community relations if Trump was able to serve in a soup kitchen,or even sit down and eat with them.And perhaps later as a former president he could do that. I think the bigger picture is the security risk of exposing him to open environments.
As for Puerto Rico,those poor folks need some help,to move off that damn island and to a safer place to live.
Humans and their structures can not stand on a tiny island that is surrounded by a huge ocean and expect to survive. The constant rebuilding is costly,the death toll is untolerable.
It is more logical to help those people pack and leave instead of rebuilding and rebuilding and etc.
And I can't help but remember a few weeks ago about 6 semi trailers of "aid" were found abandoned in a parking lot.Some it spoiled and ruined,the remainder was to be sent there. I am also reminded of the pallets of tarps and building materials that are rotting in the sun down there.
I also read the stock holders report from 1 of the major power company's that sent trucks and men down there to fix the power grid. All the tourist dollars that come into that place must go into someones pocket because the power grid was very outdated and about impossible to fix.My neighbor went on a mission trip down there. They built a small school. Went back later,the school was GONE and there were mulitable little "huts" built from the material.

By 71andstillup at 06,Oct,18 23:49 other posts of 71andstillup 
We are told to believe women. Belief is an act of faith. When there is no evidence the accused is as believable as the accuser. Why should we believe either one.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 07,Oct,18 11:42 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
If our opinion is asked for, then, you have no choice, it's made for you. If you say,"I don't believe either one of you." then you are voting for the accused. If you believe the accuser or the accused also gives a definite answer. If you are really asking why you should believe a woman that she was sexually **** or harassed, then consider that she is admitting that either someone put his hands in a very private place and was not able to stop him,,,or that she was made uncomfortable by another person. Either way, you really think every woman that comes forward is lying? Yes, I bet there's women that are that devious, but not the majority. However, If you are 71yrs old or older or even in your 50's then you know that women have been seen "asking for it". Now, they are coming out of the woodwork due to the metoo movement and others and many people, mostly men, think that these women are all fake.
By phart at 07,Oct,18 19:01 other posts of phart 
Not putting stock in what either party says is not offering support for either party.But the accused useally rides away if all opionoins are the result of that same mindset of not putting stock in either parties words.
Complicated,no real answer.As long as there is more that 1 person,there will be more that 1 opionion.
Kinda like joke about the lone survivor of a plane crash on a small island. When they found him he had built a makeshift town with 2 churches. When ask why 2 churches , he said he didn't like the opionions of the folks in the first 1! Split personality!
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 07,Oct,18 19:21 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 

By 71andstillup at 10,Oct,18 00:17 other posts of 71andstillup 
Your use of absolutes undermines your argument. I cannot defend your absolutes. When there are accusations and denials the accuser has to provide evidence.

A majority implies there is a minority. So men are falsely accused? What standard do we use to determine who is telling the truth and who is not telling the truth?
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Oct,18 09:35 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
These days, after the media (mostly TV police shows) informed people how important it is to report a crime as fast as possible, Women report rapes and other battery as soon as possible. The police maintain an unbroken time line of the evidence as it's processed. In a r.ape, it goes from the time the police meet the victim to the time a medical entity verifies physical evidence of semen in her body, bruises in her body and description of perpetrator. All fine and good. If they catch up to the perpetrator he's going in. But, what if the victim was assaulted 30 yrs back, and because of fear or shame or whatever, she did not report it? Now, who knows why, she decides to come forward. Let us say, she recognized her attacker or is no longer fearful or ashamed. She has no proof, just her memories. Should she just keep quiet because "It's been 30 yrs, there's no concrete proof, and boys will be boys"?,,,If that was your daughter/wife/mother/s.ister, what would you say???
By phart at 10,Oct,18 10:37 other posts of phart 
I am not disagreeing that it would be a difficult thing to deal with but, with no evidence,there is not much of a case.
Perhaps it is a situation it is best to let a sleeping dog lay? Or perhaps our health care system needs to have something setup to help women in this situation deal with the mental stress ?
I mean,1 perspective could be,if the man r@ped me 30 years ago,what will he do to me now if he gets the chance to catch me in a dark corner? Am I willing to risk being killed?
Another perspective could be,a simple case of mistaken Id. OH there is the guy that groped me 30 years ago! Wham. And that guy might have been 400 miles away using a chainsaw at the time she claims he was groping her boob.
Slippery slope,slipper slope. Makes alot of us afraid to unzip our pants.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Oct,18 10:50 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Here's solution that you will like, phart, since no one believes me this guy raped me, but, I know, positively, he did, why don't I buy an unregistered gun,,ambush him on a dark night when no one is watching, and do a vigilante act. I pump 3 bullets into his brain,,throw away the gun, and go home. I didn't do it,,there's no proof.
By phart at 10,Oct,18 19:54 other posts of phart 
Well 3 bullets,unless you collect the shells,fingerprints,yada yada.Some evidence.
But in reality,if you up and shot a r@peist and got him off the street,most folks could not care less.you did your part to clean the gene pool.

By phart at 12,Oct,18 10:11 other posts of phart 
Let me put a different twist on this.
Let's say a gay man runs a large company and a couple women not really knowing he is gay try to seduce him to get a job or a promotion.
Ok,let's say this poor fellow has night mares and so forth and suffers mental aquish.
20 years later 1 of those women is up for election for govenor of their state.This gay guy comes out saying she tried to seduce him for a job.
He would not have any more evidence than a woman would to prove his case.Nor would the women have any evidence to prove themselves innocent.
With the tables turned, and this new logic of women never lieing about sexual things, would the gay guy get sent sailing out the door head first or would anyone listen to him?

By leopoldij at 09,Oct,18 10:02 other posts of leopoldij 
Nobody told you to believe in women.
In fact, you should believe in nobody except on facts.
Belief and faith are words that only idiots make use of.

However, it is a fact that, thanks to societal structure and religions, women have been suffering much more than men. This is not to say that there are no women who take advantage of anything in order to promote themselves.

When it comes to the choice of a single person who is to be the judge of the court, then this person should be free of ALL suspicions. Even if there's a 0.01 % chance that this person has harassed women (and the chance is at least that in the case of Kavanaugh), then this person should not be chosen. Pass this person. Make another choice.

But, in an era where the thugs rule, of course the simple rationale above is ignored.
By phart at 09,Oct,18 19:59 other posts of phart 
As I have said,find this "clean" person, once the media gets done with them, they will be just as dirty as the rest.
There are no perfect humans.All have flaws,all have done "wrong" since I can't use "sinned" as you would immediately assume I was being religious again.
I doubt most folks Knighted by the Queen are perfect enough to make it thru the media's bashing and the liberal sifter.

Name a person that would be a good supreme court justice. Just 1 name. Then the rest of us can sit back and pick them apart.

By kebmo at 11,Oct,18 23:12 other posts of kebmo 
What happened to Rudy Giuliani? He hasn't been heard from in about a month. Did I miss the tweet where he got fired?
By phart at 12,Oct,18 10:07 other posts of phart 
If I was Trump,I would have pinched his head off right above his ankles for some of what he said.I had no idea that man would mess things up so bad.
I was under the impression that he was 1 of the better mayors of New york.Some of them,like the 1 outlawying a large drink,seem a bit nutty.

By !LF_DemonCleaner! at 11,Oct,18 23:58 other posts of !LF_DemonCleaner! 
Yep, not touching this with a ten foot pole....... (that "flogging a dead horse" emoticon is pretty awesome though - props to whoever created that)
By kebmo at 12,Oct,18 00:09 other posts of kebmo 
Haha. There are a lot of times on the discussion forum when that emoji is appropriate.
By !LF_DemonCleaner! at 12,Oct,18 00:40 other posts of !LF_DemonCleaner! 
True that. Always been the case

By leopoldij at 09,Oct,18 10:11 other posts of leopoldij 
Trump Ignores The Impacts Of Climate Change At His Peril - And Ours

only registered users can see external links

The Trump administration’s antipathy to tackling climate change is well known
– the President has called climate change a hoax invented by China and pledged to
take the U.S. out of the Paris climate change agreement, while a recent
U.S. government report suggests that global temperatures will rise by 4°C (7°F)
– and that there is nothing we can do about it,
so we might as well carry on pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Trump will be held responsible for the destruction of humanity. It's not a joke.
But it will be too late. There will be no room for sorries and apologies because
your grandgrandchildren will die. And they will be thinking of you, your ancestors,
as the ones who supported the destruction.

A year ago, we learned: New Study Says Extreme Climate Change Preventable only registered users can see external links

That was, actually, false. Things are


Now, right now, scientists politely urge


only registered users can see external links

But people think that an uneducated businessman knows more than scientists.
He only cares about his skin and about his well-being until he dies.
He does not care about his supporters, he does not care about the world,
he does not care about humans, he does not care about your descendants.

only registered users can see external links
By phart at 09,Oct,18 11:17 other posts of phart 
And our sun will go supernova at some point and all our efforts will be in vain.
Or that volcano in Hawaii will erupt some more.Does anyone study the effects of a volcano in relation to the humans effects?
WE as industrialized humans have been making smoke since the 1800's with steam locomotives and the like. Less that 200 years!The earth has been here for MILLIONS of years.IF we stopped making smoke ,smoke as being pollution", right now, the earth will still continue to evolve and change and kill us off right along with the dino's. We are just another parasite on the earth and we will be ridden of just as the dino's.
Creating panic and economic suffering to try to stave off a change in the earths temp is futile at best and will only negatively affect humans in the long run.
Kinda like a volkswagon trying to push over Mount Everest.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Oct,18 14:30 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Luckily, phart, there are responsible people that refute what you've just stated. BTW, dino's where not killed by the earth. When Krakatoa blew it's top there was a blast winter that stayed with the whole world for months, Crops came in weak or not at all. And the whole in the ozone layer over Argentina/ Chile is getting bigger due to the use of fluorocarbons. But,,,who cares,, let the polar ice caps melt and the extra water flood our coastal cities.
By leopoldij at 09,Oct,18 15:39 other posts of leopoldij 
He's talking about "financial suffering".
He's using the language of the billionaires, even though, probably, he's not even a rich guy.

Also, he doesn't realize that anyone would rather suffer financially in a clean planet, and be poor, rather than be a millionaire in a dying planet.

That's what the religious retarded conservative right has done to many of your compatriots. It has transformed them into vegetables. 50% or so of the population of the supposedly no. 1 country in the world dares refute the scientific process, with the blessing of the government.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Oct,18 15:46 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
what the religious right has done is mix the questions of abortion and homosexuality with climate change and lack of regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency. The ignorant fools of my country have been duped by politicians putting all together and these "Born Again High School Dropouts" spoon it in like honey.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

But they are so uneducated that last night, on one of the Late Shows they asked people on the street if Trump did right in supporting Christopher Columbus for the Supreme Court nomination. They all answered some form of approval,, how can we convince this great unwashed of the dangers of denial when they don't even know what is happening around them
By leopoldij at 09,Oct,18 16:07 other posts of leopoldij 
Ha ha ha!
It's so fucking funny!!!!

(And sad at the same time.)

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Oct,18 16:14 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 

By phart at 09,Oct,18 16:34 other posts of phart 
The thread position is off but Leo,I am not rich,and even as a youth, I put very little stock in the environmentalist LONG before Trump was in the picture.Back in the 70's we were being taught about global COOLING and the Greenhouse effect.But then I read about 3 mile Island,and later on Chernobyl. And I realized,"Hey, smog might make me cough,but radiation would make me glow in the dark like my key ring and then DIE".But yet environmentalist still push Nuclear. DUH!

NO one wants to suffer,on a dying planet or a clean 1. We could have both a clean planet and prosperity if folks would use HYDRO,SOLAR and wind for energy instead of Nuclear.
I am not religious,according to a verse in the Bible I am not welcome into the Church because my balls were damaged when I was a ****.So don't call me religious,I doubt I can do anything to defy the Word and get up to Heaven.
I am not retarded.I am college educated.
I WILL always rebel against authority if it ask something of me I don't feel is right and I will always rebel science that refuses to look at ALL the side effects of their ideas and try to come to a compromise.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Oct,18 20:00 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Chernobyl is a type of reactor most nuclear authorities branded as dangerous for ease of loosing it's coolant and with a poor containment bldg. It was built in what,at the time, was the Soviet Union. The state was known for cutting costs and doing things on the rush.
The thing is that nuclear energy is safe and environmentally friendly. In the same time nuclear facilities have been in operation, in the USA (1942 to now) there was 3 mile island, but no one died directly from the accident (cancer from radiation is still under study) but nothing else. In the same time, millions of people died from complications of tainted air. One thing about science is that it works with facts only. People, on the other hand, have a habit of believing in science fiction and want to know why science ignores this
By phart at 09,Oct,18 20:42 other posts of phart 
Take a few minutes to google and read about the fish in the water surrounding Japan after Fukushima I think is the place that plant is located.People's lively hoods gone,their food supply affected.NOT good.
Also,do some googling about the disposal site,I think in Oregon,that holds a bunch of used nuclear fuel,Rods.Leaking into ground water. We need water,just as bad as we need air!
A neighbor made ALOT of money shortly after 3mile island welding in auxiliary cooling systems into nuclear plants all over the country. It took a large crew to do the job as exposure times were limited. He had to wear a badge that would alert him when he had been exposed to the acceptable level of radiation. He could not stay in the space but for 15 minutes to weld.It took part of that to setup to do the weld,and it had to be xrayed. Years later,He is now eat up with all kinds of ailments.
The plant nearest to me had a little known "near tragedy" a few years ago.The lake water used to for cooling has fish in it.Environmentalist demanded a filter screen be installed on the pumping system to prevent hurting the fish.Hum, 1 day temps starting rising,alarms were going off! OH SHIT. Turns out that screen was clogged up with,You guessed it, FISH. Of course you didn't hear about that on the news because your friends in the media made sure you heard all about that terrible coal ash.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Oct,18 21:30 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Sir,,,the Fukushima Daiichi accident was due to poor planning.

The Investigating Commission found the nuclear disaster was "manmade", that the direct causes of the accident were all foreseeable prior to 11 March 2011. The report also found that the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant was incapable of withstanding the earthquake and tsunami. The earthquake was a magnitude 9.0. That is very very strong, and the tsunami it cause was 15 meters high,,that's 49" to you. A monstrous wave that finished what the earthquake started. The plant was built in the wrong location too close to an earthquake fault line. Now, all this is known and as you say, on the net. The place is still dangerous to go too near and the sea life around is contaminated and is continually monitored.
I'm sorry for your neighbor, High risk jobs are just that. Auto brake mechanics almost always develop lung decease from the asbestos dust from the pads. AC techs have more burns from refrigerant leaks than stove repair men.
The fuel rd depository is a real concern, but, you will find that the danger is from us. We shortchange the construction, we push through dubious plans,,and downright embezzle the money to do a good job
By phart at 09,Oct,18 23:53 other posts of phart 
Yep,imperfect humans built the reactors!
So they can't be perfect or fool proof.
As long as there is a Human involved,something can fuck up.
We as the human race would need to step back 200 years and give up the world as we know it for a positive change to be made for 5 generations ahead to notice it. And then,if they don't learn from the mistakes we made,they will just put the earth right back where it was before the change.Because we are human.
If you want to save earth,you would have to leave it and go somewhere else. And then, that place would eventually get screwed up to!
technology is to blame,we wanted better lives over a 100 years ago.We got them,as we are so much better off than our ancestors. I mean look,we can communicate to others 1000's of miles away!
Could we do that and the environment not be changed?

By leopoldij at 09,Oct,18 15:35 other posts of leopoldij 
Actually, on this, you're an idiot, sorry to say.
"our sun will go supernova at some point" ... that'll take a few billion years.

"WE as industrialized humans have been making smoke since the 1800's with steam locomotives and the like. Less that 200 years!" Indeed, and we've fucked the Earth up more than any physical process would have fucked it up in millions of years.

All that is proven, man.

Your reaction is due to the fact that this idiot (Trump) and all his likes are keeping you and others in darkness because they themselves are STUPID.


Who cares about economic suffering?
Economic suffering is nothing compared to what's gonna happen. NOTHING.

Your grandgrandchildren would rather be poor and live on the streets than suffer the consequences of the total fuckup going on.

How dare you refute all scientists? Have you any idea of what science means or does?
By phart at 09,Oct,18 15:45 other posts of phart 
Yes I have a very good idea what science is and what the scientist do. They do research and study different things,sometimes for decades. Then skew the results according to the beliefs of the holder of the largest check book financing their research and putting food on their tables.They have to make a living to.And they could not do that telling the truth or another version of what could be happening. Someone like AlGore that owns 4 houses and rides around in Suburbans and expects YOU and I to ride around in fart mobiles.Those are the type people that pay in the shadows for this "research".

"Who cares about economic suffering"
MOST normal People that are trying to live today!

With people like Rocket Man and folks in Iran with nukes,and all the aging nuclear plants leaking radiation,and you are worried about some smog? Come on man,THINK for a minute.
Have they got the leaking stopped in Japan from that nuclear plant that was damaged and pouring out radiation into the ocean and so forth? Nope.
They did build a solar farm near Chernobyl but there is still radiation leaking,still people sick.
Just so you can have affordable electricity to run your computer to call ME a idiot for wanting to burn a bit more oil or coal.
Neither of us are idiots. We just don't agree.

By leopoldij at 09,Oct,18 16:00 other posts of leopoldij 
Just for the record, a huge fraction of Americans, in sharp contrast to any other industrialised country, are ignorant about elementary things. Those Americans (the president included) should have no right to question anything that science presents. They are, basically, idiots. Look:

only registered users can see external links

1. Only 45% of Americans were able to correctly identify what the initials in GOP stood for: Grand Old Party. Other popular guesses were Government of the People and God’s Own Party. Republicans obviously scored much better than Democrats did on this answer. [source]

2. 55% of Americans believe that Christianity was written into the Constitution and that the founding fathers wanted One Nation Under Jesus. This includes 75% of Republicans and Evangelicals. [source]

3. Although a “relatively” high 40% of people were able to name all three of the United States branches of government — executive, legislative and judicial — a far lower percentage knew the length of a Senator’s term. Just 25% responded that a Senator’s term stretches for six years. Even less, 20%, knew how many Senators there were. [source]

4. Americans are known to pick recent heads of state as among the best president in history, which is why Clinton and Reagan regularly rank higher than Lincoln, FDR and Washington. However, Hoover used to routinely top polls of the worst, but today, just 43% of Americans knew who he was, according to statistics from the University of Pennsylvania. [source]

5. When asked on what year 9/11 took place, 30% of Americans were unable to answer the question correctly, even as few as five years after the attack. This was according to a Washington Post poll conducted in 2006. . [source]

6. It’s not shocking that 80% of Americans believe that there is life out there somewhere, because it’s hard to look at a vast universe and think we’re completely alone. But another 1 in 5 allege that an alien life form has abducted a friend or family member of theirs, which based on population estimates of around 300 million means that a lot of fucking people have been probed. [source]

7. When looking at a map of the world, young Americans had a difficult time correctly identifying Iraq (1 in 7) and Afghanistan (17%). This isn’t that surprising, but only a slim majority (51%) knew where New York was. According to Forbes and National Geographic, an alarming 29% couldn’t point to the Pacific Ocean. [source]

8. 25% of Americans were unable to identify the country from which America gained its independence. Although 19% stated that they were unsure, Gallup findings indicated that others stated answers varying from France to China. Older folks scored much better than young people on this question, as a third of those 18-29 were unable to come up with the correct answer. [source]

9. Despite being a constant fixture in school curricula, another 30% of Americans didn’t know what the Holocaust was. Despite being some of the worst devastation in human history, Americans were unable to identify the country responsible: We were. Us. [source]

10. Even though we are a predominantly Christian country, only half of Americans knew that Judaism came before Christianity, because the words “Old Testament” are apparently very confusing in that regard. [source]

11. A surprisingly high percentage of Americans, 20%, believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth, instead of the opposite, aka. the correct answer. This is despite the fact that centuries of science have consistently proved otherwise. [source]

12. In 2011, Newsweek found that 29% of Americans were unable to correctly identify the current Vice President, Joe Biden, when asked to take a simple citizenship test. Although a relatively low 6% didn’t know when Independence Day was, a much, much higher percentage (73%) had no idea why we fought the Cold War. [source]

13. According to most polls, Americans didn’t know that Obamacare was scheduled to go into effect. Kaiser puts the number at 64%, whereas others say as few as 1 in 8. [source]

14. 2006 AP polls showed that a majority of Americans were unable to name more than one of the protections guaranteed in the first Amendment of the Constitution — which include speech, assembly, religion, press and “redress of grievance.” Just 1 in 1000 could name all of these five freedoms. However, 22% were able to come up with the name of every member of the Simpson family. [source] TC mark
By phart at 09,Oct,18 16:38 other posts of phart 
You know,you have got a good point.I doubt many people could answer alot of the questions that were ask.
Some things like the date Obama care was to take place,are not first and foremost in our minds as there was LITTLE to nothing we could do about it.

Most of us would need to read up some before answering those questions.
I hated studying for test as a youngan.

By 71andstillup at 10,Oct,18 00:05 other posts of 71andstillup 
Try triviaplaza.com and find out how "smart" you really are. Well not smart just able to recall random fact.
By leopoldij at 10,Oct,18 05:21 other posts of leopoldij 
I didn't say I'm smart. I just said how surprised people in Europe are at the ignorance of (millions of) Americans, including their president. Despite that, they have opinions on what science says. I'm talking about lack of very basic education. Not smartness. This is what I'm saying.

By bella! at 09,Oct,18 11:06 other posts of bella! 
Although this is not about Donald, it is about Melania's trip to Africa. What I enjoyed was the montage that Jimmy Kimmel put together about "Melania HERE, Melania THERE". The saying; "a picture is worth one thousand words" is so true! Just focus on her face, her expressions.

only registered users can see external links
By phart at 09,Oct,18 11:25 other posts of phart 
I can't believe people are so hung up on her hat.It is perfectly normal in that hot desert environment to wear a wide brim white hat to stave off the heat and sun from the skin. Would 1 of those big Mexican style hat's have suited everyone better?
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Oct,18 14:22 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
yes,,it would have,,,it was like flying the Mexican flag in the middle of Austin, Texas

By bella! at 09,Oct,18 16:31 other posts of bella! 
But if, in fact, the choice of head gear is a representation of colonialism and the exploitation of blacks, surely her stylist could have guided her to something different. No?
By kebmo at 09,Oct,18 17:58 other posts of kebmo 
Bella, I'm sure that when high ranking officials travel there are people either on ground (maybe the Ambassador or their subordinates) or travel with them to prevent fashion faux pas and ensure proper etiquette, it matters. I'm not sure who's job that is but regarding the white hat, they did fail. I do wonder who gave her the hat though.
I watched the bit on Jimmy Kimmel last night and it certainly was a happy face that she's had in Africa.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Oct,18 14:21 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
HAHAHA,,,loved it,,

By #568832 at 06,Oct,18 09:13
"Donald Trump has turned America into a place where victims are mocked and being merciless is a virtue"

What's your views on this statement .
Are the victims just namby Pamby wingers . or have they got a valid point?
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 06,Oct,18 09:52 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Victims always have had a valid point when they asked for justice. There's many types of abusers in this world. Getting mugged, beat up, assaulted verbally, the list is long, but, there is one type that is different. Sexual assault or sexual harassment has been treated differently. Think what would happen if your s.on goes to the principal's office and accuses little Stevie of stealing his lunch money. I think we know that little Stevie is in mucho trouble and it was not stealing harassment, it was stealing.
Women, as one half of the human reproductive team, have been viewed for ages as being the ones to expect and not complain when men f.orce themselves on them. And how do you prove that. Sexual assaults do not happen in the middle of crowded street. There's no money taken, the bruises are in a very private place, and the perpetrator can claim it was consensual. That makes the victim a slut. The people doing the mocking are mostly men. Women have more understanding as they probably went through something similar at work, school, or any other place.
I wonder what men would do if the woman boss made them masturbate n the middle of the work floor and several people.
By leopoldij at 06,Oct,18 10:08 other posts of leopoldij 
I totally agree with what you say. But, since on my horny mood now, I'll reply yo your question "I wonder what men would do if the woman boss made them masturbate n the middle of the work floor and several people."

I'd be ok with it, so long as the people watching were (mostly) women.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 06,Oct,18 10:11 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Leo,,,,what if they were all men??
By leopoldij at 06,Oct,18 10:12 other posts of leopoldij 
No, that's a big no.

By leopoldij at 06,Oct,18 10:12 other posts of leopoldij 
"Donald Trump has turned America into a place where victims are mocked and being merciless is a virtue"

He hasn't turned into America into this kind of place. Parts of America (same in many other countries, by the way) were like this before he became president and that's why he became president. Those people who like to mock victims, those who are uncultured, those who are uncouth, those who can't utter any sentence without filth or idiocy, .... those are who elected Trump. Unfortunately, he has also been supported by more "respectable" people too.
But he hasn't turned America into this place you're saying, the damage was there already.
He's just helping promote ****, filth, inhumanity, and so on.
By phart at 06,Oct,18 11:08 other posts of phart 
There are legit victims and there are copy cat's trying to get their 5 minutes of fame.
And there is alot of viscous women out there that get a thrill out of ruining a mans reputation and life in general.
Those are the bad apples making it a hard row to hoe for the true victims of crime. If proven liars, they should go to jail.
For decades some women have lived slutty lives in their youth and are being taught by today's media and the METO movement that they can come out with the facts that they fucked anything warm and hard and the guys that didn't make the cut in number of orgasms are rap1st.
By leopoldij at 06,Oct,18 11:18 other posts of leopoldij 
There are many women who have taken advantage of the system in order to promote themselves. But there are many women too, a lot of them, who have been harassed and abvsed and ra.ped. Trump, as a president of the US, should not make fun of disabled people, of harassed women, etc. He's done that in public many times. He does not know how to behave. His not a gentleman. Neither gentle nor man.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 06,Oct,18 11:18 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
phart,,few women are slutty whores like me. What you just said is that's if i say i was raped it's because i didn't like how they fucked me? I suppose you mean i have no right to say no to some dude that thinks he's G.OD's gift to women??? Did you complain to the cops after you grew up that your mom dropped you on your head???? SERIOUSLY?????
By phart at 06,Oct,18 14:29 other posts of phart 
My mom did drop me on my head,literally .Nothing i am proud of either.I don't discuss much of how I was raised.Put it this way,if she did the things to me now that she did then,she would have died in prison instead of a nursing home .
There are more whores than folks realize.
You have the right to say no.But during the events in question,did the women say no,or did they just roll with the flow?
By leopoldij at 06,Oct,18 15:13 other posts of leopoldij 
Men in power do ra.pe women (and other human beings) all the time. Look at what has happened in the catholic church: the institution was set up so that anyone could have sex with ch1ldren and it was covered by the church. Likewise, men in politics do take advantage of vulnerable people. Mostly women, but not only. It is much more likely that Kavanaugh abvsed that woman than not because he had the power to do so. One should be constantly suspicious of people who have power and who pretend to be ethical. Power and ethics contradict one another.
I agree with you that there are many "whores" around who have taken advantage of one's protectionism, have sold their bodies in order to achieve their purpose.
But NOT every woman who is abvsed is a whore.
And, in any case, a supreme court judge should be clean of all suspicions. This Kavanaugh is not.
They can find another person to do the job.
He is not unique.
By phart at 06,Oct,18 15:26 other posts of phart 
As i mentioned elsewhere,it would be difficult to find a "clean" person for any job in Washington. And it seems if you send a clean 1 up there, they come back dirty.
By leopoldij at 06,Oct,18 15:39 other posts of leopoldij 
Then we agree. Politicians are, in general, unclean.
By phart at 06,Oct,18 22:46 other posts of phart 
I am sure over half the people in that hearing room were scared to death the skeltons would come out of the closets on them.BUT the dems would defend their's to the max,but yet,let the repubs do it and they are just vile! Double standard.
Last I heard the liberal lady judged mentioned retirement and said they could have another round if they wanted! holy crap again?
Who could Trump nominate that the dem's wouldn't try to clean their clock?

By weluvswinging69 at 06,Oct,18 12:59 other posts of weluvswinging69 
Let's talk your pussy ass prime minister Trudeau.

By leopoldij at 27,Sep,18 22:28 other posts of leopoldij 
Trump said: "Judge Kavanaugh one of the highest quality people I've ever met."

That coming from the mouth of a sleazeball is the best proof there is that Kavanaugh is not exactly of high quality...
By kebmo at 27,Sep,18 22:36 other posts of kebmo 
Do you know to tell if Trump is lying? His lips are moving.
By leopoldij at 27,Sep,18 22:40 other posts of leopoldij 
Actually, he's NOT lying when he says that K is of highest quality.

Highest quality for Trump means exactly someone like K. The sleazier, the better.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 01,Oct,18 18:00 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
A real piece of work,,
By phart at 01,Oct,18 18:39 other posts of phart 
Ok,present us with a better candidate.
Be sure to run him,she or it,thru the same wringers you all want Trump's picks ran thru ok?
By kebmo at 01,Oct,18 19:13 other posts of kebmo 
Phart, Judge Judy?
By phart at 01,Oct,18 20:04 other posts of phart 
I don't know she was on the front of 1 of those "news" papers in the walmart check out line a while back.She may have something in her closet!

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 05,Oct,18 10:48 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
At this point i'd prefer Mickey Mouse to any Trump nominee,,
By phart at 05,Oct,18 10:50 other posts of phart 
But Mighty Mouse would come out of the wood work and claim they had a "affair" and that he was given a hoop of cheese to shut up about it!
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 05,Oct,18 11:03 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
By phart at 06,Oct,18 11:09 other posts of phart 

By aoneeyedmonster at 06,Oct,18 10:20 other posts of aoneeyedmonster 
Unemployment is the lowest in 50 years at 3.7%. Stock market continues to break records since he came in to power. No more missles from little rocket man, Middle East basically quiet, Iran who knows! Russia, other than hacking also quiet. Most importantly his wife Melania is the hottest first lady ever......
By phart at 06,Oct,18 11:01 other posts of phart 

By kebmo at 04,Oct,18 23:39 other posts of kebmo 
"I have interviewed more people this week than the FBI did."

-Jimmy Kimmel on the Kavanaugh investigation.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 05,Oct,18 10:43 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
We interact with more people in one day, here, than the whole FBI investifuckup of the "GOOD JUDGE"
By phart at 05,Oct,18 10:47 other posts of phart 
FBI, Friggen Bunch of Idiots.They can't get anything right unless there is some money or assets to be seized.
There was nothing really for them to gain with this investigation so they didn't really put in any effort. I seriously doubt they would have found much regardless.But again,I doubt they put in much effort.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 05,Oct,18 10:52 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
You have to remember that FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Intoxication.

By kebmo at 02,Oct,18 20:57 other posts of kebmo 
Oh no! I just saw on the news that the President can now send EMERGENCY alerts to every cell phone, tv and radio in the USA. It's for weather, terrorist, war or health emergencies ONLY!! It was made clear that it's not for political messages but who wants to guess how long that will hold out? I guess that before the mid term elections Trump will abuse the system.
By phart at 03,Oct,18 11:50 other posts of phart 
I aint to happy about this.I despise text
By kebmo at 03,Oct,18 15:19 other posts of kebmo 
We already have such systems in Canada but it's not national, it's regional and it's not run from the Prime Minister's Office. It's for weather emergencies and Amber Alerts.
An Amber Alert is when a ch.ild is abducted and is in immediate danger. It goes out over all cell phones, tvs and radios in a large geographical region around the crime.
I think it's a great idea...when used properly.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 04,Oct,18 10:12 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Kebmo we have those too

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 04,Oct,18 10:13 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
phart, be happy it's not a mind meld thing

By JustWill at 03,Oct,18 15:34 other posts of JustWill 
I can just imagine his announcements: "Crooked Hillary and the "Deep State" are sending a tornado to your area. Sad!"
By kebmo at 03,Oct,18 16:00 other posts of kebmo 
I'd love to know who decided that the actual message should come from the President. Eric?

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 05,Oct,18 10:47 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
By phart at 05,Oct,18 10:49 other posts of phart 
nothing around here started beeping so apparently my old flip phone can't catch the signal or I wasn't meant to get it.
The Civil Defense system on my old Am radios probably would work better in this less populated area anyway.

By spermkiss at 03,Oct,18 15:47 other posts of spermkiss 
"...it seems apparent that his jihad against Barack Obama was fueled by envy: Obama was a black man who was also a class act, with all the grace and poise Trump lacks. And Trump couldn't stand it." Paul Krugman, The New York Times, Tuesday, October 2, 2018.
By kebmo at 03,Oct,18 16:02 other posts of kebmo 
You can't buy class.

By leopoldij at 04,Oct,18 08:32 other posts of leopoldij 
You can't buy manners.
You can't buy culture.
You can't buy education.

Trump lacks all these things. Indeed you're right. He's jealous of anyone who has them.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

He behaves like an 8 year old spoiled ****: when you're 8 and are jealous of a k1d you use childish methods to express your anger. The expectation is that an old man, especially when he's the president of a country, he has grown up.

That's not the case with Trump.
Drvg dealers, mafiosi, gangsters, ... all have better manners than him.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 04,Oct,18 10:18 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Manners, culture and education,,,many US Americans lack these. Sadly, it gets passed to the next generation. It's easier to watch Dancing With the Stars or NCIS than to learn where the capital of the USA is at. And when was the last time you saw someone sneeze in public and cover his mouth?
By phart at 04,Oct,18 14:23 other posts of phart 
No 1 carries a hanky to sneeze in anymore,so they would have a buggery hand to wipe off on something if they covered their mouth perhaps?
If I sneeze I try to go outside or away from others if time allows.,I also try to fart away from other people unless they are smoking in a non smoking area then I just let it roll!.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 04,Oct,18 16:01 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Not carrying a hankie is no excuse for being uncouth or a danger to other people
--------------------------------------- added after 18 hours

I just read that last year 2.2K people died of the flue. The flue is an air born decease.
By phart at 04,Oct,18 20:16 other posts of phart 
I know,I was just giving a possible theory as to why some folks don't cover their mouths when they sneeze.It is not my normal course of action to just sneeze all over the place.

By mr_blue at 04,Oct,18 11:19 other posts of mr_blue 
You can buy two out three of those leo!!
Go to an auction you can buy art, that's culture,if you want to become a doctor,you have to pay for that education..

And trump is not gonna change, you've got more chance of finding hobby horse shit that trump changing...

By 71andstillup at 05,Oct,18 00:48 other posts of 71andstillup 
Krugman LOL that ass knows nothing worth knowing

By weluvswinging69 at 05,Oct,18 10:36 other posts of weluvswinging69 
Yeah, he WAS a black man until he figured out he has a white mother.

By talk5s at 04,Oct,18 14:49 other posts of talk5s 
Trumpily Frumpily be as freakin' WHITE as one can get! Rich, Daddy's boy, BIGOTED BEYOND BELIEF...OH. And STUPID AS HELL! Blind to all things having to do with human compassion, history, war, the Universe and his planet spinning @ a thousand MPH in the complete darkness of Space ; Jeez, how could I forget? Huge CROOK. He be the 'Thief in Chief'...I am gonna copyright that! ...Have to watch it now. Nearly out of my . Crap. Cain't use no more of em...I be, if I may be so bold, WHITE as hell, too. Beyond that, I would like to mention in the MOST un bigoted way possible for a 'white boy'...Obama had a white Mother. As an F1 fan, Hamilton (current World Champion Leader and 4 time winner) has a white mother also. What I find really ODD in both these ENTIRELY different Worlds is how JUST skin color defines both Obama and Hamilton as 'Black'...What's clear to me is something I have always known. One day (if this race of humanoids lives long enough) is there will be only ONE race and only ONE World government...Obama and Hamilton are the hybrids of this future race. Both so MUCH better than the sum of their 'parts'...Sorry to offend all you dufus white bigots that cannot see beyond the inch of their own (cocks, titter, titter) noses. World government has to happen, 1984'ish as that sounds. Our very survival as a unified race of humans depends on it.

By kebmo at 03,Oct,18 17:29 other posts of kebmo 
"As Americans it is our duty to stop evil billionaires or elect them to the highest office."
-Homer Simpson
By phart at 04,Oct,18 10:18 other posts of phart 
jelous people don't like others to be successful.
The loudest boo's always come from the cheapest seats.

By mr_blue at 04,Oct,18 01:29 other posts of mr_blue 
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By JustWill at 02,Oct,18 22:19 other posts of JustWill 
Trump has declared that it is a "very scary time for young men in America". Mostly because they now stand a much better chance of being called out for acting all rapey and shit. As we all are well aware, Trump is just fine with the rapey and he is just sad that today's youth won't be able to get their fair share...
By kebmo at 02,Oct,18 23:02 other posts of kebmo 
The poor guys will have to treat young women with respect. SAD!!!
By phart at 02,Oct,18 23:18 other posts of phart 
gee how nice,you twist it around to make it look so "bad".
Really, it is to a point now you have to be scared to speak to a woman,or happen to look her way. How long will it be before, "He looked at me!Straight at me" I feel violated".
Really,you folks need to look around,your world is fucked up!
By kebmo at 02,Oct,18 23:31 other posts of kebmo 
Phart, yes that's exactly what the point is. No boy is ever allowed to look at another girl ever again. New rules. End sarcasm.
By phart at 03,Oct,18 11:52 other posts of phart 
I think I want to buy some pants with a cod piece and just walk around with my pecker out where people can see it! Then sue every person that even looks straight at it.Hell I have the right to walk around without being looked at don't I? Or is it a double standard? Women only that can't be stared at?
By JustWill at 03,Oct,18 12:06 other posts of JustWill 
By all means, if you see a woman walking around with her cock hanging out, feel free to stare.

In point of fact, none of the women coming forward has accused a man of sexual harassment because he looked at her. They have, however, complained (and rightfully so) about guys waving their junk at them.

Here's a helpful tip: No one wants to see your junk, no matter how fancy you might think it is. Keep it in your pants...
By phart at 03,Oct,18 12:45 other posts of phart 
I know that Not YET have they accused a man of sexual harassment of looking at her.At what point with this slippery slope come to the bottom of what is considered sexual harassment and what is not?
A whistle or a "Hi how are you"? Is not harassment but try it in France now.
I am trying to make a point that women think it is perfectly ok to walk around drunk with their tit's hanging out or their ass cheeks hanging out and no one is supposed to look.It is harassment to them to compliment it or notice it or anything else. OR OR,could they say they feel discriminated against because someone looked at another woman and NOT THEM? It could damage their self esteem to know that men were not drooling over their ass cheeks but those of another woman!
Very confusing messages coming from women nowadays.Or at least all the 1's on Tv

By JustWill at 03,Oct,18 12:10 other posts of JustWill 
Donny Jr says that he is more afraid for his sons than he is for his daughters.
Here's an idea, Donny: Teach your boys not to be rapey. That will go a long way to keeping them safe. I know that having their gropy grandpa as a role-model will make the job more difficult, but give it the old college try anyway.
By phart at 03,Oct,18 12:47 other posts of phart 
how many women are being crucified for sexual harassment nowadays?
What became of the METO movement founder once it was brought out that SHE HERSELF so called rapedd a 17 year old boy? I aint figured out why he complained?

By kebmo at 27,Aug,18 08:24 other posts of kebmo 
RIP John. Even people who disagreed with you respected you.
By phart at 28,Aug,18 12:42 other posts of phart 
I must say cancer is no way for any man to go and I am sorry the man suffered with it.His loss is a tragedy for his family.
As for his politics,I have little to no respect for the Rhino. Republican in name only,is what that means.
My uncle served in Nam and calls Mccain a coward. Study about him. You might understand why.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Sep,18 10:29 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
The BIG C is horrible and we must find a way to overcome it. As for politics, I'm tired of hearing that a man with a conscience and good ideas is considered a "Rhino". People that think like that are close minded. They are not willing to cross a stupid imaginary line in government in order to do some good for the people. Republican or Democrat, have you forgotten that the aim of government, the reason government exists, is to take care of the people who gave them their jobs. Mr McCain cared about that, As far as saying he was a coward, My **** served there and he doesn't think like your uncle at all. Maybe, he has to tear down a good man so he can feel better about his short comings.

By onthelose at 12,Sep,18 18:52 other posts of onthelose 
As a resident of AZ I can not think of one think he did for us. Politically I am glad John Kyle is there. I could not understand how a elected official who had cancer and wasn't expected to live could continue to not do his job and keep his job. If he was the hero everyone says he was, he should have resigned and let someone else do the job. For certain he was not a crybaby about the cancer, kudos to him.
By talk4s at 13,Sep,18 15:05 other posts of talk4s 
onthelose-Is NOT the fact that he was an American aviator that went to WAR for this country not enough for you??! And that he spent many more years being tortured in the 'Hotel Hanoi' than he had to just because he refused to leave when it was offered to him? Because of his high ranked military Dad...I ask you honestly. If it was YOU that 1st survived a shoot down from altitude in a jet followed by the civilian enemies that found you injured and took the American bombs they had endured...out on you, BEFORE you even had to endure what the N. Vietnamese military had in store for you later. Could YOU yourself endure anything like that?? Use your imagination about what torture you personally would fear...A year in, McCain was offered the chance to go home. And he refused to leave the other Americans @ this fabulous 'Hotel'! Really. HOW many of us would NOT have caved at that point thinking we had proved ourselves enough?? SURE I would have!! McCain was NOT a crybaby EVER. As far as his Cancer and how he continued to serve this country in spite of fighting for his personal life...I KNOW something about Cancer and the total bravery it takes JUST to simply continue a semblance of a normal everyday life. (Was not me showing this bravery) McCain was a 'Publican' (ocrats suck too. Politics suck entirely) that still saw America as it should be. And NOT in it's current fucked the hell up state! And he fought for that even beyond his death...McCain measured up beyond both of us, onthelose...

By JustWill at 28,Aug,18 16:27 other posts of JustWill 
John McCain was a true American hero. I may not have always agreed with him politically, but I greatly respected his service and the fact that he was one of the few members of the Senate who believed that working together with the people on the other side of the aisle to reach compromise was what the Founders intended when they created his job.

I find it interesting (and hypocritical) that Trump's whack-a-do base get all worked up about football players kneeling and "disrespecting our flag and our veterans", but have no problem whatsoever bashing a specific man who is an actual veteran, a victim of imprisonment and torture at the hands of an enemy, and who continued to serve his country--with distinction--until the time of his death.
Apparently, like is so often true about Trumpian believers--people are only worth respect if they think exactly as they do...
By phart at 28,Aug,18 17:39 other posts of phart 
You are correct in finding fault in disrespecting a veteran but at the same time,the facts make that particular 1 a non favorite among several i know personally.When 1 veteran points out issues with another,that prompts me to think perhaps it is worth learning more about.
Respect is earned.And our veterans and current service members earn it by fighting and giving to protect us.
But like I said,do your own research on Mccain before you think I am totally in the wrong. if I quote it or post links,fault will be found,but if you do it,and see and find for yourself,you will feel there is less bias from me.
By kebmo at 28,Aug,18 17:57 other posts of kebmo 
Phart, even if you hated him to the core, show some class and say nothing at a time like this. In general he was greatly respected. A perfect example was when Veterans groups went ballistic when the flag over the Whitehouse was raised after being lowered for such a short time.

I get it, you didn't like him but he just died so if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. It's how these things work. You're allowed to say what you like but at this time it's really not the right thing to do.
By phart at 28,Aug,18 23:23 other posts of phart 
Point taken. Note I didn't say I hated the man,just his politics.
By kebmo at 29,Aug,18 03:01 other posts of kebmo 
Note, I didn't say you did.

By JustWill at 28,Aug,18 22:35 other posts of JustWill 
So...maybe those football players are only kneeling to show disrespect to McCain-like veterans (the ones Trumpians are OKAY with being disrespectful to) and not the "good" ones.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Sep,18 10:20 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
JustWill,,I agree with you. Heroes, to them, are only the ones that agree with that aberration of a president. A man (in the grammatical sense) is as good as his inner compass directs. Mr McCain, decided from very young to walk on the path of truth and rightness. His political actions where always based on what he thought was best for the people of this nation. We forget that a nation is really the people. He didn't care about that famous center line in the senate any more than the risks that came from flying combat missions in Viet Nam. Some distractors forget that he flew 23 missions b4 he was shot down.

By Andthisisme at 29,Aug,18 04:44 other posts of Andthisisme 
Trump really did display his lack of class in the way he responded to the death of John McCain. The image of him refusing to respond to questions, arms folded and pouting was so revealing.
By JustWill at 29,Aug,18 09:00 other posts of JustWill 
He is a petty, little man.
By weluvswinging69 at 29,Aug,18 09:53 other posts of weluvswinging69 
And he continues to live rent free in your head.
By phart at 30,Aug,18 10:38 other posts of phart 
There are times when you are in a high position,for lack of better word,you have to put up a front to look correct for the public good.
This was time,for a man in his position,to have grit his teeth,put on the right face and appear concerned.

By phart at 01,Oct,18 18:51 other posts of phart 
But 1 thing I noticed is not mentioned here.McCain helped plan his funeral and he requested Trump not be there. So perhaps Trump was a bit miffed about that? I Doubt it but who knows.

By kebmo at 25,Sep,18 03:52 other posts of kebmo 
Sean Hannity: The real Vice President of the United States.
By phart at 01,Oct,18 18:42 other posts of phart 
Why not? I sure as hell don't see alot of other folks qualified for the job stepping up to the plate do you? I aint even heard who the dem's might run next. I sure hope they do their homework and don't try another crook like Hillary.They blew their chances right out of their ass before they even got a start with her.

By kebmo at 01,Oct,18 16:24 other posts of kebmo 
Well we now have a NAFTA 2.0 between Canada, Mexico and the US.
It's a win, win, win deal, the way friends and neighbours should make deals. It still has to be ratified by all three governments but that's probably a given.
This is a Trillion USD deal.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 01,Oct,18 17:59 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
It's good as far as it goes. I think Trump is trying to put out fires before the midterm elections
By phart at 01,Oct,18 18:40 other posts of phart 
Eh,Trump put a midnight deadline on it!,Pressure did the trick to bring about a solution.
Now this is a glimpse of how Trump COULD work,given a little room.

By kebmo at 27,Sep,18 19:59 other posts of kebmo 
Oh Trump is sure pissed off because Canada isn't caving to his demands about NAFTA and it's seventh or eighth "deadline".
Chrystia Freeland the absolute best negotiator for Canada. She doesn't bow to his meaningless threats because she knows that they're just that, meaningless.
"We're very unhappy with the negotiations and the negotiating style of Canada. We don't like their representative very much," he said.
Prime Minister Trudeau replied "The Americans are finding that the negotiations are tough because Canadians are tough negotiators, as we should be but a good and fair deal is still very possible."
That doesn't sound unreasonable does it?
--------------------------------------- added after 92 hours

Well we now have a NAFTA 2.0 between Canada, Mexico and the US.
It's a win, win, win deal, the way friends and neighbours should make deals. It still has to be ratified by all three governments but that's probably a given.
This is a Trillion USD deal.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 15,Sep,18 09:32 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 

By kebmo at 12,Sep,18 19:22 other posts of kebmo 
Here is one American’s take on the growing trade war with the US and Canada.

Robert Meadows (Circuit Court Judge, Florida) wrote:

"Have you ever stopped to consider how lucky we Americans are to have the neighbors we have? Look around the globe at who some folks have been stuck sharing a border with over the past half century:

North Korea / South Korea
West Germany / East Germany
Greece / Turkey
Iran / Iraq
Israel / Palestine
India / Pakistan
China / Russia

We’ve got Canada! Canada. About as inoffensive a neighbor as you could ever hope for. In spite of all our boasts of “American exceptionalism” and chants of “America first,” they just smile, do their thing and go about their business. They are on average more educated, have a higher standard of living, free health care, and almost no gun problems. They treat immigrants respectfully and already took in over 35,000 Syrians in the last two years.
They’re with us in NATO, they fought alongside us in World War I, World War II, Korea, the Gulf War, the Bosnian War, Afghanistan, the Kosovo War and came to our defense after 9/11. There was that one time when Canada took a pass on one of our wars: Vietnam. Turned out to be a good call.
They’ve been steady consumers of American imports, reliable exporters of metals and petroleum products (they are the biggest importer of U.S. products from 37 states), and partnered with NASA in our space missions.
During 911 many aircraft were diverted to Newfoundland, an island province off Canada's east coast where Americans were housed in people's homes for two weeks and treated like royalty. In return for their hospitality, this administration slapped a 20% tariff on the products of Newfoundland's only paper mill, thereby threatening it's survival.
And what do Canadians expect of us in return? To be respected for who and what they are: Canadians. That’s what I call a good neighbor.

But the King of Chaos couldn’t leave well enough alone. Based on his delusions of perpetual victimhood, out of the clear blue, he’s declared economic war on Canada. On CANADA! And he did it based on Canada being a national security risk to the US! For no good reason, other than the voices in his head that told him it was a war he could win. So why not do it, then?
Trump went ahead and imposed his tariffs on aluminum and steel even though we have a trade surplus with Canada on those products! Trudeau retaliated in kind. And now this morning, the White House is preparing a new wave of tariffs in retaliation for Trudeau’s retaliation. This time he threatens a tariff on automobiles even though 70% of their components originate in the U.S.! It’s just a temporary spat, right? Except for that smile on Vladimir’s face in the Kremlin, as the NATO pact unravels a little more with each passing day.
Again, we’re talking about Canada. Our closest ally, friend and neighbor.

On behalf of an embarrassed nation, people of Canada, I apologize for this idiotic and wholly unnecessary attack. Please leave the back channels open. We the People of progressive persuasion stand with you.

--------------------------------------- added after 19 minutes

*The Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association estimates that about 20,000 Canadians enlisted, although other historians think that number may have been as high as 40,000. The association believes 12,000 Canadians actually served in combat roles in Vietnam. They fought by choice wearing American uniforms. My Mom's husband was one of them.

*Canada did not join in the Iraq War
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 13,Sep,18 12:05 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
I did not know that but do know that before The US entered WWII many of our guys enlisted in the Canadian Arm Forces,,,WE can't ask for a better neighbor. This fool of a president we have now is,,,,well,,,,a fool,,
By kebmo at 13,Sep,18 14:37 other posts of kebmo 
August 4, 1914 Canada enters WW1
April 6, 1917, U.S. joined its allies

September 10th 1939 Canada entered WW2
DEC. 1941 USA joined its allies.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 15,Sep,18 08:47 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Not sure what is the point

By kebmo at 10,Sep,18 06:27 other posts of kebmo 
Rudy Giuliani sure has been quiet lately. I wonder if he’s been told to stop talking to the media.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Sep,18 10:08 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
you think he wrote that op-ed in the times???
By kebmo at 10,Sep,18 15:56 other posts of kebmo 
I don't think so. I don't think he has that much interaction with the cabinet. I also don't think he's smart enough to put a proper paragraph together.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 12,Sep,18 18:41 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Old Rudy was an asshole before 9/11/2001,,,,really stepped up after 9/11/2001 for a while,and went back to being an asshole. A position he proudly still keeps

By #460523 at 29,Aug,18 20:58
Trump 2020
By kebmo at 30,Aug,18 00:27 other posts of kebmo 
I don't think he'll run in 2020. I think he'll go back to building the Trump hotel brand in North Korea, China and of course Russia. There's a LOT more money to be made there.
I also think that he'll get tired of living in that dump he's in now and I bet he misses his Trump plane too.
Then there's Melania. She'll want a divorce.

But...he sure does like campaigning.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 12,Sep,18 18:38 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
avgdick69,,please excuse the following,it's a political statement,,,,
God, in his infinite wisdom, prevented us from kissing our elbows or ass. That's why the following phrase is so important,,, KISS MY ASS!!!!

By kebmo at 31,Aug,18 02:36 other posts of kebmo 
"Donald Trump doesn't want to listen to good lawyers and good lawyers don't want to work for him."

-CBC News pundit
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Sep,18 10:11 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
why would anyone want to work for that poor excuse of a human being

By kebmo at 31,Aug,18 06:17 other posts of kebmo 
John McCain’s Mother is still alive. Her name is Roberta and she’s 106 years old. I didn’t know that until just now.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Sep,18 10:10 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
hardy people,,good genes,,but,,painful to see a son die before you,,

By kebmo at 07,Sep,18 01:30 other posts of kebmo 
Can Trump fire Mike Pence?

No he can't. The Vice President is elected to his post along with the President. Like the President, he could only be removed from office through impeachment, illness or death.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Sep,18 10:09 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
the scary part is that if Trump is removed from office we'd get a religious zealot to take his place

By kebmo at 28,Aug,18 17:25 other posts of kebmo 
Todays paranoid delusion:
Google, Twitter and Facebook are all have bias newsfeeds against Trump and his party.
Yes Donald, the whole world is out to get you.

All in all, it's just another brick in the wall.
By phart at 28,Aug,18 17:41 other posts of phart 
I thought facebook and all them were doing the whack-a-mole thing on "trolls" posting political stuff? Or is it just the stuff against the democrats?

By Andthisisme at 29,Aug,18 04:41 other posts of Andthisisme 
He is not stupid, in the sense that he is playing to his core supporters who believe whatever he tells them. They really do believe that the media are out to get him and will be scared they will be worse off when he leaves office.
Much as I **** the thought he may well win a second term.
By kebmo at 29,Aug,18 04:58 other posts of kebmo 
I don’t think he’ll want a second term. Maybe he’s setting things up for his daughter to run. His son might well be in jail.
By Andthisisme at 29,Aug,18 05:11 other posts of Andthisisme 
I hope that you are right but I would not bet my money on him not getting re elected.
By kebmo at 29,Aug,18 05:17 other posts of kebmo 
I’m right about everything. Just ask my ex wife!

By JustWill at 28,Aug,18 23:09 other posts of JustWill 
Seriously, the guy is bat-shit crazy.
He is warning the Evangelicals that, if he and the GOP don't win, no one will ever be able to say "Merry Christmas".
By kebmo at 29,Aug,18 02:55 other posts of kebmo 
That and everyone will go broke because the economy will collapse without his stellar leadership which will lead to vi0lence in the streets.

By kebmo at 25,Aug,18 02:25 other posts of kebmo 
His CFO turning on him will get Trump. It's all about where the money went and the CFO always knows that.

The walls are tumbling down.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 hours

I think Don Jr. is another step closer to jail. 👍
By #545929 at 25,Aug,18 10:07
Trump once bragged that he was worth $10 billion.
It won't be long now before he is only worth 4 cigarettes from the prison commissary.

By phart at 25,Aug,18 21:26 other posts of phart 
And George Soros probably is grinning because he has bought and paid for all the lies. No I don't have "proof" But if the truth could be found,I am willing to bet good money he is behind it all.

By kebmo at 23,Aug,18 19:04 other posts of kebmo 
New cover of Time Magazine:

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By leopoldij at 23,Aug,18 20:06 other posts of leopoldij 
Nothing will happen.
The attitude of Trump voters is
only registered users can see external links
"so What if he broke the law? Everybody does."

By leopoldij at 23,Aug,18 05:36 other posts of leopoldij 
Ladies And gentlemen, the President of the United States in its best performance:
only registered users can see external links
--------------------------------------- added after 14 hours

Correction: "its" should be "his".
--------------------------------------- added after 14 hours

But maybe not. Come to think of it, he's probably an object.
By kebmo at 23,Aug,18 16:28 other posts of kebmo 
Such a classy guy. End sarcasm.

By talk4s at 21,Aug,18 15:24 other posts of talk4s 
I have made this comparison before on this site. 2018 as compared to 1938. The ONLY difference is those people alive in 1938 as it led into the 2nd World War...could NOT make fun of the people in power for all to see as we now can. Many in 1938 were JUST as unaware as MOST of us currently alive are of the OBVIOUS future, unless we can change direction immediately. I can ONLY hope social media will make a difference and prevent what is only obvious to a very few from happening...Mushroom clouds in your beautiful sunsets are in ALL of our futures...I know. Practically NO one can really appreciate what the total destructive power of a few thousand 'Thermo' Nuclear weapons going off will have. It's EASY to say. NO life left on our planet. But it's VERY hard to comprehend...Because...NOBODY thinks it could happen to 'them'...After all. We ALL are so 'special'. Nothing bad can possibly happen to any ONE of us.
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

It's funny, that NEVER has ANYONE replied to one of my super 'duperty' completely DEPRESSING posts along these lines...Is it because stating what ALL of us inherently 'know' is just NOT PC? Or is it just because the obvious is just SO freaking SCARY?...C'mon. Somebody PLEASE say; 'It cannot happen.'...Really. Start a discussion of the end of man'kind.'
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Aug,18 15:45 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Talk,,it is scary,,,and no one likes to talk about their own death. I certainly don't,,but, you threw out a dare and so i'm here. I know that life is very fragile and we live under the constant threat that something will end it. An asteroid with sufficient mass hitting earth,, a madman with the launch codes to nuclear weapons,, a madman with a gun. But, what can we do to prevent something like that from happening?? Man made disasters are preventable. What's more, I believe in the inherent goodness of man and his ability to stop a madman from destroying mankind,,
By talk4s at 22,Aug,18 14:30 other posts of talk4s 
Once again. Nicely said, TWO! Not talking about Fate. Cain't do nuttin' bout dat! And man made disasters ARE preventable. It's just that we don't prevent them. Chernobyl, 3 Mile Island. Could mention Fukushima but that was both Fate and man not preparing enough safety features for an earthquake caused tidal wave. In a country on the 'Ring of Fire'...1980 Titan II with it's 9 Megaton warhead being blown out of it's silo, Goldsboro N. Carolina nuke, Palomares, Canada, Russian nuclear subs on the bottom of both oceans loaded with nuclear warheads AND their nuclear reactor propulsion units. (won't go into Soviet/Russian nuclear accidents and almost launches of their ICBM's nobody really knows about) Our own 'Scorpion' nuclear sub. As well as 'Thresher'. Just waiting to cause yet another disaster. (We have been lucky as hell!) But these future disasters have yet to rear their ugly heads. Will take years for the corrosive effects of huge pressures and salt water to slowly eat away at the metals containing them. But that's for 'our' **** (don't have any. Because of what I am saying) to deal with. Just like all the Financial disasters we have left for them. Could mention all the Financial 'badness' of man, but will just say...1929...'08 near total destruction of the World's Economies. BTW. We have NOT heard the end of that one...Bernie Madoff. Really, there are just TOO many others known and unknown like him to go into. Real problem is there is no 'inherent goodness' in man. Only greed, lust, gluttony, wrath, etc. are what is inherent in man'kind'. He has proven his destructive behavior since arriving on this tiny planet...Did we prevent Hitler? Did we prevent Stalin? All those too small to mention dictators that killed millions? Khmer Rouge, Ho Chi Minh, Idi Amin, Tojo Hideki...the list is just SO depressingly long. Sure, they All met their ends. But so long AFTER they caused mass genocides. As the population increases beyond Earth's means to support us, it will only get worse...did you know in 1800 there were ONLY 1 Billion people on the planet? It took 1800 Biblical (I **** the bibble) years to get there. Now just 218 years later, there are 7.5 Billion!!! Fucking be fun without responsibility!...I **** Geometry too! Doing the population math leads to NO good conclusions.
Ultimately, Man is his ONLY predator. As well as his ONLY population control...Nature at it's best means some UGLY shit is coming down the road.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

This is a PERFECT example of man's inherent corruption. Cannot even say such an innocent word as 'C H I L D R E N' in polite Society.
--------------------------------------- added after 9 minutes

Holy Fucking Shitballs!!! Cannot say 'H A T E' either!!! Mr. Orwell, I commend you on your foresight!...Bet all the 'bad' words I said here will be for all to see in their full glory...Says a LOT more than what took me too many long winded paragraphs to bloviate about

By kebmo at 22,Aug,18 15:25 other posts of kebmo 
Talks4s, you're posts aren't being replied to because you're a rambler. It's hard to address ten subjects with one answer. KISS, Keep it shorter Sam.

If you get a **** just click on Edit and change it instead of adding more to the post.
By talk4s at 22,Aug,18 15:39 other posts of talk4s 
Well, thank you so much, Kebmo... May I say, you just cannot see the connections in my 'rambling' posts? All the nuclear connections. All the historical connections. All the population connections to everything I said?...there have been studies on rats...sorry to equate humans in the same category...and how they reacted to overpopulation. We 'humans' are behaving in exactly the same way. Turning on each other in the political arena, nations highways, cities, countries.
And I would NOT ad stuff (even tho I like that way better) IF I saw what was being censored as it WAS being censored...
By kebmo at 22,Aug,18 22:08 other posts of kebmo 
When it actually comes down to using nuclear weapons there are people in the US that could thwart a Presidential decision for a nuclear strike. If a President goes (or is) insane, it is not guaranteed that his decision for a nuclear strike would be carried out. That's a good thing!!

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By talk4s at 23,Aug,18 15:07 other posts of talk4s 
It IS a good thing, kebmo!! It's just that SO many OTHER factors can happen to unleash nukes. Dangerous as I think trump is, there are NINE countries with 'deliverable' nukes. Along with their individual dangerous leaders...Can you say their is somebody in all these countries that can 'thwart' a nuclear strike? NO...Accidents? Like the ones I previously mentioned? NO...I understand. It IS so much easier to live life by the phrase; 'Ignorance is bliss'...I just WISH I could, also. But thank you for what you said. Nobody wants to believe the truth.
--------------------------------------- added after 23 minutes

BTW...Look @ what Valerie Plame had to say about nukes. Sorry I don't have a link, but she of ALL people would know what the actual TRUTH is about our nukes and who could launch America's nukes. Really. Spend some time and find her statements about US nukes. It's an EYE opener...IF you had read and checked on all the nuke 'things' I mentioned, you would see it is NOT so one sided as just US nukes...I DID mention Russia/Soviet Union and all THEIR near missed launches/accidents. We live in a World FULL of ICBM's now. U.S. Russia, China, Israel, France, Great Britain, Pakistan, India...N. Korea...Do you TRUST any of these OTHER countries to have the same safety features you 'think' WE have?...Think of a forest fire. A TINY spark ignites it. And then it GROWS to the frightening forest fires we are experiencing right now....Simple comparison...but so true if JUST one nuke goes off somewhere on our planet.

By kebmo at 23,Aug,18 04:16 other posts of kebmo 
I think Michael Cohen and Robert Muller know enough between them to put Donald Trump Jr. in jail.
There is so much more information to come out.
By Andthisisme at 23,Aug,18 04:37 other posts of Andthisisme 
I think that you may be right but have you heard what the great American public think about this issue. I have seen a number of vox pops and essentially a lot of the public think that all US politicianas are corrupt and Trump is no different and these issues don't bother them at all.
ALL US politicians should take heed of that opinion.
In my opinion this story will keep running but Trump will never be impeached, but I may be proven wrong.
Trump is just a liar, plain and simple. Having frequently and vehemently denied ever having paid any money to women to keep them quiet he now is taking the positio that what he did - but had previously denied doing - was not a breach of any law.
By kebmo at 23,Aug,18 05:01 other posts of kebmo 
I don’t think Trump wil finnish his term. By choice. He’s not having fun any more.

By kebmo at 21,Aug,18 14:48 other posts of kebmo 
The "WITCH HUNT" just bagged Michael Cohen and will probably bag Manafort today too.

Good hunting Mr. Mueller!!! Keep draining that swamp!!
By allnatural at 21,Aug,18 16:53 other posts of allnatural 
By kebmo at 22,Aug,18 02:46 other posts of kebmo 
Mueller bagged both of those witches. All in all it's a pretty successful hunt. I'm sure there are a lot more witches to bag.

The good guys are behind you Mr. Mueller!

There are 5 guilty pleas and over 150 charges laid... so far. The investigation is upon the doorstep of the White House. Cohen has a LOT of information to share. Trump dumped him so now he's going to dump Trump.

By kebmo at 17,Aug,18 05:12 other posts of kebmo 
Journalists are not the enemy.

Replacing a free media with a state-run media has always been a first order of business for any corrupt regime taking over a country. Today in the United States we have a president who has created a mantra that members of the media who do not blatantly support the policies of the current U.S. administration are the “enemy of the people.” This is one of the many lies that have been thrown out by this president much like an old-time charlatan threw out “magic” dust or water on a hopeful crowd.
“The liberty of the press is essential to the security of freedom,” wrote John Adams.
For more than two centuries, this foundational American principle has protected journalists at home and served as a model for free nations abroad. Today it is under serious threat. And it sends an alarming signal to despots, from Ankara to Moscow, Beijing to Baghdad, that journalists can be treated as a domestic enemy.

-The Boston Globe
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 17,Aug,18 09:06 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
I can't believe that my country, the first country to propose freedom of the press, would be in a course to silence it,,shameful,
By phart at 20,Aug,18 00:40 other posts of phart 
I would never agree with Silence of the media.
THere will always be facts I don't want to hear.
BUT I want to hear or read facts, not bs,
The people wanting and expecting the truth from the media is not asking to much.
By kebmo at 20,Aug,18 08:37 other posts of kebmo 
Phart, keep in mind that in the US, anyone can pretty well say anything unless it's slanderous or libelous. If there's an audience, someone will say it.
I'm sure that the facts that are to your liking are being printed by someone somewhere.
By phart at 20,Aug,18 10:52 other posts of phart 
It is not allways the facts to my likeing I want to read,sometimes I simply want the truth about someone or something.And it is blantantly obvious the media,sponsered and paid for by advertiseing like on tv or news paper,makes more money when they print lies. If there is truth to what a liberal is saying,the messenger has to have the crediablity to be beleiveable. And I am sorry but the NYT's aint got much.
By kebmo at 20,Aug,18 11:04 other posts of kebmo 
Where do you think you can find the truth?
By Andthisisme at 20,Aug,18 16:10 other posts of Andthisisme 
One of the many things that concerns me about the stance Trump, and his acolytes, have on the media is that there is no reasoned explanation of what the fake news is. If the NYT or anyone else prints a story that is lies then surely the simple solution is to offer evdience to prove that this is true. Sadly all that we get is 'Fake News!' as slogan in place of a reasoned explanation of why the news is wrong.
What we in fact have is a situation where a politician who does not like what elements of the medea are saying cries 'Fake News !!' as a mantra as if that says all that needs to be said.

We have had spokeman for Trump talking about 'alternative truths' and now saying that 'Truth isn't truth'. What they both mean is that situations can be interpreted in a varous ways - that is totally true. interpreatationc can differ. But the truth is an absolute.

By phart at 20,Aug,18 16:32 other posts of phart 
If anyone can answer that,they need to write a book!

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Aug,18 16:29 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
I believe the truth can be found in the nine-eleven investigation, Eventually the truth will come out. Mr Trump paid for the destruction of the World Towers so his Trump tower would be more profitable,,
By kebmo at 21,Aug,18 20:06 other posts of kebmo 
TWM, I seriously doubt that.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Aug,18 20:36 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
fake news?

By kebmo at 19,Aug,18 15:52 other posts of kebmo 
National Security Advisor John Bolton says that the US should be looking at countries other than Russia who might want to foil the mid term elections. He mentions that China, Iran and North Korea as possible threats.

Not a word about Trump's arch enemy Canada though. Eeeeeeeexcelent.
By phart at 20,Aug,18 00:38 other posts of phart 
I would say Nigerian hackers are in on it just like they are with other fraudulent actions and hacking.
Some of it may be routed thru russian servers to make it LOOK like they did it.
By kebmo at 21,Aug,18 04:25 other posts of kebmo 
Aren't they the ones with all of those rich Princes trying to get money out of the country? One of them said they'd send me $5 Million! I'm still waiting...

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Aug,18 09:53 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
A most distressing thought,,especially now that Canadian Bacon costs more than a car,,
By sinanff47 at 21,Aug,18 15:32 other posts of sinanff47 
In Canada, the US phrase 'Canadian Bacon' is NOT said of course. Without looking it up, do you know what we in Canada call it?
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Aug,18 15:50 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
I do not,,you have to know,,the only meat i mostly know that cums from Canada is,,,,,,
--------------------------------------- added after 51 seconds

But,,"bacon" cums to mind,,,maybe "ham"??
By sinanff47 at 21,Aug,18 17:14 other posts of sinanff47 
Yes, 'that' meat is also called 'a sausage' in Canada.

As for bacon, 'regular' bacon is called 'side bacon', since that's where is comes from, and the 'US so-called Canadian bacon' is called 'back bacon'.

Now, when you visit the beautiful Rocky Mountains in my Alberta, you'll know what to order for breakfast.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Aug,18 17:17 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Sinaff47 sausage??
By sinanff47 at 21,Aug,18 19:08 other posts of sinanff47 
Yes, and it comes attached to a 'delicious' Canadian guy.

By BushPilot at 16,Aug,18 17:13 other posts of BushPilot 
Chatting about the 'Donald" seems quite applicable here since he's considered an kiss a.s.
By allnatural at 21,Aug,18 16:59 other posts of allnatural 

By kebmo at 20,Aug,18 13:16 other posts of kebmo 
"Truth isn't truth."
-Rudy Giuliani

Bullshit is still bullshit though.
By Andthisisme at 20,Aug,18 16:00 other posts of Andthisisme 
What was he thinking when he said that ????
By kebmo at 20,Aug,18 16:27 other posts of kebmo 
He was actually referring to the difference between Trump's version of the truth and someone else's version of the truth.
He's a fucking idiot. Every time he opens his mouth he just reaffirms that truth.

It's right up there with Kellyanne Conway's "alternative facts".
By Andthisisme at 20,Aug,18 16:54 other posts of Andthisisme 
There is only one truth. This is what annoys me; people can differ over interpretation of events or staistics that happens all the time and there are debates or discussions around this but this notion that Trump has a monopoly on truth and everyone elses interpreataion of a situation is fake news is truly worrying.
By kebmo at 20,Aug,18 19:40 other posts of kebmo 
What really worries me is that so many people believe what he says and follow him as a "leader".

"Just remember, what your seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening."

-Donald Trump
By phart at 20,Aug,18 23:20 other posts of phart 
Well it all depends on what the meaning of the word "IS " Is.

Forgive me,I just had to throw that in.
By Andthisisme at 21,Aug,18 10:21 other posts of Andthisisme 
One of my all time favourite responses by any politician about anything at all.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Aug,18 09:54 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
He thinks??

By #545929 at 20,Aug,18 22:36
Remember that Rudy Giuliani is the one who said 'Where was Hillary Clinton on 911' when she was standing right next to him.

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By kebmo at 21,Aug,18 04:12 other posts of kebmo 
That's a very Trumpian statement.

By kebmo at 21,Aug,18 04:33 other posts of kebmo 
Microsoft said late Aug. 20th that they had thwarted Russian military hackers targeting US Senators and two think tanks. Microsoft took control of six sites.

-CNN News
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Aug,18 09:51 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
did they open the Windows??

By kebmo at 16,Aug,18 02:10 other posts of kebmo 
Nobody needs a "se.cret" tape to prove Trump is a racist. He is and everyone knows it. If such a tape did come out nothing would change because no one would actually be surprised.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 16,Aug,18 08:12 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
The premise that a revelation like that would hurt him has no merit. His supporters know he's a bigot, a back stabber, a degenerate, a liar, and a lying wife cheater. It makes me wonder what kind of people we really have in this country. I always thought that, even if we had dark patches in our history, we, as a people, kept going ahead with an Utopian style manner. I guess i was wrong. I'm 51 yrs old. I hope I live long enough for this stink to wash off from our national identity.
By talk4s at 20,Aug,18 13:47 other posts of talk4s 
Nicely stated TWTT52! On the other hand...I hope I die before everything blows the hell up!...Here's a quote from someone that is just so true..."There has never been a weapon created by man, that has NOT been used in Warfare."...Sort of stated that way. Know the ONLY weapon never used in war? The hydrogen bomb. The same weapon that tops all ICBM's in the US and Russian missile forces...Subs, too...Man'kind' has NEVER evolved away from his violent ways. Only his weapons have evolved in their destructive power...Just a matter of time. We can only hope there will be some 'small' nuclear exchange between say, India Pakistan? N. Korea and US forces in Asia?...As long as the 'big' boys do not unleash their nukes and learn a lesson from a small portion of the planet being fucked the hell up. Sad as this is, humans have NEVER...EVER learned from previous wars. After all, the 1st World War was THE war to end all wars! Then we had a 2nd MUCH worse war just about 25 years later. We are WAY overdue...The 3rd is coming in some fashion or other.

By kebmo at 19,Aug,18 06:07 other posts of kebmo 
Very often big time criminals are convicted on charges of tax evasion.
I hope Mueller has access to Trump's tax returns.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 19,Aug,18 09:55 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
would tax evation be a High Crime or Misdemeanor? That's what it would be needed to impeach Trump
By phart at 20,Aug,18 00:39 other posts of phart 
If he did it before he was president,how is it impeachable?
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 20,Aug,18 07:02 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
That's why it was a question. Having said that. The President can be charged with regular crimes. That would make it hard for him to take care of the presidency

By kebmo at 17,Aug,18 06:44 other posts of kebmo 
In fiscal 2019 the US deficit will be about one trillion dollars. To put it in perspective, Canada's deficit in fiscal 2019 will be "only" $20 Billion. Canada has about one tenth of the US population. One tenth of one trillion is $100 Billion. A high end lifestyle requires an income that reflects it.

Have you seen the US National Debt Clock? It has a lot of interesting information.
only registered users can see external links

Canada also has a debt clock.
only registered users can see external links
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 17,Aug,18 09:03 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Canada's population of 37 million is just over 10% of the US, but, spending is not in linear perspective to size of the population. For many reasons, the annual spending of individuals is much more in the US. The US has changed in the last 60 yrs from a manufacturing/agricultural economy to a service economy. We have to import more because we don't have it

By kebmo at 15,Aug,18 14:55 other posts of kebmo 
I agree with Donald Trump. There, I said it.
Revoking the security clearance of people no longer in government is a good thing. Why would a former government official ever need access to the nation's tightest held secrets if they are no longer an elected member of the US government?
Some officials from the previous administration are still in office and require clearance but if you are out of office you just don't need it.
By Dmoney69 at 15,Aug,18 17:43 other posts of Dmoney69 
Thats not how it works..the clearance is so those who see the intel can discuss it with former officials who have experience dealing with specific issues. Its not like they send former bosses **** intel every week.
By kebmo at 15,Aug,18 19:59 other posts of kebmo 
Dmoney, I know that that is a rare scenario, probably more so with Trump's cabinet. I couldn't imagine Trump's inner circle asking someone from Obama's cabinet for advice!! If it so happens that it happens like that, the clearance could be reinstated temporarily and the conversation could be had.
I saw some of Obama's former cabinet saying that they haven't used it since leaving office. If I bought a new house I'd change the locks. If someone wanted to come into my house I would unlock the door for them then lock it after they leave, they don't need a key.

I do wonder if Obama and Hillary still have access.

By JustWill at 15,Aug,18 19:56 other posts of JustWill 
As Dmoney69 said, those officials usually retain their clearances so that they can consult with members of intelligence agencies after they have left their positions. Insight and experience can be very valuable.
Be that as it may, Trump did not revoke Brennan's clearances for "security reasons". He did it because Brennan frequently criticizes the Orange Overlord in public.
It was done, as so many things Trump does, out of spite and pettiness...nothing more.
By kebmo at 15,Aug,18 20:04 other posts of kebmo 
All of the people named today are people that have spoken negativly about Trump. Petty and spiteful? It sure is in this case but I still agree with the concept.
--------------------------------------- added after 9 hours

I just heard someone say it better than I did.

"Why don't we just have everyone who has security clearance have that clearance reviewed once they leave government. "

How's that?

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 16,Aug,18 08:25 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Ex CIA director John Brennan, as head of the CIA, was privy to all the reactions of foreign governments and that makes him an invaluable asset in the inner circle of the white house. You say give him access only when needed?? Taking his security clearance takes only a signature,,reversing that takes time and in a national emergency that wont do. You don't have to like a neighbor to appreciate it when he knocks on your door to warn you your house is on fire.

By JustWill at 15,Aug,18 21:19 other posts of JustWill 
Donald Trump is the living personification of the Queen of Hearts from ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND!

"Off with their credentials!"
By kebmo at 15,Aug,18 21:39 other posts of kebmo 
Tru dat.

That's kld speak for "I agree with your observation Will."

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 16,Aug,18 08:17 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
"Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated",,,George Bernard Shaw. He is a coward of the highest order.

By kebmo at 12,Aug,18 08:54 other posts of kebmo 
The idea of Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniel's lawyer, running for the Democratic leader was tossed around on CNN. I like it. The Democratic party NEEDS someone tough enough to go toe to toe with Trump. I think he could if he doesn't have too many skeletons in his closet.

It has already been demonstrated that you don't need political experience to become POTUS. He also has a history of taking on the big guy in court. Successfully.
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By TWOWARMTTS2 at 14,Aug,18 10:15 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
I like Avenatti, but, he reminds me of a dark alley abortion doctor,,,i don't know why,,
By kebmo at 15,Aug,18 20:07 other posts of kebmo 
TWM, maybe he can abort Trump from the White House.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 16,Aug,18 08:03 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Wrong hole, lollipop,,,to get rid of him you need lots of laxatives,,

By JustWill at 11,Aug,18 20:06 other posts of JustWill 
You know,if they would just stop playing the anthem at football games it would solve the problem for people on both sides of the idiotic argument.
By kebmo at 11,Aug,18 23:40 other posts of kebmo 
Yeah, I'm sure the beer drinking white fans would be just fine with that.
By JustWill at 11,Aug,18 23:52 other posts of JustWill 
What in hell does the anthem have to do with football, anyway?
The whole thing is as stupid as that "War on Christmas" crap.
By kebmo at 12,Aug,18 00:28 other posts of kebmo 
At the end of the war, after Japan announced it would surrender, NFL Commissioner Elmer Layden called for all of the league’s teams to play “The Star-Spangled Banner” at their games, arguing, “The National Anthem should be as much a part of every game as the kick-off. We must not drop it simply because the war is over. We should never forget what it stands for.”


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--------------------------------------- added after 10 minutes

Play it after the game is over and watch it's importance diminish in a real hurry.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 14,Aug,18 10:04 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
it's not about the anthem. When John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised their black gloved fist in the 1968 Mexico summer olympics , they too were protesting a system that was anti black in this country. This happened as the national anthems were being played. It was, and is, a form of protest that should be allowed to continue. I don't agree with some of the actual events as they are described by the black community, but, i do agree that a double standard exits in the manner police treat people of color or ethnicity. Why not just let the protest continue? Just because a bigoted man is in the Oval Office shouldn't convince other powerful men to stand as a barrier to what, for all intents and purposes, is one of the most civil of protests. I would suggest to the players that if they are stopped, they should consider a strike. After all,,without their efforts the sport would be a poor shadow of what it is now.

By kebmo at 08,Aug,18 16:03 other posts of kebmo 
Chris Collins, his son and his son's fiancé's father are all charged with insider trading. They sold $1.4M in shares of a stock the day before it crashed because Collins got information that a medicine being tested failed tests. Allegedly. Collins is a Republican representative from New York and a fervent Trump supporter from Feb. 2016.

It appears that the swamp is being drained....by the FBI.

only registered users can see external links
--------------------------------------- added after 87 hours

Reversing a comment he made Aug 8, Collins said on Aug 11 that he will not run in the mid terms although he still maintains his innocence.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Aug,18 16:51 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
By kebmo at 09,Aug,18 00:02 other posts of kebmo 
I got my allegedly in.
By phart at 09,Aug,18 10:43 other posts of phart 
I have yet to understand why that is a crime in the first place.Some one finds out there is a issue with a company and ditches the stock before it crashes and they wont loose any money.What's the big deal? Sounds like intelligence instead of criminal behavior.
It is just money as the democrats say? print some more.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Aug,18 13:19 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
it's not against the law if you disclose that the buyer will loose his shirt on the deal...the law is to protect innocent buyers..same with a home sale,,,if you tell the realtor the roof is made of cheese, he has to disclose it to prospective buyers or possibly loose his licence and more
--------------------------------------- added after 113 seconds

bottom line???? big **** trying to protect you. like seat belts,,,smoking alerts,,weed usage (what's wrong with that???) and piloting aircraft while intoxicated,,
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

******= B R O T H E R

By talk4s at 09,Aug,18 13:38 other posts of talk4s 
Hello Phart! Guessing you don't remember a story of a couple years ago. About how Congressional members get to see lots of 'insider' stuff about publically traded companies? And how it is NOT against the law for them to trade on this information??!!...As a daily options trader, I would LOVE to have the info THEY have and to be able to legally trade on it! I would be rich beyond my WILDEST dreams. Just another example of how life in Muricah is set for only the 'cream' of the upper echelons...of WHITE people in power....In case ya be awonderin'...I be whiter than the sheets I **** on!
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

What?! I say again for perhaps the 10th time...S L EE P is now a BAD word?!
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

IF I had the info Congress has and traded on it...I would be in prison for lots of years!! And get to see lots of dick sucking ...Do you think that is fair? Even IF I would really like to suck cock?
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Aug,18 13:19 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
why is dick sucking allowed but **** is not???
--------------------------------------- added after 24 seconds

*******=S L E E P

By kebmo at 09,Aug,18 14:46 other posts of kebmo 
Phart, Collins is a board member of a pharmaceutical company and the company was running tests on a new dr.ug that could make or break the company. After the tests failed, it was revealed to the members of the board before the information was revealed to the public. When this information went public, everyone knew that the company's stock would collapse. Collins didn't own any stock but his son and another friend did and Collins told them to sell their stock before the information became public and the stock collapsed. They sold their stock and by doing so prevented the loss of $768,000. All other stock holders lost all of the money that they invested into the company.
This is a copy/paste part of the article. Google insider trading to understand more.

The indictment doesn't allege that Collins himself traded on the information about the failed results of a dr.ug trial, but that he passed the information to his son, Cameron Collins, so that the younger Collins could execute trades. And it alleges that the younger Collins passed the information to others, including his fiancee's father, Stephen Zarsky, who also traded on the information.
That allowed them, prosecutors allege, to avoid more than $768,000 in losses they would have incurred if they had traded the stock after the dr.ug trial results became public. All three then lied about their actions to federal agents, according to the indictment.
"Congressman Collins cheated our market and our justice system in two ways," US Attorney Geoffrey Berman said at a news conference Wednesday. "First, he tipped his son to confidential corporate information at the expense of regular investors. And then he lied about it to the FBI to cover it up."
Collins and the other defendants pleaded not guilty in Manhattan federal court Wednesday afternoon. Each must pay a $500,000 personal recognizance bond.

By kebmo at 10,Aug,18 08:19 other posts of kebmo 
There is so much about the Mueller Investigation that nobody knows about. This guy is the coolest cucumber of all. Trump has been on his back since day one and he hasn't uttered a peep. He's professional and thick skinned. Everyone keeps speculating on what's going on but only he knows the whole story.
I trust him, his actions and his forthcoming decisions.
I think that between him and the FBI, the swamp is being (somewhat) drained.

Keep on hunting witches Sir!!
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 10,Aug,18 13:16 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
There's hope in DC yet,,,now if we could find out what happened in area 52,,well,,

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Aug,18 18:23 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
The only president that ever made sense,,the only one that was able to bring the country forward,,the only president that i would vote for again is THE GREAT OBAMA,,,all else are farts in the wind
By phart at 09,Aug,18 10:45 other posts of phart 
I thought you said you liked Carter? I still have some of his brothers beer in the basement.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Aug,18 10:55 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Oh my G_D,,I forgot about that,,collectors items for sure,,,
--------------------------------------- added after 81 seconds

and i do love Mr Jimmy,,i'd give him many kisses and other things, but, as a president,,he sucked the big one in a nice way
By phart at 09,Aug,18 11:31 other posts of phart 
I don't think the cans held up well but still,a good conversation piece for sure.
25 years ago I met a old man that was around during the time of Calvin Coolidge. He griped about that man more than the price of gas. Said he was a DO NOTHING president. I just said ok as I was not around back then! Carter is 1 of those that does good for people,building houses and such and seems like a genuine person. But as you said,just didn't quite cut it as prez. I still remember very well the iran hostage thing.I was in a hospital bed watching tv when he was in germany I think shaking the hands of the hostages and such.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 09,Aug,18 12:54 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
yes, and i remember the ultimate insult,,the ayatollah insisted ronald regan the president elect collect the hostages and Mr Jimmy had to swallow that

By JustWill at 03,Aug,18 09:49 other posts of JustWill 
Since taking office, Trump has lied/made misleading statements to the American people 4,229 times (as of 8/1/2018 )
That's an average of 7.6 lies a day.
Here is a sampling:
only registered users can see external links
By kebmo at 03,Aug,18 13:01 other posts of kebmo 
Crazy eh?
Do you know how to tell Donald Trump is lying? His lips are moving or he posts a tweet!
Oh yeah, also a HUGE tell is every time he uses the terms "in history" or "believe me". Whatever he's referring to when he uses those terms is a GUARENTEED lie.
By phart at 03,Aug,18 14:21 other posts of phart 
Tit for tat,the same comparison was made for Obummer.
If you h@te someone bad enough, you can ruin them somehow if you set your mind to it. I still think we are better off than with the other choice,a 3rd term of Obummer thru Hitllary.
By kebmo at 03,Aug,18 14:39 other posts of kebmo 
Neither Obama or Clinton currently run the country. "Yeah but what about…." I tire of that line. Whataboutism.
By JustWill at 03,Aug,18 14:42 other posts of JustWill 
It's actually the only argument they have, though!
By kebmo at 03,Aug,18 15:02 other posts of kebmo 
"Yeah but what about your ex husband or that other guy you dated? They lied to you more." See? It just doesn't cut it.
By phart at 04,Aug,18 10:48 other posts of phart 
Ok then,so you think the Whataboutism is a problem.
Ok,You throw dirt at our President but yet expect no return fire,and discredit any and all reply's. It is not a cope out argument to express or wonder what the other choice would have done as it would illustrate your argument has no basis either.They would not satisfy everyone either. They would lie in the opposing party's opinion as well..
I compare your statement about whataboutism being our only argument to the fact that NO ONE has had the gonads to say just WHO would do a better job at Prez. You can't answer because you don't know perhaps?we are all guilty of that because of all the media hype.Or you just won't answer because of no defense?
We gota get over that hurdle of not discussing other people as options later as time will go on. We have to all understand each others side to find the middle.Murky but the middle none the less so we can solve world hunger and the energy crisis in a responsible manner without making everyone walk and catch their farts in jars.
By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 12:30 other posts of Mazinga 
In my lifetime experience with current and former
presidents, I can say that ALL poliTICKcians are dweebises.
And that is just my opinion.
Some of their ideas I've agreed with, and some of their
ideas I've disagreed with.
They've all done their fair share of good and bad.
But in my eyes, they're also assholes.

In this previous election, our country did NOTHING to
produce Quality candidates for the Presidential Office.
Everyone was too busy sucking up 'Reality' TV shows;
chasing Pokemon creatures throughout the city
( oh, what a Perfect sky-blue harmonious day That was! );
and guzzling down pisswater generic Keystone beer in
their backyards while gossiping about one another.
Meanwhile, every poliTICKal assclown and his/her mother
came out of the wood-works like maggots hoping to
get at that prized carcass.
NONE of those "candidates" were qualified for Office,
and I naturally don't give a fuck what anyone thinks.

No matter who I voted for, or against, it was always
gonna result in yet another asshole in Office.
And, boi, did we end up with an ultimate Asshole

All the racist sKKKumbags rallied behind him; they were
always too chickenshit to speak their racist xenophobic
homophobic hateful minds openly in public because they
knew their asses whould get handed to them by an
overwhelming community of united American Citizens
who do not tolerate all that racism and prejudice.

SHITHOLE said everything the racist sKKKum wanted to hear.
It's no surprise to me how much racism there is here
in America, as it was always hidden and inbred for
generations until it was emboldened by SHITHOLE
to come out and act on it.
That is some powerful koolaide there it rivals the
one served by the former Reverend asshole Jim Jones!
And the masses of racist sKKKumbags drank that shit up
like sheeple sucking a huge tit!
Their only reason why they voted for and elected
the Orange SHITHOLE was to
"get that n*gger out of office!"...

My country in which I was born and raised has become
So Full-RETARD we've become the laughing stock
of the entire world. Basically a swamp of CRACK WHORRES.
And that Retardation is getting worse by the hour!
I served my country for THIS?????

They bashed "Obummer" for eight long years,
Now it is the SHITHOLE'S turn to get the same treatment.

All previous poliTICKal assclowns aside;
We're not discussing them. They'll get their 15 minutes
of fame in school History books later on.

We're discussing The Genuine SHITHOLE now.

You're welcome.

By JustWill at 04,Aug,18 13:27 other posts of JustWill 
Here's the problem:
We KNOW what the scumbag in the White House is doing. There is daily proof of his incompetence and lies. We have evidence of the damage he is doing, both here and around the world. Our complaints are all PROVABLE--and we can cite FACTS to support what we say. The "wrongness" of Trump is observable.
Your "whataboutism" is based on speculation and conjecture. You can say what you BELIEVE may have happened if someone else had been elected, but that is just make-believe. Since your "whatabouts" never actually happened, your argument is based on nothing but fantasy and supposition. You have no tangible evidence to support your claims. It is a lame argument by virtue of the fact that pretend scenarios prove nothing.
You keep asking "who would do a better job?", but that's the wrong question. Trump sucks as president--he demonstrates that constantly.
The question you should be asking is: Could anyone else possibly do a worse job?
By Mazinga at 04,Aug,18 13:40 other posts of Mazinga 
Trump is the SHITHOLE our country's Founding Fathers
warned us about. That warning is clearly evident in
plain simple English in the U.S. Constitution.

History exists for a reason, and THIS is a big reason
why it exists.

What boggles my mind is that so many people who
support the SHITHOLE are so happily stuck on STUPID
they don't give a fuck about how THEY have turned
our country upside down.

And they have the audacity to claim "patriotism"
while supporting a TRAITOR.
Just like Jack White sang in one of his songs,
"You can't be a piimp and a prosstitute, too".

By phart at 04,Aug,18 13:53 other posts of phart 
Yea,someone could do a worse job, look back a few years before him.
I have not saw CREDIBLE evidence yet Trump has done anything to interfere with his actual job,leading the US.
Yes,alot of stuff has been brought up. But proof? Well, a lying tax cheating lawyer is going say whatever it takes to get him a lesser sentence.
Find what you think is a honest man to run for office and leave it to CNN or the New York newspaper.They will conjure up dirt on him. They make money doing it,so they are highly motivated.

I put little stock in what a aging out porn star has to say about a "affair" she had with a billionaire.She is looking to capitalize on the situation and exercise her "power" as a woman to bring down the prez. She was paid to shut up and signed a paper saying she would. So if she will lie there, she will lie elsewhere. IF it even happened.And if it did,she dropped her panties for a billionaire. Most women would.

As for Russia, would you rather be bitching about Trump starting a nuclear war with them as you glow in the dark in some bunker? Or have them sitting down discussing the democrats claims?
There are also what called Rhino's. Republican in name only.
They are just as willing to be traitors to their party if it gets them 5 minutes of fame.

By kebmo at 04,Aug,18 21:37 other posts of kebmo 
Who would do a better job than Donald Trump you ask?

I think compassion is a very beneficial trait of a world leader. If you're a compassionate person you are more likely to care for your populace as a whole and not just individual segments of it.
The ability to unite your people is also paramount to effective leadership. Not all will agree on every topic but general agreement is not an insurmountable task.
Being respected by your populace is also beneficial to a leader because you also have to make tough decisions. Respect and trust go hand in hand so if they respect you they will be more inclined to trust your choices when you have to make the tough decisions that come with leadership.
Things like compassion, trust and benevolence are not signs of weakness, in fact they are signs of strength because it takes great confidence to be a compassionate leader and a confident leader inspires those that they lead.

You asked me who would do a better job than Trump so I just described that person to you. Whatabout that person as president? I don't know who it is but it sure isn't Donald Trump.
By phart at 04,Aug,18 22:49 other posts of phart 
I think we can agree,it would be difficult for either party to find a person with those quality's.That is 1 of the reasons I always ask the question.
I am bumfuzzled myself by my own question. 20 years ago I would have thought maby Lee Iaccoca. Or before he turned on the US and supported Obama, Colin Powell.

I can't disagree with those quality's you mention being important,only a idiot would. Those quality's are not confused with weakness by the US citizen nearly as much as by our foreign enemy's. Try compassion with a enemy with the mindset of Bin Laden for example.It would only lead to more loss of life.
For a person to respect and appreciate compassion,trust and benevolence, they themselves must possess those quality's.
Just how much real compassion do you think Little Rocket man possesses in his heart? I doubt enough to fill a thimble.
Therefore with that sad reality in place,a leader must also have what can be condensed from a large number of fancy words down to a few. He or she must at least figuratively speaking, have BALLS to stand up to a enemy and face them.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Aug,18 11:30 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
I agree with you JustWill, but,,it's like trying to climb a greased flag pole,,,I've been getting active on the forums and finally realized,,I don't get laid any extra by ranting about that asshole (Mr President Trump),,,in 2 yrs and 5 months he'll be gone or maybe 6 yrs and 5 months,,then, the country will pick itself up, and like it's always has done,,it will get good again. Until then, i hope Fox News and CNN get into a huge fight in times square, may the biggest liar win,,
By JustWill at 08,Aug,18 12:09 other posts of JustWill 
I actually get laid MORE for ranting here. My partner, who is also not a Trump fan, doesn't let the idiocy bother him as much as it bothers me. If I vent in the forum instead of to him, he is much happier--and I get more naked time as a result.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Aug,18 12:12 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Well,,,at least there's a good thing coming out of it,,sounds like your partner has a caring lover,,,
By JustWill at 08,Aug,18 12:17 other posts of JustWill 
Will's Life Rule #3: You've got to take care of the people who take care of you!
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Aug,18 16:58 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
@ JustWill,,,my pussy is known as the Florence Nightingale of relations

By kebmo at 08,Aug,18 22:24 other posts of kebmo 
You're welcome Will.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Aug,18 16:56 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Fake news, buddy,,i know it was 4,228 times,,get it right,,

By kebmo at 05,Aug,18 15:39 other posts of kebmo 
CNN was interviewing a bunch of Trump supporters at a rally as they waited for the doors to open and a bunch of them had "Q" signs. The reporter started asking them what Q was. These people are cult members through and through. Not one had any idea what it really "is" when the reporter pressed them and asked about it.
"They're running the country."
"They're the CIA arming the fake news."
"They're the Clintons and Obamas trying to take over the government."

Crazy is overtaking US politics.
By phart at 05,Aug,18 16:39 other posts of phart 
Stupidity is helping crazy overtake.
No one said all trump supporters are smart. At least I didn't. There is a guy down the road here that had all kinds of signs and manikins wearing hats and all in his yard and he would give a thumbs up to me as I went by with my trump sticker on the car and I saw him flip the bird to someone with a Clinton sticker.His yard looked ridicules.
There are over-boarders in all segments of society.

By JustWill at 08,Aug,18 12:11 other posts of JustWill 
In a recent survey, over 40% of the Republicans who participated said that Trump should have the power to shut down news outlets.
Why doesn't this kind of shit scare people more?
By phart at 08,Aug,18 13:23 other posts of phart 
hard to say,I aint even that far of the scale. I would think he should be able to ask a committee or something to look into something that he considers a problem.But 1 man having the power to shut off a media source,that could be a slippery slope.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 08,Aug,18 16:55 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Who said it didn't scare??? That is one of the scariest things i've ever heard in my 51 yrs of life. What's more, the way he's supported it could happen. I'd like to know what percentage of the population would rise up and have a revolution if that happened? (BTW, my name is 'OSE JIMENEZ and I live in Arizonia.)

By Schwifty at 06,Aug,18 05:59 other posts of Schwifty 
I love Trump. His inauguration was the most epic in history. "I gotta get a grip, you saw me squat." - President Trump
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By kebmo at 06,Aug,18 06:35 other posts of kebmo 
I love it!

By kebmo at 03,Aug,18 23:10 other posts of kebmo 
Donald Trump on Vladimir Putin: "We got along really well and that's a good thing, it's not a bad thing, it's a good thing."
Getting along with members of the G7 would also be a good thing.
By JustWill at 03,Aug,18 23:55 other posts of JustWill 
But the members of the G7 didn't help to get him elected...

To date, none of Trump's advisers know what he talked about with Putin during their meeting in Helsinki. None. The only information they (and the American people) have to go on comes from Putin and his people. Think about that. We have to get our information from the leader of Russia instead of from our own President. That's not only fucked-up, it's pretty damn suspicious.
By kebmo at 04,Aug,18 00:01 other posts of kebmo 
Bill Maher is on. Can't talk. He's back from vacation.
By phart at 04,Aug,18 10:40 other posts of phart 
I hit something like a = mark or something don't know what it was.
Anyhow. Some could say it really is not alot of our business what they talked about. We elected Trump and that means we trust him to do the job he was put in for.
Everyone seems to forget Bush Jr driving Putin around his ranch in his f350 years ago.There is photos of it out there on the net.Google it. Do we know everything that was said then? At the very least you have to admit being just the 2 of them in a truck out on a open pasture there was room for private conversation.Or smoking a joint or whatever. For all we know the info we were given was something wrote up in the White house basement by a 14 year old.
We can't verify the truth.
The world will be a better place when Russia and the US can get along.

By phart at 27,Jul,18 12:10 other posts of phart 
I just read this morning that over 50 Americans that were lost in North Korea were able to finally come home.
The meeting between Trump and Kim was most of the reason why.
Now,I am sure if you try hard enough,you will find a way to put a negative spin that news.To me it is good news and will bring a small amount of comfort to family's here in the US.
Question,do any of you feel like Hillary would have sat down with Kim and at least began talks to accomplish even the smallest of goals such as bringing home our dead?

It is my opinion, that her attitude would be,"what difference will it make".
By kebmo at 27,Jul,18 14:47 other posts of kebmo 
Their repatriation is a great thing.

By waters113 at 27,Jul,18 15:42 other posts of waters113 
Hmmm, a friend to the dead and a mortal enemy to the living

By JustWill at 27,Jul,18 21:23 other posts of JustWill 
The repatriation of those remains is, indeed, a good thing. I am happy that those families can finally lay their loved ones to rest on American soil and get a bit of closure.
I am sure that it was all Trump's idea to ask for that to happen.
He is truly the bestest president ever!
I am glad that Putin helped to get him elected.

Here's a question for you:
President Obama got Osama bin Laden. Had him killed as dead as a door nail. Does that mean that you'll agree that he, too, was the bestest president ever? (Surely one dead mastermind of the 9/11 attacks is at least equal to the repatriated remains of 50 soldiers, no?)
By phart at 27,Jul,18 23:47 other posts of phart 
Bin laden was tracked,found and supposedly killed by the military with some involvement by the cia and fbi, Obama ok'd the job , being done so he could strut around.which yes I am glad he did, We are supposed to believe that Bin laden is in the ocean somewhere. Are you confident he is?
His **** lives here in the states you know.
It was not Trumps idea to get those men returned. Remains have trickled in for years. But he did sit down and talk to the leader of NK and it was discussed and done as promised.
BTW, take a few minutes to google what Putin had to say today while in South Africa. The man makes alot of sense. The world is safer when the US and Russia are on speaking terms.
By JustWill at 28,Jul,18 10:50 other posts of JustWill 
"We are supposed to believe that Bin laden is in the ocean somewhere. Are you confident he is?"
Are you one of those people who believes the moon landing was faked, too?
By kebmo at 28,Jul,18 12:37 other posts of kebmo 
Vaccines cause autism, the earth is flat and the US government killed Kennedy, you know, the usual stuff.
By phart at 29,Jul,18 23:44 other posts of phart 
Not going that far with it.Earth is round,Johnson,with help from the mob killed Kennedy in my thinking. Moon landing,I am somewhat iffy on that 1.I mean really,the stakes were high.The US was willing to do anything.Flags flapping when there is no source of wind on the moon is kinda fishy.
But back on topic,
My thinking is Osama knew to much.He was more valuable alive than dead to glean info from to prevent further attacks. Deaths can be faked. If you look at things that have happened since, nothing as large scale as 9-11. Could it be the gov learned info to stop stuff in time? Now don't take what I said as i don't want him dead,of course I want him erased from the earth.Dead is to good for the ass-wipe but I just can't help but take that info of him being dead and in the ocean as gospel.considering the source of the info is the government.
By kebmo at 30,Jul,18 20:00 other posts of kebmo 
The US wanted Bin Laden DEAD. They didn't want to risk him being saved by his henchmen. Consider that scenario, the US catches him and he somehow escapes. That would not go over well with the US public would it? Oh we had him but he escaped. Dead was the only option. I'm pretty sure there was a shoot to kill order on him. Obama was also apposed to "enhanced interrogation techniques" so they couldn't beat the truth out of him. As for burial at sea, that makes sure there isn't a shrine to honour him. What would you want to see done with his body?
If he wasn't shot dead on the spot he would still be alive in a US prison exercising his "rights" wouldn't he?

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 30,Jul,18 18:06 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Every one has good and bad intentions. Many times, people do the wrong or right thing in spite of themselves. Only a pattern of poor judgment calls or actions can define a person's ability to do a job, like lead a nation

By kebmo at 02,Aug,18 18:13 other posts of kebmo 
The bodies of and estimated 7,700 Americans are still in North Korea.

-PBS News
By phart at 02,Aug,18 18:49 other posts of phart 
Although some may disagree, as long as we are on speaking terms with NK,the chances of those remains coming home is better.
Yes before someone brings it up a satellite showed some activity around a missile factory. I would think it is kinda like a k1d seeing if his parents are watching as he reaches for the cookie jar.Testing to see if we are watching.And of course the media had to blare out to the world that we were. It would have been better to have kept it quiet a while.
By kebmo at 02,Aug,18 20:57 other posts of kebmo 
It's never been a $ecret that the US can spy on North Korea from space. Nobody said anything that the world didn't already know.
By JustWill at 03,Aug,18 07:51 other posts of JustWill 
But...da MEDIA IS da ENEMA OF da PEEPLES!!!!!!!!
Everybody knows that all the bad stuff that happens is because of the media. Comrade Trump--who was sent down from Heaven to save us all--says so, and you know, just like our greatest president, Abraham Washington, he can not tell a lie!
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 03,Aug,18 09:54 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
@JustWill,,you are wrong, wrong, wrong,,it was George Lincoln that said that,,
By JustWill at 03,Aug,18 12:24 other posts of JustWill 
Sorry, my mistake. I get those two confused. Abraham Washington was the one who never paid hush money to porn actresses...
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 03,Aug,18 15:23 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
just liked golden showers on the cherry bush

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 03,Aug,18 09:51 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
@phart, like Kebmo said, it's a great think to bring back our men home. As far as Hilary sitting down with that murderous tyrant, I don't know,,and who cares,,she's not president. As far as what we've got from N Korea, these remains have been kept in poor condition. A report yesterday said that the remains are mixed with other remains including non human bones and in many case, just thrown together. This is not a negative spin, but, when WWII ended,the remains of both sides of the conflict (and there were huge amounts) where handled with dignity. We all like to bend our knee to honor our fallen heroes, but, if you ask a military man, he'll tell you that friend or foe is worthy of respect. If you still think I'm putting a negative spin on this, so be it,
By phart at 03,Aug,18 14:18 other posts of phart 
Naw I understand what you are saying. Sadly it could have been deliberate as some folks in NH probably still **** our guts and mixed in stuff.Who knows. I do know it happens by accident to because a local rescue squad was sued because they mixed a man and woman's remains from a small plane crash.But they were mangled and 7 feet in the ground mixed in with engine parts and wires.Kinda hard to sort out.There is a very slim chance that could have happened in NH depending on where the dead were found and what the cause was. And sadly,the remains are old and exposed to the elements didn't help.

By kebmo at 03,Aug,18 13:56 other posts of kebmo 
Mike Pompeo, the (current) Secretary of State told reporters today the North Korea is NOT living up to it's commitment to denuclearize his country.

I'm SHOCKED! Il seems like such a nice guy. End sarcasm.

By kebmo at 30,Jul,18 20:26 other posts of kebmo 
Rudy Giuliani what are you doing? You were THE American Hero and you could have gone down in history as the mayor that took care of NYC after 9/11. You were a hero and everyone loved you.
Now you will go down in history as Trump's attorney. I see you on the news and you just sound like a buffoon spin doctor who's patient is dying.
Rudy floated the idea today that collusion is not a crime. The only ones even using the word collusion five times daily are Trump and his team.

This is a crime though.
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By TWOWARMTTS2 at 31,Jul,18 08:40 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Don't we know it. Great Mayor lousy lawyer???
By phart at 31,Jul,18 09:05 other posts of phart 
Lawyers,don't get me started. Snakes in the grass is a complimentary name for them!
But as for what he is doing, he is doing his job.Agree or not with what he is saying,he is doing his job,protecting his client.
I must admit,I think he was a bad choice for Trump.He talks to damn much. Regardless of who's side your own,if either side talks to much,tells the same story in 10 different ways, someone will mix it all up and snag ye with a technicality.
By kebmo at 01,Aug,18 19:52 other posts of kebmo 
The fact that he's a lawyer is irrelevant to me. He is changing how history will remember him. He was being a lawyer and not making news but as soon as he took his current job he changed from American Hero to lawyer for Donald Trump. That is how history will remember him. Lawyer for Donald Trump.

By JustWill at 31,Jul,18 09:27 other posts of JustWill 
Giuliani has ALWAYS been a whack-a-do. Yes, he took care of New York during 9/11--and did it well--but just look at his eyes when he gives an interview. Those are definitely the eyes of a loon.

He may claim that COLLUSION isn't a crime, but CONSPIRACY most definitely is. They just made the mistake of using the wrong word at the beginning. It confuses people.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 01,Aug,18 08:18 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 

By Mazinga at 02,Aug,18 10:32 other posts of Mazinga 
(Le sighhhhhh)... Giuliani was no hero, he was just
a dweebis posing for the cameras.

Giuliani, the prickless beitch who Disneyfied 42nd Street
and basically gentrified NYC.

The Bash King who ignored the plight of the LGBT community
during the peak of violent gay bashings throughout the
NYC area in the late '90s.

The soapbox "hero" who talked all that "tough guy" shit
in front of the news cameras and hugged so many survivors
in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on 9/11.
That was just him posing for the cameras...
...Even THEN he was contemplating getting a job
in the White House.

Along comes his "homie" from Queens NY who somehow
becomes President of the United States, and since then,
Giuliani has been doped up on that trump koolaid and
suckin trump cock desperately seeking a job in the
White House.
Him, and New Joyzee governor Chris Christie, competing
for schloppy scheconds all over that trump appendage
like a pair of buzzards fighting over a dead worm.

The mouthbreather even Wants to create a non-existent
"job" at taxpayers' expense as trump's "lawyer".
Giuliani sucking trumps cock AGAIN. The suckery goes on.
O M F G the queefage just never ends, doesn't it!

If I had my way I'd snipe that fucker at point blank range
with golf balls from his well-stocked garage,
and then I'd drive away in his Sedan like stealing
a BMX bike from a nuisance kiid in Hicktown USA.
By kebmo at 02,Aug,18 14:49 other posts of kebmo 
I stand corrected.
His international media coverage was all about 9/11 so that's how I knew him until now.
I apricate your clarification. Now I know he's always been just another slimy lawyer seeking to suck the government teat.

By JustWill at 01,Aug,18 09:58 other posts of JustWill 
Familiar with QAnon?
Here's a look at where a lot of that loony Pro-Trump crap originates...and why The Crazies Just Get Crazier!
only registered users can see external links
By phart at 01,Aug,18 10:41 other posts of phart 
Well I have no friggen idea if any of that is real or fake or whatever.But I damn sure aint never heard of it.Craziest bunch of bullshit I ever tried to wade my way thru!
That particular website is known for shit that aint all "real" anyhow.
By JustWill at 01,Aug,18 16:06 other posts of JustWill 
But a lot of his fans believe that garbage. Look at the weird points Godzillas keeps going back to (the p-e-d-o-rings, the Deep State Conspiracy, the Illuminati stuff)--that's all QAnon crap.
By kebmo at 01,Aug,18 19:35 other posts of kebmo 
I don't have to look at Godzilla's shit anymore. He's a troll and I delete trolls. Ever argued with a three year old having a temper tantrum? Same shit.
By phart at 01,Aug,18 23:01 other posts of phart 
Well,not all people we disagree with are trolls.Presentation is important in trying to explain a opposing idea to someone.
On a side note, I know I saw on tv where Facebook had to delete a bunch of fake accounts.Apparently they thought they were trolls.Of course blaming the election stuff on all of it.Took damn near 2 years to find fake accounts? Seems like a convenient to keep them in the news is all.
You disagree with me,what makes me different than a troll?
By kebmo at 01,Aug,18 23:17 other posts of kebmo 
When someone disagrees with me I don't think that they are a troll. Everyone knows what a troll is. I can deal with adults easily. If I deleted everyone who disagreed with me I wouldn't be speaking to you now.

By JustWill at 23,Jul,18 11:40 other posts of JustWill 
I think it's pretty strange that Trump supporters have an easier time believing in some vast, evil, Deep State conspiracy than it is for them to admit that they are eating a turd-sandwich.
By phart at 23,Jul,18 13:52 other posts of phart 
Alot of folks around here are eating steak instead of bologna since trump went in office thanks to tax cuts and more confidence in the economy by big business. Oh how shameful of me, I mentioned big business,those "evil beings" creatures that supply jobs and goods to the American people.
By kebmo at 23,Jul,18 16:17 other posts of kebmo 
There are a lot of Trump voters that won't be eating much steak and here's why:
Canada, Mexico, the EU and China have put retaliatory tariffs on US products due to the steel and aluminum tariffs that the US put on the world. Canada's $16.6B ($12.6B US) are targeted directly at products that are manufactured in areas where Trump voters live and all steel and aluminum products.
Harley Davidson is going to move some of their manufacturing to the EU because the EU and Canada have put tariffs on their products.
Soy farmers are left out in the cold because China and Canada have put tariffs on all soy products. China imports a LOT of soy.
Self inflicted financial isolationism is not going to work for the US or any country.
Do you know why the US put tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum? Because according to the President of the United States, Canada is a threat to your national security.

Crazy eh?
By phart at 23,Jul,18 18:23 other posts of phart 
It's not like we can't eat the food grown here our selves.So some farmers will go to growing corn for ethanol next year,or cotton for the clothes we make ourselves that tariffs will be put on from china..As for China's tariffs, well um,I wonder if they will pay tariffs on Smith-field Ham and other meats they send home?
We recycle,so we can go back to making our own aluminum.So those folks will be back at work shortly without depending on outside sources.It is a matter of adjusting our process's to be less dependent on outside sources for everything.
As for Harley,hell they have been assembled in the US with world parts for years. Idiots buy the overrated things thinking they are "all American" .Go buy some parts for it and see where the part is made.

Anything that a country depends on another for is a threat to it's independence and security. For example,the US is forced into a war the Canadians oppose.They cut off shipments of steel and aluminum we would need to build our war machines.That would be a direct effect on our security because we would be unable to build what we needed to defend ourselves.
At the moment most all of our ammo is made overseas. Real smart move on somebody's part if they want us to be vulnerable.

By Godzillas at 23,Jul,18 18:27 other posts of Godzillas 
European Union is "No Border Policy" Canada is just another satellite of this agenda. You should try something and perhaps more socialism may help...
By phart at 24,Jul,18 12:29 other posts of phart 
Yea,how is that no border policy working out for them? German girls can't even wear shorts in gym class any more because of muslim men rapin them and so forth. Vi0lence in that once beautiful country has sky rocketed.But you can only read it about on limited news sources because our cnn and so forth does not want to vindicate what deplorable s have been saying will happen here eventually.
Although we lost alot of good men trying to break free from Britain many years ago,I have to give those folks credit where it is due that voted to break free from that "union" . It was a wise move and I wish those folks luck that want independence for their country and not be controlled.That Union is basically a forerunner of the 1 world government the liberal thinkers want so bad.
By just16cm at 25,Jul,18 04:12 other posts of just16cm 
Where did you get that "german girls" info? Vi0lence? Has trump said that? Was it on Fox News?

I tell you something: that's BULLSHIT! "News" like that come from "limited news sources", cause they are LIES!

By Godzillas at 25,Jul,18 17:23 other posts of Godzillas 
It's all a political agenda by the Left to invade all democratic countries and to **** socialism by taking over the politicians constituencies.. It worked in Europe and they were trying to do it here but the Trump blockade prevented it. Canada is gone past the critical phase since immigrants from arab lands control the votes.
A key concept to go by is that if you join an agenda to dethrone trump there is a substantial probability you are a socialist or are just plain stupid..
By just16cm at 26,Jul,18 04:03 other posts of just16cm 
I asked, where do you get that info from, not for another weird conspiracy theory made out of "alternative facts"...

What ever...
By Godzillas at 26,Jul,18 13:35 other posts of Godzillas 
I get it from everywhere. Apparently you listen to CNN and MSNBC regularly..I even get the info from Bernie Sanders who is an admitted Socialist. Don't you know how to look up facts on google if you have questions? ITs 2018, not 1938 anymore..
By talk4s at 26,Jul,18 13:52 other posts of talk4s 
Godzillas...You be so entirely right! And SO entirely WRONG! Because it IS 1938 again. Just a different 1938 than the 1938 that led us into WWII. Remember? History repeats itself...Plus, Trump is right about FAKE news. It's just that total ASSHOLE and completely asinine fucking shithead of a 'humanoid' (definition: self serving dipshit) does NOT realize news has ALWAYS been fake...Ever since Hewy Lewis and 'news @ 11'...And WAY before than even...Ever hear of propaganda? EVERY country uses it. Even yours. On YOU. On US...ALL the frickin' time...
By Godzillas at 26,Jul,18 23:12 other posts of Godzillas 
talk4s,,, The difference between 1938 and now is no difference. Its the same group that making the same attempt as it was 80 years ago.. After all Time Magazine named Adolf Hitler the "person of the year" and knew he was murdering Jews, Communists, Gypsies, Homosexuals and anyone that opposes him including Nazi's or Christians...
Well, lets put the pieces together... Muslims are not the main emphasis of propaganda. We must help them even if the cost is mass r_ape of infidels, genocide and even murder of people that pay taxes. BUT the main topic is the same as it was compared to 80 years ago as it is now.. The Jew is to blame and they destroy Israel. So, what is the difference? You are right.. NO DIFFERENCE... Why is Trump hated so much? He is the resistance party.... No the democrats or the Left... The real resistance party to the evil agenda is Donald Trump and supporters,, NOT,The left and Civilization...The media propagated 80 years ago and it is doing the same today..

Forget the propaganda,, you can see it for yourself.
By talk4s at 30,Jul,18 15:07 other posts of talk4s 
JEEZ...'GOD'...ZILLA...I did NOT mention Jews. Or 'resistance' parties. Or the 'left' and mostly NOT 'Infidels'. Such an all purpose word, after all..I be a TOTAL Infidel! Titter, titter...Words of this type are BS propaganda...And those words are what have NOT changed throughout history...When I said it's 1938 again, I did NOT care exactly how the propaganda and history came together specifically to create WWII...I just meant...We are now in 2018...and WWIII is on the horizon...

By just16cm at 26,Jul,18 14:21 other posts of just16cm 
I don't listen to CNN or MSNBC, cause I'm german. And I definetly won't google for those "facts", cause most of the stuff you find will be bullshit and/or weird conspracys.

Exept from that, I'm totally able to see the difference between populist crab and real news...
By Godzillas at 26,Jul,18 19:10 other posts of Godzillas 
So What's your interest in USA then.. You're country is about to hit the shit pile of stench and you don't like Trump?
Look what the left has done to Germany..And you don't like Trump... You sound way too intelligent for me..
By just16cm at 27,Jul,18 04:33 other posts of just16cm 
First: I'm not country, I'm a man. Second: you know nothing about germany.

Trump is the one of the most uneducated persons that EVER was a leader of a country. If someone like that leads a country like the usa, his uneducated decisions will cause harm to the country he leads, and to the rest of the world. Nowadays you have to think global, or else, you're going to lose big time...

By kebmo at 26,Jul,18 19:45 other posts of kebmo 
"Canada is gone past the critical phase since immigrants from arab lands control the votes."

Godzillas, say what? You are the KING OF BULLSHIT here.
I know how you think, the earth is flat, the moon landing was faked, vaccines cause autism and the US government killed Kennedy.
There are lots of sites that will be glad to have your input but here we just call it bullshit.
By Godzillas at 26,Jul,18 23:17 other posts of Godzillas 
Kebno, go give to Iran. Your taxes in Canada are paying for it...
Just go away after you move there.. stay there...

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 24,Jul,18 19:13 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Yes, we’ll, if it all is working so well, why is the administration trying to get billions of dollars released to help the farmers affected by the tariff war? Why is there an oversupply of meat that can’t be shipped to these other countries? Why are cars going to increase in price a minimum of 6%? Why do diehard republicans complaining this is like a tax on our people? Are they reading your news? No. They are reading the “fake news”. You, my friend, are delusional. Or worse. We are heading for a meltdown and people like you are stockin the fires. You think this is liberal against conservative? This’ll is common sense against iddiotism
By Godzillas at 24,Jul,18 23:34 other posts of Godzillas 
Hillary Clinton is a Felon based on selling classified documents to independent parties, gets away with it with FBI coverups DOJ coverups, Obama survellience breaking the law of 4th amendments, sending innocent people to jail while pardoning **** dealers and murders while doing a coup to invoke socialism And you still think this fake russian dossier is still valid after Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier falsifying documents, giving Iran 400 billion dollars to make more terrorist weapons to destroy Israel and turn USA into sharia law? You my friend are retarded...I don't understand ,, so many bimbo's promised they would leave the country if Trump got elected.. Why are you still here> The story of Trump on CNN has LEGS because the fake news agency is obsessed !...And stupid people like you follow it..The only reason why our constitution is failing at the present time is because of socialists like you !
By kebmo at 25,Jul,18 02:39 other posts of kebmo 
Godzillas, Clinton is not a felon. She has never been charged with a crime in her life. Trump has a year and a half to do that. She is not being investigated by the FBI now according to Wray Christopher, the head of the FBI, appointed by Trump. .

In a September 1, 2017 court filing, the DOJ declared that "both the FBI and NSD confirm that they have no records related to wiretaps as described by the March 4, 2017 tweets by Trump". The department of Justice is headed by Jeff Sessions, appointed by Trump.

In what way is the US constitution failing?
By JustWill at 25,Jul,18 09:14 other posts of JustWill 
Fox news says that she is a felon, therefore, it MUST be true.
By kebmo at 25,Jul,18 09:45 other posts of kebmo 
"What you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening."

-Donald Trump July 24 2018
By JustWill at 25,Jul,18 12:51 other posts of JustWill 
I was in the process of posting that exact quote here earlier today when I got called away from the computer!

Trump is like an evil version of Willy Wonka:
"Come with me, and you'll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you'll see into your imagination
We'll begin with a spin
Traveling in the world of my creation
What we'll see will defy explanation..."
By talk4s at 30,Jul,18 15:11 other posts of talk4s 
JustWill-That is so spot on! Thanks for seeing the connection between 'Willy Wonka' and the World today!

By Godzillas at 25,Jul,18 19:13 other posts of Godzillas 
Clinton is a felon. But then just about the entire deep state is.. Obama is not an american born citizen so he is in violation.. Clinton stole classified documents then sold them to the highest bidder..Just because the FBI obstructs justice and exonerates here does not mean she is innocent..

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 25,Jul,18 09:26 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Hilary Clinton is not a felon,,,she hasn't been charged, let alone brought to trial, convicted and sentenced. Trump has been president for 1.5 yrs, he is the ultimate boss of the justice department. If they could make something stick on Ms Clinton, don't you think they would have?? As far as Bimbo's leaving the country, I remember the election of November 2008. All you rabid conservatives saying, "If Obama gets elected I'm moving to Canada.". Guess what, unfortunately you are still here. If that would have really happened, maybe this mess would have been avoided. Anyway, only cowards leave when the going gets rough. I may not like Trump and his policies, but, at most, he'll only be here for another 5.5 yrs. The republic is strong enough to withstand his misguided attempts to govern. I will strongly oppose him as long as he's president, and work hard to keep him from getting a second term. Fake news as you call it would be if the only thing on TV was an opinion based newscast. When A local sheriff or US senator, or a local mayor complains in front of a camera, or people cry that they are victims of government sanctions then it's hard to see what's "fake". You were sold a bill of goods that doesn't make sense. And you are still living in the past, blaming Obama, and the Clintons for all your problems. Well,,what happened with Bush junior's economic meltdown? The one where my 401K took a $123000 hit? Where the value of my home went from $675000 to $325000? Or Bush senior's Gulf War where we went to protect out oil interests in a foreign land and directly contributed to the second Gulf War? The Constitution is not failing,thank you very much< it's working as it should. It just not agreeing with your right wing, narrow minded, Gung HO views. You regret the fact that huge areas of the South East went from the era of Atticus Finch on "to kill a Mockingbird" with all it's biggoted ways, to the modern present. Let me ask you the same question you asked me,,,"Why are you still here?"
By Godzillas at 25,Jul,18 13:28 other posts of Godzillas 
Yes she is and the only reason why you feel she is not is only because of your own ignorance. She already admitted to having classified information on an unauthorized server and admitted to using Bleach-Bit to cover the evidence when it was subpoenaed.. The charge was covered up by the FBI when they changed "Gross Neglegence" to "Extremely Careless"
I'm still here because I support our constitution and will defend the 1st ,2nd, and 4th amendments which are under attack by the socialist party of democrats... I never said I would leave if Trump won since I voted for him in the first place,,, Yet the socialists threatened to leave,,, Your ignorance is not debatable...In fact it makes me sick to continue arguing with you on a low IQ level...
By JustWill at 25,Jul,18 13:54 other posts of JustWill 
Wearing this might help with your problem:

By phart at 25,Jul,18 14:01 other posts of phart 
No one's IQ here is very low. IF any one's IQ was low we would not have enough sense to even discuss or bring out in the open our opposing views.
I will not call a member here retarded.
Just aint right. We disagree, but that does not make us dumb. Dumb people don't discuss their ideas or look for middle ground or even try to understand what is going on.
Or try to help others understand.
Some when questioned will step back and ignore the question,as I ask how isolationism was going to hurt the US. Never got a answer or a opinion.
If I am to disagree with you,I need to first know what you are thinking. Same if you are to disagree with me.

BUT frankly,I think the biggest reason Hillary has not been charged and tried and all that, is Trump knows it will drag the country down further.Just as all the investigating and such on him is doing. In the end the result will be useless and not worth the trouble.
He wants the country to move past all that.
Far as I am concerned, Hillary should be under the jail in the basement acting as a toilet pig did in Asia but the best thing at this time for America is to Just let Hillary go wither away somewhere or maby actually get a real damn job and Work.
By Godzillas at 25,Jul,18 17:25 other posts of Godzillas 
So is it ok to call someone delusional but not to call someone delusional because they are retarded or just delusional?
--------------------------------------- added after 9 minutes

No, I disagree... By not perusing indictment is dragging the country down. Sessions is AWOL and this gives the deep state the message they can commit treason anytime they want and the people know this now..

By Godzillas at 25,Jul,18 17:29 other posts of Godzillas 
Because the EU needs america's trade and money. They cannot operate without the united states. The helping of farmers is only a calculated short term goal but canada needs us and so does mexico and europe... America has enough internal resources to sustain its GDP.. Russia also has problems with Islamic Terrorism so that is a mutual issue. USA wants to get along with Russia because it is a nuclear threat and doesn't want to put sanctions on.. Chimera is an issue but the fact that they are giving money to terrorists to build weapons is unacceptable.. I can't get any further than that because it is classified info i know nothing about..

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 25,Jul,18 14:23 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
well, baby,,if your IQ level is that low,,i can understand why you don't want to continue,,
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

BTW,,,do you have Dyslexia? Because you seem not to read and understand whet i have written,,and my ignorance or lack of it would not keep the justice department from going after her. even if this was true,,,"The charge was covered up by the FBI when they changed "Gross Neglegence" to "Extremely Careless" and it's not,,,the NEW FBI under the leadership of our most exalted leader can be made to indict her. After all she did not go to trial so there's no chance of double jeopardy,,,,A clause in the 5th amendment of the Constitution. You know, one of those lesser amendments you people ignore all the time??
--------------------------------------- added after 19 minutes

Also,,,you referenced the first amendment,,, you know that one: Rights to Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, Petition

Yes,that one,,the one anyone can express their opinion unless the opinion doesn't match yours???
and the second: Right to Bear Arms

Yes,, the lest get protection because the Russians are coming or big **** the feds,,,

and the fourth: Search and Seizure,,these liberals are really coming after our stash of weed,,,you think they want it for themselves?

How about the 14th?? Protects rights against state infringements, defines citizenship, prohibits states from interfering with privileges and immunities, requires due process and equal protection, punishes states for denying vote, and disqualifies Confederate officials and debts

HERE'S ONE YOU'D LOVE TO SEE GO!!! The 19th,,Women's Right to Vote
Them women screw up everything,,

How about the 7th?? Jury Trial,,,something you yahoos are not willing to give Hilary,,

Did I leave any important ones??? Are you willing to debate with me the impact these amendments had on our people?? or are you just a parrot denigrating other people with a different point of view??
--------------------------------------- added after 20 minutes

*****==b r o t h e r
By Godzillas at 25,Jul,18 17:44 other posts of Godzillas 
i know the amendments and what they stand for... 1st amendments rights are most important but calling people racists or wrong without giving specific documentation is abusing the privilege and every right comes with a responsibility. If you attack someone but don't like it when they attack you is ignorance.. All rights under the constitution are a responsibility... 4th amendment was clearly broken with obama administration and he knew about it... Hillary sold our classified documents to our enemies ... Obama gave 20% or our uranium to Russia through Canada....My point of view can be disagreed on but not with personal attacks... your behavior will only be acted upon.... Now behave yourself..
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 25,Jul,18 19:18 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Godzillas, delusional means you are thinking incorrectly,,,it's not meant as an insult to your character but to your way of thinking. Now, if i had said you are stupid, or your mother wears army boots, then, i could see why you would get mad. But, tell us all how the 4th amendment was clearly broken in the Obama administration with his knowledge. Obviously you know more than us on this. And Hilary's selling of classified documents,,how did that happen?
There were no personal attacks, just observations on your way of thinking but, you wrote this b4 i came after you
Your ignorance is not debatable...In fact it makes me sick to continue arguing with you on a low IQ level
and just now,,,,,My point of view can be disagreed on but not with personal attacks... your behavior will only be acted upon.... Now behave yourself..
Who the fuck are you??? who made you king of the forum?
You think because you are a man (and i use that loosely) you can bully me because you can't prove what you say???
Guess what Godzilla,,,you may kiss my,,,,,well,,maybe not
By Godzillas at 25,Jul,18 20:05 other posts of Godzillas 
Now the news has just come out on the press where Obama met with RUssian spies in 2015. Now congress is siting to put Rosenstein in contempt for holding back documents.. this i getting interesting...Not surprising...

By Godzillas at 25,Jul,18 20:08 other posts of Godzillas 
Now the news has just come out on the press where Obama met with RUssian spies in 2015. Now congress is siting to put Rosenstein in contempt for holding back documents.. this i getting interesting...Not surprising...

Now you're cursing at me? I'm sure this won't be taken lightly but in truth I could care less.. This is the spunk that put the democrats in this position.. they lost the election..Just sad... very sad..
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 25,Jul,18 20:59 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
By Godzillas at 25,Jul,18 23:13 other posts of Godzillas 
A lot of people here are confused with my conclusions.. Let me try and show everyone here how I come across.
This is how I see the difference with executing the best idea for our nation. Before Christopher Columbus the Europeans were faced with religious persecution, famine, poverty and starvation. Terrorism was running rampted with accusations of heresy, impiety and against the church. Punishments were so inhumane I don't even mention the terrible tortures they inflicted on human beings..Tortures were carried out in public to show everyone what would happen to them if they even thought of going against the state.. It is torture and terrorism..
Finally in the 1600s people had enough and came to plymouth mass. to escape persecution to find a land where they can live in peace and most of all, justice, and freedom... This was the idea. England however still had political strongholds and when they imposed the stamp act it was the last straw. Americans fought for its independence and won the American revolution.. 1787 we wrote our constitution and ever since that day this law has been in effect..We called our nation the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, meaning for the PEOPLE as we say WE THE PEOPLE run our nation in unison, to be united with no persecution of ra-ce, religion, sex or sexual orientation. We are one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.. This includes YOU...
Our nation is run by the people, not by government which means political corruption is ****. No pay to play, no division... The democratic party can only survive with diversion because the constitution is 1 law. They have been in business through propaganda, division and ha_tred.. Look throughout history and you will see this consistency,, they formed the KKK in Tennessee December 24, 1865 in Pulaski, TN. Interesting how this terror group was formed right after the Lincoln Assassination right after the emancipation proclamation? He pissed off a lot of slave owners and funny how they were the opposition or the democratic party....
Everyone in the establishment put their chips on Hillary Clinton. Nobody would dream that Donald Trump would win.. They underestimated him.. They even cheated her past Bernie Sanders who is still trying to figure out what happened.. Everyone put their chips in the bag with pay to play, bribery, extortion, and following the new world order of wide open borders, socialism and removing many if not all amendments to the constitution. And the media was propagating how wonderful Obama is and how Hillary is going to lead the way as the first woman president.. everything was great UNTIL........ She lost..
Now all the corruption and shit is floating to the surface,, all the pay to play, FBI and CIA operatives that still for some reason have security clearance with classified documents. Whey they still have this information I don't know but the stench from all this lying crooks is so distusting nobody with real common sense can't reason out what is going on and it is quite disgusting. Rosenstein is the first DOJ deputy to be put up for impeachment in 122 years. More and more Obama crimes against our constitution are surfacing with his lies and treason acts so numerous I would have to copy paste everything that would take you all night to read..
The people have the right to run our nation, not crooks. Our constitution is our law. We have the right to maintain our national sovereignty and the higher you go up in your education level the more you can see this is the right idea and the right thing to do. I don't know what else to say and assuming you disagree I respect that but as long as you call me names from lack of thinking on your part the only conclusion is that you agree with me and are just letting your pride interfere. That I can't do anything about regarding ignorance.
By kebmo at 26,Jul,18 01:20 other posts of kebmo 
So you said this about Obama being born in the USA: "NO.. He already admitted he was born in Kenya... Its an admission so what's the issue here... He admitted he was not legitimate."
And I said it's a lie and you won't tell me where to find proof of your statement. Why not? It's a lie isn't it?
By Godzillas at 26,Jul,18 02:24 other posts of Godzillas 
only registered users can see external links added after 53 secondsthere ya go mate

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By Godzillas at 26,Jul,18 02:36 other posts of Godzillas 
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--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

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By kebmo at 26,Jul,18 04:55 other posts of kebmo 
Haha!! Reliable sources? I wasn't looking for bull shit because the internet is full of it. The clip of Obama has only 1.4M views on youtube! I could make a better bullshit clip.
Have a look at your lord and master admitting it on ABC. Even Trump isn't going there anymore.
only registered users can see external links

Now, if you can find Obama admitting it on a major network, newspaper I'd love to see it.... but of course you can't.

By Godzillas at 26,Jul,18 18:19 other posts of Godzillas 
Well you don't believe me then ask Hillary Clinton your WONDER WOMAN of the democratic party.. Even she said Obama was an i l le gal alien during the 2008 campaign... Are you calling her a liar too?..Here this is the transcript.. By the way,, what made you turn your name of Kebmo and since you are from Canada what does this stupid crap have anything to do with you? Canada is about to become sharia law so I'd be more worried about that before this..

only registered users can see external links

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 26,Jul,18 08:08 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Godzillas,,,I'm not sure if you are talking about me. I'm not calling you names. If after all I've said you think I haven't thought about this then nothing I say would be enough. The exchange of opposing views would be a waste of time. I do agree that it's impossible to fight ignorance. The passage of time will tell whom is right.
By phart at 26,Jul,18 10:16 other posts of phart 
You know,there is no one on earth that some dirt could not be dug up on. Billy Graham even had some problems with what he said about Jews once.
No one is perfect.
But Hillary was not a good choice for the Dems to put for election.
A often used ploy of Democrats ,liberals and what not is distraction.
"Oh,don't pay Hillary no attention,she just used a private server for classified info.Look Who Trump fucked one time ! WOW impeach impeach!He likes PUSSY!"

I ask this question all the time regardless of where I am on the web or in person and seldom ever get more than a funny look or someone typing off topic in response.
BUT just who would be a good candidate? Just who could both party's run for office that you couldn't scratch around and find something dirty in their past?

As for Obama's birth place,Again I repeat,the fact HE was not man enough to disclose it from the git go is enough to cause suspicion and should have disqualified him.
By JustWill at 26,Jul,18 12:18 other posts of JustWill 
You mean like Trump and his tax returns? (What is he hiding? Shouldn't "suspicions" that he is covering up financial ties to Russia disqualify him? Why isn't he 'man enough to disclose it from the git go'?)
It's kind of funny how you Trump-Humpers refuse to hold him to the same standards you hold the guy you didn't like...

(For the record, Obama DID release his birth certificate in June of 2008. The "birthers" claimed that it was a forgery, and refused to accept its authenticity. In April of 2011, Obama released the "long form" record of his birth in Hawaii. Once again, the folks who refused to accept any proof that they were wrong--lead by Trump--insisted that it was also "fake".)
By Godzillas at 26,Jul,18 13:31 other posts of Godzillas 
So tax returns is all you have to go by? If he broke the law don't you think the IRS would have him in court? I guess he must be following the law. He doesn't have to show you his private information only the IRS and G_d has justification.
But then again, you continue calling him a fake, warming up to Putin , rac_ist, playboy, affair with stormy Daniels,, all the shit... Have some more fun...
In the meantime all of his promises are being filled and he really cares less about this crap... He is doing his job and meting his promises to his constituents. The FACTS are there and now the African American voters are seeing the sunshine and more and more support...
By JustWill at 26,Jul,18 14:10 other posts of JustWill 
Doesn't a birth certificate qualify as "private information"?
Having massive financial ties to Russia might not qualify as "illeg@l", but it would place him in a position to be compromised and unfit to serve the best interests of this country.
I've read most of your posts on the subject of Trump. Are you sure you understand the definition of the word "fact"?
By phart at 26,Jul,18 15:23 other posts of phart 
If you are trying to run for President,1 of the requirements is to be Born in the USA. A birth certificate is accepted as proof at that time. There was a time when folks were born at home and notes in the family Bible sufficed but most folks that applied to are passed and gone.
If Trump was breaking laws regarding taxes,as money hungry as the government is, they would have come down on him long before he ran for Prez. I can honestly say I know a IRS agent and they don't play.This 1 even carries a gun on the job.
Now if they owed you money,they would probably work just as hard to get out of paying it as they do trying to beat it out of you.

Since some of you are so diligent with Google,read up on the requirements to run for President of the US.
BY the WAY, have any of you noticed our stock market was over 25,000 again this morning?
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 30,Jul,18 17:48 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
The Constitution gives three eligibility requirements to be president: one must be 35 years of age, a resident "within the United States" for 14 years, and a "natural born Citizen," a term not defined in the Constitution.
As far as his refusal to show his tax returns, ok, it's my contention that he contributes money to **** societies. If he wants to prove that as fake news, well, I can't stop him
--------------------------------------- added after 49 seconds

****=p e d o p h I l e

By talk4s at 30,Jul,18 15:23 other posts of talk4s 
Twowarmtts2,-I hope I spelled that correctly...There is a HUGE difference between being charged and being a felon. While I ostensibly (?) am on your side as far as dipshit in chief...Hillary Billary has done felonious stuff. And as you say, NOT been charged. Does NOT equate to innocence...It's just that the US Justice System is just so ENTIRELY...corrupt. Lots of people get executed while being innocent. Lots of people go free while being guilty...And house values and 401's are just a figment of the imagination...driven ENTIRELY by the totally dishonest Market...It's entirely rigged. Has been forEVER...Wake up, before you lose everything in your 401K as well as your house...I WISH I could tell you how to do that. I cannot. As when it all crashes again as just 9 years ago...There will be no safe haven.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 30,Jul,18 17:38 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
@talk4s,401ks are for real. When your employer contributes 3%of your paycheck to match yor3% it builds up over the years and since it's invested at 5 to 8%, you can have a good nest egg. I still believe in it as I have almost $90000 still. Also, while a person can be moraly guilty, in this country you are innocent until proven guilty. PROVEN GUILTY. Now, the head of the justice department is Jeff Sessions, appointed by President Trump and serving at the President's pleasure. Why hasn't Hillary been indicted? She is Trump's arch enemy. It's because they don't have proof. My house is immune to financial disasters. We own it outright, no mortgage. And BTW, to be a felon you have to be charged, brought to trial, and convicted of a felonious crime, not a misdemeanor
By talk4s at 01,Aug,18 13:35 other posts of talk4s 
Twowarmitts2-NOTHING is for 'real'. Look @ history and you will see how governments have just taken their citizens monies, houses, art, etc. when they felt the need...Just because this is 'Muricah' does NOT mean it cannot happen to you! To ME (I hear we may ALL lose lots of our Social Security money soon because our gov't. has spent it OTHERWISE and now there is NOT enough to cover what it owes all us 'citizens')...I would love to see Hillary Billary indicted. She is not more honest than Trumpity Dumpity. Likely the reason WHY she has not been indicted is Trump knows such a thing would make EVEN his base see he has no clothes...ALL governments are DISHONEST as hell. Way of the World for CENTURIES...Really, just look back to 2009 and how MANY people lost EVERYTHING. Including 401's. If simply because they had NO choice but to take that 401K(congrats to you for having so much! But it won't last long even with a paid for house if the economy really crashes) money to survive...As far as being innocent until proven guilty. That is a wonderful phrase that has absolutely NO truth. Depends on WHO one is after they are charged. Skin color, 'caste' etc...but the REAL problem with US 'justice' is lawyers keep score. Who won, who lost which has NOTHING to do with true justice. Look @ the statistics of people on Death Row who were exonerated by DNA. And then look @ HOW they were convicted to begin with! Like football, win/lose was the WHOLE reason. Do NOT get involved in a US court unless you have LOTS of money, are white OR have a 'dream team' defending you. BTW...It did NOT matter at all during WHOSE administration the crash happened!...Get ready. There's another one coming as they try to unwind 'Quantitative Easing'. Murcah and the ENTIRE World is on a financial tight rope that requires perfect balance so everything does not implode...again...Wars happen over this shit

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 30,Jul,18 17:53 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
BTW, the crash you refer to happened during Bush junior's administration

By talk4s at 26,Jul,18 14:12 other posts of talk4s 

By talk4s at 01,Aug,18 14:21 other posts of talk4s 
twowarmitts2-How come sometimes you say one thing...like what I and others think and then you turn right around and say the EXACT fucking opposite? Methinks you be a Russian bot! Out to put all us Murcahns agin eeech udder! lol...don't think there is any such word as 'iddiotism'...Idjut
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 01,Aug,18 17:29 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Lollipop, you will find, if you read carefully, that I am always saying the same. If you don't think so, then quote those excerpts and I'll try to explain. Answering accusations of your perseptions is illogical without a reference.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

What you'll find is that I use facts to argue. Verified facts. And if it falls on the other side of my argument, so be it

By talk4s at 26,Jul,18 13:39 other posts of talk4s 
JustWill- ...Just told I could NOT post the original

By onthelose at 26,Jul,18 19:51 other posts of onthelose 
I guess I could say the same about all the hub bub about Russian interference instead of just accepting that you lost the election. Obama said elections have consequences, we won now sit down and shut up. That works both ways.
By JustWill at 26,Jul,18 20:41 other posts of JustWill 
I lost? Odd, I wasn't even running.
Also, since my post was about the investigation into Russian interference (do you people even actually read stuff before you comment?)it's good that you agree with me.
Speaking of losing, by the way:
Did you you intend for your screen name to be "on the LOOSE" (which means "free or unconfined") or were you truly going with "on the LOSE" (which isn't actually a commonly used expression but would mean "not achieved, not won, or unable to be found")?

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 01,Aug,18 08:17 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
The Gambino family are from New York and so is Trump. Coincidence? I think not!

By kebmo at 01,Aug,18 02:54 other posts of kebmo 
So remember all the years Trump spent telling world that a foreigner was running the country? Oh, the irony.

By #460523 at 29,Jul,18 23:08
Trump 2020
By phart at 29,Jul,18 23:46 other posts of phart 
Hats already ordered.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 30,Jul,18 17:58 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Would you be upset if he lost?
By phart at 30,Jul,18 23:56 other posts of phart 
Uh yea I would but not much I could do about it.But if I go and vote my conscience then I have done my civic duty and therefore have the right or privilege of complaining.But sadly there has been 2 fights in a local Bojangles because of a Trump hat.Law was called on the second 1. Some people just can't stand for others to enjoy the same freedom of speech and expression as they do.

But if Trump lost, all in all I guess i could take a hint from the democrats and go out and burn a building or beat up a police car.Maby block a section of interstate.Throw rocks at a Starbucks and then go in and steal some coffee.
Or Maby take a hint from some of those women and get on live tv and cuss like a drunken sailor about the "winner" of the election.

I mean I do have freedom of speech and expression don't I? It seems the rioting democrats think so.So for everyone to be equal here in the US we Deplorables should be able to burn down the town or whatever.

All that last part was tongue in cheek.I never have figured out how the protesters of the election thought they would have a shred of credibility after the mess they created.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 31,Jul,18 08:36 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Jimmy Carter, the nicest, kindest ex president and human being, had a horrible presidency.
His stubborn, moral righteousness and lack of comprehension of how to be an effective president led to the following: His refused to engage in a give and take with Congress; his inability to use **** effectively to resolve the crisis in Iran; his inability to build coalitions and to be flexible in dealings with friends and foes
This was a statement made by a history professor in 2016
Trump is not my favorite President by far (nor a good man) but he's the president. Why be so combatative? Why not work with Congress, the media, the world?
I will work against the GOP in 2018 and 2020. If we win, I have an old Chevy you can burn

--------------------------------------- added after 74 seconds

***= F O R C E
By phart at 31,Jul,18 09:02 other posts of phart 
Naw, not if it is the model I need parts for

By kebmo at 21,Jul,18 10:09 other posts of kebmo 
Here's a scenario. Suppose the British MI5 gets a really juicy tip about something that the Russians are up to in the world. Why would they tell the CIA? It's just too risky.

The Brits probably don't think that the $ecret will be kept and that's one of the many ways that Donald Trump has damaged his international relationships.

Are the CIA and the FBI going to water down their reports to Trump now?

Can the President of the United States be trusted?
By JustWill at 21,Jul,18 11:26 other posts of JustWill 
The attitude of the average Trump supporter is that we don't NEED the British. They believe that the US doesn't need anyone, and the rest of the world can go pound salt up its ass.
By Andthisisme at 21,Jul,18 16:47 other posts of Andthisisme 
I agree, Trump's attitudes will quite possibly lead towards isolationism.
America First is not an issue, I would imagine every country tries to get an edge for itself in any negotiations but 'America First and screw the rest of the world' that is a dangerous philosophy.
We should remember that the US did not join WW2 to defeat Hitler. Pearl harbour forced them to declare war on Japan and Hitler was stupid enough to declare war on the US. The US did not declare war on Germany. Many americans wanted nothing to do with the war against Germany.
Are we going to see the US take the same position - Isolationism - if Russia decides to flex it's muscles again as it has in Ukraine, Crimea and elsewhere.
Trump praised the World Cup and many people have talked about how friendly the Russians were and how Russia was nothing like they expected. Look back to 1936 - US visitors to the Olympics carried that same message back home about Nazi Germany.
By kebmo at 21,Jul,18 18:10 other posts of kebmo 
Isolationism. There's the word of the day boys and girls.
By phart at 21,Jul,18 20:26 other posts of phart 
Ok,Isolationism.Since this is the word of the day,elaborate.
'Splain to the deplorables how this idea is so bad for the US. Please.
We fought the British for independence century's ago.

I would assume the explanation for why isolationism is so bad for the US would include how it would hurt others in the world somehow. UM, How? Can't the British build cars,make clothes? What do we import from Britain that we can't make ourselves?
I am not saying we should h@te each other.I am just trying to get someone to explain why intertwining with the world to a point no once can fart without smothering others is so good.

As for trusting the alphabet groups,FBI CIA and so on,only a idiot trust them anymore.Britain would be better off keeping secrets to themselves.
--------------------------------------- added after 46 minutes

1. a policy of remaining apart from the affairs or interests of other groups, especially the political affairs of other countries.
--------------------------------------- added after 51 minutes

only registered users can see external links
Um,could it be that alot of us are tired of our neighbors k1ds fighting in Iraq-and other country's to save what?
--------------------------------------- added after 56 minutes

Gee,I wonder who said this?
"The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connection as possible. Europe has a set of primary interests, which to us have none, or a very remote relation. Hence she must be engaged in frequent controversies the causes of which are essentially foreign to our concerns. Hence, therefore, it must be unwise in us to implicate ourselves, by artificial ties, in the ordinary vicissitudes of her politics, or the ordinary combinations and collisions of her friendships or enmities."
1 of our founding fathers George Washington.
--------------------------------------- added after 21 hours

Has anyone noticed I ask a simple question above and the thread stopped? "Splain to the deplorables how this idea is so bad for the US"
That is 1 thing that deplorable's like me can not understand.You ask a simple question of a liberal or a democrat and you get 1 of 2 things.A bunch of bullshit not related to your question or nothing at all. They do not like be questioned. They just expect you to take their words literally and not question them.
--------------------------------------- added after 46 hours

Notice still no answer?
Apply questions and get nothing in return.
We deplorables are told our foundation is weak.
But ask a person that says that for a simple "why" or "how" and you find their base is no stronger and perhaps hollow.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 30,Jul,18 18:31 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Image result for how much does the us export every year
While the U.S. runs a sizable trade surplus in services (more than $230 billion last year), it's dwarfed by the $771 billion trade deficit in goods: U.S. goods exports amounted to more than $1.6 trillion last year, but the country imported nearly $2.4 trillion worth of goods


By JustWill at 26,Jul,18 12:37 other posts of JustWill 
When the White House released its record of the press conference following Trump's meeting with Putin, the part where the reporter asks Putin if he wanted Trump to win the election--and Putin's answer of "Yes"--was not included.
It just was not there.
I know it happened. I saw and heard it with my own eyes and ears.
Yet, that portion of the record was mysteriously absent.
Trump and his minions are actually "editing" history--days after it happens--to fit their alternate reality and the narrative they want you to buy.
By kebmo at 26,Jul,18 14:29 other posts of kebmo 
Orwellian isn't it? I'm sure we all wish we could change history but alas, we can't. Hopefully the facts will always speak for themselves.
By JustWill at 26,Jul,18 18:17 other posts of JustWill 
Won't "Boxer" be surprised when Trump (and the rest of his pigs) sends him off to the knacker...
By kebmo at 27,Jul,18 02:52 other posts of kebmo 
I had the most amazing teacher in grade 7. When there was time at the end of the day, and I think he made sure there was, he always read to the class for a half hour or so. He read Animal Farm once and in the last ten minutes before the bell rang we always had a free discussion about whichever book he was reading. Of course there were the usual few that got involved but the non participants of the discussion were able to understand the book better.

Mr. Sargent, thank you for being a great teacher!!
By JustWill at 27,Jul,18 13:14 other posts of JustWill 
I consider myself blessed that I had the great fortune during my time as a student (K-12 and through college) to have been taught by a handful of the most amazing teachers. They were men and women with great passion, intelligence, patience, wit and humor, who put their hearts and souls into teaching their chosen subjects. Their enthusiasm was contagious to me, and I always looked forward to spending time in the classroom with them. These were the people who opened up the world for me, and planted the the seeds which would grow into my own life-long quest for knowledge.
As an educator, I strive to pay them tribute every day by being the same kind of teacher for my students as they were for me.
I fear that I frequently fall short of that goal, but I try--out of gratitude and affection for them--nonetheless.
By kebmo at 27,Jul,18 14:45 other posts of kebmo 
Teachers and nurses.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 30,Jul,18 18:01 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
If you are half the educator of my Sr year English class, then your students are very fortunate, indeed

By kebmo at 30,Jul,18 03:02 other posts of kebmo 
"Why would I want to be president when I can keep being Bruce Fucking Willis?
-Bruce Willis on his roast

By JustWill at 29,Jul,18 18:28 other posts of JustWill 
Once again, Trump attacks the press. His issues with the First Amendment stem from his desire to hide the truth from his followers. (Not that they'd actually believe the truth.)
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By kebmo at 29,Jul,18 19:58 other posts of kebmo 
I fear the day that a journalist gets murdered, has a very suspicious "accident" or jailed in the US.
I think that the Putinization of the American media is a real threat.
By phart at 29,Jul,18 23:53 other posts of phart 
Well,i hope that doesn't happen. But why would anyone believe the accidents were fake? No one seems to want to believe the folks that offended the Clinton's get erased by "accidents".
Forget party for a minute,why is 1 different than the other?
By kebmo at 30,Jul,18 01:03 other posts of kebmo 
Haha Phart the Clintons didn't murder anyone nor did they tell their followers that the media is the enemy. The reason they are Trump's enemy is because the media questions what he says. All the media except Fox News does it Phart not just CNN or the NYT. If one person tells you that the banana is red and ten people tell you that it's yellow you can believe that it's red but don't call the people calling it yellow liars.
Your technique is called "whataboutism". It's a defence mechanism used by someone to change the narrative of the issue that was brought up.
I don't fall for it.

By JustWill at 29,Jul,18 19:01 other posts of JustWill 
Trump denies his involvement with yet another woman accuser:
only registered users can see external links
By kebmo at 29,Jul,18 19:35 other posts of kebmo 
That's hilarious!
By JustWill at 29,Jul,18 19:39 other posts of JustWill 
I particularly enjoyed the "Heyyyyy" (at 1:00) and the "Beep Beep Beep" (at 1:08 ).

By JustWill at 27,Jul,18 13:57 other posts of JustWill 
I find it hard NOT to be suspicious of someone who is constantly telling me how great they are.

By kebmo at 27,Jul,18 02:40 other posts of kebmo 
GODZILLAS... As you probably know by now, this guy is a troll. I have blacklisted him from my profile therefore blacklisting him from this topic because I started this thread.
His personal attacks on members here are unacceptable and he just left the "last straw".
Everything he posted here and the comments to his posts have been deleted because of this.
Of course I don't mind some good debate with reasonable people but when you're arguing with a troll it just gets worse and the attacks get more personal if we let them. I won't.
I hope you don't think that my skin is too thin but enough is enough.
We're adults here and it was just getting childish.
--------------------------------------- added after 16 minutes

It's like he never existed. Look! I changed history too!!

By onthelose at 26,Jul,18 19:47 other posts of onthelose 
It seems that the threat worked. The Eu has just agreed to no tariffs no trade barriers. 270% tariff on dairy does seem extreme to me. England seems to be close to a deal also. We gave trade deals in the distant past to Europe to help you rebuild your economy. Those days are over, time for things to be equal. Unless you think you need an advantage over every body.

By phart at 26,Jul,18 18:24 other posts of phart 
I think I found a way to explain the tariff thing simple.

Lay 4 quarters to your left, lay 4 quarters to your right.
Mark the left US and the right,the country of your choice that is being charged tariffs.
Ok,let's say the country of choice is Mexico.If The US spends 50 cent to Mexico. Mexico spends .25 cent. Move the quarters around. Now repeat the US spending .50 cent and Mexico spending .25 cent.
Doesn't take long before the US has only 1 quarter and the rest on Mexico's side. That is a trade imbalance.
It is a security risk in part because it would mean we are to damn broke to defend ourselves as a nation.And would need to depend on the citizens to defend the country from invaders on a hometown level with personal weapons of choice.The government would not be able to sustain a war of defense.
By kebmo at 26,Jul,18 19:35 other posts of kebmo 
I have said this many times here so make sure you're very clear on why the US put tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum.

The tariffs were put on Canadian steel and aluminum because the US considers Canada a threat to US security. Is that clear? The US government DID NOT say that they were because of trade imbalances. Clear?

This is a video of a Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau being diplomatic about it.
only registered users can see external links

By kebmo at 26,Jul,18 14:54 other posts of kebmo 
From CNN News:

"The White House took retaliatory action against Kaitlan Collins, a White House reporter for CNN, after Collins asked President Trump questions at an Oval Office photo op on Wednesday.
CNN, rival networks, and the White House Correspondents Association all spoke out against the administration's action.
On Wednesday afternoon Collins was representing all the television networks as the "pool reporter" in the room during a meeting between Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission.
As is customary, Collins lobbed a few questions at the president. She asked about Vladimir Putin and Michael Cohen. Trump did not answer the questions.
Later in the afternoon, the White House surprised the press corps by announcing a press availability with Trump and Juncker in the Rose Garden. It was said to be open to all press, not just the small pool.
Fox News, one of CNN's top competitors, also spoke out.
"We stand in strong solidarity with CNN for the right to full access for our journalists as part of a free and unfettered press," Fox News president Jay Wallace said. Wallace and Shine previously worked together for many years."
-CNN News
only registered users can see external links

The fact that Fox News is openly on side with CNN on this should underscore the importance of it.
At the risk of sounding like an alarmist, this should scare every American. It is one step closer to jailing a journalist. Trump is a man of baby steps; I think this is a baby step.
If that happens, your First Amendment rights will be in serious jeopardy.

By talk4s at 26,Jul,18 14:32 other posts of talk4s 
Trumpity Dumpity, alias 'THE DONALD' has hood winked SO many gullible and therefore, TOTAL IDIOTS. You know the ones. They watch FOX news while munching popcorn like it's a movie. This is the SAME 'fair and balanced' news network...that has had SO many sexual assault cases from the TOP down that...how could ANYONE believe ANYTHING they say??? I have lost count of the huge MONEYMAKERS that are no longer there. Which IS the real reason FOX exists. MONEY, money, MONEY makes the World go round. Dont't get me wrong. CNN, CNBC etc. are just slightly better. The truth is; ALL of us PEONS among the 7.5 BILLION included in the 'human plague'...CANNOT believe anyone as to what is actually TRUE.
Because ALL governments use propaganda to keep their citizens under their control. Has been that way for EONS!!!...So, sadly, The DONALD, The total fucking asshole in charge, is right about fake news. It's just his making it seem like 'fake news' is a new thing. Aimed at 'HIM'. titter titter...It's ALWAYS BEEN FAKE as needed for control of the masses...Right now there are 7.5 BILLION of us peons under the control of LESS than 250 people...There REALLY is a 'THEM'...And 'THEM' don't want us to know the crazy numbers of 'us vs. them'...So they keep us ankle biting day after day, hour after hour...into eterinity.

By Gntlmn at 26,Jul,18 11:57 other posts of Gntlmn 
Trump is Putin's fatassed bitch.

By kebmo at 24,Jul,18 19:22 other posts of kebmo 
The Whitehouse will no longer publish summaries of Trump's calls with world leaders. This is something that has gone on for decades.
If he talks to Canada's PM Trudeau, Trudeau will still release the summaries but Trump will no longer do it.
I don't know why he wouldn't want the facts of these conversations sent to the American public via the media.
I can just hear him now at the rallies. "So I told (insert leader's name), 'you listen here pal, things are going to be done my way from now on'."

Americans: Day by day the information coming from the Whitehouse to the American public gets eroded more and more. Be afraid, be very afraid.
By phart at 24,Jul,18 23:18 other posts of phart 
Now this is a point we can agree on. For different reasons than you I see this as a problem.
Another country releases a summary of a conversation putting words in Trump's mouth that could start a conflict.We as Americans would be wanting proof that it was false.Later a tape or summary would be produced. And it would look to most of us the same as the birth certificate Obama produced a couple years after being in office. Fake. Do we need that? No.
We need the truth.Actually the entire conversation should be printed ,grunts,farts and all so we as the people can know the truth.
By kebmo at 24,Jul,18 23:34 other posts of kebmo 
Do you think Obama's birth certificate was fake?
By phart at 25,Jul,18 14:08 other posts of phart 
In reference to the birth certificate,it took to long to come up with..That in and of it's self should have set off a alarm bell. A real 1 for most folks is on file and is supposed to be presented when applying to run for President. Mine for example is about 3 feet away in a cabinet.I bet you can get ahold of yours if there was a legit need for it.
Unlike Obama I can also show my high school diploma and my college degree.I can also produce witness's that attended both facility to verify I was there.Can Obama? I bet Trump can show you evidence of his education and birth.
There was a problem with the name of the hospital on the obama paper because when he was born the name was not in use yet, and others I can't think of at the moment.I tried to get past all that when he moved a couple blocks down to another office January of 17. The turkey is still causing problems for the country and folks are not paying attention.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 25,Jul,18 14:45 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
same as Trumps tax statements???

By kebmo at 25,Jul,18 17:39 other posts of kebmo 
Do you believe that Obama was born in the US?
By Godzillas at 25,Jul,18 19:09 other posts of Godzillas 
NO.. He already admitted he was born in Kenya... Its an admission so what's the issue here... He admitted he was not legitimate
By kebmo at 25,Jul,18 20:48 other posts of kebmo 
Really? Can you show me where I can find proof from a reliable source that Obama said that he was born in Kenya? I think you have bad information.

By kebmo at 25,Jul,18 22:37 other posts of kebmo 
Hey Godzillas, the issue is that you are here telling lies and expect me to believe them without questioning them. I'll ask again.

Where I can find proof from a RELIABLE SOURCE that Obama said that he was born in Kenya?

I don't really care if someone isn't very intelligent, there are lots of them in the world and I deal with them daily. I do, however have serious problems with liars. So if you want to come here and spew lies and expect intelligent people to believe them, you're in the wrong place.
I have tagged this to your name so you'll be sure to see it and I will await your answer.
By phart at 25,Jul,18 22:56 other posts of phart 
Well, even the big O himself would not provide valid proof to the world.So it would be a stretch to think anyone else would.
Just the fact he made a effort to seal records of things directly related to his being eligible for the job is offensive to alot of people.
If you went to college and had a degree,would you not be proud of it and be willing to prove it? He didn't.
If you were born here in the US and was running for Prez,would you not show your proof of birth in the US?
Most of us would with pride.
By kebmo at 25,Jul,18 23:14 other posts of kebmo 
This is a video of Trump from BBC.

only registered users can see external links

By Godzillas at 24,Jul,18 23:41 other posts of Godzillas 
You can't get the truth from the media...It is all propaganda activism. One America News Network and Fox are the only ones I can follow without getting sick and Fox is starting to make me sick.. Lou Dobbs and Hannity are ok..
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 25,Jul,18 14:46 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
i hear that the Mickey Mouse Club is starting a news network,,,just saying,,
By phart at 25,Jul,18 16:03 other posts of phart 
Sadly It would seem they would be more credible than most anything on tv nowadays!

As for Trumps tax statements,unless he is being audited,his taxes are no more our business than yours would be to me or mine to you. If he runs a bossiness,I am sure his book keepers looked out for him when ever they could.No different than any other bossiness man in the US. Bill Gates tax records would be just as amusing as Trumps but no one thinks to ask about his. But let him run for office and you would find out he probably used every loop hole he cold.
I Bet you do as well.
To qoute the Hillary," What difference does it make? " if either of them fucked a coocoo clock in the fifth grade or some stupid shit.

By Godzillas at 25,Jul,18 19:10 other posts of Godzillas 
I surely hope so.. It would be a distinct improvement from CNN...
By phart at 25,Jul,18 22:59 other posts of phart 
I don't pay for tv so i don't get the cnn and cspan and shit,I do have the option of abc and cbs and nbc on antenna tv but seldom watch it anymore.World news is more depressing than watching a sinking ship.
Negative spin on everything.
If Trump woke up in the middle of the night with a idea to cure Brain cancer, the news media would come out the next day with interviews of doctors walking in soup lines. The media will and can put a negative spin on everything.

By kebmo at 25,Jul,18 19:13 other posts of kebmo 
"President Trump is running a 3D movie, deception, deflection and distraction."

-Denny Heck

By kebmo at 25,Jul,18 18:23 other posts of kebmo 
"What you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening."

-Donald Trump July 24 2018

By kebmo at 24,Jul,18 18:50 other posts of kebmo 
The tariffs imposed by other countries on the US are obviously having an effect on the US, particularly the soy farmers but including corn, wheat and cotton.
Trump started his day by saying that "tariffs are the greatest" all will be great then a few hours the agriculture secretary offers a $12B bailout.
Tariffs are taxes and unsustainable. They are also subject to World Trade Organization intervention after a complaint is made because adding tariffs is considered an unfair trading practice.
Senator Rand Paul said it well in his tweet:
"Tariffs are taxes that punish American consumers and producers. If tariffs punish farmers, the answer is not welfare for farmers — the answer is remove the tariffs."

--added after 58 minutes
About $22B worth of soybeans are grown for export in the US each year. Half of those soy beans are exported to China.
The cost per bushel was $15 in 2014 and is now at $8 per bushel. When this crop comes off in the fall the farmers will have to do something with it. What?

*Numbers from CNN
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 24,Jul,18 18:57 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
I agree. This is what all economists are saying. It will cause harm to US farmers and other people and it won’t solve anything
By phart at 25,Jul,18 17:15 other posts of phart 
It is also possible the Chinese will come off the hip and buy those soybeans as they are to busy making lithium battery's that blow up to grow their own beans.
By kebmo at 25,Jul,18 18:15 other posts of kebmo 
China is now buying soybeans from Brazil and Canada instead of the US.

By phart at 25,Jul,18 16:02 other posts of phart 

By kebmo at 25,Jul,18 02:06 other posts of kebmo 
"So now the US farmers know how Stormy Danial's feels. Trump screwed them and now he's going to pay them off."

-Trevor Noah
By JustWill at 25,Jul,18 09:11 other posts of JustWill 
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 25,Jul,18 14:47 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 

By JustWill at 25,Jul,18 13:11 other posts of JustWill 
You can't make this shit up!!!!
Yesterday, Trump tweeted:
"I’m very concerned that Russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the upcoming Election. Based on the fact that no President has been tougher on Russia than me, they will be pushing very hard for the Democrats. They definitely don’t want Trump!" Seriously. So...

1. He has yet to admit, without qualifying it, that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, but he is "very concerned" that they will be doing it in this one. (Perhaps they just got the idea from listening to the "fake news".)
2. Why is he "very concerned"? If Russia couldn't have an impact on HIS election, what makes him believe they would have an impact on this one?
3. "Based on the FACT (because Trump is really good at recognizing "fact" ) that no president has been tougher on Russia than me..." I suspect that's what Putin told him to say during their private meeting. After all, Reagan let the Russians walk all over him.
4. "...they will be pushing very hard for the Democrats." Because, obviously, the Democrats and the News Media (except for FOX!) are definitely members of the "Axis of Evil".
5. "They definitely don't want Trump!" I guess he just wasn't paying attention after their little meeting when Putin stood right beside him and said that he DID want Trump...

By kebmo at 24,Jul,18 03:21 other posts of kebmo 
So now 12 audio tapes (and hundreds of documents) from Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen's properties are in the hands of the Mueller investigation. They are still private but I'm sure it's going to get more interesting as the weeks go on. It would be in Cohen's best interest to become a witness for the prosecution and receive immunity from prosecution.

Hunt those witches Mr. Mueller!
--------------------------------------- added after 23 hours

Yes, the first tape has hit the news and it's Trump and his former lawyer, Cohen talking about paying off Karen McDougal.
Surprise surprise.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 24,Jul,18 19:21 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
By kebmo at 25,Jul,18 02:57 other posts of kebmo 
Cohen released a tape to the media today of him and Trump talking about buying the rights to Karen McDougal's story. The tape stops just before something important was going to be said by Trump in relation to how the payment will be made. Cohen knows that Trump knows what gets said next.
Cohen is in a shit load of trouble and he knows it. He has not been charged with any crimes....yet.

By kebmo at 24,Jul,18 20:41 other posts of kebmo 
Ivanka Trump is shutting down her clothing and accessory brand after it was dropped by many retailers including Hudson's Bay stores in Canada (owners of Lord and Taylor and Sacs Fifth Avenue) and Nordstrom.

I wonder if more "accidental" defects were in the products coming from China since her father became president.
I do know that sales have dropped since then.
By weluvswinging69 at 25,Jul,18 00:36 other posts of weluvswinging69 
How's that great city of Toronto working out for you? First you have people mowing people down in vehicles, now you have "mentally unstable" (yeah that's what the liberal media calls it) Islamic idiots shooting people.

By JustWill at 24,Jul,18 12:30 other posts of JustWill 
Trump says he'll talk to Mueller, but ONLY if he promises not to ask questions about OBSTRUCTION.
By kebmo at 24,Jul,18 18:28 other posts of kebmo 
I doubt he'll show up unless he's dragged in kicking and screaming.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 24,Jul,18 18:59 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Sorry your honor. I know I’m here about a robbery but I want to talk about my good looks

By kebmo at 24,Jul,18 06:42 other posts of kebmo 
“Canadians: We’re the illegals Americans don’t deport.”

-Martin Short.

By AussieMan187 at 19,Jul,18 07:56 other posts of AussieMan187 
I know Trump says this a lot, but all news channels are "fake news". The news stations are biased & they try to brainwash people into a certain way of thinking. I've seen (American) news where they invite people to interview, then don't let them get a word in edge wise & completely attack them to try & discredit them if they have a different opinion.
By kebmo at 19,Jul,18 08:38 other posts of kebmo 
That's just not true. Fake means lies. To Trump, "fake" means anything that he disagrees with. In Trump's opinion, everything on CNN is fake news because they stomp on him all day, every day but Foxx is news because they don't.
The term Fake News is becoming ubiquitous around the world now too. If a politician disagrees with something that is said they just have to say "Oh, that's fake news". The term fake news is a cop out for thin skinned, mentally challenged politicians who can't or won't answer the tough questions that the journalists ask of them.
By Godzillas at 19,Jul,18 16:59 other posts of Godzillas 
Fake is Fake.... I hear Hillary makes fakes too..
By kebmo at 19,Jul,18 19:44 other posts of kebmo 
Hillary Clinton is not the President of the United States and neither is Barack Obama. They are both irrelevant in any conversations about what Trump is doing and that's what is so frustrating to me. "Yeah but what about..." It's a standard reply to back up what Trump does and says. "...but Obama did this and Clinton did this.." It doesn't matter what they do or did, they are not the President of the United States, Donald Trump is.
What about what your President is doing and has done this month? That's the real question you should be asking.

Max control on all caps!

By Mazinga at 19,Jul,18 21:19 other posts of Mazinga 
I caught THIS motherfaker at an ABS...

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 19,Jul,18 20:43 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Baby,,i'm heartbroken,,you are entitled to your opinion, but, the main news networks are not biased. It's hard to report the shenanigans that occur in the White House and in particular, with Trump and not sound weird. Take this week. Trump's Helsinki's news conference. He said things that almost all denounced. The next day (even that same day) he backtracked it with the most laughable excuse. The networks have no choice but to report it. And they have to do it with a straight face. And then we have Fox News, a product of Rupert Murdoch, a countryman of yours associated with rag sheets from Sydney to London, selling sex to get profitable. He, and Roger Ailes decided they would work on the sensationalism of politics by Going after the Democratic presidents with innuendo, bias, and lies,,,and no one uttered "fake news". Trump is an aberration in the history of this country's politics. But, if you still think as you do, then do what i do,,,I listen for my news by listening to the BBC,,they are no nonsense, factual reporters with no ax to grind. They deliver the news in a serious demeanor. The only thing is that they too have to report on a fucked up president that's out of control. You are smart and out of this country,,,,see what Tokyo, Paris, Canberra, Buenos Aires, London, Prague or any other capital of any country and you will see that it's not the reporters but the subject.
BTW,,i still think you are sexy as all get out and would love a weekend with you,,AND THAT BABY IS NOT FAKE NEWS,,,
By AussieMan187 at 19,Jul,18 23:26 other posts of AussieMan187 
Of course the news networks will show anything to make whomever they dislike look like an idiot. If they can't find anything, then they'll make it up. I'm not saying what Trump did wasn't wrong, i'm saying don't believe everything you see & hear on the news.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 19,Jul,18 23:29 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
that's why God gave you two eyes, two years,,and one mouth,,,, just use your noodle

By kebmo at 19,Jul,18 23:57 other posts of kebmo 
That's a pretty strong statement: If they can't find anything, then they'll make it up.
The media doesn't have to make it up, Trump keeps them supplied with never ending fodder.

In the next couple of days someone please show me an example of a credible news source putting out an actual lie. Credible means mainstream news like CNN, New York Times, Foxx News, CBC News etc. It does not mean the tons and tons of nut jobs that are out there, opinions or Facebook bullshit.
Everyone talks about fake news so show it to me.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 20,Jul,18 00:12 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 

By AussieMan187 at 20,Jul,18 01:33 other posts of AussieMan187 
Here's some:
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only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links
By kebmo at 20,Jul,18 01:47 other posts of kebmo 
Of course this doesn't surprise me at all. I've seen the Fox list before. I think it was on Stephen Colbert. Usually "Fake News" refers to everyone BUT Fox.
Did you see how old this is? November 19, 2009
By AussieMan187 at 20,Jul,18 02:43 other posts of AussieMan187 
Does the date matter?
By kebmo at 20,Jul,18 03:11 other posts of kebmo 
No, not at all. I just wonder how many apologies have been made in the last two years! I don't get Fox news so I don't watch it but if I did I would for the entertainment value.
--------------------------------------- added after 102 seconds

This is almost ten minutes of a guy talking about what shit Fox News spews to their viewers.
only registered users can see external links
By AussieMan187 at 20,Jul,18 04:01 other posts of AussieMan187 
See, this is exactly what i'm talking about. Spreading disinformation & even at times straight up lying about events. I won't deny Trump does some less than savoury things or makes innapropriate comments. BUT, he is trying to do a job, not an easy job mind you, & everyone is just trying to point out every fault & character assassinate him. He is not a politician. He is just some rich guy, that happened to sway an entire nation to vote for him, either because everyone thought he was the lesser of two evils, or because they wanted someone who wasn't a politician, because they've been lying to the people for so long. I can understand that. I think he's handling things as best as he can, he's trying to solve hard problems that no one else has had the balls to solve. I believe he's done something to make it harder for people to purchase guns, people might not think that's enough, but the string of presidents beforehand did nothing even after several mass shootings during their presidency. Everyone calls him a racist because he wants to make it harder for potential criminals to enter the country, & those from countries in the middle east especially, because you know, terrorism. Not that every muslim is a terrorist, but a lot of them are a threat. Also remember that Muslims aren't a race. & he wants to stop ill.egal immigration from Mexico & has been exporting the ones already in America back to Mexico. They are ill.egal immigrants. Why should they be allowed to stay? He's not against Mexican's moving into & living in America, he's against people entering the country illegally... Everyone thought he'd start WWIII by now, but I don't think he's done a terrible job thus far. I'd prefer him as our leader over any one of our last string of politicians tbh. Sometimes to solve the problems of a nation, you have to do unpopular things. Maybe that's why America has been falling apart for so long. Maybe Trump will make America great again.
By kebmo at 20,Jul,18 04:48 other posts of kebmo 
Fox News is his best outlet because they will spread his bull shit, tell his lies and manipulate the American public. It's propaganda.
He's a shitty neighbour, a "friend" that will put a knife in your back, a "leader" that has only his own interests in mind, a "diplomat" with no diplomatic skills and the biggest liar the US has ever elected to run their country.
He is using the Presidency to further his own financial gain, not unlike any despot.
I don't know why he's in Putin's pocket but he IS. He has demonstrated that over and over again. He is currently the most dangerous person in the world.
The red lights are flashing.
As for Muslims, you are deeply misinformed about their potential danger. In the last 200 mass shootings in the US do you have any idea how many were Muslim shooters? Less than ten. Americans are killing other Americans.
Thankfully Melania married him, just another foreigner doing a shitty job that Americans don't want to do.

Other than that though, he's a pretty nice guy.
By AussieMan187 at 20,Jul,18 04:55 other posts of AussieMan187 
If that's the case then he's no different than any other American/Australian leader recently. Also just because more Americans are killing each other than Muslim terrorists are bombing, shooting & running people over, doesn't mean there isn't a danger. All of this political correctness is going to be the downfall of the West. I gave my 2 cents anyway.
By Godzillas at 20,Jul,18 06:46 other posts of Godzillas 
The left wing democratic party is much more dangerous than islamic terrorism now..
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 20,Jul,18 09:53 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Really?????? In what Galaxy are you living in, Godzillas?

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 20,Jul,18 09:30 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Well said Kebmo,

By admin at 20,Jul,18 09:59 other posts of admin 
Bullshit is when I see a title and a first paragraph that says one thing and the rest of the article that says totally another. And that I don't see on Fox. I see that on CNN, NYT and other "liberal" outlets. Worst of all being huff-post. They shit into your heads knowing that most of people don't read after 1st paragraph. And you can't sue them for stupidity of their readers.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 20,Jul,18 09:06 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Baby, The USofA was not falling apart. While you can make everything better, the country was and is great already. TRUMP has not made it harder to buy guns. We all belive that **** aliens should be sent back and that the country should protect its borders. It's the method to do that that causes concerns. He's given orders to be harsh and that's not necessary. It's like a cop shooting any suspect no matter what. He has the right to shoot and kill but, can you imagine? Being a "racist", at one time meant you hated and tried to deny people the rights from a certain race. Chinese and African Americans were the main ones, but we use it to describe hatred to a large part of the population. I'm going to give you this one. No matter how many executive orders he signs, the real power rests with congress. They create the laws. He just approves them or not and give advice. All he has done is advice to tear down good laws that protected the nation from many dangers. He gutted the EPA. Why? It's not profitable to companies. Tell me, if this country is falling apart, why aren't the locals moving to Europe, Asia, or Australia? Why is every country in the world loosing their people to us? We are the land of milk and honey and we get this for a president? And one that really lost the election? Oh,you forgot about that. Hillary won the popular vote. More people voted for her than for him. Only because the Electoral College has antiquated rules that he won the presidency but, the majority of the people did not want him
By Godzillas at 21,Jul,18 01:01 other posts of Godzillas 
Maybe they will find a cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome but for now people suffer from stupidity...
Look guys,, at 10PM Spongebob Square Pants on Nick at night has higher ratings than CNN.. They'd rather watch Squidward than Rachael Maddow on MSNBC.. Their ratings are just about 0 and still fart out the stupidity..... Fox News dominates the ratings...
Why hasn't anyone moved out of the country yet when they promised? You should ask Whoopi Goldberg that question since she had a stroke on TV a couple of days ago..

By Godzillas at 20,Jul,18 06:44 other posts of Godzillas 
Fox News is more balanced because liberals and democrats come on to give their points of view which brings up the fairness... CNN and MSNBC are all propaganda activism to promote socialism...
You are entitled to your opinion.. Whoopi Goldberg assaulted Jeannine Piro after she was invited on the show.. Her like that rest of that stupid klan they should be thrown off the air... Their ratings suck and so does CNN..
By kebmo at 20,Jul,18 06:52 other posts of kebmo 
Assaulted? No Woopie didn’t assault anyone. That’s a lie and you know it. Jeannie was not assaulted so please don’t lie in this forum. K?

By JustWill at 20,Jul,18 08:26 other posts of JustWill 
What does "ratings" have to do with anything?
Are you seriously suggesting that TRUTH is a matter of POPULARITY rather than FACTS?

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 20,Jul,18 09:42 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Fox news has never been a source of straight news. They, more than any other network, twisted the news to fit their ultra right wing conservatism. And not even that, but the conservatism of the new evangelicals with their penchant to **** their views on everyone while complaining the rest of the country is not listening to them. The funny thing is that Trump used them in the election. If he had found a base in the northeast power base of the nuvorich,he would have talked shit about his current base. He's a self serving back stabber, and Fox uses him for the same reason. If you peel back everything to the basics, it's MONEY that moves them
--------------------------------------- added after 83 seconds

*******= F O R C E
By JustWill at 20,Jul,18 09:56 other posts of JustWill 
Fox news tells them what they want to hear. Their viewers are not interested in facts, they just want to hear support for whatever they believe in. Any source that doesn't support those views is "fake news".
By Godzillas at 21,Jul,18 00:21 other posts of Godzillas 
You guys sound like Trump Derangement syndrome candidates to me... The people voted 2 years ago... You lost.. Get over it.. LOL
By kebmo at 21,Jul,18 00:42 other posts of kebmo 
I live in Canada and he's pissing us all off so I'll say what I want thank you very much.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Jul,18 05:44 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Ha, there it is. You can't defend your argument so you go with that old, tired, one. "You lost. Get over it."
What do you think this is? The Super Bowl? My country, MY COUNTRY, is being shunned by the rest of the world, it is becoming the laughter of the world, our citizens are facing mayor inflation from a stupid tariff war, and our enemies feel we are pushovers and you want us to "get over it"? The government of this country is designed to protect it's people and sovereignty. It is an ongoing job for a president. Trump won the election and took a crap since then. All he does is rant and rave because so many people don't like him. At the least, why doesn't he get a set and straightens his spine and do the right thing. But, then again, this spurred footed, Daddy protected, coward only cared to save his slimy skin. "He won so get over it"? Not on my watch. I will criticize and work to get this joke out and if Congress doesn't have the balls, then I'll work hard to keep him from getting a second term.

By JustWill at 21,Jul,18 08:39 other posts of JustWill 
What do they call the "syndrome" for people that defend Trump no matter how horrible he is? The folks who refuse to admit that they put a turd-sandwich in the White House? Lets go with "Chronic Deplorable Disorder".
When Trump took office, we ALL lost, and much of the damage he has done--will continue to do--may never be repaired.
But I get it. He represents all of the "values" that you hold dear (racism, sexism, ignorance, willful cruelty, dishonesty, narcissism, etc.). He's a perfect reflection of who you are as an individual. You folks have so much of your self-identity invested in this guy that you will choke down every bite of your turd-sandwich and smile past the taste of shit.
Because you "won"...and that's what really counts.
By phart at 22,Jul,18 23:36 other posts of phart 
And the democrats were trying to put in a angel of mercy? Come on, No Trump was not a perfect fit,but America had no choice.Sure there is more than 2 folks on the ballot,but only 2 are even in the race persay.Those 3rd party candidates only take votes away.They don't get enough coverage or attention to make their sides known. So we only had 2 choices.A wealthy business man that likes pussy or a wicked dishonest bitch being investigated by the FBI for all kinds of shit she got away with in the end.
By JustWill at 23,Jul,18 11:42 other posts of JustWill 
When you say "wicked dishonest bitch being investigated by the FBI for all kinds of shit", you are talking about Trump, right?
By phart at 23,Jul,18 13:50 other posts of phart 
No,I am talking about Hillary being the wicked--- ! Is she a wealthy business man that likes pussy? Sheesh how could you confuse them 2 comparisons? lol
What was Trump being looked into before the election? Oh,maby that russian thing.Something drummed up and that may be partly true thanks to some hackers in a 3rd world country using russian servers.
By JustWill at 23,Jul,18 14:37 other posts of JustWill 
So...Hillary was investigated because she is evil.
But...Trump is being investigated because it is a conspiracy?
Odd how that works.

By leopoldij at 21,Jul,18 07:07 other posts of leopoldij 
The question is: Did Trump manage to fuck Karen McDougal or did he only get a blowjob?

Trump recorded discussing payment to Playboy model
only registered users can see external links

I guess Melania doesn't suck his dick. I don't blame her. She only got married for his money.
By kebmo at 21,Jul,18 08:24 other posts of kebmo 
Weather he fucked her, paid hush money or not is really irrelevant. He didn't break any laws. Marriage vows, yes but not any laws. It all happened before he was president.

I'm sure his wife is good 'n pissed though.
By leopoldij at 21,Jul,18 09:37 other posts of leopoldij 
I don't care. I'd do the same.
By phart at 21,Jul,18 20:31 other posts of phart 
Yea,it is very strange that Bill delayed meetings at the White house while Monica was getting stains on her dress and he kept his job. Talk about a double standard. Trumps escapades happened BEFORE he took office. Yea,I would rather he had not acted in such a way.I would rather people be able to look up to any president as a positive role model and breaking a marriage vow is NOT setting a good example for followers.
That is 1 point I will give Obama credit for.He was of mixed race and regardless of how he did it,he held the highest job in the US. So that was 1 thing positive that the younger folks can look at and say,"Hey I don't know who or what I am but if he can be Prez,so can I".
That is the type thing I am referring to as examples a Prez should provide.Trumps fucking around while married is a big bad example.
By leopoldij at 21,Jul,18 20:41 other posts of leopoldij 

By Andthisisme at 22,Jul,18 17:44 other posts of Andthisisme 
This is the same issue that did for Nixon. It was not the Watergate break in that caused Nixon's downfall but his attempts to cover it up.
Who Trump had affairs with prior to becoming President is really of no importance and certainly not a crime. However, it is possible that what he, or his 'agents' did in order to keep those affairs quiet may possibly cause him real problems. Once again the 'cover up' is the problem.
Will politicians never learn..if found out be honest 'fess up and you will survive; cover up and it will come back to haunt you.

By JustWill at 20,Jul,18 07:53 other posts of JustWill 
"There was no collusion!", "It's a witch hunt!", "I have no ties to Russia!"...now, excuse me while I have this private meeting with Putin. There will be no witnesses to what we say and do in that meeting, and there will be no record or transcript. You don't need to know the details. I'll just tell you after we're done how awesome my private meeting with the guy I am not colluding with went and what a great guy he is. Since I assure you constantly that I am not colluding, that should be good enough for you, right?
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 20,Jul,18 09:45 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 

By admin at 20,Jul,18 09:54 other posts of admin 
World leaders have private meetings all the time. I'm not sure what you expect a president do on account of false allegations. Stop doing his job? He needed a meeting with Putin so he held one. As simple as that.

Also, where is logic in that? If he was Putin's agent, why would he need a suspiciously looking meeting at all? He surely would have other means of communication.
By JustWill at 20,Jul,18 10:08 other posts of JustWill 
There is no evidence that the allegations are false other than the fact that Trump keeps insisting that they are. By that reasoning, every criminal who claims that they are innocent should be believed.

It isn't that simple. He had to know, if he is really the "stable genius" he claims to be, that a private meeting with Putin--with no witnesses or record--was going to look suspicious, yet he did it anyway. The meeting didn't have to be one-on-one. The guy knows that more than half of the people he is supposed to represent don't trust him. Why not take the opportunity to possibly gain their trust by doing things in the open?
By admin at 20,Jul,18 11:26 other posts of admin 
Allegations are false until proven in court. That's how it should be in society based on law. Otherwise we can start discussing long list of people whose untimely death was too convenient for Clintons.

As for the earning trust part - I don't think those people who are against him would change their mind no matter what he does. And I think you know that too.
By JustWill at 20,Jul,18 13:44 other posts of JustWill 
This is probably just a language issue, admin, but there is a difference between "false" and "unproven". False means that something is factually untrue. It implies that a decision on the evidence has already been made. The assumption of innocence prior to trial does not mean that the allegations are "false"--just that they have not yet been certified as "true". Until that has been decided, the allegations are merely "unproven".

Perhaps he wouldn't "earn their trust" (nor, for that matter, will the people who support him ever believe that he is guilty--no matter what evidence is provided), but how he handled the meeting, and the press conference afterward, certainly did nothing to make him look better in the eyes of his critics.
By admin at 20,Jul,18 14:14 other posts of admin 
All proofs I've seen so far are a pile of shit which does not withstand critical analysis. And that is what makes those accusations false in my eyes. The difference is - if they are proven in court I will take it. But what should happen for you to stop believing them to be true? I bet if they fail to prove them you will still believe they are true.

That's the problem - it's much more hard to prove that something does not exist than that something exists. Same with the accusations - you can prove them true, but you can't exactly prove them false. If something was not revealed it does not mean it did not happen. So it's a matter of opinion. And mine is - they are false.
By milesbferry at 20,Jul,18 17:23 other posts of milesbferry 
It's TDS, admin. Trump Derangement Syndrome. I posted the link to this 30 minute video elsewhere, it's an interesting discussion:

only registered users can see external links

Candace Owens covers it very well on YouTube, too:

only registered users can see external links
By admin at 20,Jul,18 19:13 other posts of admin 
Regrettably this is deeper. All the time that Obama was a president I was looking at it like that boy from "The Emperor's New Clothes" story, like "what the fuck, the king is naked, why you all keep praising him and kissing his ass?!?"

In ages before people were kept in dark, did not have access to information, but these days you can find almost anything just in minutes, even despite that media are biased. And you can see records of what politicians actually said on youtube and not only that they said yesterday, but what they said a year ago, 3, 5 years ago, what they promised, etc. You can easily see their lies, the promises they did not fulfill. But people willingly choose to ignore the information that does not suit them.

Sure, I don't care what people choose to believe and what lies they choose to tell themselves while it does not affect me. But recent decades it's like watching a wagon that you are in and have no way to get out that people joyfully drive to an edge of an abyss.

Like those people in Venezuela that joyfully voted for socialism and now they are fleeing the country, leaving that little they had, often starving. I see them selling cookies in buses and under traffic lights. And who knows how many years more Venezuela keeps rotting until something changes to better. That is what happens when you vote for false promises and ideas that you want to be true and for people who talk sweet and look cool instead of voting for those who do their jobs and have some results to show and promise something real. "Yes you can" - pure example of wishful thinking. No one said how, no one shown you the plan. "Yes you can" - and people are betting their future on another confidently looking sweet talking swindler. Damn shame.
By milesbferry at 21,Jul,18 18:09 other posts of milesbferry 
I agree it's a shame, but we in the UK might not be able to find any information at all, because our government is supressing free speech, criticism, and comment that is not approved:

"The British government has a new unit fighting “alternative news”
websites, driving their stories down search engine results and pushing
the official government narrative to the top.

Civil servant and government communication boss Alex Aiken said the
Cabinet Office’s new Rapid Response Unit (RRU), which has begun a pilot,
is not a “fake news unit” as it was dubbed when first reported in April.

In a blog post, he described how the taxpayer-funded unit “monitors news and
information being shared and engaged with online” and seeks to tackle
narratives, from outside the mainstream media, which the establishment
does not favour.

“There’s then the question of how we respond to public debate
online,” he writes, revealing the government will seek to hide news it
does not like rather than use “rebuttal”."

only registered users can see external links

We have s3cret courts, trials without jury, a PM threatening the electorate, draft legislation approved by Berlin, undercover government departments without an elected head, laws governing what we may say and secrecy for MPs misbehaviour.

It's George Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four', Ministry of Truth', and it has come true!

It's a damn shame, and we can't get out of the EU, either! We're doomed!

By JustWill at 20,Jul,18 19:34 other posts of JustWill 
If the Mueller investigation clears him on charges of collusion, I will accept their findings. I believe in the rule of law, and trust that the decision they make--whichever way it goes--will be the correct one.
Trump will still be a putrid bag of human garbage and an embarrassment to my country and the office he holds.
He will just be a putrid bag of human garbage who didn't achieve that office by colluding with Russians.

By Godzillas at 21,Jul,18 01:28 other posts of Godzillas 
Because the Fake News is obsessed ! They think they are going to win the midterms with this rhetoric but this is becoming too easy. Meanwhile Trump is continuing to fulfill his promises..

By weluvswinging69 at 20,Jul,18 14:33 other posts of weluvswinging69 
Obama had behind the door meetings with Putin too I guess you forgot about that...love the selective memory people have.

By Mazinga at 21,Jul,18 12:29 other posts of Mazinga 
"A Closer Look"... at my photoshopped Pussy

By leopoldij at 21,Jul,18 12:46 other posts of leopoldij 
Sorry, this is not a pussy, it's an asshole.
By Mazinga at 21,Jul,18 13:19 other posts of Mazinga 
True. it IS an asshole...
But I was making the reference to
Twitter's biggest Pussy. lol

--------------------------------------- added after 13 minutes

...besides That, to this day I'm violently shaking my head
in disgust, and disbelief, that our country had forsaken
its Integrity to vote for/elect that UNQUALIFIED Shithole.

He obviously haates this "dayjob", and the only reason
that he took it was for the Money.
As a POTUS, you can do Almost anything.
But this damn Shithole clearly has grabbed America,
and the world, by the pussy.

And those who support him are okay with this, because as
long as that Shithole is in Office them folks now feel
emboldened to openly express their Racism and Stupidities
wherever they are.
Until HE ran for Office, them folks were always racist;
but were too chickenshit to express it out in the open
or else they'd get throat-punched by communities everywhere.
Then HE ran for Office openly saying everything they
wanted to hear and That was the koolaide they doped up on.
Talk about Jim Jones doping up his followers to their deaths,
Drumpf served up some extremely powerful druug!
So, yeah, we need a War on DRUUGS now more than ever!

By RobertCalifornia at 21,Jul,18 02:21 other posts of RobertCalifornia 
Trump is a intersting person. He usually has a point when he talks.
( I'm Mexican living in Mexico btw)
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Jul,18 05:49 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
We all have a point when we talk. That doesn't mean the point is the right one. Case in point, you are Mexican living in Mexico. That means only you are Mexican not right.
By leopoldij at 21,Jul,18 07:04 other posts of leopoldij 
You're always eloquent. I like it that you can express yourself in English (and Spanish, and....) and do so rationally.

By the way, Thomas Jefferson had a point too. And if he was alive he wouldn't believe that the country that is called US is the same as the one he lived in.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Jul,18 08:02 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
A nation has a life of it's own. Like people, it changes through the years, and change is needed to keep both, people and a nation, fresh. Remember,the same man that wrote, "We, the people, in order to create a more perfect union,,,etc" was a slave owner.

By leopoldij at 21,Jul,18 07:09 other posts of leopoldij 
Trump said: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

Can you explain what his point was?
In english, en español, по русски, it doesn't matter.
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 21,Jul,18 08:04 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
If I could understand what goes through this man's mind I'd be a millionaire

By JustWill at 21,Jul,18 08:43 other posts of JustWill 
You live in Mexico? According to Trump, that makes you a rapist, a murderer, or a dr*g dealer. Which is it?

By kebmo at 21,Jul,18 07:49 other posts of kebmo 
Paul Manafort faces 25 criminal charges, mostly tax fraud and money laundering. Mueller is seeking immunity for five witnesses in his case so that they will tell the whole story. Apparently he's really, really rich but his tax returns don't reflect his homes, cars, jewelry and lifestyle. There are 500 pieces of evidence in his case and he has connections to the Ukraine and Russia regarding his alleged money laundering.

He was out on $10M bail and repeatedly spoke to witnesses in the case after being told not to so his bail was revoked and he was put back in jail where he is now because of obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

These charges all came about from the Mueller investigation and currently isn't connected to Trump in any way but this information came up during the investigation. The trial has yet to begin and Manafort has not been convicted of any crimes. There were, however, the 12 Russians indicted on cyber attacks in 2016 but we can be sure that they will never again set foot on American soil.

As of now in the Mueller investigation there are 192 charges against 32 people and there are probably a lot more to come. There are many trials to come so we can expect a lot of information to come out in the coming months.

This is a huge investigation with upcoming repercussions that will prove that this has not been a witch hunt.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 hours

Correction: This investigation has secured five guilty pleas. So far.

By kebmo at 21,Jul,18 05:56 other posts of kebmo 
Here are some related blog stories that I've posted.

By kebmo at 20,Jul,18 06:11 other posts of kebmo 
Someone on CBC News described Trump's tariffs against Canadian steel and aluminum (because Canada is a threat to US security) and the threat of tariffs on Canadian cars (because of our retaliatory tariffs) like this:
"It's like watching a slow motion train wreck instigated by an insane engineer while the passengers are egging him on and cheering."
Said another: "We now realize that Trump, despite his wealth, has the business acumen of a used car salesman."
By phart at 20,Jul,18 21:00 other posts of phart 
Trump could be dumb as a rock,but he is wealthy.He didn't get that way being stupid.
By kebmo at 20,Jul,18 22:10 other posts of kebmo 
Here's some info on his finances from The National Post.
only registered users can see external links
By phart at 20,Jul,18 23:16 other posts of phart 
Oh my,so Trump is the first man in history to get a loan from family? or a boost or a handout? Only 2.9 billion instead of 10? Once it hits a billion, the zero's get kinda fuzzy.And to, remember,what the numbers show is usually determined by the 1 adding them up. 10 bullion may be total net worth,as in cash,assets,buildings,and so forth.

Assholes may be the 1's getting wealthy most of the time but I doubt that is the standard.
If you want to talk asshole wanna beez fucking up stuff,like I said, read the recent interview of George Soros.
That is a first class WEALTHY asshole that brings down country's for a profit. He could buy out Trump with the interest earned on the money he has made bringing down entire economy's.

By leopoldij at 20,Jul,18 22:29 other posts of leopoldij 
For someone to get wealthy it's not so important to be smart but rather be nasty. Assholes are typically the ones who get wealthy. The ones who are nice guys don't. Accumulation of wealth requires gangster mentality. Wealthy wannabes have no qualms in fucking everyone up who stands in their way, that's how they get wealthy.

By phart at 20,Jul,18 15:21 other posts of phart 
Everyone seems to forget that Bush jr and Putin were getting along so well that Bush was driving him around his ranch in Texas. Did Obama ever get along with Putin that well?I doubt it.
Was it not more peaceful during that time because the Eagle and the Bear were united in the fight against terrorism?
Would you rather Putin and Trump be fighting tooth and nail or even drag our country's into war? I would much rather they got along well enough to prevent that. Russia may not be a collection of angels but we sure as hell don't need them pissed off at us or any other country for that matter.

Liberals know as long as the US and Russia are not getting along that there will always be a profitable shit storm.
Thus the current shit storm putting 1000's into lawyers pockets and making sure all the alphabet groups like FBI cia and what not have jobs. This stupid thing keeps cutting my post off short,I had to recheck and retype! .
Check out the recent Soros interviews if you want some good reading!
By leopoldij at 20,Jul,18 16:05 other posts of leopoldij 
Who are the liberals man? Every single politician in the US is conservative. Hilary is conservative. Bernie is conservative. Trump is conservative. They're all conservative. Name a single liberal please!
By phart at 20,Jul,18 20:57 other posts of phart 
The term Liberal around here for the most part means democrat.Sorry if it is a misuse of terms.Perhaps I should edit it and say democrat.
By leopoldij at 20,Jul,18 21:08 other posts of leopoldij 
Ok. Thanks. There are no liberals in the US. Actually, the two parties are both conservative. They have different policies, but their ideologies are the same.

By leopoldij at 20,Jul,18 16:07 other posts of leopoldij 
Trump likes to fuck.
I've said it before, he should get an honorary membership here.

Trump recorded discussing payment to Playboy model
only registered users can see external links

Nothing wrong with that, if I had money I'd fuck her too.
By kebmo at 20,Jul,18 16:26 other posts of kebmo 
Leo, don't you mean that if you had money she'd fuck you?
I saw that on CBC News this morning. I wonder how many other recordings Cohen has of Trump.

The Mueller investigation is going to find a lot MORE witches if Cohen turns. I look forward to his findings.
By leopoldij at 20,Jul,18 17:23 other posts of leopoldij 
No. I mean I d fuck her. But I wouldn't mind it if she licked my ass too or stuck a dildo in it. But I d like to cum on her face.

By phart at 19,Jul,18 11:34 other posts of phart 
There are so many critics out there for Trump.
But if any of them were worth several billion dollars,would any of those critics took the job he did?
I doubt most would consider it.
I also doubt most critics are qualified for the job.
SO therefore are not really qualified to judge him.
2020 will be interesting. The liberals have not got anyone to run that has a well known name that is not on the chopping block for something or 87 years old.
The repubs ,well, after Trump was elected and tried to fix things and got talked stone trash about by everyone, most folks are not willing to put themselves in that job. so chances are Trump will run again in 2020.And unless there is some divine intervention,I will vote for him again. He is perhaps not the best man for the job, but as usual I will have to vote for the lesser of 2 or 3 evils.

Just look back at the "hearings" last week of that asshole that works for the FBI. He was on 2 important cases,married but fucking a coworker and using a government phone to talk about insurance policy's against Trump getting elected.
The repubs asked questions,trying to get to the bottom of the situation. The dems' they stumped about some shit that was not related to the particular case at hand. Their concerns may have warranted discussion,BUT not in that forum. This to me was a blatant display of not giving a damn about getting the TRUTH out there to the American people. To them it is all about bring down Trump,bring down,------- fill in the blank.
That is why folks like me can't stand liberals attitudes and find it hard to support them even when they could have a leg to stand on.
Regardless of your party,the truth should be of interest to you. And yes,I know,for the average person,it is hard to get due to bias in the media.

As for Russian meddling, well, blame it on them if you want to.But it could have been a 3rd party hacking their servers to hide behind and knew it would cause problems for Trump.
And if all the sudden we had a confession of wrong doing,what would the US do, bring Hillary out of the moth balls and shine her up and rerun her? I mean really.
By AussieMan187 at 20,Jul,18 02:53 other posts of AussieMan187 
I agree with you, mate. Also if these government agencies are so sure that the Russians were responsible for Trump's presidency, then wouldn't they have just cause to impeach him? Maybe they did have a hand in it, maybe not, but would Hillary really have been a better choice? Wasn't she also being investigated by the FBI for something that all of a sudden the charges were dropped? The FBI doesn't investigate people for something innocent. If she was president, I bet North Korea would be a pile of smoking embers by now. I'm sure no one cares about NK, but diplomacy is said to be the better option over war.

By kebmo at 19,Jul,18 18:06 other posts of kebmo 
Talks are underway for a visit from Putin to Washington. It's going to happen folks, Putin will be in your White House.

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 20,Jul,18 00:14 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
if he steps on our soil maybe we can revoke his diplomatic immunity and arrest him,,try him,,sentence him and Trump can give him a pardon,,,

By kebmo at 19,Jul,18 07:17 other posts of kebmo 
I bet the Russian translator that was in the room with Trump and Putin is now deceased. Maybe hit by a car or some other "accident".
By Andthisisme at 19,Jul,18 10:54 other posts of Andthisisme 
I read that U.S Senators are trying to use existing powers that they have to receive a copy of the notes taken by the U.S translator in that meeting. I am guessing that wont happen but it sure would be interesting.
By kebmo at 19,Jul,18 14:38 other posts of kebmo 
Notes? I didn’t know any were taken. I thought it was a ear-mouth-ear transfer of information. Interesting.

I just read on CNN.com (fake news) that Sen. Bob Corker (R) floated the idea but dropped the idea after Trump "clarified" what he meant. From Corker:

"I know in this particular case, the person (the translator) was a direct employee, but if we are going to start getting translator's notes, I think we are moving to a precedent that -- unless some crime has been committed -- is unprecedented and just not appropriate."
By Andthisisme at 19,Jul,18 17:25 other posts of Andthisisme 
I hadn't heard that the idea of getting the notes had been dropped, but that is possible as it may well have been a real hassle trying to get them.
However, the very idea that Trump should have an off the record private meeting with Putin was totally ridiculous.
Who knows what promises were made by either side ? - no one.
Putin did not get where he is today by being a fool or a push over. Trump really does think he is the big 'dealmaker' but in Putin he will have met his match.. or worse.
In a democracy the people deserve to know what their Head of Governement is promising a nation that is widely seen as being an enemy state that is interferring in it's democratic processes.

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Drumpf's wee-wee is so small,
when he fucked Melania she thought it was Acupuncture.

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Donald Trump could sit in the parking garage of Trump Tower with the engine of every car running and his IQ Level would not change by a single point.

Trump has the attention span of a hummingbird on Red bull. He has the vocabulary of a common house cat; the intellect of a chronic glue huffer and frequent snacker of lead paint chips and the empathy of a malaria infected mosquito. He represents everything which the vast majority of a civilized society finds abhorrent.
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You had me at hummingbird on Red Bull!

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It has been said that Queen Elizabeth wore a brooch that the Obamas gave her while she had tea with Trump. This is not true. She did wear it the day before the tea with Trump but on the day of she wore a different one.

This is the skinny from a Canadian magazine, Maclean's.

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