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Do you enjoy being nude in public???

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Started by #87279 at 17,Aug,10 22:56
I am a home nudist and spent majority of my time at home naked. Feels absolutely great, saves on washing , and I just enjoy the feeling of being free. But have never been get the nerve to hit a nude beach or nudist club. Always chicken out at last minute! Yet if I find a spot where I know I am alone in the great outdoors I have no problem blowing off the clothes and going natural - just not in public. Have you done it? Did you enjoy it? How did you get over the nervousness to do it the first time?

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By Jojo491970 at 25,Mar,20 16:48 other posts of Jojo491970 
I enjoy being naked at home and will sometimes take my cock out on long car trips. Other than that I might show at the occasional gloryhole but thatís it.

By lankan at 25,Mar,20 05:04 other posts of lankan 
love being naked at home when others are not around...
yeah love the idea of hanging out naked with friend or two first maybe in pool or sleep in or camping site.

By cody8789 at 25,Mar,20 02:11 other posts of cody8789 
I would like to, but haven't been nude but a few times

By #612667 at 25,Mar,20 01:31
Love being naked i usualy hit the nude beach and aiming to get to nudist club in country one day being naked in front of others not realy issue ive had freinds over been naked in front of them they have no issue with it

By Alwaysnude at 23,Mar,20 14:26 other posts of Alwaysnude 
yes I love to be naked in front of clothes people
--------------------------------------- added after 51 hours

I have done world naked bike rides, and walked the streets of san francisco naked when it was legal

By overeight at 22,Mar,20 16:38 other posts of overeight 
I used to ride my bike naked at bike events. But I'm looking for a chic right now who will go with me to one if the adult shops and let me pull my pants to mu ankles and take off my shirt and let her snap a picture so I can post it here for folks to see. It would be great if a couple of chica are in the pic behind me too. So anybody close to me and female I'm game if you are.

By Smoothmann at 22,Mar,20 14:40 other posts of Smoothmann 
I have been nude all day!

By X_Y_Z at 22,Mar,20 14:16 other posts of X_Y_Z 
love to be nude when ever I have a Chance

By Auscock21 at 22,Mar,20 13:24 other posts of Auscock21 
Love being nude anywhere, I walk down my street nude at night, I drive through town nude in the day time it's a thrill

By new2day at 09,Nov,19 16:42 other posts of new2day 
I'm naked whenever practical! In the summer at home, I only dress if I need to go to shops or run an errand. Warm sunny days I go to a naturist club or beach with friends.

I think most people are nervous at first, but once you realise nobody cares when you're at a beach, you can relax and enjoy yourself. Simple pleasure of enjoying the sun and wind on your entire body, great way to relax.

By Smoothmann at 23,Aug,19 06:10 other posts of Smoothmann 
I enjoy being nude outside every chance that I can get!It feels so natural too me too be nude doing my daily chores where ever they may be!

By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:20 other posts of bikev 
Naked when ever I can. Love going to the sauna and walking round naked brushing against other men. Enjoy nudist beaches. Just wish I could ne naked all the time.

By wycowboy at 21,Aug,19 10:38 other posts of wycowboy 
Yep, I do. The more I am nude in public the more I like it. I find I can go outside nude now and never get a stiffy unless I want one. I am working on getting the wife comfortable doing it too.
By Smoothmann at 21,Aug,19 17:03 other posts of Smoothmann 
Same with me!I have been a nudist for so long that I need to stimulate my self too have an erection.I try too be nude outside as much as possible!

By Petro635 at 21,Aug,19 22:44 other posts of Petro635 
Just being naked is not as sexual, it's just naked or guys finally learn how to control they cocks.
By wycowboy at 22,Aug,19 07:49 other posts of wycowboy 
Exactly, I finally learned how to control my cock. At first, I had a raging erection as soon as I became naked. Now, I have to stimulate myself to become erect and cum.

By 61-69 at 22,Aug,19 04:01 other posts of 61-69 
I've never considered myself shy, but only started getting naked in public with my now wife when I moved to Germany about 3 years ago. A very liberating experience. I'd visited gay saunas, but that's another thing altogether. We visited a mixed spa/sauna the other day, my first time, where it's compulsory to be naked. Not really a sexual atmosphere, but we fucked like crazy back in the hotel room.

By Smoothmann at 21,Aug,19 21:34 other posts of Smoothmann 
I just drove nude to the food store and back.All the windows were down and the cooler night air felt good against my naked body.

By Yando at 21,Aug,19 19:19 other posts of Yando 

By Yando at 21,Aug,19 19:18 other posts of Yando 

By deekayL at 20,Aug,19 20:37 other posts of deekayL 
I especially enjoy setting up my tripod outside. Who knows what you'll see?

By Smoothmann at 21,Aug,19 05:43 other posts of Smoothmann 
When my gf is not around to take my photos a tripod works well for self photos!

By #596089 at 19,Aug,19 22:12
I'd love to, but reckon I'd have a fat all day which obviously is not acceptable
By Smoothmann at 20,Aug,19 00:37 other posts of Smoothmann 
Erections will come and go and the longer you stay nude as in all the time.Your erections will not be as frequent.It will just feel natural being nude all the time.
By #596089 at 20,Aug,19 00:50
Really?. I thought it would be offensive

By Petro635 at 20,Aug,19 05:15 other posts of Petro635 
Being naked in public when everyone else is naked becomes normal. Nobody is shocked to see your body. You won't be shocked seeing everyone naked. It becomes so normal you learn to control you cock.and you enjoy being naked with everyone
By Smoothmann at 20,Aug,19 20:10 other posts of Smoothmann 
So true my friend!

By tcputts at 20,Aug,19 01:02 other posts of tcputts 
If love to be nude in public but there aren't any legal places to be nude close to home.

By Smoothmann at 19,Aug,19 21:30 other posts of Smoothmann 
I went to my resort after work to use the pool and I stayed until it was dark.I had a lot of fun with my nudist friends and when it was time to leave I drove nude 14 miles back to my house!

By Smoothmann at 19,Aug,19 05:01 other posts of Smoothmann 
I have stayed nude for the entire weekend including trips to the stores and post office and going to and from my resort.I only had shorts and a shirt too wear while being in the stores.As soon as I was back in my car they came back off!

By romarokaz at 19,Aug,19 01:57 other posts of romarokaz 
I always enjoy it. Wish I had a tripod.

By SpeedoBear at 17,Aug,19 22:45 other posts of SpeedoBear 
Love being naked outdoors!!
By Smoothmann at 18,Aug,19 00:11 other posts of Smoothmann 
I too enjoy being nude outdoors!Nice photos!
By SpeedoBear at 18,Aug,19 00:34 other posts of SpeedoBear 
thanks, your pics are great too!!

By Smoothmann at 18,Aug,19 00:15 other posts of Smoothmann 
Today was a fun nude day!I drove to and from my resort nude and earlier tonight I drove nude to the food store.Then when I got home I went for my nightly nude walk on my property.Photos of today on my page!

By abagurio at 14,Aug,19 11:19 other posts of abagurio 
Public nudity is great, but if everyone around is naked too, it's not really sexual. However if some people are dressed around you, it becomes very sexual to the point where you must lye on your stomach to hide the erection...
By spermkiss at 14,Aug,19 11:37 other posts of spermkiss 
Don't hide your erection. Erections are normal and natural and nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of. If you get one in public just keep on doing whatever you'd be doing if you didn't have an erection. You should neither flaunt it nor attempt to hide it.
By abagurio at 14,Aug,19 16:34 other posts of abagurio 
I think it depends on the context and location. Sometimes an erection is acceptable and sometimes definately not
By spermkiss at 17,Aug,19 12:10 other posts of spermkiss 
Of course you are right. But pretty much any place it is socially acceptable for a man to be nude (nude beach, locker room, gym showers, etc) it is also acceptable to have an erection SO LONG AS HE DOESN'T FLAUNT IT. Sure, erections are a sign of sexual arousal, but as every man knows the penis has a mind of its own. Spontaneous erections can and do occur and they can happen pretty much at any time or in any place. If one happens in a public or semi-public place and the man continues going about his business as if he didn't have an erection without flaunting it or attempting to hide it, in all likelihood everyone will pretend not to notice.

By cody8789 at 16,Aug,19 03:43 other posts of cody8789 
It's not the nervousness, it's the stalking by other naked people that won't leave you alone.
By Smoothmann at 16,Aug,19 21:43 other posts of Smoothmann 
At my resort most all fellow nudists are respectful to each other.No stalkers at our resort.

By onthelose at 14,Aug,19 17:38 other posts of onthelose 
I think that if someone is embarrassed about your nudity ,its on them.
By Smoothmann at 14,Aug,19 18:24 other posts of Smoothmann 
I agree!I stay nude in my house and yard and my neighbors do not seem too mind seeing me nude taking out the garbage or getting the mail.
--------------------------------------- added after 26 hours

I just came after closing the garage door and locking my enclosed car trailer up while nude!

By mrsoftie at 14,Aug,19 12:15 other posts of mrsoftie 
Not at home or in public. Gets annoying having your bits flapping around your thighs. Also, pockets are really useful. Not keen on draughts, either...

By Smoothmann at 14,Aug,19 05:43 other posts of Smoothmann 
I have been a nudist for so long that it feels totaly natural to be nude at my resort or during my nude hikes in the mountain trails in my area.

By jerrycums at 03,Mar,19 07:36 other posts of jerrycums 
i love being nude on nudist beaches.noone takes much notice

By williamg at 02,Mar,19 17:18 other posts of williamg 
I love being with other naked folks outdoors. But with a caveat: I prefer to be sexual with my nudity. I'm not the purist family nudist looking to be "free".

By #566488 at 02,Mar,19 07:42
i was a little nervous my first time. but I soon realized that no one was even looking at me. when your with nudist it's just not a big deal....

By bi_44 at 01,Mar,19 16:05 other posts of bi_44 
I've been to nudist beaches & nudist camps and love being outdoors naked.

By foreskinlover52 at 28,Feb,19 14:07 other posts of foreskinlover52 
Been a nudist for over 50 years and love the lifestyle

By littlegazg at 28,Feb,19 11:35 other posts of littlegazg 
visited the nudist beach in Brighton a few times last summer, making sure i lie somewhere where lots of people are passing and able to see my dick.

By cumonme1 at 28,Feb,19 07:07 other posts of cumonme1 
Yes nude beach Sandy Hook NJ

By b4idie at 28,Feb,19 03:42 other posts of b4idie 
I have just got into this, but have every intention of stripping off whenever I can

By toohey at 28,Feb,19 02:43 other posts of toohey 
I enjoy nude beaches and other nude recreation areas. As is obvious from my profile, I enjoy being watched naked. I happily take off my clothes in full view. I usually find a spot not too far from where people pass by.

Some nude areas are of an explicit 'naturist' persuasion that frowns upon anything erotic. I do my best to respect that. Otherwise, depending on the mood, an occasional happy erection can be part of the experience.

I have described my first experience on my blog.

I have not experienced any nervousness. I think that being nervous about nudity has something to do with the idea that being nude is somehow wrong or 'sinful'. Many major religions, like islam and christianity, hold a dim view of nudity in general, and anything sexual in particular. We see this reflected in society. The growing number of muslim immigrants causes social norms to shift towards the prudish. People who have been raised in such religions often need to first overcome a psychological barrier before they can relax and enjoy nude recreation. That problem has very little to do with nudity, and everything with those repressive religions.

By routemaster at 27,Feb,19 22:49 other posts of routemaster 
I LOVE being nude in public, having been a nudist club member and a visitor to nude beaches for many years - also gay group sex parties. I'm also nude at home (am now typing this) and only wear clothes when really necessary

By countrynaturist at 27,Feb,19 22:40 other posts of countrynaturist 
I found that once you are at the nude beach you feel weird being the only one clothed. You only feel normal once you are nude like everyone else. And then you realize how wonderful it is to be nude outdoors.

By cumaddik at 10,Oct,13 21:43 other posts of cumaddik 
I love being naked...alone at home,or in public ...but specially when surrounded by other men

By WhoNeedsPants at 20,Aug,13 18:11 other posts of WhoNeedsPants 
Standing in a public park in Auckland waiting to be 'caught'.

Public park

By WhoNeedsPants at 20,Aug,13 00:12 other posts of WhoNeedsPants 
I LOVE being naked outdoors (as you can probably tell from my profile pics which are almost ALL outdoors). I don't mind if I'm alone or if others are around...just NO KIDS...that's just wrong.

By #164428 at 30,Apr,13 11:33

By stickyknickers at 27,May,13 12:33 other posts of stickyknickers 

By #164428 at 28,Jun,13 23:25
By stickyknickers at 29,Jun,13 23:32 other posts of stickyknickers 

By mywusch at 29,Jun,13 10:59 other posts of mywusch 
i love to be nude outdoors, specially in summer and on nude beaches! first time on nude beach i felt a little nervous and sat down with swimming shorts on. after a while, lying in the hot sun, i slowly and shy put ma shorts away and it felt fantastic! i saw other people looking at me, while walking and i looked at them - i felt good! after a while i stood up and walked to the water - passing some nude people - and felt the water on my naked body! WONDRFUL! now i offen go to nude beaches and that`s why i love the summer!

By mickey192 at 29,Jun,13 03:39 other posts of mickey192 
I love being naked in the woods and in the fields not far from my house in the spring and the summer and i am naked most of the time in the house

By #380250 at 28,Jun,13 14:43
I had the best time in a hot tub this summer! I turned on the bubbles for the hot tub, got in with my GF and she gave my a hand job. She loves touching my penis and I love touching those tits! (By the way we were in put in bay Ohio in Lake Erie)

By Ben74 at 28,May,13 15:55 other posts of Ben74 
Love showering after swimming, naked, being together with other guys. No one speaks, no one shows, no one looks - but still...yes, everybody shows, everybody looks. It can be soo sexy...it turns me on pretty much, to be honest. Often, it gets me semi-hard. It`s one big room, and I`m too shy to get real hard, or to show my erected cock there, but...so fucking hot, yes.

By mn751 at 03,May,13 16:29 other posts of mn751 
Oh yes...I love public nudity!
At the beach

By CreativeOne at 30,Apr,13 23:18 other posts of CreativeOne 
"Yes" !

I love being naked outdoors as you can see from my page ! Feel free to stop by and say "Hi"

By Reid43 at 30,Apr,13 10:34 other posts of Reid43 
I love to be naked in the woods. Naked hiking is the best!

By bigone21 at 29,Apr,13 19:16 other posts of bigone21 
As I have posted before, Le Cap d'Agde in the south of France is a great place for naturists! The biggest naturist resort in the world. 10.000 people walking around naked, how free could one be?

If you like to understand what it's like to LIVE naked, this is the place to be!

By #285354 at 29,Apr,13 19:14
I love the idea of being a nudist. I wish that had the balls to go to a nudist camp or beach. I've only tried it in private. I love it in all weather:

It is a wonderful healthy, enjoyable feeling.

By mickey192 at 28,Apr,13 04:27 other posts of mickey192 
I love to be nude i am nude most of the time in the house and i love to naked hiking in the spring and the summer it makes you feel free and good i also go to naked days at the sauna and i have been to naked hotels it is great to be naked

By SydP at 05,Mar,13 00:04 other posts of SydP 
I love to go nude in public or private. I often go around nude at home. In the summer I can keep the air at 75 degrees or so and still feel comfortable, in winter - not so comfortable, but at least my dick is free to hang without anything holding me back!

Most people, including me, feels very nervous and also stimulated the first time - but you get used to being naked and seeing all the other naked people after just the first hour of nudity, then you learn to just relax and enjoy it. Talk to other people, young and old, male or female and it just feels so natural! I say try as hard as you can to just go as naked as you can, you should soon feel comfortable enough to bare it all. Like jumping into a cold ocean - just do it all at once - it's a very VERY rewarding experience. You will soon realize everybody else is comfortable with you being as nude as they are.

I've been to nude beaches and a private club/camp. It's great camping outdoors sans textiles! The club I go to has a hot tub, and 10 minutes in there and I am comfortable being outdoors in 55 degree weather for a good hour!

Just realize that public nudity is about freedom and comfort - not sex. Flirtatous behavior is not at all well tolerated. If you are looking for sexual behavior then stay home and invite your close friends over!

By Ray10754 at 23,May,11 18:48 other posts of Ray10754 
Horny4u69,Being an avid nudist myself,My advice to you is as follows,
Find a local resort that is (clothing opptional) make an appointmet to attend,usally for first timers they will give you a tour of the facilities,This can be done fully clothed at most places,Remember the key is (Clothing Optional)After the tour you will be on your own to do as you please,most people will start out with just some sort of coverup,weather it be a towle or just shorts,find your self a spot that your comfortable with and relax,you will find that other people wont even notice your there.
One your comfortable with the setting around you remove your clothes and just enjoy the feeling of being nude in public.
One thing to remember!!Staring is rude!!and always carrie a towle to sit on,that is just Nudist ediquet!!
Hope it all works out for you,being nude in public and amongst others isa wounderfull feeling.
If you would like to talk some more drop me a line
Will be happy to answer any and all your questions you may have to the best of my ability.

By niginni at 23,May,11 04:34 other posts of niginni 
i go naked around the house quite a lot, usually sundays and in the back garden, hopeing my friend will come round have a naked sunday together soon

By #140602 at 22,May,11 15:17
Being nude is very liberating and I do it as often as I can.
The beach at Maspolomas Gran Carnary Island is brillant it's so nice to feel the freedom of being nude and the warmth of the sun on your cock and balls.
By boy at 22,May,11 18:51 other posts of boy 
I totally agree. I've often been there and it is one of the best places for nudists.

By spermkiss at 18,Aug,10 19:21 other posts of spermkiss 
Being nude in public is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Even better is to have sex in public. It really opens up your mind.

By Matt52 at 18,Aug,10 15:42 other posts of Matt52 
From Matt's Wife: The first time I was really nude in public was sunday and I really liked it, Matt and I even had sex in public, it was hot!

By MoeJoe at 18,Aug,10 04:46 other posts of MoeJoe 
The only problem is.....a girl can flash her pussy in public and it's okay....a guy flashes his cock and he's in jail.....be careful out there.

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