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Weirdest place to masterbate

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Started by #172091 at 05,Jul,11 02:49
What is the weirdest place you have ever masterbated

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By XJacker at 21,Aug,23 14:46 other posts of XJacker 
On top of a Scottish mountain. I’d spent all morning climbing it and there was no one around for miles. To celebrate I dropped my shorts and briefs and jerked one off.

By nekekal at 20,Aug,23 21:50 other posts of nekekal 
Probably the weirdest place was while I was hunting deer. Up in the mountains, struggling uphill through about 2 feet of snow. I was breathing really hard and excited. For some reason my cock got hard and just getting it out into the cold air seemed like a good idea. Then jerking it off seemed like a better idea.

So I did. Sprayed cum all over the snow. I felt great, i don't know where the deer went.

By Bi7incher at 20,Aug,23 07:55 other posts of Bi7incher 
I was around 12 years and one night I got into my hot 16 yr old neighbors car late at night naked and jacked off in the drivers seat and came on it and left my cum there for her to sit in

By Toondick at 20,Aug,23 07:09 other posts of Toondick 
This one time, my Job at a car dealer asked me if I would test drive a customer's car.

During the 15 minute drive, I whipped my dick out, and started jacking it, while driving.

I didn't cum though, if I had, it would have been all over the steering wheel.

By #468924 at 22,Sep,14 05:51
i did it at school , i was in the back seat and my cock fit inside the desk i just choked it thinking about the hot girl in front of me and chummed inside the desk. i was quick and quit i can cum in under a minute. risky
--------------------------------------- added after 86 seconds

i also have done it at work , in my car while driving, I'm my friends bathroom , or anywhere i could pull it out without getting caught
By #64328 at 22,Sep,14 21:54
Quickies in risky places jas been a real turn on for me too

By leopoldij at 20,Sep,14 10:23 other posts of leopoldij 
On a roller coaster. I pulled my shorts off and started masturbating. After a few minutes i shot a huge load and shouted out loud too!!

By Meandick at 14,Sep,14 16:47 other posts of Meandick 
Mine was in an aeroplane bathroom mid flight
By #64328 at 15,Sep,14 01:42
Ive done that

By #64328 at 14,Sep,14 16:20
I have a long list of places....Here's one.. Dressing room at a Mervynsdept store with my mom waiting just outside the door....I was pretty young at the time

By Blade at 12,Sep,14 02:46 other posts of Blade 
So many...hahah. When I was a teen, in a video arcade. I was sitting in one of those sit down games that has curtains on the sides. it was some duel shooting game for two people at once.

It was dark, and I actauly played the game, but after I decided to finally releave myself, as I was horny from talking to some female friends in the food court earlier. I pulled my dick out and decided to have a quick one.

As I was almost about to cum I see two sets of feet outside the game. A couple kids waiting to play. they yelled thru the curtain asking if they could have next game. I said yes. I wondered if they thought I sounded funny....hahahah.

the kids were talking about something, and then I blasted my cum all over the inside of the game. My first watery cumshot hit the screen, and the rest shot on the controller and above coin slot.

I stepped out he other side, and no one was around. I used the other curtain to wipe my dick off (how convenient, hahahah) and put dick away. I peek around the back and told the two boys, around 12ish, that I was done. they went in and I heard one freak saying "aww man that dude spit on the controller". One **** got out, and to cover myself, I turned arund and said ya, it was like that when I played it.

I went and played something else and came back tot hat game, and same kids were playing. They either just used controller with my cum on it or wipped it off.

By leopoldij at 25,Jul,14 21:08 other posts of leopoldij 
i masturbated in the movies too, and it wasn't porn.

By #390287 at 24,Jul,14 05:03
at the movies during the first Narnia movie with an old boyfriend.

By #463952 at 23,Jul,14 23:54
In the bathroom on the amtrak train

By #181785 at 09,Aug,11 01:48
In a storage unit.

By pifad at 08,Jul,11 05:35 other posts of pifad 
On a crowded bus at rush hour when it was standing room only

By jackie at 06,Jul,11 10:01 other posts of jackie 
i maturbate inside the toilet, bathroom, car, jungle, inside my room, infront of mirrors.

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