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By Meandick at 15,Apr,21 18:06
I love having my big dick rode, love the feeling of being used and watching them enjoy my cock and it filling them up. Love sucking on the tits in my face too

By Meandick at 05,Jan,21 00:09

By Meandick at 30,Oct,20 14:38
Visit my page and see exactly that

By Meandick at 26,Oct,20 15:49
I used to masterbate with a few school friends when I was about 11. That stopped for about 5 year until a older friend started getting his dick out around me and then I started showing him mine. We used to watch porn together and wank all of the time but never actually touched each other.

By Meandick at 27,Sep,20 21:38

By Meandick at 20,Sep,20 10:06
I have a vibrating prostate massager that feels good, I sit on the side of my bed and rock back and forth and it rubs against my p spot, I have a rabbit dildo/vibrator that I use on my gf but I’m tempted to try it in my ass. I want something long and thick to play with

By Meandick at 13,May,20 23:39
Straight slight side curve

By Meandick at 28,Apr,20 22:52

By Meandick at 10,Jun,18 04:24
Me and my friend used to run around our estate naked at midnight, wanking in the middle of the street. He had a motorbike aswell and through the day we would ride around on that and I would have my pants pulled down while driving past people on the road

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By Meandick at 15,Mar,17 21:44
I sometimes taste my precum, it's so sweet and tastes amazing. I loose the urge to eat my cum though, only tasted it a couple of times

By Meandick at 15,Mar,17 21:41

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By Meandick at 27,Oct,16 21:58
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

By Meandick at 13,Oct,16 00:36
When I was around 12 I used to masturbate with friends and we would watch each other, did it for 4 years and it was great. Wish I had someone to do it with now

By Meandick at 13,Oct,16 00:30
Guilty of this, I love looking at my dick and I'm glad everyone else can too

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By Meandick at 28,May,16 05:27
Sucking cock sure does sound fun, I need to try it asap.

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By Meandick at 10,Mar,16 17:43
I've tried a couple of times a while ago but I've never came by doing it, I must be doing something wrong, I tried to get a finger up a few month ago but it wasn't going far and it hurt too

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By Meandick at 15,Nov,15 23:29
I have about 4 strong thick shots

By Meandick at 30,Oct,15 19:45
Me and my girl friend have just started fucking Infront of the mirror, it's so hot

By Meandick at 30,Oct,15 19:44
I love getting comments on my pics and people messaging me telling me about my cock

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By Meandick at 20,Sep,15 20:53
I'm starting a hopefully long edging session now. 20 minutes in taking my time feeling every stroke. Pictures may follow

By Meandick at 11,Sep,15 23:37
I can cum in a couple of minutes, sometimes straight away if I'm really horny. I used to have really long edging sessions for hours on end just taking myself all the way till I couldn't stop my self and shooting all over the place

By Meandick at 18,May,15 20:58
I masturbated with some friends growing up, started playing with Each other by about 11 or 12

By Meandick at 09,Dec,14 00:43
18 maybe 5 to 6 times a week

By Meandick at 25,Nov,14 01:02
Don't know where mine came from, I'm not a mean person

By Meandick at 23,Nov,14 11:59
I never have but I've always wanted to, don't really know how to find someone to do it with

By Meandick at 23,Nov,14 11:35
I love to look in mine, there's a good mixture if pics

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By Meandick at 16,Nov,14 22:00
I started to when I was about 14 but now I **** with boxers on because if I'm naked I'll just start to jack off, I can't help my self

By Meandick at 04,Nov,14 00:34
7.8 inch erect

By Meandick at 02,Nov,14 18:40
Aeroplane toilet, friends house (nearly every room), balcony on holiday. Can't think of the rest

By Meandick at 02,Nov,14 18:36