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Who has a collection of small cocks in their "favorites" file?

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Started by #188764 at 27,Aug,11 16:40
I've got a small cock myself, and I'm WAY turned on by smaller-than-average boners. Anyone collect them in their "favorites" file? I've just started creating my favorites, and I have a pretty good selection so far.)

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New Comment

By earthy at 23,Sep,23 21:09 other posts of earthy 
Not really a collection, but have a number of those in mine.

By kupreanoff at 23,Sep,23 18:37 other posts of kupreanoff 
I love me some small shaved dick and tight hairless balls . look at my favorites

By #463848 at 29,Dec,22 11:17
I always look for a 5-6 ins dick when I am cruising the internet
By #662360 at 02,Jan,23 08:32
So you’d certainly like mine! [deleted image]

By Ohioguy at 02,Jan,23 05:31 other posts of Ohioguy 
I do

By #307035 at 04,Mar,13 17:42
I have a few in mine


By #265525 at 03,Mar,13 16:43
There's something very sexy about a nice short uncut cock! Just a turn on.

By #220845 at 03,Mar,13 04:06
I don't but I think they are very hot

By spermkiss at 27,Aug,11 19:49 other posts of spermkiss 
I LIKE DICKS! ALL DICKS. But I gotta admit that it's the very large and the very small that really get my attention. Have you ever noticed that body builders very often have smaller than average dicks? It's really hot to see a guy with a very well developed physique and a small penis. It's also really hot to see a skinny, hairless, young guy with an enormous penis. I'm waiting to see a porn movie with guys like this paired up.
By slipper at 27,Aug,11 20:01 other posts of slipper 
Steroids can be a bitch!
By spermkiss at 28,Aug,11 06:02 other posts of spermkiss 
Perhaps I'm a bit dim witted, but until I read your comment it didn't even occur to me that part of the reason that so many body builders have small endowments is that they have pumped themselves up with steroids. I had put it down to genetics. Big muscles go with small dicks and vice versa. Muscular men with relatively small penises also fit the Greek ideal. Take a look at ancient Greek art.

But with steroid use by atheletes very much in the news the past few years and with shrinking of the genetalia a side effect of steroid use, the connection seems obvious. How did I miss it?

But I still think it would be super hot to see a big strapping body builder with a small dick get fucked by a skinny kid with a big one. Porn producers are you listening?
By #343754 at 01,Mar,13 07:14
Steroid use does not shrink your penis common myth, it does shrink your testicles.
By spermkiss at 02,Mar,13 20:00 other posts of spermkiss 
Thanks for passing that along. One of the best parts of SYD is the things we members learn from each other here on the Forum.

By #323075 at 01,Mar,13 05:45
My dick sometimes is very little when soft! Maybe you find some picture for your collection on my page.

By slipper at 27,Aug,11 19:59 other posts of slipper 
First, yours does NOT look small to me, except on the Web where everyone seems to have a horse-cock. But, yes, I too LOVE the small ones, especially soft and uncut!!! However, I don't put them in my "Favorites" but instead download them so they cannot be lost.
By spermkiss at 28,Aug,11 06:06 other posts of spermkiss 
Nor do I think you dick looks especially small, Balt. It may be smaller than some men's, but I think it's the perfect sucking size: big enough to be a satisfying mouthful but not so big as to trigger a gag reflex. Want a blow job?
By slipper at 05,Sep,11 05:26 other posts of slipper 
I'd like one, spermkiss!
By spermkiss at 05,Sep,11 19:00 other posts of spermkiss 
Hey, any time. Sucking cock is my forte and I'm a World Class Cocksucker.

By winnie at 04,Sep,11 14:54 other posts of winnie 
Take a look atmy small one

By #86194 at 04,Sep,11 14:01
if you like small cocks you'll like my pics and vids

By bradyD at 28,Aug,11 04:34 other posts of bradyD 
I measure about 3 1/2 myself

By littleun at 27,Aug,11 19:40 other posts of littleun 
i have to admit. i too have a real thing for the small ones. i have a few pics in my favorites.

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