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The BEST you ever had!

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Started by BALLZDIXNCLITZ at 07,Mar,12 15:58  other posts of BALLZDIXNCLITZ
The ABSOLUTE BEST sexual experience you ever had!!! How old were you? If there was a partner, what gender? How old was the partner, if there was one? What was it about the experience that qualified it as the best you ever had, and is it something you have ever been able to duplicate?
Though fantasies are welcome, I would appreciate if it truly is just a fantasy and has never been a reality, please indicate that it is a fantasy. I am mostly seeking honest, true experiences. But feel free to express a fantasy if you state it as such.
Just want to share the memory with you!!!

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By cumcouplessa at 09,Jun,24 06:26 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. Without doubt, the best sex we ever had was both during and after our first mmf 3'some. We got home early hours of the morning after spending the evening with this guy. We were both SO incredibly turned on by the whole experience that we made love like newlyweds until well after the sun came up, and we simply couldn't fuck anymore. We slept for hours and fucked again soon as we were both awake. For some reason, we just couldn't get enough of each other. My cock was sore for days. So was my mouth 🤣

By Maxwell_93 at 09,Jun,24 04:46 other posts of Maxwell_93 
I was hanging with a hypersexual goth girl in my teens. I didn't ask for or expect anything, but after the second date she wanted to give me head and took my virginity by switching it up and riding me. Maybe I'm nostalgic because it was my first time, but that was so hot being with a woman who took control.

By #716043 at 08,Jun,24 21:09
We were art students in our mid 20’s. She modeled for life drawi g class and I liked what I saw. Beautiful full breasts and a gorgeous big round ass.
We went our a coup,e of times and started having regular sex. She could make me cum 3-4 times , and I made sure she got off for each time I did.We fucked everywhere in the car in the back store room in the foundry, in the hot tub , on the beach, out in the field. I loved her pussy and loved licki g it and getting her off. She’s the only woman I ever ate out when she had her period.
We got a little kinky with me tying her up. One night I had her secured and was taking turns with licking her pussy and ass and fucking her . Both edging and changing position over and over u til we were both in steady orgasm . I came u til I was dry and just kept spamming over and over dry cummms. Never reached that peak again. The wife just couldn’t keep up.

By SexIsLife at 02,Jun,24 19:06 other posts of SexIsLife 
I've successfully managed my shy and conservative wife to have roleplay sex once. She wanted to choose whom I should play role during sex. She's chosen a guy who's our common friend. As per her wish I've opened my laptop and opened his face on the screen and started our roleplay sexual session. Few times later she's became such horny which I've never seen before. She's mentioned his name and begged him to do so many naughtiest sexual behaviour and I have to follow those exactly as per her wish. She's got so many orgasms during our rp sex session. That was my best what I had

By lovetolickyou at 31,May,24 05:05 other posts of lovetolickyou 
I'm probably always going to be more oriented to be attracted to women, but very occasionally I've had oral relationships with male friends. Without a doubt, the most outstanding experience I've ever had was sixty nine with a close male friend and us orgasming simultaneously.

By thicknsmooth at 31,May,24 02:24 other posts of thicknsmooth 
I have had many really great experiences but I would have to say the best was when I was 13 years old being able to suck my own cock and cum in my own mouth. I was skinny and muscular very flexible and my cock was at full grown size at that age. It was 7 1/2 inches long the size it is today but on that young body it was huge much bigger than the other boys

By wirda at 11,Feb,24 15:52 other posts of wirda 
For my 40th birthday I had sex with 5 guys all at once during the weekend

Let’s just say there was cum everywhere, inside and outside of me 😉

I haven’t had sex with 5 men since then but I would love to do it all over again

By Fixittight at 10,Feb,24 01:07 other posts of Fixittight 
The first time I shared a woman with another man. All three of us were in perfect sink and on the same page and honestly it was life-changing

By nekekal at 31,Dec,21 21:19 other posts of nekekal 
There are two best. Different but equally memorable.

The first was ofcourse my first real fuck. I was about 18, she it turned out, was 17. But while I had not fucked anybody, she had fucked almost everybody.

It finally was my turn and we got into the bedroom and got naked. My cock was raging with anticipation. She took one look and said that my cock was big but she could do it with some lube. I laid back on the bed, and she put a bead of lube around under my cock head, smeared a bit on the head, squatted over me and aimed my cock into her cunt. As she got it into her and slid down, it was the most amazing feeling going through my body ss cum flowed into her. I am sure that I came before she got down as far as she was going.

But I was determined that my first actual fuck was not going to end with one stroke. I wanted it to be orgasmic for hours. I tried to not show that I had cum, and she just continued to fuck me. Up and down. I am not sure if she ever orgasmed or not but he second time I had a body shaking, mind blowing orgasm and she seemed to notice and pulled herself off of my cock. At that point cum ran out of her like a gusher and she knew that I had been fucked enough. I would have married her, but she liked to fuck everyone.

The second was simpler. I was in my mid 20s and was picked up in a bar by a woman who suggested that we go to her place. We left the bar about midnight and were naked by maybe 12:30 to one o'clock. She told me to lay back and enjoy because she only wanted to suck my cock. Sounded good to me. She was an unusually good cock sucker for a woman.. Maybe because that was what she liked to do. Anyway, in a few minutes I was putting cum in her mouth and she just swallowed and kept sucking. My cock stayed hard and she kept sucking, i kept cuming. Cocksucking nirvana. I was in practically a continuous state of orgasm.

At 5 in the morning, she took my cock out of her mouth, the head looked like a raisen, and told me that as soon as I came again she was going to have to go to work. My body was so well drained that I didn't even argue. She sucked, I came, she went to the shower, I got dressed and went home. But it was absolutely the best sexual encounter after the first fuck.

By #652979 at 30,Dec,21 23:43
My best sexual experience was being part in a 10-days sex party with several guys and ladies.
I had sex for 10 days with girls and a few guys. Awesome experience.

By #596334 at 12,Sep,19 01:29
Would have to say, the best was the first with a new women. The anticipation is fantastic.

By #423426 at 19,Jun,19 12:28
Not sure if it's the best, but certainly memorable for me, one I often think about. I ventured into a gay sauna, having only had one bi experience before. Couldn't believe my eyes, sex everywhere. I'd been there about half an hour, been sucked, wanked on, and had two cocks in my mouth at once, when I walked past a room with the door open and two guys inside fucking. I stood wanking for a while, they didnt mind, so I reached under and wanked the guy being fucked. The other guy pulled out and took his condom off and we stood playing with each other's hard cocks. He went down on his knees and started sucking us, one then the other. Just as I was about to come, he went back to the other guy so i wanked off into his face and on the cock he was sucking. He quickly came back to me and took the last few spurts then went back and licked the rest off the other guy's cock. I dont go now, being in a steady relationship with my lovely wife, but my mind goes back there when we're fucking.

By bil47 at 18,Jun,19 22:03 other posts of bil47 
When I was 13, I was invited by three similar-age neighborhood boys to join their Sex Club. There was even a clubhouse... a crude "fort" in the woods made of some plywood and a piece of carpet on the ground. I had been sexually naive at one moment, and was a horny little sex addict (sort of) the next moment. There were so many "firsts" in one hour of sex-play.

By #591921 at 18,Jun,19 18:19
Just divorced the best I ever had a few years ago now hope I get a new best since that has left the area.

By #516354 at 12,Jun,19 06:22
Below is my best sexual experience,although we did it several times more with other Masters and Mistresses:-

My ex wife(also my Mistress)used to cam our B.D.S.M sessions on an adult dating site.We met and became friends with a local guy(a Master) on there and would cam and chat with him.One evening She invited him to our house and when He arrived I was ordered by my Mistress to strip.Although He had seen me naked on cam I found it humiliating to be stood there naked (except for my cock cage and collar)in person.I was tied face down by my wrists and ankles bent over a table.The Master then had sex with my Mistress with Her humiliating me by saying things like 'He's much bigger than you'and 'He can last a lot longer than you' etc.When they had both had their orgasms my Mistress came over to me and shoved her dripping pussy in my face and ordered me to lick it clean.Once done She put her strap-on on and started to fuck me in the arse(She had used this before as well as dildos and butt plugs).The Master then shoved His cock in my mouth and told me to clean it and get it hard again.As She watched me sucking His cock my wife thought it funny and started laughing and calling me a 'sissy faggot'.Once I had got it hard He told my Mistress that He wanted to fuck my arse,so they swapped places and He gave my arse a good fucking.After He had cum in my arse I was released,cock cage removed and told to masturbate over the table whilst They watched.So I stood there cum dripping out of my arse masturbating(both laughing and making humiliating remarks at me) and when I had shot my load over the table,They ordered me to lick it all up.

Having His cock in my arse felt completely different to having the strap-on,dildos and butt pugs in there.It was warm and not cold like them for a start and seemed to move in and out differently,it was a great sensation

By #275407 at 11,Jun,19 01:20
That's hard to say, I've had so many awesome experiences, and they were all fifferent, it's hard to pick the best

By #543240 at 10,Jun,19 21:22
I must have been 18 at the time and I went to meet a shemale. It was my first time being fucked so she tied me too the bed so I wouldn't move. The pounding was amazing and just by her fucking me I cummed from the pounding. Absolutely amazing

By #535695 at 09,Jun,19 14:25
I'm mostly straight but here is the blog about the best sex and hardest cum I ever had: Last night the guy that I let f@ck my boi pussy bareback came over. It had been a while since I got laid and I was ready. We sat on the couch and started making out, then groping each other. Taking our clothes off we decided to retire to the bedroom and get naked. Gawd his cock was hard and so perfect. I can just get it all the way in my mouth before I choke. It was bigger than I remembered and I knew I was going to let him take my ass again. Some more kissing then he went down on me, sucking my cock and then rimming me. He moved up to f@ck me but I wanted his cock in my mouth some more first, Damn it is a fine cock. Finally I laid on my back and offered him the lube and he entered me. First he rode me with my legs over my head, then doggy style. Finally he had me get on top and ride his cock cowgurl style while he jacked my cock and pinched my nipple, which I love. I don't cum easily but I could feel the climax coming and I shot a big load on his chest. Normally I am a masculine guy but Oh my, it is so hot to be his cumslut gurl.

By fatcock66 at 14,Sep,18 21:31 other posts of fatcock66 
Ah yes, Cindy... sweet Cindy... I'm sure she was a nympho. Only time I got off three times in same session. First, she blew me util I came in her mouth. Take awhile for me. Then, I got hard again in 5 minutes due to her urging, so we fucked. She liked to ride my dick, so I rolled her off and ate her out for a bit, got hard AGAIN and fucked. Came so good. She fucked again next morning. Had pussy every night for two weeks. Never again so much sex

By #547532 at 14,Sep,18 19:10
I could never pick one best I ever had sexual experience. But since me & my gay boyfriend have become lovers & not just sexual partners, the sex with him as become 1,000 times better.

By #146804 at 07,Mar,12 17:20
Probably the first time my man came on my face. I've always loved cum but for some reason past boyfriends (well boyfriend as the other couldn't keep himself hard) just wouldn't do it.

The first time my man said "I'm going to cum" during a BJ I moved him out of my mouth and stroked him with his cock pointing straight at my face. I could see how much he liked the idea and knowing he wanted it made me wild. I was shaking and moaning as each spurt of his cum landed on my face, it was an unbeatable experience.
By Sickboy at 07,Jul,13 22:30 other posts of Sickboy 
Well ok reading that, I now need some alone time!

By BALLZDIXNCLITZ at 08,Mar,12 13:43 other posts of BALLZDIXNCLITZ 
Thank you, all who have posted!!! Interested in hearing more. Truly curious to hear what others remember as their best as well! Thanks again!

By #181785 at 08,Mar,12 06:45
Giving myself a blowjob. I was about 14 the first time I tried it. I had been fucking and sucking the neighbor for about year. I was really tall & thin 6' & 100lbs, & really flexable, so one day, I said to myself while whacking off can you suck your self. Well it was hard at first (no pun) but finally got in the right position. It was and still is the greatest blowjob I've ever had. I was doing 2 of the neighbors and myself about once a week each for about another year. Then I found new mind altering toys & women. Now I'm working on getting back in shape and giving it another try.

By slipper at 08,Mar,12 06:15 other posts of slipper 
When in High School... and, I married her! Never regretted it.

By BALLZDIXNCLITZ at 07,Mar,12 16:12 other posts of BALLZDIXNCLITZ 
I was 19, she was a little younger. I had seen her for some time and always thought her face was so pretty! Not "Model Glamorous", but simple, cute, pretty, and sexy! Her body was very well proportioned. Perky, firm yet soft titties, sweet little ass, and slightly petite.
She was the best ever because she smelled so sweet! Her pussy had a tiny "landing strip" bush. And her creamy juice was SO SWEET!
I think she was the best because we just fit so well together physically. She felt tight, but not too tight. She was always clean. Each time with her was equally as memorable, even though it only lasted about 6 months with her because I moved away, because she was always willing to try anything. She loved exhibiting herself to others for my pleasure, and explored me happily. Her enthusiasm for excitement was probably the most sexy quality, even as hot as her body was.
Now if I could just find her again to have another go with her...

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