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Last time you saw another cock live 02,May,19 16:36
How long or have you ever seen a live in person hard cock? 15,Aug,15 04:09
being stroked to orgasm 30,Apr,15 02:16


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didn't read whole thread... but if you can't see the evidence right in front of you

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if an external link works...

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I'm 71

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here's my senior cock... 71 yrs

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you shave if you or your partner likes the look. You trim if you have a foreskin. On me hair gets caught between the foreskin and the head and it is annoying at best and irritating at worst

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I was virgin, she was virgin... she got on top... it felt wonderful

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the trick is getting some to admit it

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5th grade. some guy wanted me to come over to study, his parents were gone and we were down in his basement. He just pulled his out and offered to let me touch it. I did. He wanted to see mine, so I did. He too had a foreskin

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I don't usually carry a ruler when a sexual opportunity arises. Literally, arises.

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it's my dream to have sex with a gay man.

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Love it. never a need for lube when wanking

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you know what... I've NEVER had a girl/woman measure my cock or ask how big it was. Think about that.

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your own does not count (but you probably knew that)

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I assume you swallow

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the details... that's what's exciting. How big was it? cut/uncut? did you get naked? etc

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working on it. they are buried deep so wife doesn't find
She wasn't nude, but did pose like she was.

By fatcock66 at 24,Apr,19 18:07
was on long road trip. In Colorado, I noticed a chick hitching. Of course I stopped. From a distance, cute, but up close... ugly with nice body... and dirty. she'd been on the road awhile. She rode with me the rest of that day, and stayed with me in motel. After she took a bath, she offered a blow job... I accepted. Then, we fucked. Not bad. Did again in morning. bought her breakfast, some smokes, and gave her a bit of $. She got out in Utah. I'll see if I can find the old pics I took.

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if they are honest, all of us

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porn is "a means to an end" no pun. so, maybe a sex addiction. Ask yourself, why look at porn? I love getting off, don't you?

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I'm self taught. I'm uncut, so early on (a few years) I never used my hand, I always humped the bed or something. Then I discovered one sleepless night that I could stroke it to orgasm. Was amazing to see it shoot off. a real turn on. Later discovered I could jack off in a rubber. that was fun.

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wish my wife was strange

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--------------------------------------- added after 43 minutes

I'm 69... still get good and hard. Can't shoot over my head as I used to though

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has no one thought how cool it might be to be fucked and eaten out as a woman? Maybe could give you some insights

By fatcock66 at 03,Nov,18 14:48
yeah, females don't know the proper rhythm and get tired easily... maybe even get too rough

By fatcock66 at 31,Oct,18 18:35
wow, just found a "trough" type urinal at a bar in an old building. Nice and clean, refinished, had the constantly running water too. No partitions at all. Just walk up, whip it out, and let fly
wish there were more guys at it. saw a couple cocks. nothing outstanding. wonder if anyone noticed mine?

By fatcock66 at 30,Oct,18 22:58
the big boss at work used to put both hands flat on the wall above urinal and let fly. Never could see his cock. His banter with a mate next to him was, "man, this water is cold", and the other guy would answer, "yeah, and deep too"

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2nd time my current doc did a DRE and rubbed my prostate a bit longer than usual because he said it felt "mushy", I started getting hard and actually expressed a few drops of semen. Not a cumshot by any means, but he reached down with the same gloved had that was just in my ass and pinched some of it between fingers. I think he was checking the viscosity. No words were spoken.

By fatcock66 at 15,Oct,18 15:50
in college room, on twin bed, entering my girl from behind for first time

By fatcock66 at 16,Sep,18 16:23
the best is the old "horse trough" urinal at a bar. guys are just loose enough to not care if you see. Just look for the ones that look back

By fatcock66 at 14,Sep,18 21:31
Ah yes, Cindy... sweet Cindy... I'm sure she was a nympho. Only time I got off three times in same session. First, she blew me util I came in her mouth. Take awhile for me. Then, I got hard again in 5 minutes due to her urging, so we fucked. She liked to ride my dick, so I rolled her off and ate her out for a bit, got hard AGAIN and fucked. Came so good. She fucked again next morning. Had pussy every night for two weeks. Never again so much sex

By fatcock66 at 27,Aug,18 20:31
most of my female cousins were/are very nasty. I learnt how to "touch pee pees" at an early age. Kathy's mom was giving her a bath (both of us before grade school) and she turned towards me, smiled, and let out a huge pee. I've never forgot. to this day, that turns me on.