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Flaccid OR Erect

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Started by #262710 at 26,May,12 05:17
Do you like seeing flaccid cocks or hard cocks?
Personally I luv flaccid cocks. They are so sexy, erotic and hot.

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New Comment

By wirda at 31,Jan,24 16:02 other posts of wirda 
Hard cock so I can see what’s going inside

By hair_today at 27,Jan,24 17:09 other posts of hair_today 
I love the contrast so both

By ScottsCock at 27,Jan,24 14:22 other posts of ScottsCock 

By doedeldi at 27,Jan,24 13:30 other posts of doedeldi 
schlaffe Schwдnze, die schwingen so schцn.

By casado at 26,Jan,24 15:03 other posts of casado 

By Fixittight at 26,Jan,24 01:25 other posts of Fixittight 
Definitely soft to start. Love how it feels in my mouth circling my tongue around the head. Feeling it growing bigger and harder in my mouth. Almost want to stop and let the cock go soft to do it all over again. "Almost"

By #190275 at 19,Feb,16 12:36
[deleted image]
[deleted image]

Wich do you prefer?
By #573046 at 13,Dec,18 22:36
Hard one.

By #573687 at 14,Dec,18 01:04
somehow I like flaccid cocks. Yours is beautiful shaped

By #463848 at 09,Dec,18 13:56
I would much prefer to find a cock soft either in photo or in reality.

By #485312 at 19,Feb,16 06:46
[deleted image]

By raybo36 at 31,Aug,15 01:52 other posts of raybo36 

By Narcan at 31,Aug,15 01:01 other posts of Narcan 

By #341539 at 06,Aug,13 01:36
Here I am flaccid
[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 45 seconds

Here I am hard
[deleted image]

By #384280 at 05,Aug,13 07:05
[deleted image]
[deleted image]
Decide yourself which one's hotter!

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 01:43 other posts of Bendy 
Anyone else flexible even when hard ?

By #285354 at 24,Jul,13 20:12
[deleted image]


[deleted image]
...and fun to show it both ways on SYD

By #415020 at 24,Jul,13 00:22
i like hard dick.

By #384280 at 23,Jul,13 11:58
[deleted image]
[deleted image]
Decide yourself.

By Bendy at 23,Jul,13 11:31 other posts of Bendy 
It's always kind of in between

By #161491 at 26,May,12 14:40
I adore the look of cocks in every lovely length and stage. However, I especially love the look of my husband's cock just moments after he cums, which probably explains why I have so many "post-orgasmic" pics on my page.

[deleted image]

[deleted image]
By 3fdfd at 22,Mar,13 12:40 other posts of 3fdfd 
your husband has a great cock - you are a very lucky man to have found him

By #178039 at 09,Dec,12 12:04
[deleted image]

I prefer flaccid
By 3fdfd at 22,Mar,13 12:38 other posts of 3fdfd 
especially a big uncit one like yours - looks great flaccid

By #323075 at 21,Mar,13 06:06
Here you have my flaccid cock:

[deleted image]

By Narcan at 27,Dec,12 13:37 other posts of Narcan 
Both are pretty good - best to see flaccid slowly standing up...

[deleted image]

By #7435 at 09,Dec,12 15:22
I like both!! For others, I have pics in both states

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

By #202392 at 08,Jun,12 01:46
i prefer flaccids!
[deleted image]

By heine at 30,May,12 14:33 other posts of heine 
I prefer flaccid w forskin
but like the others too

By #200320 at 29,May,12 02:15
go check mine and comment

By #237193 at 27,May,12 14:52
i luv it both wayz

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

By #266499 at 27,May,12 02:40

By #220845 at 26,May,12 17:31
Both hard and soft.

By bella! at 26,May,12 16:18 other posts of bella! 
My opinion, I think a flaccid cock is so damn sexy.....just hangin' there in pure, raw glory. YUMMY!

By cockalisious at 26,May,12 09:55 other posts of cockalisious 
i like erect cocks!

By #262978 at 26,May,12 08:19
I like flaccid a lot. That's is your penis normal state. Like the variation of their look.

By #153561 at 26,May,12 07:42
Have to say I have a thing for flaccid cocks, I love watching them go from as soft and small as they get into large powerful erections

By slipper at 26,May,12 06:32 other posts of slipper 
FLACCIDS here!!! Love 'em!

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