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By Bendy at 03,Apr,19 01:37

By Bendy at 29,Dec,16 14:58
But wh about the way it bends too easy?

By Bendy at 13,Dec,16 08:42

By Bendy at 13,Dec,16 08:40
Lol, what a uselessly worthless dick I've got, lmao

By Bendy at 13,Dec,16 08:37
What a worthless dick I have, lol... Maybe I should cut it off, lmao

By Bendy at 13,Dec,16 08:35

By Bendy at 02,Dec,13 11:00
How hard is it supposed to be? Is mine anywhere close to normal?

By Bendy at 02,Dec,13 10:46
How about flexible cocks? I can bend my boner in half, lmao

By Bendy at 02,Dec,13 10:38
I can pee with a fully erect cock

By Bendy at 02,Dec,13 10:35
I am very flexible and flimsy when it's hard. So I don't really know what is normal.

By Bendy at 10,Aug,13 18:41
Plz ladies let me know

By Bendy at 05,Aug,13 08:38
It can cause problems... What makes u ask, ?

By Bendy at 05,Aug,13 07:12
. It's too long and thin if it bends when erect...

By Bendy at 05,Aug,13 07:09
. Does sturdines matter ?

By Bendy at 05,Aug,13 07:04
. Always semi flaccid, or just flimsy really...

By Bendy at 05,Aug,13 07:02
. Mine always is semi flaccid

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 11:39
. There maybe,

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 11:37
lol... make fun of it. How about its flimsines?

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 07:52
lol... so floppy. Is mine too flimsy ?

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 02:48
flimsiness. I think it collapses cuz of it's length and it's thinness...

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 02:46
flimsiness boy, that dick is flimsy... Are you really hard?

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 02:44
flimsiness. At least it's permanently flimsy...

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 02:06
ef="">lol... so floppy. Mine doesn't even penetrate quite often cuz it's so big

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 02:04
ef="">lol... so floppy. Ladies, have you ever had a flimsier one like mine, ? If so whatcha think about it?

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 02:00
ef="">lol... so floppy. Can anyone else fold it in half fully erect, ?

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 01:58
ef="">lol... so floppy. It's too big to be useful...

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 01:50
. Never cuz too small, usually cuz it's too flimsy...

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 01:48
. I love having it bent all over and having a woman sit on it and laugh when it collapses

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 01:45
. Anyone else flimsier like me when it's erect?

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 01:43
Anyone else flexible even when hard ?

By Bendy at 04,Aug,13 01:40
...anyone else have problems with it bending cuz it's big ?

By Bendy at 25,Jul,13 07:13
Check mine

By Bendy at 24,Jul,13 07:39
Any ladies care to comment ?

By Bendy at 24,Jul,13 06:24
Lol... That's great... . I love hearing how flimsy and weak my boner is, lmao

By Bendy at 24,Jul,13 05:56
Just be glad yours isn't flimsy and bendable
like mine, lol.

By Bendy at 24,Jul,13 05:51
Long and thin... Prolly the worst combo... The result is a flimsy cock that collapses when erect,

By Bendy at 24,Jul,13 03:15
Mine is 9... But it's flimsy cuz it's so long... Lol

By Bendy at 24,Jul,13 01:53
How about mine ?

By Bendy at 24,Jul,13 01:50
I will bend the shit out of it for u

By Bendy at 24,Jul,13 01:47
Tell me your real thoughts on my flimsy cock

By Bendy at 24,Jul,13 01:16
9"... But because it's so long, it's not sturdy, and bends and folds,

By Bendy at 23,Jul,13 11:31
It's always kind of in between

By Bendy at 23,Jul,13 07:48
And u don't want it so big that it can't get as stiff as normal... Mine is too big , and it's flimsy and bends when it's erect...

By Bendy at 23,Jul,13 07:30
Be happy that it gets nice and stiff... Not all flimsy and bendable like mine...

By Bendy at 23,Jul,13 07:10
Mines flimsy when it's erect

By Bendy at 23,Jul,13 06:37
Does anyone else have a cock so flexible thatthey can fold it completely in half while it's fully erect?

By Bendy at 23,Jul,13 06:22
I like it also

By Bendy at 23,Jul,13 06:20
It's soo flimsy when erect

By Bendy at 23,Jul,13 06:17
It's too flexible

By Bendy at 23,Jul,13 05:28
I love having it humiliated and bent and flooded