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Sucked another dick today

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Started by #118847 at 05,Jun,12 04:37
Today I met a mwm, and he sucked my cock. Started soft and got hard in his mouth. He really fuckin sucked me, among the hardest working blowjobs I've had. I really don't cum from blowjobs. After a while he asked if I wanted to see his dick. I wound up stroking it, and then put it in my mouth and sucked it. I stroked it and sucked it for a while, quite afraid that he'd cum in my mouth. I'm not ready for that. His pre-cum was quite salty. I'm just not comfortable with the liquids from a dick, not yet. Actually I wasn't too comfortable with his dick. It was short and thin, with a bigger head. He was a nice enough guy, but his dick was unappealing. I didn't say anything about that, because it was exciting to suck a dick - only the second time for me. While he sucked me we talked about our sexual fantasies, what our wives did, etc. He licked my balls, and I jacked off till I was ready to cum. Then he took me in his mouth and swallowed my load. That was hot. The whole experience makes me want to be pickier about the dicks I suck. I'd like to try another ddf mwm, but I think I want a nicer cock. I'm also still not comfortable with precum or cum in my mouth. The cock itself is erotic, just not the juices (so far).

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By Cummingforyou at 09,Dec,23 02:09 other posts of Cummingforyou 
Want to suck a cock again been too long
By #708276 at 17,Jan,24 06:37
[deleted image]
Suck mine

By Cock1 at 04,Dec,23 16:39 other posts of Cock1 
I have not sucked a cock in a wile need cock and cum enny cock shape or size I suck deep and swallow
By #708276 at 17,Jan,24 06:36
[deleted image]
Do you want to suck mine?

By hardguyb at 09,Dec,23 02:15 other posts of hardguyb 
only registered users can see external links come cam

By #652988 at 19,Dec,21 15:24
O can't wait to suck a man's dick and have him cum in it

By #220845 at 05,Jun,12 17:14
By *kmadeau* at 06,Jun,12 02:07 other posts of *kmadeau* 
just married lol

By *kmadeau* at 05,Jun,12 16:11 other posts of *kmadeau* 
maybe you can try my one, here you go

By spermkiss at 05,Jun,12 15:53 other posts of spermkiss 
Give yourself time, the desire will come (no pun intended). There is no timetable that you have to follow. And remember, the number one rule about sex is that nobody has to do anything he or she does not want to do.

If you found it exciting to suck this man's dick, even though it wasn't the perfect dick for you and you found it exciting to give your load of sperm to another man and have him swallow it, then you're progressing nicely. It sounds as though you want to get to be comfortable taking a load yourself and swallowing it, but you're just not there yet. Give yourself time.

I'm a cocksucker myself and for me, taking a man to climax, feeling his cock throb in my mouth as he goes over the top, tasting the warm creamy goodness of his sperm and then swallowing that sperm is the most rewarding, satisfying and fulfilling thing in the world. When a man gives me his sperm he is giving me part of himself. That sperm will go down into my gut, be digested and turn into muscle tissue in my body. Part of him will become part of me. That feels really good.

By #239071 at 05,Jun,12 04:56
any pix?lol

By #269215 at 05,Jun,12 04:43
You should invest in a journal :]

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