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How often do you get your dick sucked, and how often do you cum from being sucked?

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Started by #161491 at 18,Mar,13 15:16
Two-part question.

I suck my husband's dick just about every day, so in a typical week he gets six to seven blow jobs. Except for a very rare occasion, he always cums around 10-15 minutes into the blow job.

As for me, my husband usually reciprocates after I've sucked him off, so I get blown about five to six times a week. However, I almost never cum from a blow job (I'd say maybe 10-20% of the time). So in a given month, I might cum once or twice from being sucked.

So what about you? How often do you get sucked, and how often do you get off while you're being sucked?

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By #709175 at 25,Jan,24 11:02
This may sound odd, then again maybe not. My wife would suck me every morning, it seemed like that anyway, no encouraging on my part, she just liked having cock in her mouth. Not only in bed but anywhere and particularly in the car while I'm driving. Here's the odd bit..... she couldn't and wouldn't take cum in the mouth or on her face. And only ever once did I blow in her mouth and what a mess, she vomited everywhere. Here's a woman whose favourite porn pictures were facials with lots cum. Go figure.

By Italian8 at 20,Jan,24 16:31 other posts of Italian8 
My wife sucks my cock a few times a week on average. I almost never cum from it however. I usually end up fucking her to cum. I have never been with a woman who could suck all of my cock. Maybe then I would cum easier.
By german_guy at 20,Jan,24 19:29 other posts of german_guy 
you are lucky...at least u get ur cock sucked....most women don't even try to do such.
By Italian8 at 20,Jan,24 21:09 other posts of Italian8 
Oh I am not complaining! We have a great sex life.
By german_guy at 24,Jan,24 18:48 other posts of german_guy 
glad to hear that ur really lucky

By #708276 at 21,Jan,24 01:13
Not as often as I want to …… about twice a week…. I wish I can get up to at least 7 times a week
--------------------------------------- added after 31 seconds

I need help

By Lvphose at 20,Jan,24 21:18 other posts of Lvphose 
I usually cum from a combination of sucking and stroking!

By cumcouplessa at 12,Feb,22 01:35 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. Luckily for me, wifey loves to suck cock so I get a blow job anytime I want. I don't always cum though, as sometimes I know she wants a good fuck too. However on many occasions, she'll blow me till I cum, then lay on her back waiting for me to return the favour. I never dissapoint in this regard, as I truly enjoy eating her pussy. We don't always have sex. Many times just oral.
By #708276 at 15,Jan,24 02:33
I would love to help you take care of your wife

By Lvphose at 03,Sep,22 05:32 other posts of Lvphose 
Love being sucked but it’s great when about to cum to be jerked! Like this!

By #660822 at 20,Feb,22 17:42
How often do I get sucked? Not anywhere near enough! Every time I was sucked I cam. Every time I sucked cock I always sucked until I had a load of cum in my mouth which I savored and swallowed.

By bil47 at 13,Feb,22 17:50 other posts of bil47 
My wife has gone completely asexual. My only blowjobs in the last 10 years have been in occasional hook-ups with men. I usually come in my partner's mouth. Otherwise finishing with a lubed handjob.

By earthy at 13,Feb,22 17:35 other posts of earthy 
Not often enough, but I usually cum everytime.

By #652979 at 12,Feb,22 10:08
I get some 6-8 blowjobs a week. Cumming always. She's a pro.
By german_guy at 12,Feb,22 18:46 other posts of german_guy 
you're damn lucky

By #655976 at 12,Feb,22 13:01
Just hang out at public restrooms and suck away , plus ass eating

By PowerStroke0178 at 12,Feb,22 10:35 other posts of PowerStroke0178 
Ohh man lol, it's been roughly 3 months since my last bj from the wife...before that I couldn't even start to remember 😤😤 she loves to fuck and have me suck the uterus out of her but she isn't a fan of sucking my cock 😤😤

By cumjohn at 02,Jan,17 21:50 other posts of cumjohn 
About 1-2 times a week. Mostly i cum when i get sucked, but it depends how fast. How talented cocksucker is and how many days load is coming. Usually within 10-15 minutes.
By MM_DD at 02,Jan,17 23:16 other posts of MM_DD 
If I were your lover, I'd certainly be sucking that beautiful cock of yours way more than just twice a week.
By cumjohn at 03,Jan,17 10:34 other posts of cumjohn 
Then i would make you be my cumslut for everyday
By MM_DD at 03,Jan,17 11:47 other posts of MM_DD 
You wouldn't have to make me; I would eagerly volunteer for the role.
By cumjohn at 03,Jan,17 13:53 other posts of cumjohn 
Good, i love eager men who sucks cock
By MM_DD at 03,Jan,17 23:06 other posts of MM_DD 

By #463848 at 27,Jan,22 10:19
I am surprised that so many men rely on the proficiency of the one giving oral to get an orgasm. I find that doing some gently mouth fucking always brings up my spunk; and yes I will let it go in the mouth if allowed.

By Lvphose at 29,May,21 08:47 other posts of Lvphose 
Sadly, not since I had a gf, no casual opportunities. My gf friend gave great head and sometimes swallowed, but much more frequently she knew when I was about to come and would jerk my cock and make me explode!

By cruz69696969 at 28,May,21 03:44 other posts of cruz69696969 
Not often enough and everyti

By allin4cum at 28,Mar,21 20:54 other posts of allin4cum 
I'll start of by saying not near enough. but more directly, I get sucked off about once a month and I cum each and every time. Blow jobs give me the most intense orgasms, better than any other sex.

By ForumUser12 at 17,Mar,21 14:45 other posts of ForumUser12 
I've always mostly had casual relationships in my life. That said, I always love getting blown because of the visual more-so than the feeling.

Except the last girl I was hooking up with. I've never felt someone suck dick like that, it was just as good as having sex, it's unbelievable.

By Gntlmn at 11,Mar,21 22:53 other posts of Gntlmn 
Over 3 years. I cummed in her mouth 5 or 6 times a day during a long weekend.
--------------------------------------- added after 12579 hours

It was as close to heaven as I've ever cummed. 'Sure do miss that big-titties gal from Valdosta Georgia!

By #637531 at 11,Mar,21 22:08
I've only gotten sucked once and it was years ago. best sexual experience of my life. Also my only sexual experience, but god I hope that changes.

By cruz69696969 at 10,Mar,21 07:52 other posts of cruz69696969 
not often enough

By #612966 at 09,Jun,20 20:13
My gf sucks my cock some 5 to 12 times a week. Every time i cum. She won't stop before i cum.

By #617062 at 13,May,20 05:06
My girl doesn’t suck my dick. Hasn’t in a long time and it’s frustrating af.--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutesHonestly I feel like im missing out and am probably going to find someone to suck me off soon I live in New Jersey if anyone wants to oblige lol

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 8 minutes

[deleted image]

By #615192 at 12,May,20 15:13
I probably average 2 bj's a week at this point, cum from 85% of them, the remaining ones I either break out the fleshlight or we finish by hand.

By thickswingercock at 12,May,20 05:55 other posts of thickswingercock 
almost daily, dont cum from that daily though, usually cum from pussy or tittyfucking

By andrew999999999 at 11,May,20 23:14 other posts of andrew999999999 
I used to get it sucked by a few guys every couple of weeks at the men's sauna I go to, I wouldn't cum every time though. But in these last few months, I've not had it sucked.

By #612966 at 11,May,20 19:12
I get sucked some 6-8 times a week. always cumming.

By #587111 at 27,Aug,19 02:30
I get blown twice a month

By #545468 at 02,Aug,19 23:57
My bf is also a nudist so we have lots of chances to get / give blowjobs. We both cum and we both swallow. I usually cum in about 10 minutes. He has a longer staying power and it usually takes me 20 minutes of sucking to get him to cum. Well worth the wait ...

On average we suck / get sucked 8 or 9 times a week. More during the summer when outdoor sex enters the equation

By #557991 at 04,Jun,19 06:33
It's been about, oh, 35 years since I've had my cock sucked until I came.
By #64328 at 04,Jun,19 17:13
That's too long

By #586354 at 04,Jun,19 13:37
Almost daily, but I don't cum from it very often in general. I prefer to fuck

By #584076 at 04,Jun,19 06:37
Sometimes multiple times.
My gf loves giving head...
Every day starts with a bj in the shower before work... Sometimes it leads to sex...
We also fuck every night...
Yes... I fully know how lucky I am.

By Gntlmn at 31,May,19 04:16 other posts of Gntlmn 
Not since an old Ashley Madison gf stayed a weekend January a year ago. She sucked my balls dry morning, noon, and night!

By #567021 at 29,Sep,18 21:23
Been like 8 years since I’ve gotten any head. But truthfully; I don’t really get off on it. Never have been able tol cum from getting sucked. Probably because I haven’t gotten a blowjob that’s been worth a shit!
By MM_DD at 07,Oct,18 21:23 other posts of MM_DD 
Really sorry to hear that, bud. A shame because judging from your pic, you have a really delicious-looking cock. Looks like the perfect size for sucking.

By #588373 at 31,May,19 04:03
One of the first straight men I sucked(his wife was pregnant) and a friend of his whose wife hated sucking cocks that I sucked told James, he heard I sucked and swallowed.
After a softball game, he dropped by my apt. With a six pack and told me his nuts hurt, he'd fyck a snake's mouth if I would hold it open. I didn't say anything but when he brought me a beer, I was sitting in a living room chair and he walked right up to me with his crotch right in my face.
I looked up at him and he said, look Pam sucks me often but I have never been able to cum. Hecsaid get on your knees
And I did. Hecstarted out just hanging his fat 7 incher out of his jeans. I sucked him trying to gage what he liked; it wasn't long he unbuckled his belt and pulled his nuts out. I licked and rolled them in my mouth. No I didn't take my clothes off. I knew he just wanted a hole to cum in.
He didn't talk I sucked him using my tongue and apllying presdure to the underside of his cock. Yeah, he dropped his pants and then I started fucking his cock with my mouth licking his nuts before I backed off, sometimes I would let it pop out of my mouth, then dive back on his cock down to his nuts. He kicked one leg out of his pants and about 15 mk utes later, he had a hand on either side of my head and told me
Just keep your mouth olen I'll do the rest. I'm gonna give you what you want.Hecwas ramming his cock into my throat pretty hard and definitely regular non stop for the next 8 minutes or so.
And he came, man did he cum.Grunting while I was gulping.
So what's the point, yeah I think you're right..a terrible cocksucker(anybody sucking your cock) is not going to make most men want to cum. But you have to remember, a cocksucker is submissive and its on you to take charge. Tell em what you want. Guide thejr head to the rhythm you like. Tell em to suck harder or just glide. Tell em to lick your nuts, nurse your cock head, tell em to olen their throats and take your cock make em beg 4 your cock.

By #541363 at 14,Jan,19 14:12
I get my cock sucked by one of both gf's each weekend. Depends how many. Sometimes once, sometimes up to 8 times. I always cum in their mouths.

By #570945 at 01,Nov,18 05:31
I normally get some kind of oral each time we have sex as she loves it in her mouth unless it's a quickie. She would be able to get me to cum each time but stop before cumming mostly. Maybe once every couple of weeks cum in her mouth or on her face and boobs

By allin4cum at 19,Oct,18 14:44 other posts of allin4cum 
If I have sex, I get sucked. If I get sucked, I cum. typically, it takes about 15 minutes for me to cum.

unfortunately, I do not get sex nearly often enough which is why I masturbate much more that have sex. masturbate about 5 - 6 times a week, sex about 2 - 3 times a year.

By #569192 at 10,Oct,18 09:01
When ever I can.
Never have came from oral
By MM_DD at 10,Oct,18 11:20 other posts of MM_DD 
I think oral alone isn't enough to get some guys off. I very rarely cum from oral myself. My hubby is the only one who's ever been able to get me off from sucking alone. It really takes a special effort on his part, and he has to do it in a particular way to get me that aroused. But even then, it's not a definite guarantee that I'll cum. Whenever it does happen, though, man, it's incredible!

By #537175 at 09,Oct,18 21:06
Im gay so every time im with my bf at least twice in a session I will cum on his face ,and he on mine

By #554032 at 09,Oct,18 00:02
My.wife and i have sex 2/3 times a week, normally she gives me head but i dont cum she likes my cock in her so i save cumming until ive fucked her

By #363802 at 24,Apr,17 20:37
I can't remember the last time I got a blowjob, I usually give them but I never get them, but hey, I'm DEFINITELY not complaining!
By MM_DD at 08,Oct,18 02:57 other posts of MM_DD 
I wouldn't be complaining either! I love giving blowjobs far, far more than I like getting them in return. If my hubby decided he didn't want to suck my cock again, I wouldn't be bothered by that at all. It's nice, don't get me wrong, and he gives me the best head I've ever had, but most of the time I prefer a different kind of stimulation to get off.

By leopoldij at 07,Oct,18 17:35 other posts of leopoldij 
I get sucked several times a week and eat pussy too. I can cum each and every time I her sucked except that I often choose to cum in a different way, for example inside a pussy or with a handjob. I like cumming while getting handjobs.
--------------------------------------- added after 67 seconds

This is actually precum. It Did lead to a cumshot inside her mouth.

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

That's me being sucked at a different time and actually shooting my load inside her mouth.
[deleted image]
By MM_DD at 07,Oct,18 20:59 other posts of MM_DD 
That's awesome. This is the only pic I've got of my husband actually shooting inside my mouth. It's not a good one (kinda blurry), but I still think it's a hot pic. Still can't believe I managed to snap it.

By leopoldij at 07,Oct,18 21:20 other posts of leopoldij 
Thank you

By cumjohn at 06,Oct,18 14:14 other posts of cumjohn 
I get my dick sucked everytime i wish.
By MM_DD at 07,Oct,18 21:18 other posts of MM_DD 
That's awesome. I can understand why. You have a fantastic cock!

By mrseveninches at 07,Oct,18 16:29 other posts of mrseveninches 
Every few weeks my partner will suck my dick. I prefer handjobs so he will do that a couple of times a week. He likes blowjobs so i blow him 2-3 times a week. We usually both cum from getting a blowjob.
By MM_DD at 07,Oct,18 21:16 other posts of MM_DD 
That's awesome for both of you. Just checked out your page. Holy fuck, your tools are incredible. Damn...your partner is a very lucky man!

By #544423 at 28,Sep,18 14:40
couple times a week. my gf is always super horny and we fuck a lot. i usually cum every time unless she asks me to cum in her pussy instead. i am also seein a dude (she knows about him) and he sucks me every time we get 2gether which is usually once a wk. he always makes me cum at least once when we meet up

By #567349 at 28,Sep,18 12:38
just about ever day. mis one or 2 days now and then. i shoot off every time a nice 5 to 6 shot load .it gets swallowed ever time.couple times a month get one twice in one day.

By #485312 at 04,Mar,17 02:02
running a poll on the frequency people get blow jobs, ld like to see how many most people get a week *lix*
By #363802 at 24,Apr,17 20:39
I would have voted, but "I never get a blowjob" wasn't an option.

By #510842 at 05,Mar,17 02:01
Not nearly as often as I'd like. The only time I don't cum from a blowjob is when I stop it to do some actual fucking.

By #136427 at 29,Jan,14 20:56
My wife does not lije cum in her mouth so I rarley get a knobber, and never cum when she does give me one..
By #514308 at 04,Mar,17 14:59
Sadly, the same for me
By MM_DD at 04,Mar,17 15:43 other posts of MM_DD 
Man...I really feel for you guys. I honestly can't imagine *not* swallowing my man's loads. I mean, geez, that's the sweet reward I get for loving him so well, you know?

I wish more men's partners felt the way I do.

By #518223 at 06,Jan,17 22:35
Not often enough!

By #526857 at 06,Jan,17 11:04
I get sucked maybe once a week on average - nowhere near enough. I cum every time if the blowjob goes on long enough but sometimes I want to stop before the end and cum some other way

By #522791 at 04,Jan,17 14:59
I get sucked 7 times a week, before fucking and right before I cum

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