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Started by #282999 at 17,Jul,12 12:55
For some reason I only like blow jobs. Giving and getting, mostly giving. Not interested in other sex acts. What do you think? I am married and one night when my wife was drunk she let me blow a friend as she watched. It was only the second time I gave a BJ. She regreated it the next day. I hope to be able to give a blow job again some time when she is not with me.

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By #358284 at 23,Mar,13 13:33
I am a 100% Pure Dicksucker & I don't "DO" anything except suck mens dicks. You wanna do something Fun? Google: Cocksucker or Dicksucker or Deepthroater with my name: Rick Steele. And or you can add to that search: sissy and or faggot.
By cruz69696969 at 06,Mar,21 05:25 other posts of cruz69696969 
Wow I really love your thinking

By kneelsoften at 17,Jul,12 15:45 other posts of kneelsoften 
Some people are cocksuckers (they may be male or female). Sex to a cocksucker is an erotic act that occurs between a cock and their mouth. We feel that our mouths were made to please cocks and we yearn to make them conform to every curve of your beautiful shaft and feel the head nestled in the back of our throats. We don't want anything else; no foreplay, control issues, reciprocation, or drama. Just show us your cocks and we?ll know what to do. If you want to push us to our knees, hold our heads while you fuck our mouths, or rub your cock all over our faces, that's cool too. But the main thing, especially here, it that we want you to know that your cocks are the most beautiful things in the world; we dream of them, they make our mouths water and throats ache to be filled. Earning a load is the most satisfying experience we could have. Thanks for posting!

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