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Question about everybody's favorite thing... BLOW JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Started by #57235 at 22,Feb,10 18:48
Ok, everyone knows that guys love blow jobs right? So my question is: how is it better to keep your man's interest & respect, by giving REGULAR blow jobs (like everyday or every other day) or to keep them more of a RARE SPECIALITY (like spontaneously once every week or two weeks etc.)

What do you have to say??

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By cruz69696969 at 29,Sep,19 02:53 other posts of cruz69696969 
It should be a decision you both make together. How bad he wants it to Lee him satisfied and how much you love giving it and is it something you love to do and enjoy sucking cock

By #534799 at 13,May,17 05:28
Lucky to get one a year. Happens when you're single though!

By nekekal at 03,May,17 17:16 other posts of nekekal 
Cocks love being sucked. Suck early, suck often. Several times a day is not too much. Please, the more, the better.
By MM_DD at 04,May,17 01:52 other posts of MM_DD 
Yes, yes, yes, and yes!

By licksipsuckit at 02,May,17 21:06 other posts of licksipsuckit 

love giving blow jobs to my sweet adorable man *lix*
By #501020 at 03,May,17 15:19
mmmm yessss

By licksipsuckit at 26,Apr,17 10:48 other posts of licksipsuckit 
lve heard that theres not such thing as a bad blow job... *Lix*
By MM_DD at 26,Apr,17 10:52 other posts of MM_DD 
Not really true. First time I ever got head, I had to look down there to make sure he was actually going down on me. I felt absolutely nothing. It was so disappointing.
By licksipsuckit at 01,May,17 10:37 other posts of licksipsuckit 
well it could only get better from there.. seems you love the dick now, and that's what matters *lix*
By MM_DD at 01,May,17 11:11 other posts of MM_DD 
Oh, I loved dick long before then. That was just the first time I ever received a blow job, and it was sorely disappointing. Can't really blame my lover though. We were both virgins and still figuring out the ropes. Funny thing...I seemed to figure them out much quicker than he did!

By MM_DD at 27,Apr,17 10:50 other posts of MM_DD 
Definitely regular blow jobs. If you care about your man, you want to give him pleasure as often as possible. My hubby never received a blow job till we got together. Now he gets three to four per week. If we go any longer than two or three days without me sucking him off, he starts dropping some not-so-subtle hints about it. Not only does he appreciate them, he's become downright dependent upon them. He's gotten very accustomed to cumming that way.

By hotlicker69 at 26,Apr,17 11:01 other posts of hotlicker69 
I get one every morning when im home

By #363802 at 24,Apr,17 20:36
I used to suck my boyfriends dick everyday, sometimes a few times a day, Pretty much whenever he was horny and needed one, I never had any complaints!

By Newforeskin at 23,Mar,13 09:47 other posts of Newforeskin 
My gf does it because she knows I like it. She was married for over 35 years and had never expierenced oral sex. Giving or receiving. Now she has found that her orgasms are really special when I go down on her. Also she can have a small orgasm when she goes down on me. It's great to have an older woman that has never had oral sex. She sure does appreciate it. And I love her virgin mouth!!!

By Gntlmn at 19,Mar,13 01:18 other posts of Gntlmn 
'wouldn't know....'never had one
By #164428 at 19,Mar,13 06:43
No! Say it isn't so, my sweet and sexy dear! Okay, now I simply must find a way to visit you. I want to take my time and show you the wonders of such oral pleasure!
By Gntlmn at 19,Mar,13 19:38 other posts of Gntlmn 
ONLY if you allow me the pleasure of eating you out for HOURS & deeptongueing your gorgeous ass while you speak in a dominating tone of voice

By #53852 at 22,Feb,10 20:37
more the better - like to wake up with one every morning or go at it all night with several
By spermkiss at 24,Feb,10 07:41 other posts of spermkiss 
Well, I heard a joke once that a couple's sex life is in three stages: (1) tri-weekly, (2) try weekly and (3) try weakly. So go with what feels right for you and your partner at your stage of life.
By oldbugle at 18,Mar,13 10:40 other posts of oldbugle 

I heard a joke once that the reason brides smile so much as they walk down the isle is that they know they have given their last blow job........
By spermkiss at 18,Mar,13 15:54 other posts of spermkiss 
It is indeed funny. But that's OK because it sends their husbands' dicks right into the mouths of us gay cocksuckers. We're happy to give them what their wives will not.
By #286963 at 18,Mar,13 20:41
Right on spermkiss ...!!
By spermkiss at 18,Mar,13 21:39 other posts of spermkiss 
It's a lot of fun to suck off a straight man, isn't it?

Sure, it's fun to get together with another guy and suck each other off. But it's also fun to give a no-strings-attached, no-reciprocation-required-or-expected blow job to a straight man. Just let him lean back, relax and enjoy it while you give him oral service and he gives you his sperm.
By #286963 at 19,Mar,13 12:22
I have found it a greater turn on to suck off a straight guy. I admit it hasn't happened that often, but when the opportunity
arises (excuse the pun!!) I'm in there like a dog on heat to extract the bodily fluid in the most memorable way for both participants....mmmm..!!
By spermkiss at 19,Mar,13 16:47 other posts of spermkiss 
Straight man jizz is so intoxicating, isn't it? Once he starts to unload in your mouth you just want to keep on sucking to get every last drop. Yum! Isn't it fun to be a cocksucker?

By #4222 at 08,Feb,13 01:04
Never had a good BJ from a guy or a gal. Maybe some day I will get a really good one.
By #365473 at 18,Mar,13 11:53
i would love to do that for you

By _avg_ at 07,Feb,13 03:15 other posts of _avg_ 
Blowjobs should be reserved for days that end in 'y'

By Cye at 23,Feb,10 20:15 other posts of Cye 
it's better if its left up to the woman, if she feels like she is being pressured, of if I feel like she really doesn't want to then it takes away from how good it could be so I guess, if your in the mood and you like it I as a man would never turn one down, and silently wishing for one everyday..

By #54490 at 23,Feb,10 18:23
For me the best is when you want do it. Because the best blowjob is when the blower like it.

By slipper at 23,Feb,10 16:55 other posts of slipper 
Jeez... do what both of ya like whenever ya want it!!! Has worked for over 40 years for my wife and me.

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