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By kneelsoften at 31,Jul,20 19:56
Swallowing is one of the joys of being a cocksucker. It is also inevitable. If you don't like any aspect of cum you need to get over your inhibitions. This is also inevitable. Just like it feels so perfect to have a cock in your mouth it will also come to feel perfect to take loads of cum in your mouth and swallow. It's completely out of your control. You will eventually accept that swallowing cum, licking it up, or wearing it is the most joyous things a cocksucker can have happen to them. The more you swallow the more you will crave to be used in this way.

By kneelsoften at 14,Jul,13 23:56
I think a lot of women feel this way. As a man who loves sucking other men I see it differently and accept the essential element: need. I need cock more than cock needs my mouth, therefor I am the submissive. A man can find any hole he wants to use, a cocksucker like me knows the craving he (or she) has can on

By kneelsoften at 26,Mar,13 12:59
Its all about your attitude about what you are doing. Afer many hours of contemplation here are my thoughts:

1. I ADMIT it Ė Iím a cocksucker . Itís that simple. From the moment I wake up in the morning I hope that maybe, if Iím lucky, Iíll be on my knees with a beautiful dick to wrap my lips around. I say it out loud to myself, several times a day ďI am a cocksuckerĒ. It has helped me come to a level of self-realization that I, and the cocks I serve, will enjoy.

2. The BEAUTY of a cock a has power over me. I canít even get a glimpse of nice penis without feeling my throat ache, my mouth get wet, and my knees tremble.

3. I NEED to serve cocks in order to be a cocksucker. My craving for cocks define who I am. My mouth was made for cock. I need the encouragement a cock gives me when it hardens in my mouth as I suck.

4. I REALIZE that sucking cock is a submissive act. That hunger I feel can only be satisfied by having my mouth used to please a man. The more you give yourself to serving, the more pleasure you will give.

5. I ALLWAYS try to be a better cocksucker. I practice taking larger and thicker cocks until I am able to experience the bliss of hugging a big dickhead with the back of my throat while a pair of full balls slaps against my chin.

6. CUM is my reward. I treasure and savor every bit of it. It is proof that I am a good cocksucker. I welcome my reward in any way it is presented to me. Whether I hold my mouth open to receive it, or feel it shoot into me and fill my throat, I am grateful for the opportunity to earn it.

By kneelsoften at 22,Jul,12 15:50
Me! me! me!

By kneelsoften at 17,Jul,12 15:45
Some people are cocksuckers (they may be male or female). Sex to a cocksucker is an erotic act that occurs between a cock and their mouth. We feel that our mouths were made to please cocks and we yearn to make them conform to every curve of your beautiful shaft and feel the head nestled in the back of our throats. We don't want anything else; no foreplay, control issues, reciprocation, or drama. Just show us your cocks and we?ll know what to do. If you want to push us to our knees, hold our heads while you fuck our mouths, or rub your cock all over our faces, that's cool too. But the main thing, especially here, it that we want you to know that your cocks are the most beautiful things in the world; we dream of them, they make our mouths water and throats ache to be filled. Earning a load is the most satisfying experience we could have. Thanks for posting!

By kneelsoften at 15,Jul,12 23:04
Yes! I swallow unless instructed otherwise.

By kneelsoften at 28,May,12 23:39
I prefer to swallow, but ultimately it's up to the man I'm servicing. I do love cum though!

By kneelsoften at 25,May,12 13:43
How do I post pics?

By kneelsoften at 24,May,12 13:27
Yes! I enjoy eating creampies, especially if I'm on my back and she puts her hole right over my mouth to clean out.

By kneelsoften at 14,May,12 17:10
There are plenty of other sites with that sort of thing. This site is about the variety and beauty of a penis. I like it that way.

By kneelsoften at 26,Apr,12 13:21
I love them! They can really help to show off a beautiful cock and present the balls nicely for a tongue bath. The enhancement they give to the head feels nice in the back of a cocksuckers throat too!

By kneelsoften at 11,Apr,12 15:45
Anything that makes you guilty or feel bad about giving another consenting adult sexual pleasure is all about society.

Homosexual acts are common throughout nature and humanity.

I think sucking cock is one of the best things in the world and I'm glad I did. If you don't like it that does NOT make you a cocksucker. I know because I AM a cocksucker.

Relax and have fun. Attaching any religious meaning to sex is mental illness and abuse.

By kneelsoften at 11,Apr,12 15:37
"You become what you h a t e" - M. Ghandi

Now the Israelis are the facists.

By kneelsoften at 27,Mar,12 13:06
I have dreamt of Ricco Siffredi's magnificent cock for years. If I had to pick one, and I'm glad I don't, it would be his.

By kneelsoften at 27,Feb,12 13:59
For me a mouthful of cum is the supreme reward for a cocksucker and swallowing is an act of sublime submission.

By kneelsoften at 10,Feb,12 14:22
You will find most people to be be surprisingly accepting of your desires once you admit them. It took years for me to figure this out. Before I asked my present wife to marry me I told her how important it was for me to suck cock and even showed her a bunch of pictures of me with a number of cocks in my mouth, including some cumshots. She thought it was hot and is very accepting of my "hobby". Why marry someone who wouldn't be?

By kneelsoften at 12,Dec,11 04:45
Sucking cock is my favorite thing in the world.

By kneelsoften at 15,Jul,09 22:41
Yes, too many times to count.

By kneelsoften at 15,Jul,09 22:40
Your pussy lips!!! my god you have a beautiful vulva!

By kneelsoften at 06,Jul,09 14:37
I like everything about cock!