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Started by #149682 at 13,Aug,12 06:48
Please tell us your experiences with jerking off with another guy... cuz i thought i was weird for doing it back in the day but apparently its quite normal for guys to do this.

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By Cummingforyou at 19,Jun,23 11:30 other posts of Cummingforyou 
Used to to go football matches with my friend in Liverpool
. At the hotel he would always purchase porin movies . One time when he thought I was asleep . He took out cock and preceded to wank it unaware I was actually awake . He seen me looking at him and invited me to join in . My penis was rock hard so could not refuse when pushed my hand away and took hold of my hard on pulled the fore skin back and forth until got ready to burst and shot stream after stream of cum all over the place , I then took hold on his cock did the same thing and wanked him off to a cumshot that even hit me in the face

By wycowboy at 11,Apr,23 14:07 other posts of wycowboy 
My cousin and I were from about 11-13 or 14 hung out together all the time. Being young dumb and full of cum we were always looking for ways to jerk off together. One day I was at his house and of course we were playing our cocks and wondering what we could do to make it more exciting. I decided to get totally naked and go outside and wank off. Jeff thought I was nuts and refused to join me at first but after seeing me out there and enjoying myself he came out too. We were out there maybe 15 minutes when some older girls, 15-16 years old, came walking by. They stopped to watch us which heightened the excitement level for us and caused us both to shoot huge ropes of cum to the grass. The girls clapped and cheered for us and went on their way.
By #677384 at 13,Apr,23 00:44
mmmm...your story gave me a boner

By XJacker at 16,Jun,23 19:22 other posts of XJacker 
Solo wanking is great but wanking with someone else adds erotic excitment. Best is with girls, even better nude girls. I did a lot of naked wanking at student parties with other boys, and with nude girls around us watching and letting us fondle them. That was the ultimate!

By nekekal at 20,Apr,23 05:04 other posts of nekekal 
My brother and I used to do it all the time. We shared a bedroom and were very aware what each other was doing. If I was playing with my penis, he would always offer to help. My penis was much larger than his. He was older and had big hands so he liked to jack my penis. My smaller hands fit his tiny penis better. We both enjoyed it and it worked well. We masturbated each other almost nightly.

By knewbi at 11,Apr,23 14:53 other posts of knewbi 
I know that this is a 10 year old post but looks like some have resurrected it.

As to me, every time I get into a jerk off session with another guy or guys, I always end up with stiff cocks in my mouth. But then, that is always better as far as I am concerned.

By XJacker at 11,Apr,23 07:47 other posts of XJacker 
I had my first boy on boy experience at my all boys school.

I was in my teens, I’d recently discovered masturbation and I was wanking myself off a couple of times each day. I soon picked up that other boys in my class wanked. I’d also picked up that some boys had “wank buddies” with whom they masturbated, and more than that they hand jobbed each other’s cocks. I desperately wanted a girl and I masturbated fantasising about girls. Girls were unavailable but I was surrounded by lots of boys as sex mad as I was. Hearing about wank buddies, I longed to have one myself.

My dream was fulfilled one day at school. As part of our English literature course we were all sitting in a darkened lecture theatre watching a historical movie of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Another boy was sitting further along the bench and we were by ourselves in our row.

Unexpectedly he moved to sit next to me. A moment later I felt his knee pressing against mine and his hand on my thigh through my thin school trousers. In the dark and with the seats in front of us no one could see us. I knew immediately what he wanted! When I didn’t stop him his hand began to move across my thigh toward my sex kit. In response I spread my legs wide to show him I was interested. He started stroking the bulging ridge of my by then erect cock through my trousers, then he undid my zip.

Underneath I was in school regulation grey briefs with a big fly slit easy to get a cock out through. An instant later my cock was out sticking up vertically erect. He started fondling my cock shaft and reaching down to stroke my balls. I’d seen him naked in the school gym showers and noticed his flaccid cock was bigger than mine but less hairy, though he was uncut and I was circumcised.

It was the first ever time my erect penis had been touched by anyone other than myself. I couldn’t believe the sexual excitement and pleasure! I felt my cock was stiff enough to snap. I couldn’t get my legs wide enough for his exploring hand!

Then he started to wank me. In the confined space he couldn’t do much more than wrap his thumb and forefinger round my penis just below my cock head and stroke my shaft up and down across the base ridge of my knob. Even so I still remember the exquisite pleasure. I came much more quickly than when I masturbated solo probably because I was so excited. I managed to suppress my usual orgasm grunt and my juddering as I came. My semen fountained up over the front of my shirt and trousers.

After I’d shot my load I heard my friend unzip and saw he had his own legs wide and his cock out sticking up vertically like mine had been, obviously inviting a feel. I reached down for a feel of his cock and balls. It was as stiff as mine, and I gave his foreskin a couple of tugs. But with my shirt and trousers covered with cum and the movie approaching its end I was too desperate to clean myself up and I didn’t wank him. Instead I watched as he masturbated himself, tugging his foreskin up and down till he came

I hadn’t wanked him during the movie. But a couple of hours later we were crammed together in a school toilet cubicle with our trousers and school regulation briefs down round our thighs and I wanked him, the first time I’d done it for another boy, but by no means the last.

By #64328 at 13,Aug,12 08:54
I had many experiences growing up. Would like to again sometime. Its just harder to bring up the subject now. Im not sure how to go about it. I wonder how many of my friends feel the same way?

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