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Banned by peach :(

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Started by johnp at 20,Aug,13 03:07  other posts of johnp
I was finally banned by peach and don't know y..... Any advice on how I might win her affections back??

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New Comment

By akaMrK at 21,Aug,13 21:09 other posts of akaMrK 
some people make fools out of themselves by being over-cheeky or even rude. Others make fools of themselves by pretending to be tight with members they barely know, and constantly coming to their rescue. The name dropping is more annoying than the name calling!
By #409137 at 21,Aug,13 21:19
Sheesh care to elaborate friend
By akaMrK at 21,Aug,13 21:26 other posts of akaMrK 
I'm fairly certain there is no elaboration needed. I'm not blasting anybody. I'm just making an observation.
By #409137 at 21,Aug,13 21:34
Oh OK just wondered who the fools where that pretended to be tight with members they barley know ?
By akaMrK at 21,Aug,13 21:45 other posts of akaMrK 
that's not exactly what I said, nor meant.
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

sorry...but you only got half my meaning...and not really even the important part...perhaps it's the way I said it.
By #409137 at 21,Aug,13 22:09
Ah right your retort was aimed at JohnP sorry my apologies
By johnp at 24,Aug,13 00:00 other posts of johnp 
Oh ya know worries as long as it fuckin w Johnp then everything's cool

By bigguy at 24,Aug,13 12:33 other posts of bigguy 
My thought is you could possibly be talking about me as the one who takes sides with his friends. If that is the case you might want to check my friends list and if it doesn't show there i'll be happy to tell you who they are but only after I clear it ok with them. Barely know them as in "we have walked in the park in person" do we have sex on regular basis or do we fly to Paris together every spring! Well in that regard I don't know anyone on here al all. But if you refer to friends on this site if I have added them and they added me and we talk several times a week and when we need to I consider that more than barely. Yes I will throw my 2 cents in when I feel they are being attacked or being treated in a manner I don't like. The same would go for you if you were on my friends list. Where i'm from we stick up for our people. If what you wrote had nothing to do with me no big deal one way or the other you also wrote you were just making an observation. I take that as you saying it's your opinion and I truly respect that!

By #301038 at 20,Aug,13 14:01
Dear JohnP,

It's not you, it's me. You are perfect example of a stud muffin and every female should have her panties drop due to excessive wetness just from taking one glance at you, following by the uncontrollable salivation, nipple hardness and a significant IQ drop due to all the blооd being rushed to the genital area.

Unfortunately, somewhere down the line, my stud muffin sensor was damaged beyond repair and I no longer drool over 99% of hot men. Even when I watch porn, I tend to focus more on a female, than a male. And in the rare event, when I get aroused by a male on the screen, it's a complete mystery to me, as to what exactly caused me to get excited. It's a mysterious combination of voice, choice of words, appearance, manners, subtle dominance and that look in his eyes that is hard to resist...

With the stud muffin sensor going bad, my BS tolerance went WAY WAY down. It's kind of nice when you don't have to put up with a BS motherload that flies out of a guys mouth, just because my vagina is craving some meat that he owns.

So, as I mentioned before, it's not you, it's me. I think I'd be considered an angry lesbian at this point, and it's PERFECTLY OK with me.

Take care,
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 15:06 other posts of johnp 
U take things so serious and personal..... Relax it's a dick site!! Although it does kinda give me a bonner!!
By #301038 at 20,Aug,13 15:20
Hmmm... Same here, no bonner though.
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 15:35 other posts of johnp 
I wanna c u and evil- fairy fuck! Now that would b hot!!!
By #301038 at 20,Aug,13 15:41
Fairy is straight, but why would you care, right? I really would like to see you gag on some BBC, and then get your ass hammered by a monster cock, that wouldn't be hot, but I would still enjoy watching.
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 15:52 other posts of johnp 
What do u mean that would be kinda hot.... I've never taken it in the ass tho.... Might hurt a bit at first but I think I might just like it!
By #409634 at 20,Aug,13 16:47
JohnP totally wants to play car wreck. He can be the ambulance, and the BBC can be the body that gets loaded in his rear while John screams out wheeeeeeee ooooooo wheeeeeeee ooooooooo!
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 16:56 other posts of johnp 
How do u come up w this shit!
By #409634 at 20,Aug,13 17:23
Pfft, like i'm gonna give away trade sec/rets. Anyway dude use your imagination, something you obviously ran out of along with toilet paper when you took the avatar pic. Sitting on the toilet, sitting on the toilet...
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 17:45 other posts of johnp 
Humm not on the toilet..... u should look b4 u try to insult! U can do better than that come on fairy........
By #409634 at 20,Aug,13 18:04
Nah I was tired, and i'm sick. Kinda off my game. Ill hit you up later.
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 18:07 other posts of johnp 
Fair enough..... Happens to the best of us

By #301038 at 20,Aug,13 20:27
...and flush
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 23:11 other posts of johnp 
Not on the toilet peach...... Come on keep up!!
By #301038 at 21,Aug,13 19:27
Ohh.... you are taking it so serious... why don't you work on changing your position and get your butt off your throne?
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 19:49 other posts of johnp 
U lost me peach

By #409634 at 20,Aug,13 16:44
Although Peach is lovely, she doesn't possess the right equipment to glaze my donut.
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 16:49 other posts of johnp 
I think I'd like to know what might glaze ur donut fairy......

By #415959 at 21,Aug,13 15:21
I love it when I get a "bonner"...
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 16:40 other posts of johnp 
Come on 2 nice ur to intellectually advanced to get a bonner....but I was wondering do u get "erections"?

By #409634 at 20,Aug,13 15:24
Blah hahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha! BURN! That was awesome Peach.
By bigguy at 20,Aug,13 16:48 other posts of bigguy 
DAMN!!! We having fun now aren't we Fairy girl! Why not get in on it I can sling BS with the best of them. I do know one person I can't throw it at! Hi Peach!!

By #406618 at 20,Aug,13 20:49
Your grammar is a serious turn on! I like a woman with good sentence structure.
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 23:12 other posts of johnp 
Now that's funny tellmewhatuthink!

By #316255 at 21,Aug,13 00:08
You know what? You may not like what she is saying (writing) but don't go knocking her English when you know nothing about her. Do you know whether English is her native tongue? I bet you don't, smarty pants.
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 00:44 other posts of johnp 
Hard to tell if ur hot from ur avatar emm..... What's a guy gotta do to c more of u???
By #316255 at 21,Aug,13 01:03
I am hot because I have a stellar brain. As for the rest, use your fine imagination
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 01:16 other posts of johnp 
Come on don't b like that emm....
By bigguy at 21,Aug,13 01:30 other posts of bigguy 
johnp doesn't seem as though you are making a lot of points with ladies, maybe it's my imagination running away with me (hey that a song),but anyway, very possibly the approach. A bit of information it's not jusy Miss Emm's stellar brain that is HOT!!
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 01:49 other posts of johnp 
Dude it's call show ur dick not show ur chicken....
By bigguy at 21,Aug,13 05:08 other posts of bigguy 
At least you have a sense of humor. You know it is also called syc. And now that I got your attention a minute you can lay off the ladies a bit. They are all my good friends and they are actually finding this rather amusing. You may be trying to piss them off but in my opinion I really don't think they give a crap what you do one way or the other. Take this for what it's worth all these ladies wear BIG GIRL DRAWS and they will tell you where to go in a heartbeat. Keep up the macho man shit and there is one little Latin lady in that group that will bite your head off. Have fun!!!

By #316255 at 21,Aug,13 07:02
I'm trying to save you from yourself, John.
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 15:05 other posts of johnp 
Thats good emm cuz I need all the help I can get
..... But first things first u have seen me naked soooo......
By bigguy at 21,Aug,13 16:36 other posts of bigguy 
Hey johnp don't you realize we are just trying to have you get along. The girls have gave you a little advice and i'm trying to help. One of them told me you are trying to hard and going about it the wrong way, you can't be pushy and impolite just because you say this is syd. It doesn't seem to be working very good for you and soon we will all get fed up and not respond to you. People don't realize we unite when someone jacks with one of our friends. Sure we have our little spats between each other now and then but in general we are close and talk often. Now Miss Emm is doing her best to help but telling her "u have seen me naked sooo"". That my man is not respect I will tell now I know Emm and you did not get on her good side saying that. These ladies are not dumb and absolutely not sluts you are not going to get anywhere if you keep that kind of shit up.
I'm just trying to help, you are shooting your own self in the foot by using all those "cute, silly" remarks. If they happen to let you in and like you maybe you can do it then but not now you are pushing them away. What does it take to get you to understand, they may look at you and see a hot guy but you attitude is turning them off. Listen man try being polite and a gentleman a little while and see how that works and I actually think it will if it's not to late but you will have to leave that "me Tarzan you Jane" shit alone it's not working. I truely wish you luck because I feel as though you are a nice guy like me but for reason you are not letting it show.
If anyone of you ladies want to correct me on what i'm telling him feel free to do so I will stay clear and not say another word. Everyone one of you know how I feel about you and john maybe you can see i'm only trying to help. I have been on here a long time and I like to see members get along, you will never find a better friend if you want one but on the other hand it might be hard to come accross a bigger a_ _hole. Have a great day!!
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 17:01 other posts of johnp 
Don't think I've been rude just don't agree w every thing ur little pie club says......go back and read I've been insulted but I don't think I have once Reciprocated...... Call me out if I'm wrong... It's all in good fun
By bigguy at 21,Aug,13 18:01 other posts of bigguy 
I'm not calling anyone out i'm done, nothing was said directly at me and really it doesn't matter. It's all on you and the girls. We don't have a pie club as you mentioned only good friends and will stick together when needed. Hope you can work it out.

By #409634 at 21,Aug,13 18:12
You're an ass, but one that's fun to mess with.
By bigguy at 21,Aug,13 18:25 other posts of bigguy 
My sweet lady take it I said all i'm going to say.
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 18:41 other posts of johnp 
Enough of the chit chat lets c ur real cock big guy!!!!

By johnp at 21,Aug,13 18:42 other posts of johnp 
It makes me horny w u talk like that fairy!
By #409634 at 21,Aug,13 18:46
Then get your skinny ass over here and bend over and be prepared for me to pound your brownie maker with a strap on, then i'll slap you silly and call you Sally.
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 18:58 other posts of johnp 
lol....... U like it rough!! But don't think I can pass up the chance of being naked in the same room as u!
By #301038 at 21,Aug,13 19:25
I would actually participate in a strapon train. What do you say, Fairy and Emm, strapon fuck the shit out of him? I bet we can find couple more willing and able ladies to join...
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 19:45 other posts of johnp 
Holy shit I'm gunna load in my paints!!!! I've had two hot chicks at once but never 3!!!!
By #409634 at 21,Aug,13 19:57
Never had a 3 piece from KFC? Man dude, totally missing out. That hot chick is finger licking good.
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 22:22 other posts of johnp 
No that chickEN..... I'm talking about attractive females......
By #409634 at 21,Aug,13 22:58
Zoooooooom, right over your head lol. You said chicks which, can mean baby chickens lol.
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 23:00 other posts of johnp 
No I got it.... I was giving u shit...
By bigguy at 22,Aug,13 12:29 other posts of bigguy 
All I will say john is what is written on my "chicken" is a close description but me showing on public discussion won't happen!

By #316255 at 21,Aug,13 20:57
I did? Oh the teeny tiny avatar? I guess I did Hard to see, on my phone. So.... uh... many thanks, John
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 22:15 other posts of johnp 
U lost me emm.... What were we talking about? U were gunna friend me so I could c ur pix right.....
By #316255 at 21,Aug,13 23:10
John, if your hoping to see sexy you're barking up the wrong tree
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 23:18 other posts of johnp 
U saying ur not sexy emm? Ps.... I love it w u stick ur tongue out at me like that!!!
By #316255 at 22,Aug,13 00:04
I am subtle... Like it?
By johnp at 22,Aug,13 00:24 other posts of johnp 
I like it...
By #316255 at 22,Aug,13 03:55
By bigguy at 22,Aug,13 12:34 other posts of bigguy 
Oh miss Emm! you are starting to get to me now you sexy sweetheart!!

By johnp at 23,Aug,13 23:57 other posts of johnp 
Peach i just realized u called me hot!!
By #415959 at 24,Aug,13 00:01
By johnp at 24,Aug,13 00:04 other posts of johnp 

By johnp at 24,Aug,13 00:32 other posts of johnp 
Once u get me u will like me.... Trust me 2 nice
By #409634 at 24,Aug,13 00:57
I bet you got told you were incorrigable a lot growing up JohnP…
By johnp at 24,Aug,13 01:40 other posts of johnp 

By #303133 at 22,Aug,13 17:42
You could publicly beg, whimper and grovel.
I understand that Peach REALLY likes guys who act like a whipped bitch...
By johnp at 22,Aug,13 21:01 other posts of johnp 
Oh no I have WAY to much pride for that!

By #404042 at 20,Aug,13 16:06
Don't worry about it. Saying 'penis' as a greeting to my friend made her throw a fit. Don't put girls on a pedestal just for having vaginas
By #303133 at 20,Aug,13 16:10
Vaginas do not sit well on a pedestal. They kinda flop over and drop to the floor...
By #404042 at 20,Aug,13 19:45
asses sit well on pedestals though, and the vagina only needs to be on the same body as the ass for men to start pedestalizing it.

hell, on this site, the vagina barely even needs to resemble a normal, healthy vagina to get comments such as 'hot pussy! '
By #301038 at 20,Aug,13 20:32
JohnP, you should really listen to this guy. He knows what he is talking about! He's got a special way with people, you know. No one just gets a red angry face for nothing!
By #404042 at 20,Aug,13 20:41
I don't get along with members that suck. This girl throws tantrums on a penis site a lot, over very minor things, so you can take her words for what they're worth
By #301038 at 20,Aug,13 20:52
You are absolutely right, tantrums on dick site is kind of my thing. I actually mellowed out quite a bit since my teenage years, when I used to have a baseball bat in my yellow beetle and would trash other people's side view mirrors for cutting in front of me, cause they don't use them, anyways... Oh, those were the years.

Banning someone for not complying with my preferences is just peanuts...
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 23:28 other posts of johnp 
Dang peach ur hardcore!

By johnp at 20,Aug,13 16:36 other posts of johnp 
Smartest thing anyone has said so far johnjbal
By #404042 at 21,Aug,13 22:39
advice that I know you aren't going to take
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 22:44 other posts of johnp 
Y do u think that johnjbal? That's not really whAT u think I'm doing is it??
By #404042 at 22,Aug,13 02:18
I see you're still clamoring for her attention. It's exactly what you are doing. Go out and get laid
By johnp at 22,Aug,13 02:31 other posts of johnp 
U have no idea what u r talking about but thanks for the tip bro.....
By #404042 at 22,Aug,13 03:18
Say what you want to feel better, while I watch you and laugh
By johnp at 22,Aug,13 03:26 other posts of johnp 
U do realize that most of the Women on this site r actually 16 yr old zit faced boys right? Or do u actually take this shit serious??
By #409634 at 22,Aug,13 03:47
Actually the majority of them are middle age like 37, balding, getting a beergut, and just are totally straight cept when in comes to washing weenies with their lips.
By johnp at 22,Aug,13 03:51 other posts of johnp 
Ur probably right on there......sorry to burst ur bubble there johnjbal.....

By #409137 at 21,Aug,13 16:46
Just thought johnp's points score must be rocketing sywards with all this forum activity .
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 16:58 other posts of johnp 
By #409137 at 21,Aug,13 18:12
Sorry don't you get points for your pics and/or actions on the site I do
By johnp at 21,Aug,13 18:20 other posts of johnp 
Oh ya gotcha.....just wasn't sure y u posted it

By bella! at 20,Aug,13 03:13 other posts of bella! 
Oh this is certainly going to sway her to your side...........
By bigguy at 20,Aug,13 12:34 other posts of bigguy 
Hi Bella, I agree, personnaly I think miss Peach is a sweetheart but with that said also know she don't tolerate a whole bunch of BS, she will tell you in second where to go.

By johnp at 20,Aug,13 17:58 other posts of johnp 
Bella ur the only one that gets me

By #303133 at 20,Aug,13 16:02
You don't know why?!
Have you actually ever paid any attention to the things she posts?
Peach pretty much shoots straight from the hip...
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 16:33 other posts of johnp 
Dude I try.... I really try but about 10 paragraphs in I start to loose my wood and just go back to looking at the pix.....

By #415959 at 20,Aug,13 13:09
This has been going on for 8 months now. Give it a rest John, and move on already. If you didn't understand what the issues were then, you are unlikely going to stumble across an epiphany now.
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 14:59 other posts of johnp 
Great advice 2 nice thx bud!

By MoeJoe at 20,Aug,13 12:24 other posts of MoeJoe 
I think if you are banned from someone's profile, you are unable to comment or sent private messages to them.

By bigguy at 20,Aug,13 12:06 other posts of bigguy 
I have a suggesstion, if you havn't did it yet it may be wise to read all of her blog info before contacting her again. She is a very sweet lady but very picky as to who she lets in. Her and I got off to a shakey start but it had nothing to do with anything nasty I sent her are said to her only my presentation. Take some advice, if you have any desire to be Peach's friend be very careful at the choice of words and above all better be polite and don't throw a bunch of BS at her that will put you on the shit list very quickly. Another thing don't make yourself a pain in the ass to her by sending her a pile of PM"S. Send her a nice short message and tell her how you feel and then leave it up to her. Do not be pushy are she will not respond positively take my word for it.

By #409634 at 20,Aug,13 03:19
Get a flash mob together to let her know how much you want her.
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 03:30 other posts of johnp 
What exactly is a flash mob and how would I go about getting one together?
By #409634 at 20,Aug,13 03:39
Pfft dude google... the nerve of some people wanting me to do all the work and shiz. Sheesh.
By johnp at 20,Aug,13 03:43 other posts of johnp 
A flash mob (or flashmob)[1] is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act for a brief time, then quickly disperse, often for the purposes of entertainment, satire, and artistic expression.[2][3][4] Flash mobs are organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails.[5][6][7][8][

By #124665 at 20,Aug,13 03:09
You might try this: /forum/thread.php?id=21461

By johnp at 20,Aug,13 03:20 other posts of johnp 
That's sum funny shit.... I do have a pic on the toilet maybe that's what got me into trouble?

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