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Jerk off buddies

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Started by #428059 at 22,Oct,13 10:28
How many straight guys actually have J/O buds

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By Exposure101 at 26,Aug,23 14:10 other posts of Exposure101 
Late 20s I don't have any right now. But as a teen I had a few in highschool I regularly beat it with. Then in college I also had a few guys who all had an understanding about jerking off in shower areas or when we were like in each other's rooms etc.

By Chubbycloudblower at 25,Aug,23 09:17 other posts of Chubbycloudblower 
I like cock I like to suck it .Hard to find as I get older .I have had lots of friends cocks in my day but all moves away . Need jerk off buddy .Love to see another guy cum

By #699275 at 10,Aug,23 18:03
I'm actually bisexual but need some additional friends to jerk off with. I'm in Kansas. Who's down?
By Lvphose at 21,Aug,23 19:12 other posts of Lvphose 
I’m in Kansas also and like to wear pantyhose/nylons! A jerk off budy with similar fetish (pantyhose/stockings) as a jerk off buddy sounds good!

By #700447 at 13,Aug,23 16:13
Well, on a semi-regular basis I have eight j/o buddies. But I also attend j/o gatherings at four different locations with four different members. I wish I had a steady partner. Soooo many guys post ads but when push comes to shove, they flake out.

By Edginmycock at 08,Aug,23 16:06 other posts of Edginmycock 
About 10 years ago I had 3 jacking buddies we would get together every Sunday at my place because I lived alone and had a in ground pool with private fence around it..we would have 2 tvs going on in the living room one with football or what ever sports was happening that day and the other porn was constantly playing on it we would spend the whole day naked cooking out on the grill and sucking and stroking and fucking each other all day next door neighbor was 75 year old widow woman and we'd were friends she would come over and have coffee with me in the morning and we got along very well..her husband had died about 10 years before we met..well one Sunday my buds and I were naked in the pool stroking and sucking and I looked up and my neighbor had come over to borrow something she saw what was going on..I didn't know what to say .she turned around and went back home..later that evening after everyone went home I went next door to talk to her..she answered the door and I apologize to her about what she saw. Well I was shocked what her answer was..seems be that when her husband was alive her and him were very active swingers and she said it made her pussy seeing us guys sucking each other's cocks. And asked if she could start coming over on Sunday to watch us play..she didn't want to have sex with us but she watched us playand she would fuck her pussy with a dildo as she watched..but she would let us cum over to her and jackoff on her we would take turns shooting our cum all over her every Sunday..she lived it she would keep that cum on her all day and wouldn't wash it off..and also she would come over in the morning during the week and have coffee with me she wanted me to jackoff on her coffee for her creamer..witch I had no problem with that..that 75 year old lady was a amazing super freak..this went on for 4 years until I had to move out of town because of work.. she had a great body also for was so hot seeing all that cum dripping off of her all made me hard again just watching her fuck that dildo covered in cum .

By thebeewolf at 03,Aug,23 17:41 other posts of thebeewolf 
Uh, kinda? I'm 54 and straight. I have a gay friend (35) who comes over regularly to lube up and massage my cock and shaved balls. He does not suck or fuck or anything else. Boner massages are his thing. And he's very, very good at it. But he does not want anything in return. So does that make him a jerk off buddy? I say so. Because he milks my cock with his hands and we both enjoy that a lot.
By tb1 at 03,Aug,23 18:52 other posts of tb1 
Id say so too, what’s he doing tomorrow morning?

By #691730 at 04,Aug,23 00:32
Well that fact that you have a male friend that comes over regularly to play with your cock and you enjoy it kinda makes you bisexual not straight!

By Alexx55 at 03,Aug,23 00:50 other posts of Alexx55 
Anyone in Miami to jerk off together

By #691730 at 02,Aug,23 13:14
I had two special friends in school 5/6th grade. In the woods with my next door neighbor, and on sleepovers with a classmate.
By Ksguy961 at 02,Aug,23 13:59 other posts of Ksguy961 
Sure miss the connection we had growing up with buds
By #691730 at 03,Aug,23 00:26
Yes it was a very innocent and special time of discovery

By CaptainCanada at 02,Aug,23 16:01 other posts of CaptainCanada 
Have in the past, have a couple now

By Maxream at 31,Jul,23 19:15 other posts of Maxream 
I wish I had one

By Gulpereel at 27,Jul,23 23:16 other posts of Gulpereel 
I had a bud when I was a teenager.
By german_guy at 29,Jul,23 15:38 other posts of german_guy 
me too and it was a lot of fun miss those times and wish I could find a so again
By tb1 at 29,Jul,23 15:53 other posts of tb1 
I miss those good times too

By #662360 at 29,Jul,23 18:35
Me too at school. Every boy seemed to be wanking other boys cocks.
By #691730 at 31,Jul,23 13:22
All part of growing up and discovering

By Browning22 at 24,Jul,23 21:24 other posts of Browning22 
Anyone in Griffin, Thomaston, Ga looking for a J.O. buddy? Online? or in person! I'm available!

By #667453 at 06,Jun,22 10:41
I need to find a guy to masturbate with 😒
By #699214 at 24,Jul,23 19:34
me too I like to find some one in So.Cal

By #662360 at 30,May,23 07:46
I’m straight. At my all boys school we were all sex mad boys desperate to get a girl. But girls were hard to get so we turned to each other for sexual excitement. Boy-boy “Jack off buddy” relationships were common in my school and I had several. We masturbated together, hand jobbed each other and looked at girly porn together.

By #582506 at 13,Mar,19 09:15
Anyone in Bozeman mt looking for a bate buddy? Online?
By #695495 at 30,May,23 01:06
Hey dude, bozmean guy here. Long shot but seeing if still interested!

By HJ_buddy at 10,Mar,19 13:15 other posts of HJ_buddy 

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By #463848 at 26,Jul,22 11:44
A nice pair; love to play with both of them.

By #560276 at 06,May,19 11:47
I used to have a wank buddy when I was at school we were both around 11 going on 12 and I loved it.Just recently I have wondered what it would be like to possibly have a wank buddy or buddies again.
By #463848 at 26,Jul,22 11:42
Yes, that was my experience when I was at school. I had two, both cut. They liked to play with my uncut dick to get the feel of the foreskin.

By #544883 at 09,Jun,22 10:34
Would mind some to do it or more with. Its find people that the friend part works more then the other part however as way too many people seem to be picky on anything sexual.

By #585760 at 07,May,19 20:58
I jacked off with my friend to porn about once a week when we were 14-15. It's fun to do. I have no interest in being gay but for some reason jerking it to porn with a friend is enjoyable. With a woman it's not as fun. I guess cause guys are down to jerk off hahaha

By #583549 at 25,Mar,19 22:28
When I was young,around 2 friends and I would go in the woods and see who could jerk off the fastest! Sometimes when one of us could not cum because of tired hands we would help with our hands! Fun times from long ago!!!
By #463848 at 06,May,19 07:57
Those were good times but hard to replicate as mature adults.

By #64328 at 05,May,19 15:54
I think around 50% have before at sometime in their life and probably 90% would if the knew nobody would find out. Guys are just super horny

By #584259 at 05,May,19 14:40
I would like a jerk pff buddy uk greater manchester area anyone intrested message me for more info n a good jerk off session cmon boys u kno i want my cock

By #585109 at 09,Apr,19 03:01
Would love to have a jerk off buddy!

By #581484 at 07,Mar,19 04:56
I've had a few growing up but as a straight guy it's hard to find someone who just likes to jerk they always seem too want more so I don't bother any more
By #463848 at 06,Apr,19 13:18
What a pity, I would be happy to just wank your cock if that was what you wanted.

By denier at 25,Mar,19 02:37 other posts of denier 
used to wank with mate from school whenever we could looking at girlie mags& used to hide any we found in a bag in the woods& used to go there when there was no where at home free. never sucked each other but used to wank, dock and make each other cum into mags .was great.

By #583454 at 23,Mar,19 06:08
I am straight, but growing up I had one friend which, whom we had fun with. It all started when he showed me how to masturbate. Then we did it together. Then for a few years we jerked each other.

By Maxream at 18,Mar,19 06:15 other posts of Maxream 
Im Looking for one - Chicagoland area. Inquire within

By #535695 at 17,Mar,19 11:20
I have one guy where we get together, watch porn of cum shots and rub each others cock using lube until we make each other cum. Normally I would suck and take the load but he just wants us to masterbate. He makes me cum so good. I love doing it with him

By #303909 at 13,Mar,19 18:04
Aaaah the good old days

By #463848 at 13,Mar,19 09:31
I don't really count online mutual wanking as wank buddies, but any port in a storm. There is nothing like have a mutual friend who likes to have his cock wanked on a regular basis. Knock on the door and pants off before he can sit down.

By thermal at 26,Jul,14 17:30 other posts of thermal 
Have wanked off with 4/5 other guys on skype. Very nervous to start with but really enjoy watching another guy wanking now and see the different techniques used. have one J/O buddy in particular.
By Gary5 at 30,Jul,14 15:20 other posts of Gary5 
Cool - and right

By #52093 at 11,Aug,14 16:23
yeah, have a few wank buds on cam too

By Silverfur at 11,Mar,19 10:25 other posts of Silverfur 
You are a great jerk off buddy

By Ablaze at 09,Mar,19 23:43 other posts of Ablaze 
Jerking with buddies make me bisexual before many years. I just started to touch, play and suck some of my buddies with beautiful cocks
, most of them was straight to the moment too. I think, when you start to like cock, you know you are no more straight.

By #581484 at 09,Mar,19 22:09
had one when I was in my teens started out when I was at a mates place watching porn one nigh I looked over towards him I could see he had his cock out and jerking it he tried too hide it but all I did was got mine out and started doing the same thing it became a regular thing when we watched porn together

By #513626 at 05,Nov,16 17:41
Shit, I wish I had a regular jack off bud. online or in person
By #582128 at 09,Mar,19 13:30
We can do that just aslong as we donnt touch eachother

By #463848 at 06,Mar,19 11:34
I had several as a boy.

By luvstroking24 at 10,Feb,19 14:03 other posts of luvstroking24 
I never experimented in my early years. Tons of jacking off but all by myself. I acquired a bate buddy when I was 45 and it was a guy I'd known since 7th grade. We got home after a night of drinking and not paying attention I threw some porn on...thinking I was alone. I dropped my pants and started stroking my hard cock. About 5 minutes in the realization hit me, my buddy is on the couch. Holy shit - thinking I might lose a friend.

In a panic, I look to my left and I see an 8" hard cock being stroked. It was amazingly hot! We would get together and stroke at least once a month!!

By #64328 at 05,Nov,16 17:57
I had a few friends growing up and jacking together was great fun. We were horny kids

By #500327 at 04,Nov,16 16:36
In my teens. I had a mate where we used to suck and wank each other. But years back now
By #519017 at 04,Nov,16 19:05
Reminds me of my pubescent youth, but we just wanked each other.

By 3fdfd at 04,Nov,16 12:01 other posts of 3fdfd 
I've never had a j/o buddy but sure would like to have one.

By #269409 at 04,Nov,16 08:46
One of my biggest fantasies is to have a J/O buddy

By hornycock420 at 16,Mar,14 19:53 other posts of hornycock420 
I soooo want to find a guy that would let me suck his cock, I get so fucking hard when I see apicture of a guys shaved cock.I could just only imagine sucking a guys cock for real. oh I just came again
By #369710 at 18,Mar,14 15:35
I wish YOU can come and LICK & SUCK my cock bro-cum all over your face and mouth-message me if u want
[deleted image]

By kebmo at 04,Nov,16 08:18 other posts of kebmo 
Hi from Red Deer Ab. I'm from Dundas! I've been away for many years now. Do it! The feeling NEVER goes away. Craigslist is my best friend for finding friends like that. Good luck, be safe and have fun!

By cadi at 28,Mar,14 18:31 other posts of cadi 
I wish to have one in San Francisco too.
By kebmo at 04,Nov,16 08:12 other posts of kebmo 
I actually LOL'd at your comment. San Francisco? I'm sure you could find someone there who would gladly be your buddy. You won't have to look hard. Do it, you'll wonder forever if you don't. That curious feeling never goes away. NEVER.

By #519017 at 04,Nov,16 07:54
Only back at school in my testosterone surging pubescent youth. Got friendly with a boy and went over to his place to browse porn mags. We soon had straining boners. He got his dick out first and jacked off, so I did too. It wasn't long before we were giving each other HJ's over girlie porn - I guess that meant we were straight, just sex obsessed. At school we would be constantly touching each other's bum, thighs and cock bulge when we had the chance. We would sneak off to the boys toilets, cram into a cubicle, drop our pants and HJ each other. We did that for about a year but at the same time we would browse straight porn, talk about girls and about upskirts we'd seen. Every night I would masturbate thinking about girls, then next day we'd be wanking each other! We were as straight as they come but at that age into any sex we could get, and a boy J/O buddy was easier to get than a girl.

By #285354 at 24,Aug,14 00:14
Only in my dreams. It is really something that I would love to try.

By coyote7666 at 05,Aug,14 21:17 other posts of coyote7666 
Would love to find a J/O buddy in Rhode Island..

By #400852 at 01,Aug,14 18:54
I want one,don't know if its going to ever happen though
By t-rex at 02,Aug,14 12:50 other posts of t-rex 
I feel the same way, it would be great, but not sure if it will ever happen

By #368624 at 29,Nov,13 20:24
i went to this mall once and trying some tshirt,,the sales guy asked my size and picked a tshirt he tried to match my size by holding the tshirt over me,then i realized one of his hands was on my penis and the other holding the tshirt,i thought it was an accident but he kept repeating it,i didnt mind as i was kind of exciting though i am not gay,,after 5-6 times he started to feel more,i got wet but then i left.Than after two months i went back again but this this time i was'nt wearing any underpant but just a track pant.One can easily feel my penis.He came to me immediately and i was bit nervous then directly he did the same thing,when he could feel my penis more without underwear he started to make moaning sounds.Then he was called by someone to pack some clothes.I kept waiting there both anxious and nervous.Then he came again and even though there were people nearby he pretended showing me tshirt and starting playing with my penis from above the pant and making moaning sounds seeing no resistance from me.As i didnt had this sensation before i came immediately into my pant and i had no underwear one could see the wetness of my pants.I immediately left the mall putting my side bad above my penis where it was wet.I could not decide if i should go back again.
By tb1 at 02,Aug,14 12:42 other posts of tb1 
please go again m8 and let us know what happens - maybe he should accompany you to the dressing rooms when you try on some pants (P.S. go commando)

By #468628 at 02,Aug,14 05:03
Could use one in tulsa Oklahoma

By #447512 at 23,Jul,14 07:15
jerked off with another guy on Skype recently. had no idea how hot it would be. would love to do in person maybe give each other a hand job. now I think about sucking as well it have to be so much fun I jerk off to other men a lot since the Skype

By JeffinKS at 21,Jul,14 15:13 other posts of JeffinKS 
it would be fun to have a jerk off bud.....

By #64328 at 21,Jul,14 06:26
I think it would be great to have a JO buddy like I did when I was younger growing up. I still think about those days just seems more awkward talking about it with a friend than it did back then.

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