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Circumcised as an Adult

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Started by #321462 at 26,Oct,14 12:58
Hey guys, where are all the guys circumcised as adults? Please share your experience as I am considering getting it done.

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By galaxy123 at 09,Dec,22 11:03 other posts of galaxy123 
I considered it when I was a teenager and went to see a specialist doctor with my parents. I was 15 years old.
My Father was circumcised but when I was born my parents decided to wait until I was older so we could talk it over and then I could decide. I remember when young (8 or 9 years old) I asked my parents why mine was different from my Fathers and other boys and men I had seen who were circumcised, my family were naturists so I had seen many different types of dicks. My mother explained that some men and boys had their foreskins removed when young for different reasons, be that medical, religious or family tradition.
So when I was 15 my parents and I sat down and they explained that if I wanted to get circumcised I could, I remember speaking to them about it and comparing mine with my Fathers. They offered to take me to a specialist doctor, so he could examine me and then we could all discuss the options and I could make the decision myself.
I thought this was a good idea so my parents and I went to see the specialist. He examined me, checked the coverage and movement, rolling it back and forth, checked to see if it was too tight (both soft and hard), he looked at the Frenulum and asked questions about if I had ever had any irritation or infection under the foreskin. My parents were present during the examination then afterwards I got my clothes back on and we discussed it.
The doctor said that my foreskin functioned normally and that if I wanted to get circumcised I could but there was no medical or pressing need. So I took a few days to think it over and then decided to keep my foreskin. I think my father would have liked me to get done but he and my mother put no pressure on me. I often see men who are circumcised and about my size and think that's what mine would have looked like if I had got circumcised. But no regrets... other than the odd zipper catch
By tb1 at 09,Dec,22 11:50 other posts of tb1 
your parents were very accommodating, good for them
By galaxy123 at 12,Dec,22 12:15 other posts of galaxy123 
thanks, they were very open about things, they were happy to talk about anything and very liberal. They were naturists which we enjoyed as a family growing up.
By tb1 at 12,Dec,22 13:07 other posts of tb1 
You were so fortunate

By #463848 at 09,Dec,22 13:17
I am uncut and will remain so. One of my friends in the forces had his done when he was about 25. It looked good when all back to normal and he got plenty of activity with it - the size and shape would be attractive to the girls.
By galaxy123 at 09,Dec,22 13:30 other posts of galaxy123 
I think getting it done late works well for some guys. And a good doctor helps. A friend at school had it done when he was 16 and he was happy with the results. I saw it before and after and it looked good once healed.

By #534777 at 18,Jun,17 16:39
I got circumcised at 10... my cock is hot as ever

By #442787 at 30,Oct,14 13:31
I was circumcised when I was 10. My parents made me do this against my will. I rather uncut cocks and I wish I were uncut.

By *seduceme* at 30,Oct,14 09:59 other posts of *seduceme* 
Not many will mate if it is in working condition!

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