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Drink your own cum?

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Started by #10118 at 19,Jan,10 15:51
Do you guys drink your own cum? I've tried it a few times and quite like it, but of course nothing beats another guy's cum hitting you in the face and in the back of your throat.
What does everyone think?

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By hugehole at 19,Aug,23 22:17 other posts of hugehole 
I always eat my cum would not waste it, drink my pee to but never the first pee of the day to salty and late in the day no taste or color just warm water 2,3,and4 pees are best

By #652988 at 19,Dec,21 15:18
I have tasted my c and it's not bad I like the taste

By #627949 at 18,Oct,20 22:25
More pics

By #74896 at 12,Oct,16 06:35
Yes I do. The taste of precum is best, but I love to eat my cum too

By kebmo at 03,Oct,16 10:59 other posts of kebmo 
Never. It just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe because I'm no longer horny. I love to swallow other guys cum though.

By #234194 at 16,May,16 14:29
I love the smell of my cum, that bleach smell turns me on

By #509910 at 06,May,16 17:38
Yep...I've consumed my own cum. Most of the time I loose the drive after orgasm as mentioned other places in this thread so it has to be quick right after I ejaculate my creamy hot load. I love to taste my precum every time!
By Gary5 at 16,May,16 13:07 other posts of Gary5 
Exactly, same with me!

By #486048 at 16,May,16 13:00
I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.**** the stuff

By #510409 at 08,May,16 10:39
I always drink my own cum.In fact i wanked off earlier and drank every drop.

By #505462 at 05,Mar,16 19:14
I don't waste a drop of my cum. I often cum on my breakfast and/or dinner. I also enjoy swishing it around in my mouth for as long as possible.

By #225030 at 23,May,13 17:22
I always eat my load. I love the taste...the chunkier the better
[deleted image]
By #424385 at 27,Feb,15 20:53
So agree the chunkier, thicker the better, it melts in your mouth.
By #505462 at 05,Mar,16 19:12
Yes, it took me awhile to appreciate the thick chunky cum, but once I did, oh boy is it yummy!

By #502789 at 05,Mar,16 15:42
I love eating my cum do it a lot even over my food

By spermkiss at 10,Jun,15 16:39 other posts of spermkiss 
Doesn't every man?

By cumonme1 at 10,Jun,15 12:04 other posts of cumonme1 
I'm eating my frozen cum right now so good.

By #121361 at 09,Jun,15 06:57

By #462085 at 22,Feb,15 04:22

By bikev at 17,Feb,15 07:11 other posts of bikev 
I swallow all cum. My own and every man I suck off. I am addicted to the taste.

By leopoldij at 17,Feb,15 02:58 other posts of leopoldij 
I like it, esp. sucking from freshly fucked pussy

By #462085 at 16,Feb,15 19:18
I just did last week. It was thick and bleachy tasting

By #149019 at 13,Feb,15 06:00
[deleted image] yes

By foreskinlover52 at 12,Jan,14 11:38 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I always lick or drink my own cum.. It tastes so good..My precum is so sweet..Of course I would like to swallow another mans sperm but sometimes I have to settle with my own..I just like sperm!

By #269409 at 12,Jan,14 08:18
I have drank my cum and others cum out my wife's pussy

By #446733 at 11,Jan,14 15:54
[deleted image]

After cuming on the photo of my 18 jears body I licked my cum.

By #437938 at 08,Jan,14 07:28
I love eating my cum. Just wish I could cum a huge load

By #291032 at 08,Jan,14 01:17
I drank my cum yesterday mmmm.nice but I really want another mans cum

By #390287 at 16,Jun,13 04:42
I do it everytime I jerk off, I have probably saved enough in tissues now to buy a car.

By #350209 at 16,Jun,13 00:35
love my pre cum

By #383274 at 15,Jun,13 10:35
I prefer the taste of precum. In the past I have put my feet up a wall and shot in my face/mouth and that is pretty much the only time I like eating my own cum

By #385062 at 13,Jun,13 06:18
Not a whole load. Sometimes I get to ooze some sperm without orgasm, after some edging.

If you don't have an orgasm you can keep the sex drive, I mean, you don't loose the urge to drink your own cum.

I like it, but I prefer when my wife does it. By the way, I'm trying to convince her to cumswap with me. Any tip?

By ccsjunior at 12,Jun,13 02:20 other posts of ccsjunior 
thats why I know Im soooooooo swwwwweeeeet!!!!

By #371104 at 06,Jun,13 16:03
My Drinking straw [deleted image] Tasty jungle juice
By #23212 at 07,Jun,13 03:08
Looks "tasty" indeed! But maybe you shouldn't chew on your "Drinking straw" so much--it looks very red.
By #371104 at 07,Jun,13 06:31
Hi sinanaff the redness is part of my birthmark it goes right down my left leg you can see it in my other pics
By #23212 at 07,Jun,13 07:02
Ah yes, I see now. I still think it looks great.

By #378158 at 23,May,13 15:00
i enjoy eating my precum. best is when you suck a hot young guy and when he shoots hit hits the back of your throut and you have no choice other than to swallow it.
By Badjohnny911 at 07,Jun,13 06:13 other posts of Badjohnny911 
Pre cum is the best!!

By #332259 at 25,May,13 09:24
I love it !
[deleted image]

By #6437 at 21,Feb,13 12:07
yes i eat my own hot cum and love to swallow a load from other men mmmmmmmmmmmmm

By #201367 at 03,Jan,13 17:52
Check out the vid I just posted on my page. I cum in a glass then drink it. I absolutely LOVE eating cum.

By smokieb69 at 03,Jan,13 08:11 other posts of smokieb69 
yes, i do - normally straight from the tap like this, although i do prefer my precum

self suck squirting

more and more cum on my face!

By Browningman at 03,Jan,13 03:29 other posts of Browningman 
I eat my cum

By #278535 at 06,Dec,12 21:19
I did this once. I ejaculated a bit earlier while penetrating my wife, after that wife felt that an orgasm is coming so she like me to suck her pussy during orgasm. I start sucking her pussy, she moves like mad during orgasm and i felt all my cum get into my mouth from her pussy! Ah! it feels salty!

By spermkiss at 05,Dec,12 18:14 other posts of spermkiss 
What man hasn't? A lot of a-d-o-l-e-s-c-e-n-t b-o-y-s do this to get rid of evidence that they masturbated. They develope a taste for sperm that lasts into adulthood. (Sorry about the hyphens, but I've got to watch out for the censors.)

By mywusch at 05,Dec,12 17:45 other posts of mywusch 
yes, i like my cum and can suck myself

By #11003 at 19,Jan,10 23:02
yes,yes,yes,. i love the taste of cum. ive sucked off over 150 guys. they all tasted great.
By #38932 at 26,Jan,10 05:02
150? I _highly_ doubt it.

By COCKSUCKERSLUT at 23,Jan,10 00:07 other posts of COCKSUCKERSLUT 

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