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Cummig in somebody else's drink or dessert

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Started by leopoldij at 22,Mar,14 02:55  other posts of leopoldij
There have been a few times when I invited a woman at home, served her a drink, like milkshake, or ice cream., In which I had mixed my cum earlier. I usually cum directly inside and then mix it, or use pre stored cum from earlier during the day. I then serve get the drink or dessert and watch her eat it. I Enjoy this tremendously. The process makes me hard, I excuse myself, go to another room and masturbate like crazy.

Anyone ever did that?

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New Comment

By tecsan at 11,Aug,23 06:26 other posts of tecsan 
Think we learned one thing here. DO NOT eat the broccoli and cheddar soup or any soup for that matter.

By Bi7incher at 28,Jul,23 06:30 other posts of Bi7incher 
I haven't in a single persons drink but I used to be a shift manager at a sub shop and was the closer so one time I came in the broccoli and cheddar soup that was saved for the next day.I had also saved a load from earlier in the night that I went to the restroom with a souflee cup and hid it in the fridge to add to my fresh load and mixed up the soup so hard telling how many people had some of that soup with my cum in it.

By Bi7incher at 28,Jul,23 06:26 other posts of Bi7incher 
I haven't in a single persons drink but I used to be a shift manager at a sub shop and was the closer so one time I came in the broccoli and cheddar soup that was saved for

By leopoldij at 22,Mar,14 15:05 other posts of leopoldij 
Wooaoo People. Can't you tell the difference between fantasy from reality?
By dgraff at 30,May,19 00:45 other posts of dgraff 
Yeah right sicko fantasy my ass
By #551147 at 07,Oct,20 20:01
🙄 Riiiight!
By #275407 at 26,Apr,23 21:52
I know this is a nine year post, but that is so discusting, if someone did that to me and I found out, honestly I would put them in the hospital.
By phart at 26,Apr,23 21:56 other posts of phart 
In a coma
By #275407 at 26,Apr,23 23:17
Your right phart, I would go insane

By stroker11 at 20,Apr,23 12:37 other posts of stroker11 
You'd be fun an a picnic! What are you bringing???

By Ananas2xLekker at 07,Oct,20 20:10 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Doing this secretly is not OK. Challenging someone to drink a cum milkshake would be fun.

By 2nice at 29,May,19 14:03 other posts of 2nice 
This is criminal conduct and you should be arrested.

Sick bastard.

By JustWill at 29,May,19 13:25 other posts of JustWill 
Nothing surprising about this for those who have read any of your other posts.

By dgraff at 29,May,19 10:52 other posts of dgraff 
Well Leo did you get the results you were looking for from this sick twisted forum thread hey you like to print copy and paste so much why don't you send a copy of this thread to your local police station and turn your self in so they can get you the help you so desperately need

By #551147 at 29,May,19 06:37
You're one mentally sick piece of shit and anyone like you. You get your fuckin jollies off from feeding people your jizz without their knowledge? 🤔

I thought some around here were being a lil harsh with you, I had NO idea about this thread. 🤨 You deserve every ounce of disrespect given to you. You're a fuckin lowlife! I suppose because a bulk of your paycheck goes to a bunch of whores, in your mind, you can treat them even more like trash. Well, I hate to give you this ⚡newsflash⚡ but, YOU'RE THE TRASH! It's no fuckin wonder the only pussy you can get, you have to pay for. A real woman would probably spit in your face as you aren't worthy of a simple handjob. You sincerely should be arrested. Picture it! Sweet justice would come full circle. Cause you would DEFINITELY be someone's lil bitch. Where you could serve as the prisons main cum dump, and be treated just like you treat others. Like TRASH!
By #584076 at 29,May,19 07:58
100% agreed about this particular topic...

Can't judge outside of this but this is without a doubt illegal sexual predator behaviour.
By dgraff at 29,May,19 08:34 other posts of dgraff 
Oh he'll yeah Leo is one sick individual

By #584076 at 29,May,19 07:57
That is pretty sick!

It's disgusting...

More importantly, it is highly illegal...

It's called Assault with a Bodily Substance!

It's one thing to have people lapping at cum if they're into it but an altogther much more sinister thing to be tainting people's food with it without their consent.

I'm all for kinks and perversions but this is absolutely 100% sexual predator behaviour!

By Kwilla at 28,May,19 18:40 other posts of Kwilla 
I had a chick who loved for me to cum in her coffee or oatmeal. Then I would save it all week and she would pour my weeks worth of cum into her glass of milk or whatever breakfast food she was having. If I jerked off into her food watching her drink/eat it for me so hot I would jerk off again

By #409443 at 28,May,14 03:01
I have gone to my neighbors and pissed a little in there drinks and rubbed my cock all over there food,it was hot!
By bella! at 28,May,14 11:32 other posts of bella! 
With all this pissing going on, I'm curious, do YOU enjoy having YOUR food and drink being pissed in and on? As much as urine seems to excite you, do you get aroused when your pet has an 'accident' in your house?

By 170cal at 28,May,14 07:01 other posts of 170cal 
That shit is actually a form of battery...

By #316057 at 27,May,14 03:44
thats one reason I don't eat out to many fuckup ppl

By #455846 at 26,May,14 15:50

puts me off milkshakes now in a strange way...

By #461043 at 26,May,14 15:28
yes I have a bunch of times I did it lot when I worked in a restaurant I would shoot my cum in peoples food all the time and girl's I would date this one time I meet this fat girl on line and she came over for dinner and I shoot my sperm in her pasta and watched her eat it and then I fucked that fat whore
By bella! at 26,May,14 15:43 other posts of bella! 
WOW! Way to go! Generally speaking, people that rely on meeting people online is because their life is too busy or may lack certain social skills. I would wager to say that you fall into the second category. Dude, you sound like a first-class piece of shit!

By Rose at 22,Mar,14 04:00 other posts of Rose 
I believe that you are just trying to get a reaction and/or attention here, but I will be a sucker and offer my brief response. If you enjoy eating cum (be it your own or someone else's), that is fine. If your lady friend enjoys eating cum, that too, is fine. BUT, what I find SO completely disturbing, is that you would "serve" your cum to an unknowing person AND get off in doing so. This would certainly fit within the definition of sexually deviant.
By #400852 at 22,Mar,14 11:33
this guy needs help I think,he is totally sick

By #428387 at 22,Mar,14 12:03
Rose go see his post on masturbate-A-thon .the guy is obsessed he just can't help himself. Don't take heed to what he says Rose.
By Rose at 22,Mar,14 18:31 other posts of Rose 
Yes poolboy, he is a complete waste of time here.

By Ray10754 at 22,Mar,14 18:27 other posts of Ray10754 
I find your actions as you discribe here not fantasy at all, they are a total form of Disrepect,inmature and vulgar to say the least, To me,it is the lowest form of behavior that can be bestowed on an unexpecting individule.In your own words you stated that these are things that you have done and have enjoyed them tremendously,so I see no fantasy in it at all.
Time to grow up and have repect for the woman you befriend.

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