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So ... What Is Your "Favorite Drink" ?

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Started by CreativeOne at 14,Oct,12 13:09  other posts of CreativeOne
My favorite "Hard" Drink is actually a double shot of Absolut (Vodka) , second would be Jack Daniels and Coke !

My favorite "Soft" Drink ... hands down is a nice tall glass of "Lemonade" (Freshly Squeezed) and second choice would be Root Beer !

How about You ... what are your "Favorite Drinks" ?

Note : .... I just wanted to come up with something Fun , on the Discussion Forum that everyone will be able to add there 2 cents to ! As it seems to me this "DF" was kind of getting too boring with the same old thing over and over ... So enjoy !

Cheers to all ... Rob , the "CreativeOne" !!!

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By Cody8789 at 27,Aug,23 06:10 other posts of Cody8789 
Newcastle draft only,,, not from a can,,, it’s a dark strong beer

By 4438cr at 27,Aug,23 05:58 other posts of 4438cr 
Nothing like a cold mug of schiner bock on a hot west Texas day! Only thing that comes close is a shot of hot Mexican pussy!haha

By cardinal at 24,Aug,23 13:57 other posts of cardinal 
I really like orange spice tea or anything with mango like Snapple,soda pop.

By hugehole at 19,Aug,23 22:12 other posts of hugehole 
pe from any womane

By cruz69696969 at 29,May,23 08:52 other posts of cruz69696969 
White pearls in a cocktail

By #671336 at 30,Apr,23 01:31
best extra stout from Coopers Brewery, water

By cruz69696969 at 29,Apr,23 14:24 other posts of cruz69696969 
I love a great of cock tail

By wycowboy at 27,Apr,23 19:46 other posts of wycowboy 
"Hard" drink is always a Jack and Coke.

Beer is Micholob Ultra

Soft is sweet tea

By massco at 27,Apr,23 15:39 other posts of massco 
Gin and limeade or a double shot of Crown on the rocks.

By casado at 20,Apr,23 19:18 other posts of casado 

By #691289 at 20,Apr,23 17:50
Cum is okay, but nothing beats some tangy pussy juice.

By stroker11 at 20,Apr,23 12:34 other posts of stroker11 
What's in a penis colada...and is it creamy?

By cruz69696969 at 24,May,20 14:02 other posts of cruz69696969 
The warm salty jizz blast slurpy
By SluttySarah069 at 24,May,20 21:58 other posts of SluttySarah069 
and me - I love the taste and feel of spunk in my mouth - and I love it all over mu face as well

By #493271 at 08,Aug,15 22:11
My drink is cum seaman right from the tap
By spermkiss at 08,Aug,15 23:09 other posts of spermkiss 
Mine, too.

By #23212 at 09,Aug,15 05:04
Do you drink army and airman too, or just "seaman"?

By #181785 at 08,Aug,15 06:43
Shot of Cum with a piss chaser!

By _avg_ at 08,Aug,15 02:50 other posts of _avg_ 

By routemaster at 06,Aug,15 03:48 other posts of routemaster 
A nice pint of IPA when I go for a meal in the pub with friends though I sometimes vary this to a pint of Fosters Lager Top. You can't also beat a nice cup of tea, have to have at least three cups when I wake up in the morning to get the brain functioning, and a coffee for elevenses (no sugar in either). Apple juice, Pineapple juice, orange juice and ice cold milk are delicious too, especially on hot summer days like we've had recently

By #454258 at 06,Aug,15 03:38
Milk, Gatoraide, soda, or water.......I'm sober and proud

By #485312 at 30,Apr,15 08:41
Cointreau with one cube of ice *lix*

By Ravioli_Max at 20,Mar,15 08:26 other posts of Ravioli_Max 

By leopoldij at 20,Mar,15 07:01 other posts of leopoldij 
Pussy juice

By #316057 at 20,Mar,15 06:49
Dr. Pepper and Big Red Sometime

By #358797 at 03,Jan,14 23:56
Mmm. Favorite drink.... Sobe in Strawberry Daiquiri with whipped cream vodka. Om nom nom. And nonalcoholic drink.. Dr. Pepper.
By leopoldij at 19,Mar,15 22:47 other posts of leopoldij 
You know why Dr Pepper comes in a bottle, don't you?

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By #358797 at 19,Mar,15 23:35
If those are some sort of instructions on how to drink Dr Pepper through my ass, I'm gonna be upset. Lol.
By leopoldij at 20,Mar,15 01:16 other posts of leopoldij 
Nah. Here's the answer:
Dr Pepper cums in a bottle because his wife left him.
By #358797 at 20,Mar,15 02:07
His wife must be crazy.
By leopoldij at 20,Mar,15 06:47 other posts of leopoldij 
Let me Google that. ..

By #301038 at 28,Dec,12 10:05
Long Island Ice Tea, or a cocktail that I mix myself, grenadine, campari, gin, tonic and lots of lemons. I also love beer, Blue Moon, Hoegarten, Guiness Draft, and this one white, live, beer that is brewed in "Bochka" brewery/bar in Kiev, Ukraine with garlic rye bread fried toasts. Mmmm.... so delicious.

--------------------------------------- added after 0 hours

Oh, and I also like a Riezling white wine with apple cider and a dash of cranberry juice. Or IceWine with deserts...mmm.... so delicious
By CreativeOne at 04,Mar,13 15:05 other posts of CreativeOne 
Mmmmmmmmmmm , Long Island Iced tea , great choice "Peach" !

By #204766 at 20,Mar,15 01:28
Excellent choice on the beers have you tried gulden draak or piraat

By #204766 at 20,Mar,15 01:27
Favourite spirit goes with out saying absinthe all the way then after that good beer and as for non alcoholic relentless

By stroker11 at 22,Mar,13 09:55 other posts of stroker11 
A coffee royale......cup of black coffee with a shot of spiced rum and two thick shots of cum.......yum

By #41858 at 06,Mar,13 03:32
I am partial to Jagermeister, usually mixed with Dr Pepper ot Coke
By #2331 at 21,Mar,13 14:27
Chris23d do you put a scoop of icecream in there too!!!
Its a sin to buy good booze and put soda in it!!!
By #360973 at 21,Mar,13 15:29
Enough with your sin/religiousbs!
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

Try voicing an opinion without mentioning your friend upstairs! It's offensive and has no place here
By #68656 at 21,Mar,13 15:46
Micheal made no reference either actual or implied to any religious organization or Diety.
By #360973 at 21,Mar,13 15:51
Sin in my mind is a religious reference, &, in my opinion, a religious reference is as offensive as a racial slur (nudge nudge...)
--------------------------------------- added after 11 minutes

Just out of interest, John...has the panel done anything about SurferHarry yet (who my gf complained about today for sending her a private upload of one of her pics that he'd saved from her previous profile [that she erased a month and a half ago] and that he'd came on without her consent - that's acceptable behaviour???).
When you stop making political and racist comments, i'll start respecting your input on what is appropriate or not, John
--------------------------------------- added after 39 minutes

p.s.: I was #316049
--------------------------------------- added after 41 minutes

By #23212 at 22,Mar,13 05:55

By #40556 at 20,Mar,13 22:20
Harvey wall banger on a hot day is great but main drink bourbon an beer

By pifad at 20,Mar,13 22:07 other posts of pifad 
Vodka tonic with a splash of cranberry

By #149276 at 20,Mar,13 21:56
Creative one > Tanqueray and or Bombay Sapphire Martini with 2 olives or onions NO VERMUTH Shaken Gin and Tonic on summer days! I've heard women proclaim they're simular to a "douche" soooooo

By #359325 at 06,Mar,13 01:39
I like too have a few Pina Coladas. Drank 5 one time in Vegas and they sure hit me later that night. But, boy they were tasty.

By Ray10754 at 04,Mar,13 16:21 other posts of Ray10754 
My fav alcohaul drink is,although I'm not a drinker (Peachtree shnopps) Soft drinks it would have to be a toss up between Pepsi and Cream soda, And I have to have my COFFEE !

By Dalecash at 28,Dec,12 09:32 other posts of Dalecash 
A VB very cold

By #332336 at 27,Dec,12 13:48
Personally I like a big warm glass of moose whiz, with a shot of bear cum to spice it up. lol

By #164428 at 26,Dec,12 18:42
Unfortunately, I can no longer imbibe since I take many medications, but I was a wine lover. I loved White Zinfandel....always drank wine and beer; never cared for hard liquor.

Regarding soft drinks, I love iced tea, especially bottled Pure Leaf (Lipton) tea, and fresh lemonade like you, Love!
By CreativeOne at 27,Dec,12 02:40 other posts of CreativeOne 

By duncanidaho at 26,Dec,12 18:16 other posts of duncanidaho 

By stroker11 at 26,Dec,12 14:38 other posts of stroker11 
White wine with a spritz of warm cum.

By #307667 at 23,Oct,12 13:52
Got to be patriotic and say.....................Irn Bru

By stroker11 at 23,Oct,12 13:49 other posts of stroker11 
Amaretto and a shot of cum, stirred with two ice cubes.

By bella! at 14,Oct,12 22:30 other posts of bella! 
Cold beer.....I'm a cheap date!
By #283093 at 21,Oct,12 20:42
I'm with you, Bella! The colder the better
By qhaos at 22,Oct,12 11:28 other posts of qhaos 
i agree too.. if double malt better!

By *kmadeau* at 22,Oct,12 09:40 other posts of *kmadeau* 
Cheers man! It's really smart Fun!

By #112020 at 22,Oct,12 04:21
Long island ice tea but a cold beer is what I can aford.

Sodas: Dr. Peper and home brewed ice tea (sweet )
Ow and Bushmills and coffee is good to.

By #297360 at 17,Oct,12 18:28
mountain dew
By bella! at 20,Oct,12 10:55 other posts of bella! 
You do the dew? I'm not sure what Mountain Dew even tastes like because I cannot get passed the color. Yuck!
By #297360 at 21,Oct,12 00:39
I think your doing it wrong, the drinks are supposed to go in your mouth your not supposed to choose based on the colour .

Also I like the colour
By bella! at 21,Oct,12 00:51 other posts of bella! 
Yellow? Truly, I am fond of the color yellow. It looks great on walls, clothes, sunny days, summer squash. However when it comes to teeth or the color of a drink..........ewww!!!!!!
By #297360 at 21,Oct,12 01:07
when the yellow is inside the green bottle, the way the light reflect it almost gives it a neon glow which i like . I don't often find myself pouring a glass of mountain dew.
By bella! at 21,Oct,12 04:07 other posts of bella! 
Ha! I poured it into a glass, that's why I'm traumatized! You go on drinking that yellow stuff but it's not for me!
By #297360 at 21,Oct,12 17:55
I would rather drink mountain dew than any wine
By bella! at 21,Oct,12 19:45 other posts of bella! 
Are you complaining about a certain gift? Oh hellllllllll NO!
By #297360 at 21,Oct,12 19:48
not at all; where as i persona;;y am not into wine i would be more than happy to share a bottle of something with you
By bella! at 21,Oct,12 22:36 other posts of bella! 
Okay, i will do a Dew with you if I am blindfolded so I can't see the color!

By #302771 at 21,Oct,12 20:58
Cold beer ice house is my favorite or rum and diet coke

By #268067 at 14,Oct,12 13:19
cum..freshly squeezed
By CreativeOne at 14,Oct,12 13:30 other posts of CreativeOne 
"I knew that one would show up here" As I'm sure it will be , by many here "That's quite alright ... as "Anything Goes" , here as there are "No wrong answers" !!!

By #291618 at 14,Oct,12 19:26
I like double tequila shots that would be my fav hard drink mmm i choose jagermeister with some as soft drink hope i dnt sound like a drunk guy but thats what i like and i havnt drinked 4 a while now
By CreativeOne at 20,Oct,12 07:13 other posts of CreativeOne 
Mmmmmm , Jagermeister ! Good choice "ktalmipn" ... I used to love that drink ! Wow , it sure has been a while since I had any of that ... again , Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

By like2jack at 17,Oct,12 18:31 other posts of like2jack 
Rob, I like both Jack Daniels and Coke but not in the same glass. Jack on the rocks is my favorite drink and Diet Coke for the rest of the time.
By CreativeOne at 19,Oct,12 15:41 other posts of CreativeOne 
Cool ! Thanks for your reply my friend ! Plus I got a on the way you described it ! None the less ... glad to see another JD fan ! Cheers ... Rob , the "CreativeOne" ^..^____!

By #306725 at 18,Oct,12 23:14
wild turkey

By #201583 at 18,Oct,12 22:27
Captain Morgan, Old number seven (JD), Any type of Bacardi, 190 proof Everclear mixed with freshly juiced watermelon and served chilled. I can list many more but these are my favorites.

By #220845 at 17,Oct,12 17:50
Makers mark, cold beer, nonalcoholic icedtea Red Bull, cranberry juice.

By #2331 at 17,Oct,12 13:38
Why buy good whiskey and put it in coke???
By #218130 at 17,Oct,12 15:41
Only one way, straight, on the rocks

By #275302 at 15,Oct,12 11:45
Vodka/anything, bacardi Raz/orange, vanilla coke.
By #218130 at 17,Oct,12 10:10
Some frisky whiskey for me thanks

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