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Masturbating buddy

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Started by steve8211 at 08,May,18 15:42  other posts of steve8211
Who all has a masturbating buddy local that you can play with

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By APBay at 28,Jul,22 18:21 other posts of APBay 
I wish i could find one in Colorado Aurora
By Jimjim at 28,Jul,22 19:24 other posts of Jimjim 
I wish I lived near there! I would love to jack off with you!
By APBay at 29,Jul,22 20:39 other posts of APBay 
Sweet i would of love that! would like to find someone to be naked with and dick play.

By pussyman at 19,May,18 06:26 other posts of pussyman 
I have a regular one. We play almost every week.
This is us. I'm on the left.

--------------------------------------- added after 52 seconds

I'm on top
By #455846 at 19,May,18 22:23
The top picture looks awesome, both got cool packages

By #463848 at 26,Jul,22 11:48
Lucky man; must be good to get relief together.

By #625826 at 26,Jul,22 14:38
So Yummy

By LGA6969 at 27,Jul,22 21:36 other posts of LGA6969 
Nice looks like a nice creamy mess

By #594003 at 28,Jul,22 15:43
Lucky dudes!

By knewbi at 15,Jun,22 17:43 other posts of knewbi 
I think most, if not all, of us would love a bating buddy or two...
By #463848 at 26,Jul,22 11:46
You are so right; especially if they were gay but enjoyed just wanking another and receiving in return.

By leopoldij at 15,Jun,22 19:23 other posts of leopoldij 
[deleted image] I like female ma masturbating buddies

By Leo037 at 15,Jun,22 16:29 other posts of Leo037 
Anyone in Hertfordshire?

By #622747 at 14,Jun,22 23:08
I wish.

By #638193 at 14,Jun,22 20:57
I'd love to have a masturbation buddy

By #64328 at 14,Jun,22 20:08
I had several secret jack off friends growing up. Wish I had one now

By nekekal at 14,Jun,22 16:19 other posts of nekekal 
I wish.

By #667453 at 09,Jun,22 00:01
I don't have one😟

By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 09:47
I wish I find one

By #559915 at 20,Jun,18 09:01
Had a few masturbation buddies when I was 15 or so.We would gather at some friends room pull down our pants and rub or stroke our soft cocks liek crazy and walk around the room.
I didn't remember if anybody came, maybe it was dry orgasm

By #535766 at 21,May,18 02:53
I need one south of Houston

By Rob00 at 20,May,18 09:54 other posts of Rob00 
Your better off with a suck buddy,its much more fun,and you end up with a Fresh and Tasty reward to enjoy

By #548125 at 20,May,18 07:41
Yes I have a masturbation buddy, ok not in real but we have good video chats

By #556798 at 20,May,18 01:07
I've been looking for one, but it's very difficult, because I don't have my own place, and everyone who used to respond to my ads back when craigslist allowed them would either ask if I can host, or practically be in another city...

By Darthshame at 09,May,18 05:16 other posts of Darthshame 
Trying to get one, but hard to find a place.
By #463848 at 09,May,18 08:45
Agreed; most of those who like my cock seem to be in another country!
By #455846 at 09,May,18 13:01
everyone should want to your s
By #463848 at 19,May,18 07:47
Well, thank you; pity you are so far away.

By #537175 at 09,May,18 12:52
I did when I was a teen , there were a few of us who jerked together and for each other . I have a bf now and he is more than enough now

By #550841 at 09,May,18 00:06
My buddy is a photo of a cunt.

By #552510 at 08,May,18 23:57
Never tried that before.

By #542488 at 08,May,18 23:52
Would like to find one, anyone near Toronto wanna form a jerk off team?

By mandlooking at 08,May,18 23:44 other posts of mandlooking 
I wish I had one!

By PoloFields at 08,May,18 21:24 other posts of PoloFields 
I don't

By yellowman at 08,May,18 20:39 other posts of yellowman 
Yes, I do.....

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