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By APBay at 10,May,23 16:15
Not is wrong with you, i do love to suck a cock i wish i had one to suck on the regular.

By APBay at 10,May,23 16:08

By APBay at 05,May,23 18:24
love the forskin pic

By APBay at 05,May,23 17:52
nice pic

By APBay at 05,May,23 17:52
love the pics

By APBay at 05,May,23 17:51
very nice

By APBay at 13,Oct,22 18:04
I like it trimmed, I trimmed and shave my balls.

By APBay at 12,Oct,22 20:38
do not have a long foreskin but i love them!

By APBay at 06,Oct,22 20:13
Once in a while i do.

By APBay at 16,Sep,22 19:54

By APBay at 16,Sep,22 15:36
I like this one.

By APBay at 14,Sep,22 18:38

By APBay at 14,Sep,22 18:37
here you go

By APBay at 12,Sep,22 20:16
i also use Albolene

By APBay at 12,Sep,22 18:02
I am uncut too as you may know, i do keep my skin back the glen exposed and i had the same problem i started keep it moisturize and that help me i used coconut oil.

By APBay at 12,Sep,22 17:58
I do like to have my glans exposed, i try to uncover it a few time a day but it also roll back.

By APBay at 12,Sep,22 17:55
i pull it back to expose the piss slit.

By APBay at 12,Sep,22 17:53
Can not really rememberer the first time i push back my foreskin, i could of always go back, but i rememberer the first time when i saw my foreskin started to separate from my dick head, i was about 11.

By APBay at 12,Sep,22 17:47
I love love watching guys jerking off.

By APBay at 12,Sep,22 17:40
Hey man i am in Aurora.

By APBay at 12,Sep,22 17:35
I have a medium and happy with it.

By APBay at 12,Sep,22 17:33
3 TO 4,

By APBay at 08,Sep,22 20:37
When i work on the weekend in my office i would get naked walk around in the nude and masturbate on my desk. Also do it at the gym while working out and in the steam room, at the regular movies too.

By APBay at 15,Aug,22 17:29
My first anal was late i was late 20's, my boyfriend at the time i was always a top but this time he wanted some, he was big it was a pillow bitting my ass was sore for 3days, but it felt good to see him happy was a plus, it got easier and at the end i love that dick! and ended up being the bottom most of the time But he destroyed that ass!

By APBay at 15,Aug,22 15:05
A guy here

By APBay at 15,Aug,22 15:02
Since i started i lost count 150 + know i do not swallowed a lot, i can tell you i only swallowed only about 10 guys loads.

By APBay at 09,Aug,22 14:43
i like cock rings, i do have a lot and use them for diffidence reasons .
i love the look, used some as jewelry, i used some to give my cock and balls a lift to give people something to look at when i and out, i used some when i am having intercourses it keep the blood in and make it fat and veiny.

By APBay at 29,Jul,22 20:39
Sweet i would of love that! would like to find someone to be naked with and dick play.

By APBay at 28,Jul,22 18:21
I wish i could find one in Colorado Aurora

By APBay at 24,Jun,22 20:01
I prefer commando but i do wear boxer when i have to go out back, and these days now i work from home commando all the time i am in the house.

By APBay at 18,May,22 19:41
i prefer uncut.

By APBay at 18,May,22 19:35
if you suck on my nipples just right you can make me cum with touching me dick.

By APBay at 18,May,22 19:33
I love it!

By APBay at 12,May,22 15:27
I like wearing cock rings, i like smelling arm pits, i like the smell of smegma. When i go on vacation i like visiting gay bathhouses.

By APBay at 04,May,22 20:07
A beautiful cock!

By APBay at 26,Apr,22 15:30
I love eating my precum, but once i cum i can bring myself to eat it, i have in the pass. Now i suck a few dicks and i do swallow providing they cum 1st.

By APBay at 25,Apr,22 15:42
i am in Colorado , Aurora

By APBay at 19,Apr,22 18:20
I have been checked of my relationships for the pass 2 yrs. i still love him but not in love with him. Not thinking of leaving but will not be unhappy if he leaves.
just to be clear long distant relationship i have my own place and he does too,
One good thing is i did not give up my life to go live with him, we have been together for 17yrs.

By APBay at 04,Apr,22 22:32
I grew up in the Caribbean in a village and it was over the summer out of school, it was with a group of boys the biggest one in the group showed us I was about 7 or 8, as the years progresses we had circle jerks to see who would cum first and how white it was! Lol could remember they saying you can make babies now! Lol

By APBay at 29,Mar,22 19:12
I am not sure but for my 40 plus yrs, may be more than 20 or more

By APBay at 29,Mar,22 18:54
same here i love dicks

By APBay at 29,Mar,22 18:51

By APBay at 28,Mar,22 20:46
This happened to me a few years back. Driving to Walmart one night it was a full moon stop at a traffic light make eye contact with the guy next to me at the light made a sign to him that i wanted to suck him off, he pulled into the next street i got out me car suck him off swallowed and went on with my night. Not sure if i would do that today but i may.

By APBay at 23,Mar,22 19:40
I am uncut! I prefer uncut

By APBay at 23,Mar,22 19:30
I only saw my dad dick once and it looked about the same as my own, but i have seen my brothers dick a lot and i am small compare to them. My biggest brother have a very large one!

By APBay at 15,Mar,22 19:47
I shower all the time i do leave the door a little open in case anyone want to see, i do like walking around the looker room naked, its always fun to see the st8 guys taking a look.

By APBay at 25,Feb,22 15:53
Here is my cockhead

By APBay at 25,Feb,22 15:43
hey i can text.

By APBay at 23,Feb,22 16:45
Aurora Co here

By APBay at 22,Feb,22 20:39
i pull it back and piss.