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Wife may’ve been fucked by friend on a passout, would she have known?

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Started by #43638 at 23,Sep,19 21:27
Recently, my friend admitted to his girlfriend he was with my wife. Although, my wife denies it. So, a couple times my wife and my friend were drinking till the wee hours of the morning, because I had to work in the morning and she passed out naked so I pulled door shut but couldn’t lock it due to our son being there and sleeping as well, he’d check on his mom or wake her. And my friend may’ve been acting passed out in living room on the couch as I had to run off to work. I believe he may’ve fucked my wife while she was still passed out, but would she have known?

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By #709175 at 25,Jan,24 12:06
My wife of 30 years very much enjoyed mmf threesomes, a lot of one night stands but also a good many long term encounters and It was one of these regular sessions with a guy we got to know and trust that we were taken advantage of. A normal night would see us have a few drinks, play cards or on this occasion a game of topless billiards, lots of touching, sucking, all the usual teasing and tempting......... Massive blank,,, we, the wife and I woke up the next morning totalling naked and not a clue as to what had happened the previous evening, no sign of the third party and not a word. still to this day we don't know what happened. Needless to say we discreetly and promptly gave him the flick. We didn't make an issue of it, we weren't hurt or robbed and really the only feasible lesson to take way,,,,well actually we still don't know how to answer that.

By leopoldij at 13,Mar,23 01:15 other posts of leopoldij 
She woke me up because she stuck a dildo in my ass. She also licked my ass.i didn't mind.

By #690307 at 12,Mar,23 22:46
The guy probably cummed in her. Did notice if your wife was cleaning herself alot.

By #612667 at 20,Mar,20 06:46
Look carefull at his behavior & body lang around you it is amazing what people give away without saying a word

By #612667 at 20,Mar,20 06:44
Very possible that youre wife had no idear at all drinking effects everyone in different ways if you were passed out do you think you would feel someone playing with youre cock but youre freind aint much of a freind what a a hole i think bit of hard question but you know youre wife and how she hold the drink to be honset i think she knew nothing of it but hard call to make but id be sortn out the freind with a wake up call

By phart at 19,Mar,20 23:21 other posts of phart 
YOu mean you aint kicked this sumbitches ass yet??
By #43638 at 20,Mar,20 05:59
His bitch ass left town.
--------------------------------------- added after 31 seconds

I heard he is coming back though.

By #591921 at 16,Mar,20 17:30
Doesn't sound much like a friend to me or even a man if he has to wait for women to be passed out to have sex with them. Just sounds like a bottom feeder waiting around for an opportunity for something to happen. Or your wife let him and saw he had a tiny dick and it didn't do much for her and she is embarrassed she ever went there. Either way the whole thing sounds dirty and underhanded,was your Budd a career politician or running for some sort of office? If so sounds like normal for that type.
By #43638 at 19,Mar,20 14:28
Nah, wasn’t much of a friend at all. I think your right they may’ve fucked and she was embarrassed of his little cock, he is still telling people he met my wife before I met her which is impossible. And politician? Nope he’s too dumb to be a politician, he is supposed to be coming back soon I may kick his ass.
By #591921 at 19,Mar,20 17:42
I have a better suggestion that will be better and more rewarding than kicking his ass but your wife would need to play along. Get a friend of your wife's to hide in your bedroom closet with a camera. Then invite this guy over and get him drinking a little get him a little buzzed. Then have your wife say that she us very very horny and she just has to get naked. Have her strip but ass naked and say oh I'm just so horny I've got to have some cock. No I'm so horny I need two cocks but I want both of you to get naked right now right here. Once all three of you are naked have her say wait lets have a couple of shots. Have her pour the shots but tell him to wait until we go to the bedroom before you touch me. Get him pretty drunk and charged up. Then have her go in the bedroom an get on the bed spread eagle and play with herself. Then have her call you both into the bedroom. Then have her say ok now both of you are my bitch and have to do what I say. Have her play with herself as she says it and have her frien record this. Then have her ask him well are you going to get hard for me come on play with that little dick and get I hard for me I hate being teased. Then have her say look see my hubbys cock is nice and hard and it can please me. Get yours as big as you can. Have her keep it up until she makes him blow a load jacking off trying to get his cock big enough for her. Once he blows his load have her gf come out the closet and both start teasing him at that tiny dick,its so little he can't even get it hard enough to get it in. Then have her say oh well I guess I'm going to have to settle for one cock because his isn't big enough to even feel. He will be so embarrassed with two women laughing at how little his dick is and that he had to just jack off and was seen by another woman that he will leave so embarrassed he wont ever come back. Like I said it will take your wife's cooperation and her gf will have to see you both naked and probably see you hard and excited but it will be so worth it to have a video of him jacking off his tiny dick trying to get it hard enough for your wife and then to see another woman come out and laugh at him. Or you could get your wife to just have like four or five girls hide in the closet and come out and make fun of his tiny dick instead of filming it. Either way if you expose to women he has a small one and they openly laugh at him about it he will be so embarrassed he won't dare show his face again around you and plenty of other women will know just exactly how tiny his cock is.

By shackles at 24,Sep,19 16:50 other posts of shackles 
Ask him directly. You'll be able to tell from his reaction if he did or not.
By #43638 at 24,Sep,19 19:40
I have asked him, he tries to guilt me like I’m making blind accusations.
By phart at 24,Sep,19 23:25 other posts of phart 
Then he enjoyed a shot at it then. Simple as that.Not much of a freind if he goes diggin under your back fence.
By #43638 at 25,Sep,19 02:43
Right, I confronted him and he was being a little bitch. It’s all good though, that friendship is done, at least if he was going to fuck her I wanted to be involved somehow. Watch or swap chicks with him.
By shackles at 25,Sep,19 03:12 other posts of shackles 
I agree with phart. If he reacted that way he was hiding something. He actually lost out by going behind your back if you were willing to share.
By #43638 at 16,Mar,20 17:40
Yup, I’m sure he raped my wife while she was passed out.

By nekekal at 27,Oct,19 05:20 other posts of nekekal 
Probably not. I have seen a couple of women passed out dead drunk when I was in collage. I believe that they could have been fucked and not awakened. I didn't try and no one that I know would have taken advantage of a woman like that. It cannot be much fun fucking something that cannot feel anything.

And if she was really out, didn't wake up, she might not know what happened. Her cunt would probably drain by morning, and contract back to its original size or close to it, so besides a little mess it would be hard to say. Maybe if you suggested that she had been fuck she could add twonand tw
By #43638 at 14,Mar,20 14:19
I think he maybe fucked her pussy while she was totally passed out, he seemed to be into the **** a chick while she’s passed out thing. His exe told me she woke up with his tiny dick in her butt.
By nekekal at 14,Mar,20 17:36 other posts of nekekal 
Could be. Small cock, no reason to feel it fucking her if she was passed out. Sex is 90% in the brain. Her brain was numbed by alcohol. Unless she had cum running down her leg, there is no reason to think she had been fucked. If there was cum in her cunt, no reason to think that she had not been fucked. Very sick guy though to enjoy fucking a comatose cunt.
By #43638 at 16,Mar,20 17:38
Right?! He told me he fucked his exe while she was passed out and I told him it was **** and he just laughed about it. Sick fuck, his exe said he couldn’t get hard either i bet only when he was raping a passed out chick he could get hard.

By #460385 at 25,Oct,19 16:18
Boy this is a good one. I wouldn't think alcohol would knock a woman out that she couldn't feel a dick inside her or the movement of fucking. My wife has been drunk before and a heavy sleeper as well. I have been able to play and undress her while sleeping. But once I put my cock in her she is wide awake and ready to go. I have a feeling that maybe your wife is not being honest with you. Maybe she's to embarrassed of what happened. Maybe scared of what would become of you two if she admitted it. Unless the guy had a 3 inch dick and is the worst fuck ever. Her vagina would have told her the next morning. Not saying it happened or it didn't. But lesson learned. The next time you wake the fucker up and send his ass on his way. Drunk or not. Never leave your wife alone with another man in your house. Nothing good will ever come from it.
By #43638 at 14,Mar,20 14:17
I hear and understand that, he was my supposed best friend and for some reason thought I can trust him. His exe told me his cock was small, probably 3 inches?

By #551147 at 23,Sep,19 21:54
I think fer certain, unless she was under the influence of that date **** drug. But even then, most victims know that something has happened with their vagina. Is it possible that she was just SO inebriated she never opened her eyes and figured it was just you? 🤔
By #43638 at 23,Sep,19 22:07
She was snoring passed out when I left, no drugs involved that I know of. But, this would be an opportuned moment for my friend to fuck my wife and her not know it, she sleeps super heavy when passed out. I fucked her one time and she passed out on me, didn’t even wake up.
By dgraff at 25,Sep,19 09:33 other posts of dgraff 
Sounds to me like you need to make your friend disappear and I mean for good
By phart at 26,Sep,19 19:29 other posts of phart 
He is not much of a freind or man for that matter,to take advantage of a woman that is not fully aware of what is going on.That for all practical purposes is ****.May be why he is denying it so much.
By #43638 at 27,Sep,19 15:48
My sentiments exactly phart.

By #43638 at 27,Sep,19 15:47
My exe friend has since relocated, his gf really hated him because he fucked her while she was passed out as well. His exe also said he sits down to pee and also wipes his dick after he’s done, lol!

By #43638 at 26,Sep,19 14:29
Would she have known if he has a small cock? That he fucked her while she was passed out?

By phart at 24,Sep,19 16:14 other posts of phart 
May be a good idea to stay sober from now on! Coulda made a baby!
By #43638 at 24,Sep,19 19:39
Her tubes are tied.

By #43638 at 24,Sep,19 14:18
Was more or less curious if she would’ve felt her pussy stretched out? Although, his exe gf told me that he revealed this to her and she said he had a tiny penis, she couldn’t barely feel him.
--------------------------------------- added after 744 hours

Would my wife have felt or noticed his tiny dick was in her if she was passed out?

By Sir-Skittles at 24,Sep,19 05:17 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
She did not have load leaking out her cunny?
By #43638 at 24,Sep,19 06:30
No, my friend has been known to fuck chicks while they’re passed out though. He’s told me and laughed about it.

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