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Do you like guys who wear panties?

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Started by #604785 at 06,Jan,20 21:15
[deleted image]

Does it look better than not having any on?

What do you like/dislike about guys in panties

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By Moench at 01,Apr,20 20:10 other posts of Moench 
i like man wearing girly panties and if have a little penis its look more exiting

By #588327 at 25,Mar,20 10:27
I would think guy would prefer briefs or something because they have a room for our dick and balls. I don't see what the deal with panties on guys is for. They look to small. Guys can get bikini briefs if they really like them small and tight.
By bil47 at 25,Mar,20 13:46 other posts of bil47 
It's not about comfort. Cross-dressing (of which panties are "entry-level") is about violating the sexual taboo of men being feminine/sissy. And for those of us with a small penis, they usually fit just fine, even with a small erection.
By #588327 at 26,Mar,20 03:48
People should just be their sexual self. Take all clothes off. Then everyone is equal sexually. When people are naked you can't even tell anything about their sexuality. Clothes like panties or briefs say more or just clothes in general vs being naked.
By bil47 at 27,Mar,20 23:51 other posts of bil47 
A lot of folks have kinky fantasies and fetishes. A man wearing panties for a sexual thrill is pretty mild in comparison to other fetishes.
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It satisfies a sexual urge. Why do you want to shame people over their harmless self-pleasure?
By #588327 at 01,Apr,20 10:46
I don't see how panties are so kinky fantasy. Why not have the person your with be the sexual thing. That's more personal or sexual I think, because your both are being sexual together. It more pleasure sharing that together and it's more satisfying sex

By Pantyhose1 at 25,Mar,20 13:52 other posts of Pantyhose1 
I do! I love wearing heels too
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By beaker90 at 25,Mar,20 12:45 other posts of beaker90 
I love seeing a bulge in any type of underwear

By cody8789 at 25,Mar,20 06:15 other posts of cody8789 
Panties, no, skimpy underwear, yes, as long as their men's underwear.

By #606106 at 08,Jan,20 17:27
I love wearing panties and I wear them everyday. I think they look great on men and women. They're just underwear. If you like them wear them, if you don't wear men's underwear. Just do whatever makes you happy.
By #613564 at 23,Mar,20 02:54
Cool! If more guys just relaxed, and learned how sensual and amazing women's feel, they might relax all the aggressive BS.
What style, type, color do you like most? Private chat?

By knewbi at 07,Jan,20 18:50 other posts of knewbi 
I am all for a guy in panties!!!
By #613564 at 23,Mar,20 02:49
Agreed! Utlimately, it's about his partner, really, and his comfort, and not a bunch of judging people here that just don't know!
Women's have so many colors, styles and types of fabrics that are just erotic, when you put them on!
Several women I have been with have suggested it, maybe as a 'test' but it always turned out to be great fun together!

By #524919 at 21,Mar,20 17:22
I love seeing a nice bulge in panties. Men wearing panties is sexy. I wear them whenever I get the chance.

By #588327 at 09,Jan,20 05:29
Panties are more feminine in general. Plus they don't have room for cock and balls. Don't guys, wear panties to feel more feminine. People buy underwear because it makes them feel/think something about themselves. People stopped buying white briefs because they were not cool or sexy. They are selling underwear as sexy or sexual. So guys buy panties thinking they have a more sexy or sexual meaning vs briefs or bikini briefs

Does anyone buy underwear because they keeps your pants clean ?

By Pantyhose1 at 08,Jan,20 19:38 other posts of Pantyhose1 

By #601496 at 08,Jan,20 16:35
So far only males have had an opinion. Almost all are against it and I can understand it. Knickers suggest a woman and these guys are not into women. At least at this time, but, as a woman, I find a man in knickers super sexy.

By cutroundhead at 08,Jan,20 07:43 other posts of cutroundhead 
A big turnoff for me...guys should wear male underwear or, preferably, nothing at all...

By #516354 at 08,Jan,20 06:36
I love men wearing panties.Also love to wear them myself.They are much softer more comfortable and sexier than mens sexy underwear.
[deleted image]

By #588327 at 08,Jan,20 04:42
They make sexy and cool underwear for guys today. Panties look to small or tight to me but I never wear them before

By #588327 at 07,Jan,20 05:13
Why not just wear briefs or something guys wear ? I don't get how panties are so sexual vs the real person in front of someone. Instead of making the panties or briefs the sexy stuff. Make the person the sexy thing. Then it doesn't matter what underwear people wear.
By spermkiss at 07,Jan,20 20:05 other posts of spermkiss 
Exactly! I'm all for guys wearing sexy underpants, but it's got to be MEN's underpants.
By #588327 at 08,Jan,20 04:33
Yes, they makes sexy underwear for guys today

By spermkiss at 07,Jan,20 20:16 other posts of spermkiss 
A major turn off. If a guy were to drop his pants and reveal that he was wearing ladies' panties, that would be an immediate deal killer, no matter how hot he was. Fortunately this has never happened to me. For what it's worth, from photos posted on this site and things I've seen on the internet and elsewhere, wearing ladies' lingerie seems to be a thing that straight guys do far more often than gay guys.

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