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Is my cock thick?

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Started by #630207 at 08,Dec,20 02:28
I never really took a pic from the side... 7" long and 7" around the base.

[deleted image]

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By nekekal at 11,Dec,20 19:21 other posts of nekekal 
Yeah, a 7 inch circumference is pretty big. Women tell me that is a perfect fucking shape. Not so huge in the front but cunt stretching at the base. You stretch them on every stroke.

But with 7 inches long, you may not be able to get it all into an average cunt. Cunts are 4 to 6 inches long on average.

By 2nice at 08,Dec,20 21:12 other posts of 2nice 
“I never really took a pic from the the side”, says the guy who posted six side pics before this one.
By Strongmember# at 09,Dec,20 08:46 other posts of Strongmember# 
haha... yeah it's thick you can have the attention @lukegruk
By #630207 at 10,Dec,20 02:32
Lol... Well I guess we're allowed a little artistic license and attention seeking on this site

By LGA6969 at 08,Dec,20 20:39 other posts of LGA6969 
Very thick girth

By tb1 at 08,Dec,20 17:11 other posts of tb1 
thick and tasty

By furluvr at 08,Dec,20 16:56 other posts of furluvr 

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