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Strip poker as a kid

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Started by bil47 at 10,Jan,22 13:46  other posts of bil47
Did you ever play strip poker as a kid? It was my introduction to sex at age 13, with similar-age boys. First time I had shown my erect penis to anyone, or seen anyone else's.

What age were you? With boys, girls, or both? What happened?

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By neednopants at 10,Dec,22 16:39 other posts of neednopants 
In my younger days I had a good friend, and we played so many games ... one of our favorites was roll the dice. The looser had to take of one piece of clothing. Shoes first, socks, trousers, shirt .... undies. We did not stop playing when we both were totally naked. We invented some more "penalties": The loser had to pee watched by the winner. The loser had to trink the winners piss. The loser had to touch and to kiss the winners ass. The winner was alolowed to put a finger in the losers ass ... after we had discovered that those games really gave us a turn on, we went further: kissing and licking and sucking our cocks, making ist cum and swallow the sperm, finally fucking our young asses. And this was not the end of the game ....
By wycowboy at 10,Dec,22 16:57 other posts of wycowboy 
Sounds fun.
By neednopants at 10,Dec,22 17:02 other posts of neednopants 
It WAS fun

By bil47 at 11,Dec,22 12:48 other posts of bil47 
"Strip dice". I love it!
By neednopants at 11,Dec,22 13:18 other posts of neednopants 
I always got hard right at the beginning ....

By XJacker at 11,Dec,22 14:50 other posts of XJacker 
In my student days we played a version where if someone won a round they would take a garment off the player with the lowest hand of cards. If mixed boys and girls were playing that sometimes meant a boy had to take a garment off another boy, or a girl off a girl. When someone got naked they had to do a forfeit like showing the position they last had sex in, or describe how they first masturbated. You could continue playing nude, but if you lost a hand it meant another forfeit. The game could be speeded up or slowed down by defining what was a winning hand.
By neednopants at 11,Dec,22 15:25 other posts of neednopants 
That sounds funny too. A couple of times we played our roll the dice game with two boys and two girls, once it was two boys and four girls, and at one very special day we had four boys and only one girl in that game. I will never forget it !!!!

By Cummingforyou at 02,Dec,22 08:50 other posts of Cummingforyou 
Did not play strip poker but played a game strip chasing. ( boys and girls) the object was a group to chase another gr , catch them and strip them down

By ivansoco at 01,Dec,22 02:54 other posts of ivansoco 
When I was a kid we didn't play strip poker or spin the bottle or truth or dare hehe. We just ran around naked in the back yard lol...when we were about6 or so

By bil47 at 30,Nov,22 16:14 other posts of bil47 
Did you ever lose on purpose?

By tcputts at 28,Mar,22 23:02 other posts of tcputts 
Never did but really wish I had...

By LGA6969 at 27,Feb,22 13:11 other posts of LGA6969 
Yes in 7th grade terrible poker player. I was the first to be totally strip naked. Lol
By bil47 at 01,Mar,22 15:38 other posts of bil47 
Did you have a boner? Did the other boys feel it?
By LGA6969 at 28,Mar,22 20:54 other posts of LGA6969 
Yes I got hard and one of the guys did touch it--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutesLater times after that the first to lose would have to stay naked while the rest of the poker players played. Needless t say I was not a good poker player…..

By bil47 at 06,Feb,22 21:29 other posts of bil47 
I would lose on purpose!
By german_guy at 08,Feb,22 21:10 other posts of german_guy 

By Dave4851 at 02,Mar,22 00:40 other posts of Dave4851 
I would too. Best friend, aroun 11 we started, I gou my pubes first )-:
Many naked games....loser, often me, had to run around outdoors in the dark, risk of others seeing me. Exciting, my little boner bouncing up and down
By bil47 at 02,Mar,22 13:13 other posts of bil47 
Tell us about other "naked games" you played with your friend!
By #666040 at 28,Mar,22 10:43
We did naked twister

By wycowboy at 02,Mar,22 17:58 other posts of wycowboy 
I would too! Loved having a boner and knowing other people could see it.

By bil47 at 06,Mar,22 14:00 other posts of bil47 
Question: When you played strip poker and a player got completely naked, did he keep playing? What would he need to do if he lost again?
--------------------------------------- added after 46 hours

When we played, the first guy to get naked had to lie down and let the others feel his hard cock. Then we would all get the rest of the way naked. The card game was forgotten, and we proceeded to other sorts of sex-play.
By wycowboy at 06,Mar,22 23:28 other posts of wycowboy 
We would usually dare him/her to do something sexual to another player.
By bil47 at 24,Mar,22 01:42 other posts of bil47 
Sucking another player's cock?
By wycowboy at 24,Mar,22 23:09 other posts of wycowboy 
You had the right to refuse the dare so no one dared those who were strictly straight to do that. Also, you had the right to refuse to have something done to you, such as, daring a male to fuck a virgin female who was not ready or wanted to wait for marriage.

By #579847 at 04,Mar,22 23:50
probally around 11. Me and friend use to hang out naked all the time. Strip poker normally started.

By Hornycock77 at 03,Mar,22 19:13 other posts of Hornycock77 
Great topic feel free to pm me on the topic.

By Tommotino at 02,Mar,22 19:49 other posts of Tommotino 
Great topic! I was 14 and enjoyed it

By #574505 at 02,Mar,22 14:11
I heard tecsan and Sir-Skittles uses to..
By Sir-Skittles at 02,Mar,22 14:13 other posts of Sir-Skittles 
Shut yer cunt or yer trailed cunty
By #574505 at 02,Mar,22 14:16

By Ananas2xLekker at 01,Mar,22 16:35 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
When I was young, we mostly played doctor or dares. I must have seen every girl I knew naked at some point. But dares under boys were popular too. I remember a girl once asking me to lick her buttocks, but I didn't want to, because she had played in the sand. I started to feel sorry about that only years later. That could have been solved easily.

Strip poker was much later, first in my thirties, with my girlfriend and another couple. It escalated into sex, before the game actually ended. He just said to his wife, something like "This is getting boring. I know a better game, I dare you to suck my dick!" and so she did. Then we were 'it'.

By XJacker at 10,Feb,22 22:51 other posts of XJacker 
I didn’t play as a boy. Years later as a student I played lots. We had a version where if you won a hand you took a garment off the person who lost. It was interesting playing with boys and girls. Sometimes you took a girl’s panties off, sometimes a boy took your briefs off. After someone got nude, if they continued to play they took forfeits like “show the last position you had sex in” or “show your favourite masturbation position.”
By bil47 at 22,Feb,22 13:39 other posts of bil47 
What age were you?
By XJacker at 26,Feb,22 19:55 other posts of XJacker 
I was a graduate student aged 21 to 24 with girls the same age.

By nekekal at 10,Feb,22 19:30 other posts of nekekal 
I remember playing strip poker at an early age, less than ten I think, with my brother, cousin, and a few friends. I lost of course. Everyone liked to see me naked I think. I am a terrible poker player.

By PSerect at 08,Feb,22 07:28 other posts of PSerect 
I'd been sucking and tugging on other boys cocks since I was 9. I dont remember how it started but once I started i couldnt stop. My first introduction to what i consider real sex came when I was 12. School had just started and I became quick friends with these two step brothers that were in my class. They soon invited me to a sleep over at one of their friends house that had a large playroom in the attic we could have to ourselves. I knew some older kids that were able to bet us beer and I had a couple of chunks of hash too. Soon after we got there and started drinking beer and smoking hash, everyone got naked. The kid whose house we were at was bigger than me and the brothers and had the biggest cock I had ever seen. I sucked off the brothers first then went after that giant cock. I was like a hungry little guppy and sucked that thing non stop until he grabbed my head and held it on his cock until he exploded with cum. I thought I was going to choke but somehow I managed to swallow it down and take a deep breath of air. Then the brothers took me to their side of the room and took turns fucking me all night. It was the first time I had a cock in my ass and I must admit, I was sore the next day. Grat memeories that ive jerked off to many times over the years
By bil47 at 08,Feb,22 13:36 other posts of bil47 
You got an early start!

By #660822 at 06,Feb,22 21:45
Never played strip poker with anyone. When I was 12 all the neighborhood boys got together, got naked and masturbated our cocks. Each of us played with our own cock. We had jerk-off contest. Who could cum first. Who had the biggest load. Who shot cum the farthest or the highest. What memories I have of half-a-dozen or more naked boys in a circle playing with cocks.
By bil47 at 06,Feb,22 23:35 other posts of bil47 
Wow! Great memories!

By liketoedge at 10,Jan,22 17:10 other posts of liketoedge 
I played strip poker and other sexual games with other boys. All of my early experiences were with other boys. Intrest in girl came quite a bit later.
By bil47 at 10,Jan,22 19:18 other posts of bil47 
Same here. I didn't kiss a girl until I was 17... but I sucked a boy's cock at 13.
By yellowman at 11,Jan,22 09:21 other posts of yellowman 
Good to see you got your priorities right...

By wycowboy at 11,Jan,22 03:46 other posts of wycowboy 
I played strip poker with a friend (male) and a girl in high school. We were drinking Jack Daniels as well. After a while we started fooling around which led to sucking cock and fucking her ass and pussy. Good times.

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