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Thinking about getting a tattoo on my penis

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Started by thicknsmooth at 13,Mar,22 00:45  other posts of thicknsmooth
I have been thinking about getting a tattoo on my penis for quite some time now. I’m looking to get a thin pinstripe type design along the top of my shaft. I was thinking about getting a tattoo kit and trying to give myself the tattoo. Does anyone have any ideas I would be interested in everyone’s thoughts

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New Comment

By hugehole at 09,Aug,23 13:24 other posts of hugehole 
I love cocks but would not one with a tattoo

By Hardguy38 at 06,Aug,23 18:22 other posts of Hardguy38 
Go for it! It's a great excuse to show people your dick

By Mrjoshua at 06,Aug,23 07:27 other posts of Mrjoshua 
I have several tattooa but none on my cock make sure you get a very good tattoist for the job as i did here of a person that had one done on his penis and the nerves or somthing got damaged and he had a semi errection permenant so do the research as there are plenty of things that can go wrong if you dont have the right people for job

By dgraff at 14,Mar,22 00:29 other posts of dgraff 
I always wanted the word lollipop tattooed on my dick head

By wycowboy at 14,Mar,22 00:19 other posts of wycowboy 
A friend of mine from my Marine Corps days got one on his cock when we were at Subic Bay in the Philippine Islands. It said Blow Me right on the top. The thought came from all of us in the squadron as we were always saying BMP or blow me pal to each other. We were both drunk on Red Horse beer, what can I say, lol. His wife loved it when we got home and immediatly gave him a hummer.

By thebeewolf at 13,Mar,22 20:55 other posts of thebeewolf 
Get a pro to do it. Then go do it!

By Olddude at 13,Mar,22 12:06 other posts of Olddude 
If you check my page you will see I have several Tattoos on my penis. Find a good tattoo artist!! Don't try to do it yourself. Pain is not as bad as you would think! I chose a heart on glans because I tell people I always have a heart on! Stars were a after thought. Any questions PM me here, I will gladly answer any questions you might have.

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