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By Olddude at 08,Dec,23 20:29
I started getting erections around 12, got so hard it hurt! Not sure at that age why. Around 13 I was laying in bath tub and started soaping up and washing penis, it was feeling better and better and then OMG what was that! White shot out end. WOW that felt good, I was hooked stroked it when I ever I could. Shortly after that I found 2 books stuffed away in attic all about sex! Read them from cover to cover, needless to say I was well informed after that. I think back on occasion about that first cum, WOW what a discovery!

By Olddude at 05,Dec,23 17:54
Some of the best sex I ever had was in the back seat of my big chevy convertible..

By Olddude at 14,Oct,23 01:26
Sorry, my boss wouldn't pose

By Olddude at 24,Jul,23 13:45
Remember it well, I was 17 and in love!!!

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By Olddude at 30,Jun,23 12:01
Nine long weeks in Boot Camp!! One awesome Cum after that!!

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By Olddude at 19,Apr,23 13:32
Same here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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By Olddude at 25,Mar,23 14:03
A guy gave me my first Blow job in a locker room. Wow, what a cum!!

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By Olddude at 20,Feb,23 20:08
I have a wet dream twice. Both times after a long time of no sex or masturbation. Once in boot camp and once aboard ship. None since.

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By Olddude at 04,Jul,22 11:57
Same here

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By Olddude at 16,Jun,22 10:59
A nice slow 69 BJ

By Olddude at 16,Jun,22 10:57
Back in the day I had a chevy impala with a large bench seat. Drive ins were still around. I spent some great nights there with my GF.

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By Olddude at 12,May,22 14:04
That I am bi! I like sucking cock. I love to masturbate. I shave my pubic area.

By Olddude at 11,May,22 11:19
Pretty much the way it happened to me! I was in the bathtub and my penis was hard, at that time I had no idea why. I started wash it with and it felt good I kept washing it and I felt like I had to pee but could not then I got a intense feeling of of total pleasure and had a ejaculation. Did not know why, but I was hooked! Could not leave my penis alone after that. At 77 I still can't!!!!!

By Olddude at 13,Mar,22 12:06
If you check my page you will see I have several Tattoos on my penis. Find a good tattoo artist!! Don't try to do it yourself. Pain is not as bad as you would think! I chose a heart on glans because I tell people I always have a heart on! Stars were a after thought. Any questions PM me here, I will gladly answer any questions you might have.

By Olddude at 01,Mar,22 11:04
I prefer shaved

By Olddude at 31,Jan,22 13:43
I have a few tattoos on my penis. They were done in Morgantown West Virgina at Patty's art spot. Does not hurt as much as you would think. Any questions PM me here on this site.

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By Olddude at 26,Aug,20 14:43
Yup, go for it!!

By Olddude at 26,Aug,20 14:42
I am a 3

By Olddude at 26,Aug,20 14:42
Oh yeah!!

By Olddude at 26,Aug,20 14:41
Have done both! Enjoy both!!

By Olddude at 26,Aug,20 14:40
It has got a little smaller due to weight gain!

By Olddude at 26,Aug,20 14:39
Love a good hand job!! Really like it after a good massage by a pretty asian girl! A real happy ending!!

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Sorry, my boss would not pose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Olddude at 07,Feb,20 16:20
magic cross

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By Olddude at 01,Feb,20 11:59
Sorry, my boss would not pose!

By Olddude at 16,Oct,19 13:07
look for a adult bookstore a lot of them have glory holes. have used them a few times, have got some great head there.

By Olddude at 08,Aug,16 18:04
Have a heart on mine. Always have a heart on!

By Olddude at 19,Jun,16 12:11
Sorry, boss would not pose!

By Olddude at 19,Jun,16 12:09
Love sounding, keep at it best advise i can give.

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By Olddude at 15,Mar,16 15:27
I would show mine, but could not get boss to pose!

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Check out my page! I have a few tats on my dick!