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Self Sucking

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Started by Bobbyd73 at 27,Jun,23 12:56  other posts of Bobbyd73
I used to be able to suck my own cock and I really miss that. I'd absolutely love to hear from and see all you beautiful guys that can still do that.

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By wycowboy at 15,Jul,23 17:46 other posts of wycowboy 
I've never been able to set my cock in to my mouth, too small a cock and not flexible enough. I could cum in to my open mouth until I was about 35 though, and did so as often as I could get away with.

By #696152 at 15,Jul,23 10:03
Yes I did when young and even up to about 50 but gave it up after a back injury.

By strakar at 13,Jul,23 20:19 other posts of strakar 
Unfortunately, I was never able to even in my flexible days as a Youth couldn’t quite make it. Believe me, I tried. Lol!

By doedeldi at 13,Jul,23 14:13 other posts of doedeldi 
Mit der Zunge erreiche ich in, aber nдher ran komm ich nicht.
By Bobbyd73 at 13,Jul,23 18:35 other posts of Bobbyd73 
Sorry. I only speak English

By #691730 at 13,Jul,23 00:43
I tried off and on growing up into adulthood but was never able to get my mouth close to my mushroom head to wrap my lips around it to suck ... however while trying I would be masturbating my cock and was surprised when I orgasmed how warm my sperm felt landing on my face and into my mouth...I did however have many a realistic wetdream where I was able to selfsuck and woke up hard and having ejaculated into my pajamas!
By Bobbyd73 at 13,Jul,23 12:18 other posts of Bobbyd73 
I understand. I can't anymore and really wish I could. I can still get in a position that I can let my cum drip into my mouth though. I also have self sucking dreams.

By nekekal at 30,Jun,23 14:37 other posts of nekekal 
I could do it. My cock is pretty big but could get the head into my mouth. But since my back operation I no longer can. I love having my cock sucked but it happens very rarely now.

By dgraff at 30,Jun,23 11:24 other posts of dgraff 
If I could do that I would never leave the house

By lovetolickyou at 30,Jun,23 07:11 other posts of lovetolickyou 
I could do it when I was young. It's near impossible now, but it feels great to know I've had my cock in my mouth. It's one of those things I'd like to be able to do while a female fuck buddy watched me.

By cruz69696969 at 29,Jun,23 00:29 other posts of cruz69696969 
me too. i didnt do it for years and i lost my flexibility

By Jaguar at 27,Jun,23 23:59 other posts of Jaguar 
I love to see pics on this
By Bobbyd73 at 28,Jun,23 11:51 other posts of Bobbyd73 
Me too. I get so Horny and hard, every time.

By #677384 at 28,Jun,23 05:31
I used to try..got close a few times...kinda was able to lick my head, but I still always aim for my mouth when I cum.

By Bonedawgie at 27,Jun,23 16:02 other posts of Bonedawgie 
i too miss those days... love sharing with my old girlfriends

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