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Ejaculation during sleep

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Started by #124954 at 15,Dec,10 10:35
Just wonder if this is normal. I'm 19 and woke up this morning with a large semen stain in my underwear. I realise that I must have blown my load sometime during the night, but I thought that didn't happen any longer at my age. I have two questions: Are you able cum in your sleep only because of a sexy dream or is it possible to unconsciously touch oneself? Has any of you other guys cummed in your sleep after puberty?

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By hotone1066 at 16,Dec,10 18:20 other posts of hotone1066 
I used to a lot when I was a teenage, but haven't in a number of years.

By liketoedge at 16,Dec,10 18:01 other posts of liketoedge 
I have never had a wet dream. But I have been masturbating since I was 8 years old. Five years before I was able to produce semen

By oldbugle at 15,Dec,10 11:51 other posts of oldbugle 
There's been research done that shows ALL men of all ages potentially have nocturnal emission, or 'wet dreams' if they don't ejaculate often enough for whatever reasons. Personally I don't ever remember having one but I do remember having dried semen in my underpants and not conciously having had an orgasm, or even been aroused.

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