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Daylight Savings

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Started by Maxwell_93 at 10,Mar,24 04:29  other posts of Maxwell_93
I'd like to take a moment this evening and thank the retail lobbyists for perpetuating this archaic and cruel tradition. Thank you for taking away the glimmer of sunlight on my morning commute and subjecting me to weeks of morning fatigue

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By #700043 at 14,Mar,24 02:52
Here in my part of the southern hemisphere, the clocks are about to be returned to normal time. But it's too late, my curtains are already faded.
By #704634 at 14,Mar,24 03:27
That's funny as fuck, I was hopping a 🦘 jumped in, I'm guessing your on the East coast in one of the Southern States, I grew up in Sydney till about 25 & have been in Brisvagas now for about 25 years.

When I worked in Sydney, the majority of our suppliers were in Sydney, a lot in Melbourne. Things were all done by phone mostly back in the olden days, or a phone call following a fax, to order the gear you needed, easy camp easy.

After moving here things were a little more difficult, most stuff still came from Sydney or Melbourne. The problem was that Brisbane would loose 2 hours of business with the south because of the time difference (daylight saving), 1 hour in the morning, 1 in the evening. It was a pain in the ass to say the least.

I'm sure most of these problems are lessoned these days because everything is done electronically.

The change from daylight saving on or off for me personally didn't really make a scrap of difference.

These Banana benders up here have all the excuses under the Sun why it wont work up here, the 2 primary things, even till this day is it will make the curtains fade & the cows wont know what time it is to be milked.

Your adjusting time, not the sun 🤭 & I don't know anything about dairy farming, but I'm sure there must be a solution to the problem or are QLD cows different then the ones in the southern states 🐄🤣🤣.

I couldn't give 2 hoots about daylight saving, on or of, but I do believe that the entire East Coast of Australia should remain on the same time line, all the time 🤷‍♀️
By Maxwell_93 at 14,Mar,24 21:22 other posts of Maxwell_93 
The conventional wisdom up here always was to back off or advance milking time by 15 minutes a week until it evened out. More incentive to move towards automated/voluntary milking systems in today's age
By #704634 at 14,Mar,24 21:37

--------------------------------------- added after 72 seconds

What about the bigger problem, how do the banana 🍌 benders prevent their curtains from fading

By SAGGY_GRANNY at 10,Mar,24 18:00 other posts of SAGGY_GRANNY 
I agree with everyone here. Why why why? Leave it alone.
By phart at 12,Mar,24 16:49 other posts of phart 
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By Maxwell_93 at 13,Mar,24 22:32 other posts of Maxwell_93 
By phart at 14,Mar,24 00:56 other posts of phart 
By Maxwell_93 at 14,Mar,24 21:15 other posts of Maxwell_93 
I'm agreeing with the aforementioned meme

By Celestial at 10,Mar,24 17:37 other posts of Celestial 

Why turn our clocks forward one measly hour?

Lets turn them forward 24 hours and live in tomorrow!

By Gntlmn at 14,Mar,24 01:53 other posts of Gntlmn 
By Celestial at 14,Mar,24 15:00 other posts of Celestial 

It should have read:
Let's turn them forward 24 hours and start living in the future!


By phart at 10,Mar,24 16:19 other posts of phart 
I do wish they would leave it standard time.
By leopoldij at 14,Mar,24 00:58 other posts of leopoldij 
It's the communists who did that, for sure.

By sherryann at 10,Mar,24 18:03 other posts of sherryann 
So your morning light is not enough, but do you like the longer evening light? I know most don't like the clock change, I do. I remember when they did it in October & April.
By Maxwell_93 at 11,Mar,24 22:53 other posts of Maxwell_93 
I guess I wasn't of working age at the time, and really hadn't paid attention until a friend had recently made mention of that previous schedule. I'm biased and prefer the motivation in the early morning, further motivation to accomplish what I set out to do before sundown
By sherryann at 12,Mar,24 01:15 other posts of sherryann 
I do agree. I am a morning person and prefer the early mornings. I guess I just like the light late in the day because the winters where I am are so long dark and cold. The days are so short in the winter here and the night lasts so long. It probably has something to do with my depression too
By Maxwell_93 at 13,Mar,24 22:37 other posts of Maxwell_93 
Fair point. Anyone living + 40° north should be able to relate

By routemaster at 12,Mar,24 08:35 other posts of routemaster 
Over 50 years ago, the UK tried not putting the clocks back an hour in winter for three or four years but this led to a plethora of complaints from mummies and daddies that their little darlings were having to go to school in the dark. So it was changed back and ever since the clocks go back an hour in October and forward an hour in March. I have to say I do prefer the light evenings though I'm dreading another swelteringly hot summer, that 40C we had in 2022 was hideous.

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