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Started by #10057 at 07,Apr,09 17:23
which do u oral sexy or receiving?

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By Fixittight at 06,Sep,23 17:41 other posts of Fixittight 
I prefer to give. I like to make it messy can't deep throat but love to gag on cock

By #701527 at 06,Sep,23 11:28
I'd like to try both...

By #701525 at 03,Sep,23 09:51
Both both both!

By lovetolickyou at 01,Sep,23 06:36 other posts of lovetolickyou 
Whether it''s a girl or a guy, I love to give pleasure even more than I like to receive it.
By sizzzlencock at 03,Sep,23 06:10 other posts of sizzzlencock 
I agree with you its a huge turn on for me to give pleasure to either a guy or girl especially if the guy is a total stranger

By Jamie at 31,Aug,23 17:32 other posts of Jamie 
I think I would..

By Martin61 at 31,Aug,23 17:21 other posts of Martin61 
I've been a giver since the first time I had sex with another guy. I love cum!

By wirda at 31,Aug,23 01:36 other posts of wirda 
Giving, love when they blast in my mouth

By casado at 17,Aug,23 14:21 other posts of casado 
Adoro um 69 com minha esposa. Muito tes–≥o.

By Cumpig69 at 12,Aug,23 05:32 other posts of Cumpig69 
Both. I was in a 69 with another guy and we both came at the same time. Hot!

By Pantyhose1 at 29,Jul,23 21:13 other posts of Pantyhose1 

By nekekal at 28,Jul,23 17:01 other posts of nekekal 
Receiving. I love having my cock sucked.

By Bi7incher at 28,Jul,23 04:47 other posts of Bi7incher 
Both and love to swallow my yummy reward all down

By LGA6969 at 27,Jul,23 11:58 other posts of LGA6969 

By Cummingforyou at 26,Jul,23 23:23 other posts of Cummingforyou 
Both but my dream is to do it 69 style

By #691730 at 26,Jul,23 19:42
Easy answer... both!

By Mrjoshua at 26,Jul,23 12:57 other posts of Mrjoshua 
Mmm gotta go with both on that one

By Cumpig69 at 10,Jul,23 08:35 other posts of Cumpig69 
Both. One time I was in a hot 69 we shot our loads at the same time.

By rkf at 12,Jan,12 21:52 other posts of rkf 

By #147052 at 12,Jan,12 17:31
both but i do like looking in his face when he comes.

By #5594 at 24,Mar,10 13:20
not had the experience of either yet but live in hope
[deleted image]
By spermkiss at 12,May,10 05:18 other posts of spermkiss 
You poor deprived baby, you don't know what you're missing! Find yourself a cocksucker now. Then put on your knee pads and get busy.

By slipper at 11,May,10 06:00 other posts of slipper 
Both, of course... but, not at the same time.

By #9743 at 10,Apr,09 09:23
both as long as it lasts a long time
By slipper at 11,May,10 05:51 other posts of slipper 
YES, cari... I love you long time!!!

By #33070 at 06,May,10 07:31
i recieved some recently i wanna return te fave

By slipper at 24,Mar,10 05:40 other posts of slipper 
Both, but not particularly at the same time. I like to concentrate on which ever is happening, too much... giving OR getting.
By spermkiss at 24,Mar,10 06:12 other posts of spermkiss 
This is a very good point and I agree. Sixty-nine is fun to do, and I like it to be part of the foreplay. But when it comes to the climax, I like to concentrate on just one act at a time. If I am the sucker I like to devote all of my attention to my mouth and the dick that is in it. To concentrate on giving maximum pleasure to the man I am servicing. If I am the suckee I like to give my full attention to my own dick, to experience every sensation as I inch closer and closer to climax and the rush of excitement as I go over the top.

By spermkiss at 10,Mar,10 00:36 other posts of spermkiss 
Both are good, but I definately prefer giving to receiving, mainly because I can do it more often. I've sucked off eight or ten men in one evening on several occasions and three or four dozens of times. There's no way I could come that many times in quick succession myself.

By #9210 at 20,May,09 22:35
G-I-V-I-N-G, licking, sucking noisily, taking control, waiting for that big moment

By yarroseeve at 24,Apr,09 16:24 other posts of yarroseeve 

By #5440 at 23,Apr,09 10:38
definitely dick gets so hard when i have a man's cock in my mouth...

By #7976 at 09,Apr,09 03:01
Both but it is always better to give than receive. When I get head, it feels good but when I give it, I can make my lover react at will. Faster, slower, harder, softer, all make for an eventual wonderful orgasm. I''d rather give than receive.

By #3997 at 08,Apr,09 16:55
when i give i like the feeling of my girl pushing my head in deeper, or the contact that she give me when i am between her legs giving her attention, and vice versa for her, i like to give but also of course recieve, its more personal that way to me, but i like both

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