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Started by #301038 at 19,Nov,13 07:41
A friend of mine, has a husband who would go down on her 2-3 times a year. He is really not into it and thinks that most men don't do it often.

I got lucky with my hubby, we have oral sex every time we have sex.

What is normal for you? Giving and receiving.

1.Every time?

2.Most of the time?

3.Once in a while?

4.Almost never?

5.Never, not even once.

PS: Do you require your partner to bathe prior to the above mentioned activity?

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New Comment

By Apantyhoselovr at 10,Oct,23 11:04 other posts of Apantyhoselovr 
i like to eat pussy and i like my mouth fucked

By Cruzxxx at 01,Sep,23 05:27 other posts of Cruzxxx 
My absolute favourite. When I lick a pussy it’s gonna cum. It’s personal the orgasm she has. Tongue fucking guarantees you know she’s cumming , you taste it from inside. If ever your licking a pussy and she doesn’t respond, spit on the clit and get it soaking . It’s the dirty they don’t ask for and she has no control of the noise she makes or which liquid came from which hole. . You control it. Be a little dirtier most girls are

By casado at 17,Aug,23 14:15 other posts of casado 
adoro receber e fazer com minha esposa

By Gntlmn at 16,Aug,23 16:27 other posts of Gntlmn 
My answer is all the time if I had a lady partner (preferably one with wide hips, big legs, and a very hairy bush)

By girllyboi at 16,Aug,23 15:49 other posts of girllyboi 
i love giving oral sex to men it really turns me on

By nekekal at 15,Aug,23 17:51 other posts of nekekal 
I will do anything that makes the woman more receptive to fucking or sucking my cock. Having my tongue on her clit and cunt lips is one of the surefire ways to make that happen. So I will go down on her every chance that I get.

The shower is seasonal. In the winter when there might be covers on the bad and I have to get my head between her legs, I would like it if she had at least washed her twat. I imagine it is the same for her sucking my cock. But in the summer, when we are naked on top of the bed, I can take a lot more erotic, musty, sexual smell. I find it erotic if not overwhelming.

By Cruzxxx at 14,Aug,23 03:27 other posts of Cruzxxx 
I love to tongue fuck my wifes pussy, really wet. The ladies love to cum on a guys face and make a mess.

By jimbo111949 at 17,May,23 21:58 other posts of jimbo111949 
I love giving and receiving oral sex and if I suck a cock, I swallow every drop of that sweet nectar.

By #657920 at 15,Mar,23 13:56
I'm going to quote the movie American Pie 2. "You have to preheat the oven before you stick in the turkey." Foreplay is very important. Got to do the oral exam before you get to the physical.

By #628350 at 14,Mar,23 19:46
I'd say every time and giving and receiving. I have to say that I prefer to cum in a pussy but if the lady insists, i never argue.

By wycowboy at 14,Mar,23 14:30 other posts of wycowboy 
My partner(s) and I have oral sex every time,sometimes showering first, sometimes not.

By lovetolickyou at 14,Mar,23 07:31 other posts of lovetolickyou 
Putting my mouth on someone has always been just as important as penetration. Yo me, it's the most intimate way of showing someone how much you want to be with them.

By Browningman at 14,Mar,23 01:05 other posts of Browningman 
#1 for me and my wife and of course shower first
By t-rex at 14,Mar,23 02:35 other posts of t-rex 
You are a lucky couple

By #652988 at 02,Jan,22 12:34
I love to eat a pussy

By cumcouplessa at 01,Jan,22 12:09 other posts of cumcouplessa 
Hubby here. Definatelly everytime. And no, I don't require her to bathe first. Wifey has always been very clean down there. She wouldn't let me if she knew she wasn't clean. I love licking both her pussy and her ass, and I'm sure she enjoys it as much as I do.

By Lvphose at 28,Dec,21 08:07 other posts of Lvphose 
Every time I love eating pussy as foreplay!
By german_guy at 28,Dec,21 08:29 other posts of german_guy 
me, too...just love the taste and smoothness
By Lvphose at 31,Dec,21 01:49 other posts of Lvphose 
My cock gets in the way and you can’t really see it but she has a great pussy to lick

By Lvphose at 31,Dec,21 01:50 other posts of Lvphose 
My cock gets in the way and you can’t really see it but she has a great pussy to lick!

By DJS at 29,Dec,21 12:20 other posts of DJS 
Ever time,its part of the build up before fking a wet pussy

By #652988 at 28,Dec,21 02:13
I'm am

By german_guy at 28,Oct,19 19:44 other posts of german_guy 
every time, I love to give and enjox receiving

By cumonme1 at 28,Oct,19 13:16 other posts of cumonme1 
Every time, start at the toes and work my way up to the pussy and ass

By #601496 at 28,Oct,19 11:09
All the time.

By #522791 at 28,Oct,19 02:57 to pleasure pussy orally

By #428059 at 25,Nov,13 11:03
If I were told I had to make a choice between fucking, getting a bj or sucking a pussy, I would eat pussy every time. There's nothing better then. Sticky, creamy pussy and the taste of pussy makes me so fucking hard it's not funny. When the wife and I go at it, I'm down on her at least 3 times a session. I'd be happy jerking of while eating her. In fact, I get off more by hearing her scream out after every orgasm and getting her to the point where her body gets too sensitive to touch!!! Then and only then do I feel like a man !
By Gntlmn at 28,Oct,19 02:13 other posts of Gntlmn 
That's how I see it, too.
--------------------------------------- added after 19083 hours

I get more mental fulfillment from eating pussy than any other sexual activity. My fantasy is a hairy bushed women who DEMANDS to have her pussy and ass eaten out morning, noon, and night.
--------------------------------------- added after 24053 hours

I've likely incurred psychological damage from this cunnilingus obsession. The sight of any woman gets my brain racing with thoughts of eating her out. it's irrelevant if I get any affection or reciprocation. My religion is vaginal worshipping. Nothing else matters except wide hips, a pungent vulva, and that triangle of bush hair, that hypnotizes my soul.
--------------------------------------- added after 29368 hours

It'd truly be heaven having a reputation, within a clique of lady-friends, as a cunnilingus/analingus expert. They'd knock on my door whenever in need of oral worship, then leave without any reciprocation . The hairier their bush, and the longer since they'd showered, the better.
--------------------------------------- added after 34623 hours

A few days ago, I realized a long standing fantasy of sitting on the floor between two closely spaced cotts -only my head and neck above their mattresses' levels- while eating out my big-legged, full-bushed gf. It was so fulfilling for my mental health, to have her pungent pussy juices coating my face, and pubic hairs stuck between my teeth!

By kre8tor69 at 10,Dec,13 02:33 other posts of kre8tor69 
I had oral sex with my GF b4 we gdid anything else. We were only 15 at the time. It took her a long time to go down on me. No reason just needed to get her courage up I guess. We are now married. We were a playcouple for many years. I would not enjoy any woman if I could not go down on her. I learned to stay and play there for hours sometimes through multiple Os. I feel that if you want anyone to do you you should be willing to do the same for them. There were times or women that I would eat them even if we did nothing else. I learned to enjoy a woman's Os this way more than my own. Now that I am trying to give BJs I hope to treat the cocks as well as I did the pussies.

By #300311 at 09,Dec,13 16:27
I love oral, giving and receiving, every time I get the chance to go down on a woman I take it, its a massive turn on for me.

Never asked a woman to bathe before doesn't really cross my mind just let me at it

Come on fellow men show appreciation for your women, I'm sure you like getting your cock sucked so return the favour.

By #311947 at 09,Dec,13 15:00
YES! Love it! Give, receive, as often as possible as long as possible.

By DeepThroatThis at 09,Dec,13 14:33 other posts of DeepThroatThis 
It's better to give then receive.. ........I love doing the tongue tango but even better is watching a girl's lips going up and down on my shaft. So put me down for #2 most of the time or when ever I can.

By #289712 at 03,Dec,13 14:41
My girlfriend loves giving blow jobs. Between her licking the tip gently, and sucking on my balls. Wow

By #316255 at 19,Nov,13 21:26
Your friend is lucky
By #301038 at 20,Nov,13 12:25
Why? Do you not enjoy oral sex? She is kind of bummed about it. 13 years of marriage, 4 ki.ds... and oral sex only on her Birthday, Mothers day and Anniversary... while she does it to him every time. I think it's discrimination, at least.
By #316255 at 20,Nov,13 14:12
At least she gets oral. My husband doesn't give but, hey, he's all gung ho about receiving.
By #122997 at 20,Nov,13 15:02
What a Cnut Emm, I love receiving, but to receive you have to first give! Which is fine because I love to lick pussy even more!! I would happily eat you until you are a quivering mess on my tongue,
By #316255 at 21,Nov,13 14:47
I have never given, in order to receive. I enjoy giving. But I've missed receiving, that's for bloody certain.
By #408374 at 29,Nov,13 10:22
In my opinion it is giving to recieve

By #149276 at 20,Nov,13 21:13
my heart goes out to you sexy hang in there

By #408374 at 29,Nov,13 10:19
Im really into oral. Giving and recieving, I love both and I need someone on my side who likes both, too. Its important as sex itself. No idea why I go this way but I always broke up fast if I found out that she dislikes heing licked or didnt want to suck my dick. No matter how awsome she is anyways.
Theres nothing more intimate and relaxing than a 'i-love-you'-blowjob in the evening. A blowjob is even more personal than sex to me.
Sex happens so often, but a blowjob, not related to a fuck, in her initiative means she wants to do me something nice for no reason. But she even fucks me if she's bored of me.

Its the same about cunnilingus.
And who doesnt like the taste of a sweet pussy? I mean even you girls love your own pussy-juice! I saw it so damn often how you oick your own finger while masturbating.

I hope my opinion satisfies you.

By #220845 at 28,Nov,13 19:06
Always oral with both sexes

By #400852 at 25,Nov,13 10:40
PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY,I love PUSSY and will eat it anytime,besides my wife loves me to.
By #301038 at 25,Nov,13 10:57
Do you require your partner to bathe prior to the above mentioned activity?
By #400852 at 26,Nov,13 10:43
just according,early morning sex usually not,late afternoon sex yeah

By #136427 at 21,Nov,13 19:29
I eat my old ladys pussy whenever she tells me too. Ill eat it as long as she has toilet paper on it, or is on the bleed. I eat Before sex, in the middle of sex, even after her hot cunt has milked my cock. She loves when I lick her pussy after I shot a load deep in her folds. Makes her extra hot. However, she will not let me cum in her mouth

Would you let me cum in your mouth after all I do?
By #301038 at 25,Nov,13 11:00
Some women just won't do it. They think it's pretty much the same as if you peed in her mouth.
By #136427 at 25,Nov,13 12:51
Well, its their loss...

By #291618 at 19,Nov,13 23:24
Bath is a must well for me im not saying its wrong doing it without bathing prior to oral sex
Ohh and 2
By #301038 at 20,Nov,13 12:21
But would you require your partner to do it as well?
By #291618 at 20,Nov,13 22:15
Sure if she wants to if not ill go down anyway

By #149276 at 20,Nov,13 21:20
we qualify as #2 not to long ago it was a taste from each other in our showers!

Sex after shower?!!! I can eat pussy all day..not braggin

By #394666 at 19,Nov,13 10:18
I love both giving and missis refuses to give and very rarely lets me do it. She said she likes it and always enjoys it, but isn't puts her off after when she wants some cock and my face is covered in, ummm, juice?
By #301038 at 19,Nov,13 11:39
Keep a washcloth on hand, wipe your face. Some women don't like the taste of their own juices, just like some men don't like to taste their sperm
By #149276 at 20,Nov,13 21:18
had a woman friend that wouldn't kiss me after eye was slurping her! I enjoy my cream souce..

By #301038 at 20,Nov,13 12:33
My first husband was a weird little froggy, he had no issues sticking his tongue in my ass (cleaned out with a cleansing enema, but still, ass), but would stay clear of my pussy. His excuse was "It's not what men do", and surely I was sucking his dick every single time and just randomly, even without having sex... As you might guess, it didn't take me long to divorce the weird little froggy and find someone, who actually enjoys giving oral.

I think it is very very important to give your partner what he or she wants, or they will be unhappy and will either leave you, or find someone of the side. When I wasn't getting it at home, that's the only thing that I was thinking about.
By #149276 at 20,Nov,13 21:16

By Raypark at 20,Nov,13 16:45 other posts of Raypark 
Give and receive oral practically every time have sex. Love the taste, and enjoy her wriggling in extacy when she cums in my face. She is not keen on swallowing, but I'm okay with it. I'm very keen on hygiene, so must be freshly powdered

By #11431 at 19,Nov,13 10:19
It is option 1 for me . When I first watched the series The Sopranos , I was amazed that the prevailing attitude amongst the Italian American gangsters was that to give oral sex to women was either disgusting or effeminate ... is this a commonplace belief ... do we have any Americans of Italian descent who can comment on this ?
By #301038 at 19,Nov,13 11:37
I've been with an Italian guy before, he was fine with eating some pussy. My friend dated one for 5 years, he was fine with it too...

on a different note, I've been watching Scandal, directed by Shonda Rhimes and she even portrays a US president going down on his mistress every once in a while, and he calls it his weapon. So, maybe that will change the attitude towards preforming oral sex on women. If a man can do it real well, he should be proud of it.
By #11431 at 19,Nov,13 12:12
OK thats interesting , so I wonder why that anti oral attitude was so prevalent in the Sopranos . It must surely have some basis in real life . Come on guys any Mafiosa out there ?
By #301038 at 19,Nov,13 12:17
Maybe it has something to do with idea that the one who is giving oral is the submissive one, and they did't want to be perceived as such?
By #11431 at 19,Nov,13 12:23
yes I am sure you are right . Weird thing is, in a later episode a new young male recruit is forced to go down on one of the top men in the family !

By boc at 19,Nov,13 13:08 other posts of boc 
I'm not even sure it can be said the submissive one is the one performing. I think the person receiving can become quite submissive if it is done properly.

I'll lick you into submission.

at it and good, it makes me want to reciprocate and get into a 69.

By boc at 19,Nov,13 13:03 other posts of boc 
And I am 100% Sicilian. And not in my family.

By boc at 19,Nov,13 13:02 other posts of boc 

A bath might be required, but usually the woman is more concerned about that than I, if it is needed. So no pressure is usually required.

By #187007 at 19,Nov,13 11:44
one has to go good just has to taste it too ....and I love it

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