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Started by #75200 at 12,May,10 20:12
You decide whether the cock is "suckable" and/or "fuckable" AND then rate the same.

Suckable 8
Fuckable 6

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New Comment

By casado at 16,Jul,24 15:14 other posts of casado 

--------------------------------------- added after 15 seconds

avaliem o meu.

By Slictoys49 at 16,Jul,24 11:11 other posts of Slictoys49 
I would suck that hot cock DRY day and night. I especially like the tied up pics!

By quint at 27,Oct,22 01:31 other posts of quint 

..anyone care to rate mine?
By cruz69696969 at 08,Jul,24 10:06 other posts of cruz69696969 
I will whatever you want cause you are perfect!!!

By beauregard19 at 27,Oct,22 07:49 other posts of beauregard19 
Here's mine too [URL=//][I

By bluemn7 at 20,Feb,15 04:17 other posts of bluemn7 
What about mine? Thanks if you cared to opine..

By BrittGaySissyPAcd at 26,Oct,22 23:42 other posts of BrittGaySissyPAcd 
Fuck that's a hot cock!!!

By BrittGaySissyPAcd at 26,Oct,22 23:45 other posts of BrittGaySissyPAcd 
Fuck that's a hot cock!!!it would feel fucking heavenly in my tight sissy gurl pussy!!!

By bluemn7 at 26,Feb,15 20:55 other posts of bluemn7 
What about mine?

By lh015 at 23,Feb,15 23:09 other posts of lh015 

By #330455 at 03,Apr,13 09:32

[deleted image]
By #370079 at 06,Apr,13 15:22

By Heiko1 at 23,Feb,15 08:29 other posts of Heiko1 
very suckable 10

By #222595 at 15,Dec,12 16:04
[deleted image][deleted image]
By Heiko1 at 23,Feb,15 08:27 other posts of Heiko1 
suckable 10

By earthy at 07,Feb,15 04:49 other posts of earthy 
What about me?

By #476118 at 03,Nov,14 08:57
[deleted image]

[deleted image]

[deleted image]
By #204766 at 07,Feb,15 02:56
10 for suckable and it goes with out saying 10 for fuckable
By earthy at 07,Feb,15 04:35 other posts of earthy 
10 and 10 no question!

By #381838 at 04,Feb,15 18:42

By #352380 at 04,Dec,14 00:06
What about mine?

[deleted image]
By leopoldij at 04,Dec,14 20:17 other posts of leopoldij 
No fucking way!!!!!!!!

By #174339 at 08,Dec,14 10:07
suckable maybe

By #146802 at 03,Feb,15 22:20

By #146802 at 03,Feb,15 22:19
Hoe you rate mine?

By mike81 at 02,Feb,15 16:26 other posts of mike81 
[deleted image] please rate

By thicknsmooth at 02,Feb,15 01:39 other posts of thicknsmooth 
Im curious as to what you guys will say!

By #285974 at 26,Jan,15 06:43
Let me know what you think
[deleted image]

By firefox553 at 08,Dec,14 16:20 other posts of firefox553 

tell me what do you think

By #478204 at 08,Dec,14 10:02
[deleted image]

let me know
By #174339 at 08,Dec,14 10:06

By #42604 at 12,May,10 20:14
[deleted image]
whar you think
By #36901 at 20,May,10 17:46
[deleted image]
Check out HorseHungFL and BrazilianTeen too
By #59664 at 20,May,10 17:58
[deleted image]
By #64646 at 20,May,10 20:46
[deleted image]
By #59664 at 20,May,10 23:26
i will GLADLY take that big fat cock of yours, teen ... bring it on!

By BISEX_MAN at 03,Dec,14 14:10 other posts of BISEX_MAN 
Suck.....11 !!!!
Fuck......7 ( to big for my virgin ass )

By #78609 at 30,May,10 21:53
suck - 9
fuck-7 (its almost too thick for me!)

beautiful cock man... God I want my lips around that tip!
By #476756 at 05,Nov,14 21:39
luv to suk 9

By #475905 at 05,Nov,14 23:01
[deleted image]
Takers? 3
By sxxxyred at 09,Nov,14 09:38 other posts of sxxxyred 
fuckable and suckable 8/8

By #302771 at 12,Nov,14 03:18
Yummy 10

By #354369 at 17,Nov,14 11:17
fuckable and suckable

By iowaguy at 17,Nov,14 23:35 other posts of iowaguy 
You are a full 8 on suckable since can't go higher. You are a full 6 once again can't go higher on the fuckable scale. It's gorgeous and perfect.

By smiley at 17,Nov,14 15:34 other posts of smiley 

By #469430 at 10,Nov,14 08:18
[deleted image]
By #354369 at 17,Nov,14 11:18
Very suckable! 10/10

By #425114 at 25,May,14 21:07
[deleted image] What about mine?
By iowaguy at 21,Jun,14 13:35 other posts of iowaguy 
Your a 10 for sucking or fucking. The challenge would be trying to figure out which to do cause it looks like feel great, but sooooooo tasty too. Decisions decisions

By #121361 at 03,Nov,14 05:43
Yes Yes Yes

By #476756 at 05,Nov,14 21:34
luv to suk

By #476620 at 02,Nov,14 19:17
[deleted image]

rate mines (:
By #121361 at 03,Nov,14 05:42
100 %

By #121361 at 03,Nov,14 05:42
check this [deleted image]

By bella! at 02,Nov,14 16:26 other posts of bella! 
Oh, now here's an interesting topic for the intelligent member! Yay, admin!

By #150922 at 02,Nov,14 15:48
Rate mine...

By #367009 at 02,Jun,14 17:26
By #302771 at 01,Nov,14 14:06

By #316057 at 26,Sep,14 03:51
[deleted image]..

By #457060 at 23,May,14 05:13
[deleted image]
Is it suckable or fuckable?
By cruz69696969 at 23,May,14 06:38 other posts of cruz69696969 

By iowaguy at 21,Jun,14 14:05 other posts of iowaguy 
Perfect for both

By #335466 at 08,Apr,13 22:44
[deleted image] What do you think?
By iowaguy at 21,Jun,14 14:04 other posts of iowaguy 
10 but only because I can't rate it higher

By #347269 at 20,Jun,14 21:47
[deleted image] ??
By iowaguy at 21,Jun,14 13:56 other posts of iowaguy 
10 and 10 your cock would be awesome to suck or fuck

By jo64 at 25,May,14 14:56 other posts of jo64 
By jayman73 at 20,Jun,14 22:09 other posts of jayman73 

By gabriel at 20,Jun,14 15:42 other posts of gabriel 
Photo of a lizard from gabriel

By winnie at 20,Jun,14 10:14 other posts of winnie 
Rate mine

By #393902 at 03,Jun,14 07:01

By firefox553 at 02,Jun,14 16:55 other posts of firefox553 
Photo of a weasel from Dan76

By #416864 at 28,May,14 11:10
I'll give it a try...
[deleted image]

By #70814 at 09,Apr,13 23:20
[deleted image]
By northernlad at 26,May,14 16:43 other posts of northernlad 
suckable 9
fuckable 10

just would love to feel it being rammed hard inside me....anywhere

By winnie at 25,May,14 08:17 other posts of winnie 
And this one?
By #440733 at 25,May,14 11:45
Suckable: 10 Fuckable also 10

By #444998 at 25,May,14 08:09

By smiley at 22,May,14 08:43 other posts of smiley 
[deleted image]
By cruz69696969 at 23,May,14 06:39 other posts of cruz69696969 
By smiley at 25,May,14 01:02 other posts of smiley 
Thnx I love you and your...

By #267666 at 16,Dec,12 07:16
How about mine? [deleted image]
By #359325 at 13,Mar,13 10:18
I'd give your's a 10 too!
By cruz69696969 at 23,May,14 06:41 other posts of cruz69696969 

By #370079 at 06,Apr,13 15:22

By #207952 at 22,May,14 08:33
check out my cock and rate it

By #456800 at 20,May,14 08:29
What about mine

By #214409 at 10,Apr,13 01:12
New one:
[deleted image]

By #214409 at 09,Apr,13 23:06
what do u think?
[deleted image]

By #340703 at 07,Apr,13 22:51

What you think guys?

By #222595 at 07,Apr,13 11:53
[deleted image]
[deleted image]
[deleted image]

By #215748 at 04,Apr,13 04:03

[deleted image]

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