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Sucking Cocks

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Started by #88754 at 02,Aug,10 21:44
What do you consider better sucking a super hard cock or one that has just come down from being hard. I know some will say both but what do you prefer.

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By wirda at 10,Feb,24 17:03 other posts of wirda 
From soft to hard back to soft

Got to see how it grows and how it explodes inside my mouth

By Fixittight at 10,Feb,24 00:55 other posts of Fixittight 
I actually love to put a soft limp cock in my mouth and start that way. I love the feeling of it growing bigger and harder in my mouth as I suck

By onthelose at 14,Dec,18 22:08 other posts of onthelose 
How many of you would continue to suck a cock that has just cum and try to make it cum again?
By bikev at 01,May,19 07:17 other posts of bikev 
I love to do that.

By #569242 at 14,Dec,18 21:49
I like a soft cock that I make hard and continue to suck him dry after he cums and starts to go soft. But if the dick is already hard, it's still great to suck.

By bikev at 29,Dec,14 15:22 other posts of bikev 
Myself I like to suck cocks in any state but preferably one that is soft that I make hard then when he has cum gone soft again with me still sucking it.
By #573687 at 14,Dec,18 17:28
you would be my best friend!!

By #539191 at 14,Dec,18 10:01
I love to milk it feeling it shrink after I made it pop.

By knewbi at 12,Dec,18 17:42 other posts of knewbi 
While I enjoy sucking all cocks give me that rock hard cock any time....

By #545468 at 12,Dec,18 16:40
I have sucked both and both agre great ... for different reasons.

By tallon77 at 31,Dec,14 00:54 other posts of tallon77 
I'd be happy to find a cock close by me that needs a good sucking

By #480781 at 26,Dec,14 09:40
both are tasty

By #174339 at 08,Dec,14 10:43
i love feeling a soft dick get hard in my mouth

By #174339 at 08,Dec,14 10:40
i love feeling a soft cock get hard in my mouth becoming super hard

By #471760 at 06,Dec,14 21:20
I like one that has just come down.....because that means he just shot his load in my mouth.....!!!!

By teetee at 29,Nov,14 01:19 other posts of teetee 
you like sucking this...
[deleted image]
By #436014 at 29,Nov,14 04:42

By #436014 at 29,Nov,14 04:46
seeing your pics i see you shoot a really nice load, lots of **** and distance. i haven't really had it happen yet but i'd love to feel how cum hitting my face/lips/tongue/mouth/throat at full speed feels. so yeah, that's on my thrill-seeking bucket list

By #472272 at 28,Nov,14 09:13
Hmmmm starting with soft cock is amazing love to feel it grow in my mouth

By #248658 at 24,Sep,14 20:13
I like to start of with them flaccid,I love to suck on it, and feel it thicken and get longer in my mouth. I live to go balls deep right away. Totally love to suck for 30/45 minutes or more!

By #220845 at 24,Sep,14 18:33
Hard, then finishing it off

By COCKSUCKERSLUT at 24,Aug,10 05:54 other posts of COCKSUCKERSLUT 

By gradurgaur at 03,Aug,10 00:18 other posts of gradurgaur 
I like both...

By slipper at 02,Aug,10 22:03 other posts of slipper 
I admit I haven't, but if I were to do so I'd prefer a totally flaccid!

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