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veins on the dick

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Started by #10402 at 07,May,09 18:27
do you like them or not?

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By knewbi at 17,Jan,23 21:19 other posts of knewbi 
I just love a dick heavy with extreme veins!! Get that thing rock hard and shaven or trimmed and I am in heaven playing with it.

By Lucky at 15,Jan,23 09:58 other posts of Lucky 

By Pibo2020 at 14,Jan,23 18:38 other posts of Pibo2020 

By galaxy123 at 09,Jan,23 12:00 other posts of galaxy123 
Here is my veiny one.

By doedeldi at 08,Jan,23 11:37 other posts of doedeldi 
Sind irgendwann da

By thicknsmooth at 08,Jan,23 06:53 other posts of thicknsmooth 

By vorhaut-weg at 08,Jan,23 06:39 other posts of vorhaut-weg 

mein Schwanz mit fetter Schwanzader!

By Pibo2020 at 08,Jan,23 04:52 other posts of Pibo2020 

By lawrenceo at 29,Dec,22 11:19 other posts of lawrenceo 
I have to admit that I like to see a smooth, long, slim dick without a vein in sight. Especially when hanging, soft.

By niginni at 10,Jul,09 15:03 other posts of niginni 
viens give a cock a lot of character. i love them

By kneelsoften at 06,Jul,09 14:37 other posts of kneelsoften 
I like everything about cock!

By able2 at 10,Jun,09 09:58 other posts of able2 
Just posted a pic showing my veins, would appreciate your comments.

By #9210 at 06,Jun,09 23:32
I think my veins look ok, not too prominant but gives an interesting look and feel

By kalebi at 07,May,09 21:46 other posts of kalebi 
I love them!!!
By Pauli at 18,May,09 05:27 other posts of Pauli 
You are so right!!!

By oldbugle at 14,May,09 09:00 other posts of oldbugle 
I used to dislike them but since coming here I have been more accepting.
By #3251 at 14,May,09 11:25
In your case, Oldbugle, the veins realy add "character" to your cock; they help make - along w/ both length & thickness - your cock the impressive one it is.
By oldbugle at 14,May,09 13:36 other posts of oldbugle 
Well, thank you for such a nice compliment!!

By #7976 at 08,May,09 02:00
Can anyone avoid them? Mine are fairly obvious but I have never thought about them or had any of my lovers comment on them. I guess there OK.

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