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lying in the bath and need to pee  21,Mar,11 14:11


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I started to sleep naked at 14 (had my own bedroom) when i moved out to my own property at 22 been sleeping naked ever since summer and winter.

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July 2009 first photo

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By niginni at 10,May,19 11:23
1. Medium

2. Medium

3. Uncut

4. Natural

5. 13 After my friend caught his brother sucking a friends cock and said it looked like fun

6. 13 In my friends bedroom he said he would suck my cock if i sucked his and dared me tasty

7. tasty precum a cum reward

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Naked since my teens all year round

By niginni at 28,Jul,18 09:32
And it tastes great.

By niginni at 15,May,18 15:16
Its black socks for me

By niginni at 28,Mar,18 09:10
Today a great British comedian is laid to rest in Liverpool and the turn out is going to be huge. Goodbye Sir'll always make us laugh! Raise your Jam Butties in the air and tickle your chuckle muscles.

By niginni at 19,Mar,18 09:54
The first cock i sucked was uncut when i was 13, started by licking first then very quickly sucking each other . I have sucked a couple of cut cocks as well

By niginni at 16,Mar,18 16:32
I have been sleeping naked since i was 13 its just more comfortable in bed even in the winter
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By niginni at 14,Mar,18 08:52
RIP Professor Stephen Hawking


On death: ĎI have lived with the prospect of an early death for the last 49 years. Iím not afraid of death, but Iím in no hurry to die. I have so much I want to do firstí Ė Interview in The Guardian, May 2011.

By niginni at 12,Mar,18 20:22
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An era of British comedy has ended, a comedy genius and trained singer he is off to The Jam Buttie Mine

R.I.P. Sir Ken

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Yes tasty

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open wide for better access

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Kitchen safety protection

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I am uncut my friend was cut (uk) we are both bi his penis work fine looks fine, seems sensitive precum produced when wanked or sucked and cumed well as i do

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I have for many years since a friend offered his precum to try when i was 13 enjoyed it since

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I use both hands changing grip

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I just went by my first pic which was on 21,Jun,09 Over 4 years

By niginni at 06,Jun,13 14:55
Im 5'5"tall
6.5" long

By niginni at 20,May,13 17:13
Mine soft & hard

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heres mine URL=][IMG]/thumbs/20090830/7ax37nie8y56.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

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I have always found pubes a real turn on male and female I have shaved twice in my life for 2 boyfriends but would not do it again

By niginni at 10,Mar,13 15:23
Yea same here spit & precum gets things slipping & sliding well ,
Water based for fleshlight etc

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yea a good way to warm up in the cold sea

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shoe size 7 UK or 41 Europe
cock 165mm or 6.5"

By niginni at 17,Dec,12 17:25
I always taste my precum while edging and wanking I have to be really horny to eat my cum but when I do none goes to waste or the is to shoot my cum into a shoot glass about 1/2 hour i sip it till it all gone

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I had a friend who was 28 years older than me we had a lot of good times