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Started by #82813 at 25,Aug,10 19:15
I've always been curious about other guys experience during their penis development (puberty). Mine was not what I'd hoped for--seems like I am still waiting for my cock to grow man-size--, being the smallest in size when those first group nudity events took place (gym class, pool locker room,etc)definitely jarred any self confidence bout sexual issues I was forming! I'm curious about the other end of the spectrum---any early developers able to clue me in on what that was like to have a man cock early? Seems like it would've been awesome to strut w/ a big cock when an early teen!

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By nekekal at 18,Mar,24 05:18 other posts of nekekal 
My penis grew very early. It was always at least twice as big as anyone else's that I saw during PE. By the 6th grade it was almost full grown, 7 inches long when hard and almost always hard, and I started growing pubic hair.

My cock was always an object of ridicule by my class mates. Young kids make fun of anything different and a big cock was really different. So I was pretty traumatized by other kids and did my best to hide for years.

Young women don't really like cock, the only reason they fuck at all is so guys will like them, so having a big cock was no benefit growing up.

By #64328 at 01,Sep,10 17:12
I think I matured rather backwards. Between 5th and 6th grade my penis grew to its full size. Much larger than any of the kids my age. Twice as big in most cases and bigger than some guys that were much older. I it was a topic of conversation among most that had seen it and I had a real sense of pride about it. In the summer after 6th grade I was able to shoot cum, something none of my friends had experienced yet. During these times I had not even a single pubic hair were as most of my friends had already started growing some. It wasnt until the middle of my sophmore year 10th grade that I started getting pubic hair. By then everyone besides me and one other kid in our P.E class had hair....Its kind of strange how I matured in some ways so fast and others so slow...Its a cool topic I think it cool to learn how others went though puberty. I was a real big deal at that time of our lives
By #82813 at 01,Sep,10 18:55
thanks--interesting--any j/o or bj offers when you were young?
By #64328 at 03,Sep,10 17:59
Both....At that age me and most of my friends were extremely horny. I think all kids were, just some would never admit it

By spermkiss at 01,Sep,10 19:38 other posts of spermkiss 
That sounds like my experience (see my comment above), though my penis growth did not occur quite as early as yours and my hair growth did not quite as late.

By DarkMax at 13,Mar,24 13:37 other posts of DarkMax 
My story is similar.

By DarkMax at 13,Mar,24 13:36 other posts of DarkMax 
"Seems like it would've been awesome to strut w/ a big cock when an early teen!"
Yes, it is awesome!
My story:

By #22155 at 01,Sep,10 17:32
I think that my penis in its flaccid state probably grew quite a bit, but I always had a pretty big erection. Particularly, because I'm a pretty short maybe it's bigger than expected?

Anyway, I was probably between 5 and 6" when I got to jr. high school. Interesting thing is, I developed pubic hair around the same time as everybody else...but armpit hair, facial hair, and thickening leg hair I was later on. I didn't notice armpit hair or need to start shaving until I was about 17. It makes family is not a hairy bunch at all....

By spermkiss at 27,Aug,10 01:19 other posts of spermkiss 
My cock grew to man size rather early but it was a long time before pubic hair began to grow. So there I was with my skinny, hairless, adolescent body with a huge man size dick. In nude swimming class I wasn't at all concerned about my dick, but was very self conscious about my lack of hair. I often wonder if that why I'm hairless now.

By slipper at 26,Aug,10 05:36 other posts of slipper 
Don't sweat it... I'm in my 60's and STILL waiting!!! You have what you have, enjoy it!

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