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Just so everyone knows meg_h15 is a fake.

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Started by #59855 at 30,Nov,10 22:28
This person has been asked by many people to show a pics of them together to prove that they are not just posting pics of some poor girl that has no idea she is being put on the net and was asked in lots of nice ways and never ever responds to anyone. Enjoy the pics but just know that it is not the woman in the pics.

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New Comment

By phart at 18,Oct,23 21:39 other posts of phart 
How did this get to the top of the heap when I don't see any new post on it?
By Jamie at 18,Oct,23 21:56 other posts of Jamie 
The ghost of matts wife

By bella! at 18,Oct,23 22:42 other posts of bella! 

Do you think it has anything to do with TheHubby getting his nuts in a knot over gsxgaz1000 being deleted?
By phart at 19,Oct,23 01:14 other posts of phart 
Oh, so apparently he has blacklisted me then if he posted something
By bella! at 19,Oct,23 01:53 other posts of bella! 
Golly, phart, you're asking me?

CAT's page was shitted (sp?) up by TheWife+Hubby because she voted to delete gsxgaz1000 profile. He also shitted up CountryCouple54's page because he/they voted to delete gsxgaz1000. Not only did he shit up their page, he blacklisted them, too.

So I've accounted for 2 of the 9 members that voted for deletion, on the others he posted the following;

We disagree with your vote in the "Abuse Panel" /abuse_reports.php to have member gsxrgaz1000 deleted /blogs/55639.html
By Walker at 28,Nov,23 03:31 other posts of Walker 
I don't know about this new chatter nor do I understand it or care about it.
By bella! at 28,Nov,23 05:04 other posts of bella! 
Sorry, I don't understand.

By SAGGY_GRANNY at 01,Dec,23 17:07 other posts of SAGGY_GRANNY 
The “Hubby” craps on his hand and wipes it on other members’ pages. Typical dumbass.

By #694265 at 19,Oct,23 01:40
I haven't blacklisted you phart, I had my reasons for my trampage yesterday, you were not part of it although, I did notice you voted to deleted Gaz, well he is gone now, so now I have calmed down, for me at least its time to move on
By phart at 19,Oct,23 01:53 other posts of phart 
ok,thanks for letting me know,I just don't feel like people should be posting alot of internet crap here,when if that is what we want ,we know where to look for need to clutter up server space with stuff that is not original to the member.Perhaps I am strange but,oh well, .
By #694265 at 19,Oct,23 02:21
What really pissed me off about the whole thing was he had 1 questionable image on his wall, I think it was maybe another 2 but different types of descriptions, the rest of his content was many images of his own penis, there are so many accounts here that show a fuck ton, even the whole profile is all stolen content from the internet, many of these types of accounts have been here for years.

Gaz had one image that he titled "Mrs Ass", now I don't know if it was a internet download or not, possibly it was, I just think it could have been handled a little differently than deleting a profile that didn't cause any trouble, personally I think his undoing was running the image in the pic contest which he won, putting the noses out of joint with some members here drawing attention to the image, the image in question had been posted for almost 2 years.

I get Boss Man doesn't mind if we share content that has been download & posted as long as you don't claim ownership of the content.

We ourselves have a couple of pieces of content on our wall that technically is in breach of copyright (the 2 trailers of the 2 old porn movies), technically as far as site rules (well not rules as such, I guess, but Admin guidelines) go I could claim them to be mine because they are not internet downloads, they have been illegally ripped from Blu-Ray disks of remasters of the old 35mm films that I have acquired recently.

Technically I do own the copies of those films, but it is illegal to share copyrighted material publicly.

Having said all that publicly maybe my head will be the next one on the chopping block, we will soon see I guess.

Ill miss Gaz, we used to chat a about bikes & stuff, we are both motorcycle enthusiasts.

By #59855 at 02,Feb,11 04:31
From Matt's Wife: Still no proof pics that this person is real and why is that?????? There is only one reason why that could be. So in 3 or 4 months they couldn't take a pic to prove they are real. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

By #99845 at 05,Dec,10 04:15
Im sure there are fakes on this site.Ive have seen pics posted on sites that I know are stills from porn movies.That is annoying,but I wont raise the roof over it.But what really burns me is the thought that some of these pics are posted without the persons knowledge.I think thats criminal.
By #59855 at 05,Dec,10 07:26
From Matt's Wife: I agree

By CLinz49 at 04,Dec,10 11:47 other posts of CLinz49 
Hi everyone,
I just friended Meg and we've had some really hot real time chats just in the last couple of days. She seems to be real enough to me. I like someone who blogs a lot and she has some very hot stories.
Just let others be and enjoy this site in whatever way you are comfortable with.
Peace everyone and happy holidays!
By #59855 at 04,Dec,10 23:56
From Matt's Wife: What ever you like, just so you know real women don't talk like that.
By #59855 at 05,Dec,10 00:10
From Matt's Wife: Oh and I do let others be but when it is so obvious I thinkk it is important to let others know that this given person is not who they say.

By #67574 at 02,Dec,10 21:24
Wow! a little blown away by this. I dont think ive ever even talked to matt52... I think the only reason Matt52 is so pissed is because i havent talked to him/her. Oh well, think what you want....doesnt really phase me. I know who iam, and if you dont like me oh well....i think ill be OK...

PS: for Matt52, get a life! I dont whats yur bag with me, but youve been harrassing me since ive been on this site, maybe its you thats got the "fake" issues...
By #59855 at 03,Dec,10 05:51
From Matt's Wife: Well sweety I have proven time and time again that I am very real. You on the other hand don't and you create multiple accounts and lie!! Cousins....Really!!! L0L I think that it is very sick that you are posting pics of a woman that has no idea that she is on the net. You ignore personal chats from most everyone and all requests for pics of the two of you together and I read your blogs, you don't speak like a woman. Oh and I have a life and I know how to spell too. I too could care less about you but I think that it is important for people to know who they are talking to or dealing with is real or not. Until you prove differently you sir are a fake!!!!!!

By CLinz49 at 04,Dec,10 11:51 other posts of CLinz49 

You go girl! You're real enough for me!

By #70478 at 02,Dec,10 03:07
Maybe I am not understanding your original statement Matt52, but what Im getting out of this is that you think Meg_h15 is a fake because her guy friend won't take a pic with her. Once again if this is not what your saying I apologize, but maybe like alot of other people on here he doesn't want that much exposure on the web, just a thought, and like they say everyone has an opinion and they are like assholes everyone's got them and nobody wants to listen to there shit LOL.
By #59855 at 02,Dec,10 04:21
From Matt's Wife: Before you try to defend them , have you talked to them????? I know alot of people that have tried and it is just ignored. If he was that shy he could post pics with out his face. Like I said, the sad part is I am willing to bet that she has no idea she is on the net
By Walker at 02,Dec,10 19:47 other posts of Walker 
I have sex chatted them sending my pics to cum on, both meg_h15 and jhgirl191111 both. They were fun, but when I asked about them both being in the same pic one said they were cousins. So I figured they were sitting around board and were having fun getting guys to cum on their pics.

I get ignored often, so what there's lots of great cunt ot explore, all for fun!
--------------------------------------- added after 112872 hours

[deleted image]

Yummy Mag's ass showing
--------------------------------------- added after 113876 hours

The timeline showed 12y ago not now at the present time.

By #119027 at 01,Dec,10 01:47
Jonerman2000? and Meg_h15? are connected? with jhgirl191111?

Maybe they know each other? Meg_h15 has new pics. Oh
By #59855 at 01,Dec,10 05:30
From Matt's Wife: I agree
By #119027 at 01,Dec,10 21:22
I think they are real pics, not off a porn site.
By #59855 at 02,Dec,10 02:00
From Matt's Wife: I agree they are real pics but most likely from the past, I bet she doesn't know her pics are on the net
By Walker at 02,Dec,10 02:56 other posts of Walker 
Hummm... I spent a lot of fun time shooting my cum on their picks, I hope they are sitting around having a good time together!

But, well maybe you are right and it's someone with old pics
--------------------------------------- added after 112889 hours

New Mag showing off... :[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 112889 hours

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 112889 hours

Meg has been many places on hand sites playing.

By #18422 at 30,Nov,10 22:54
I dont think people care who is and is not fake. they are here to get there rocks off and too meet people that are into the same things. but... thats just my little gay option.
By #59855 at 01,Dec,10 05:30
From Matt's Wife: Its nice to know who is real and who is not, I could care less if they post their own pics or not but I like to know for the sake of private chats
By #5532 at 01,Dec,10 14:17
Agreed. Just as you and I chatted about. I have another one whose pictures suddenly showed up under another name
By #59855 at 01,Dec,10 19:17
From Matt's Wife: They are everywhere

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