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Why delete only the "fake" profile?

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Started by #303133 at 03,Apr,13 15:58
Many of us are aware that several members create fake profiles which they use to harass, annoy and abuse other members.
When they are eventually reported to the evaluation panel, the "fake" is usually deleted for their behavior. However, the original member who created the fake is not penalized and they simply turn around and create a new shell with which to begin their abuse again.
Is there no way to trace the "fake" back to its owner and delete all related profiles?

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By bella! at 18,Oct,23 22:52 other posts of bella! 
Gee, why does anyone need more than one profile?
By dgraff at 18,Oct,23 23:25 other posts of dgraff 
I agree with you Bella why does this site allow one member to hold multiple accounts if you remember i had friend of lixsipsucket who had a shell account and was a friend of mine then my pictures were taken altered and used against me was it coincidental or a devious plot against me
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And if you remember Markis wanted to join but he couldn’t because we used the same router
By bella! at 19,Oct,23 01:35 other posts of bella! 
Well, MountainMan, you now know that all you need to do is explain your predicament to admin.
By dgraff at 19,Oct,23 09:34 other posts of dgraff 
Yeah I heard that through the grapevine
By bella! at 19,Oct,23 14:21 other posts of bella! 
I'm sure you have!
By dgraff at 19,Oct,23 14:47 other posts of dgraff 

By JustWill at 01,Jun,17 23:43 other posts of JustWill 
You can also be a FAKE if you talk trash on other members, then pretend to be a poor, innocent victim when they call you on your bullshit.
By #460385 at 04,Jun,17 16:41
Now that's funny.
By bella! at 04,Jun,17 16:47 other posts of bella! 
It is "funny" but in a spot on way.

By #201583 at 05,Apr,13 20:12
If admin charged a dollar for an account through a credit card fakes can then become a thing of the past. Then everyone can be verified.
By admin at 15,Apr,13 20:18 other posts of admin 
Considering that only 0.5% (about 1 out of 200) of people are willing to pay, this site would become a desert if I did that.
By bella! at 15,Apr,13 21:34 other posts of bella! 
cumdump, did you mean that to become a member you have to pay $1.00 membership fee, via credit card?
By #201583 at 15,Apr,13 21:37
No, just a one time sign up fee of a dollar to confirm validity and to prevent multiple accounts. A lot of sites do that.
By bella! at 15,Apr,13 21:48 other posts of bella! 
That's what I was trying to say. $ 1.00 doesn't seem worth it BUT $ 5.00 or $ 10.00 one time membership fee plus some "welcome" points could be interesting. Nice suggestion!
By #274357 at 15,Apr,13 21:55
Nice suggestion, but I have to agree with Admin. This site would resemble the Sahara...quickly.
By #201583 at 15,Apr,13 22:28
Not if he grandfathered existing members, and started charging a membership fee to the new members. Deleted exiting members would only be able to create 1 new profile.
By #68656 at 10,Jun,13 08:12
How do those us us who do have, want or require, credit cards pay.??
We can`t pay by cheque or direct debit and many of us do not trust or wish to use money transfer systems.
By bella! at 10,Jun,13 12:56 other posts of bella! 
If you're already a member, you're grandfathered in. For new members/accounts, there would be a determined dollar amount for the "initial" membership fee *and set-up* that would be paid by credit card. The use of a credit card could possibly curtail ( but not totally eliminate ) multiple accounts and thwart minors from creating an account. I think that the idea is a possibility.

By #247457 at 10,Jun,13 23:27
amen john, that's why I became a member here also.
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oh. I should've read further, sorry carry on.

By #482237 at 04,Jun,17 15:32
If I may, posting a small fee at beginning to participate is not a bad idea. I assume, from your comment about the 5% who actually pay that you must get your profit to run site through advertising, and that seems to be generated by the "hits" to the pics of members and chat threads??

By #485312 at 01,Jun,17 21:47
you don't need a fake account to be a FAKE, simply by being here and pretending to be nice while youre nothing but a troll is also FAKE to me, abusing others that use the site for what it meant for is being FAKE... still many OLD users are allowed to have net pics on their pages and nothing said to them, they report others for being fake when their own accounts are full of PRETEND friends, pictures acquired from the net with womens faces while their own faces are blurred or not added...funny how someone with crappy pics has a bunch of amazingly hot 'friends' that let them post their pics here.. you can see the obvious difference in quality of the shots, no need to even do a check, its that obvious..
l still don't understand why they come here to see amateur porn and add pro porn on their pages and try and pass it off.. but being old members they are immune to the rules that the rest of us have to abide by... *lix*

By #124665 at 04,Apr,13 23:57
Fakes make this site all the more "interesting"
By #341640 at 15,Apr,13 03:06
I am horny
By #124665 at 16,Apr,13 08:53
Shut up.. Cum on your tummy like I do

By #201583 at 03,Apr,13 17:06
Other sites on the net won't let people create multiple accounts, because I have tried. Some sites go off your email address, and If Yahoo or Gmail allows you to create a new account every day then you can create multi accounts on other free sites. A lot of sites won't accept Yahoo or gmail because It's harder to create multiple accounts through your primary ISP.
By #372406 at 05,Apr,13 03:57

By #201583 at 05,Apr,13 04:05
Try again. Cut and paste is just lazy. Amateur
By #68656 at 05,Apr,13 11:25
Advising that "2378" is, not surprisingly, no longer with us any more. He found himself referred to the evaluation panel by other members and his demise was swift.
"2378" was very obviously a fake account and we are now watching and waiting for the person who started it to slip up.
By #201583 at 05,Apr,13 11:55
Thanks, I know you have a high IQ, and it is obvious who it was. I think he has a few more. If the mouse isn't smart enough to walk away I will have a few more for you.

By #196416 at 03,Apr,13 17:49
There certainly has to be a way and I agree if the account is created simply to bully and harass other members while trying to be coy,( ps it is not working )then when found out all accounts attached or created by said person should be deleted, regardless how far up the proverbial totem pole they are or how much cold hard cash they have dumped into the site in a fruitless effort to buy friends.
By bella! at 03,Apr,13 17:59 other posts of bella! 
Sounds like a "sour grape" response to me. What's the matter, are you pissed because YOU didn't get a gift of a *WORLD* during the holidays? Wah! Wah! Wah!
By #196416 at 03,Apr,13 18:06
You lost me bella, is my response a "sour grape" response? I am confused.
By bella! at 03,Apr,13 21:28 other posts of bella! 
It was my sad attempt at being sarcastic. I sincerely apologize for offending you, daffu......

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