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An Appeal for Civilized Conduct on the Forum

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Started by spermkiss at 07,Dec,10 06:52  other posts of spermkiss
I'd like to request that every SYD member go to a dictionary and look up the definition of the word "forum". My own dictionary defines forum in part as "a public meeting place for open discussion" and "a medium...of...expression of ideas" (Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition). It is a place where people can put their thoughts and ideas out there for others to contemplate and consider and perhaps discuss. A forum is not a bully pulpit for demented individuals to hurl insults and heap abuse on people with whom they disagree.

People of good will can disagree and still remain cordial. I know that seems quaint in this day and age when there are bile spewing commentators on radio, television and the internet. Even religious leaders, who should know better, and members of Congress ("You lie!" shouted during the President's speach) succumb to this vile temptation. But perhaps I'm just and old fashioned guy who feels we should be able to discuss things without vitriol.

And a special note to the Site Administrator: If this note reaches your attention and if you agree with me, cannot offenders be removed from the Site or at least be banned from the Discussion Forum? Send me a Private Message and I'll name names.

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New Comment

By #2331 at 09,Dec,10 16:55
Read the Constition of the USA which I fought for it contains something about free spech.
Grow up!!
By #59855 at 09,Dec,10 17:27
From Matt's Wife: Ok, free speech, post some pics!!

By #112799 at 09,Dec,10 19:50
theres a diffrence you can have free spech but there is something called good manners.
By #116477 at 09,Dec,10 22:44
Good manners are for nice civilised venues with nice civilised people in places where you don't show your willy, vagina and ass hole openly to strangers - not saying you have all 3 but who knows in a place like this. In here good manners are boring.. Try to see the difference between life in the real World and a dick forum. Presumably( and I wouldn't bet on it) you don't go around showing off your penis and masturbating to all you communicate with in the real world on a day to day basis - And while you're trying to have a conversation on the pros and cons of the latest Government Policy just introduced? In a polite manner of course

If you get out at all that is. There are some seriously dull people here. No wonder you behave as though this is all you have in your life and that your life depends on it - it probably does in "your world". Now that is sad. It's all water off a duck's back to me..
By oldbugle at 09,Dec,10 23:59 other posts of oldbugle 
You're probably right....

........However, common politeness is the 'oil' that lubricates clear expression of ideas and views between all peoples. On this site we try to express ourselves to others just like everywhere else,...it just so happens that the common subject here is sexuality and the human genitals. I don't see why, just because of the unusual subject matter, that common politeness should be discarded as redundant.

Any ideas that are worth expressing are worth expressing to the best of our ability and to do that we need to use all the methods that society has evolved over millenia.

You're right that there ARE "some seriously dull people",...not just here but in every area of human existence,...and, I have to point out, that "a dick forum" that reflects the human preoccupation with the penis IS very much part of "the real world".

Unfortunately, there is a small but steady stream of morons who come here and assume that we are all fools and idiots who can be abused and insulted because of our 'rude' interest in sexual organs. The truth is that many people here are 'free thinkers' who have decided to release their sexuality from the constraints of society, if only anonymously.

......So, with respect, I hope you decide to rethink your post, and realise that you will get much more from this forum if you simply return common politeness to other posters.......
By MoeJoe at 10,Dec,10 09:35 other posts of MoeJoe 
Don't hold your breath Bugle, it's unlikely that SoCloseButnoCigar, will recant or even rethink his statement. To do so would be contrary to his purpose in being here, which is to seek out things and people who he finds dull and unfunny and level his pedestrian sarcasm at them. You see he thinks he's humorous and that his sarcasm is sharp edged, but in fact he's a rather boring individual who obviously has no credibility in the "real" world, so he points his daggers at us morons, dull-wits, insecure folk, who inhabit this site for various reasons, none of which are really his concern.
By #116477 at 10,Dec,10 18:03
Nice theories - except the 'morons, dull-wits, insecure folk' bits - you got all those right - but as usual MoeJoe McDull.. ALL the other stuff on me - not correct. You couldn't work me out if it was a year long school project.

By the way, I wouldn't be too certain about my 'credibility' in the "real World" - Oh you must be so much fun in the "Real World" zzZZZzzzzzzzzZZZzzz
By MoeJoe at 11,Dec,10 10:02 other posts of MoeJoe 
I would be willing to bet that I'm far more interesting in the real world than you suggest, and you place yourself too high on the pedestal....you are not that difficult to work out.

By #7976 at 15,Dec,12 02:41
OK , I'd rather not but I need to comment here. As a card-carrying veteran of two tours of SEA, I too fought for, and would again fight for, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and all that makes our country free.

While free speech is a right expressing one's thoughts in a vulgar, lude manner however is not. Many have fallen into that trap and been prosecuted for their misconception. I would go further and add the unwritten right; the right to ignore speech from those we don't agree with.

While I am a practicing user of intelligent, proper English, perhaps because I'm a writer, I simply ignore those who don't have the vocabulary or the will to use it. If they insist of vulgarity, character assaults, or any other form of misuse of the language, they're simply not folks I particularly want to know.

So, let's not confuse free speech with what's going on here. This isn't a matter of free speech, it's a matter of stupidity and nothing more.

By #325134 at 14,Dec,12 23:00
Ohhh............... I'm gonna tell the administrator on you!!!!!!
Then I'm gonna take my ball and go home!!!!!
By #303133 at 14,Dec,12 23:03
You're a bit of an ass, aren't you, Skippy?

That's not at all what spermkiss is saying. He...justifiably...is asking why people feel the need to be rude and abusive to other members. Personally, I see it as a sign of low intellect when an individual can not support his/her viewpoint with logical discussion and feels the need to resort to cheap, vulgar shots...
More to the point:
spermkiss has been an active member here for quite some time. I may not always agree with him, but his comments are always polite, thoughtful and intelligent. For those reasons alone, he is deserving of a bit more respect in the forum. Looking over your "other posts", it would be difficult to say the same for you. I believe that what you write is an attempt at "humor", but it comes off as crass and dim.
By #325134 at 15,Dec,12 00:18
You are sooo full of shit willy!!!!!!! Read the end of the statement. "I'll name names". Sounds like a suck ass, rat bitch to me!!!
By bella! at 15,Dec,12 01:21 other posts of bella! 
It is apparent that you are not familiar with spermkiss. He is is well spoken, educated, worldly and well respected for his input and thoughtful comments in the forum. spermkiss is NOT a "suck ass" or a "rat bitch". This is exactly what is bothersome to me, aren't you able to convey your thoughts without being vulgar and in this case, rude too?

By bella! at 14,Dec,12 22:26 other posts of bella! 
This is what I'm talking about. Well said!

By #74436 at 10,Dec,10 10:35

You have spoken like a true gentleman, and much divinely.

I wish people were more sound to, ya know ?
By #116477 at 10,Dec,10 17:55
No - a 'gentleman'? 'spoken' ? Not acted like one though it seems - Showing cock in a forum yeah very gentlemanly
By oldbugle at 11,Dec,10 12:25 other posts of oldbugle 
Shooter,...either you're under 21 or you're a school teacher, am I right?

By slipper at 09,Dec,10 19:41 other posts of slipper 
I second that!

By #44693 at 09,Dec,10 16:28
piss of
By #59855 at 09,Dec,10 17:27
From Matt's Wife: Piss on!

By #95006 at 08,Dec,10 00:59

By #59855 at 07,Dec,10 20:57
From Matt's Wife: I agree, a good friend on here told me once that people that are rude have "cyber balls" because they would never speak like that in person.

By #7976 at 07,Dec,10 13:07
Well spoken. I agree entirely with your sentiment and will, as I have in the past, to be both cordial and intelligent in my comments on the forum and in personal correspondence. Thanks for bringing a needed topic to light.

By MoeJoe at 07,Dec,10 11:00 other posts of MoeJoe 
A noble sentiment to be sure, but with anonymity comes the uncivilized behavior. It seems to be the nature of this "in your face" confrontational world that we live in. People can shout from behind this curtain of anonymity and never be held accountable for their words or actions.

By oldbugle at 07,Dec,10 08:10 other posts of oldbugle 
Here Here!.....

......However, I fear you are 'preaching to the converted'...

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