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Massage parlour

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Started by #9806 at 17,Jun,09 20:09
Hi, just wondered if anyone has ever been to a massage parlour? I have been to one 6 times now and the experiance really turns me on.
The best I have had cost me ?100 but was awsome. I spent an hour having my cock slowly wanked by a 20 stone black lady who after every 20 strokes or so slapped my balls getting harder and harder as the time went on. I,ve also been shaved and had an 18 year old put her knickers up my ass. Anyone got ay stories?

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By onthelose at 19,Oct,23 21:40 other posts of onthelose 
I have never been to a massage parlor as a customer, but I have paid for sex. It was somewhat mechanical but I was with women who would not give me the time of day otherwise. Also I was able to avoid all the head games dating women put you thru. I also went to a brothel. I should have saved my money and jacked off.

By wycowboy at 17,Oct,23 14:13 other posts of wycowboy 
Only in Japan while I was in the Corps. I went out to the ville a few times for a scrub and tug.

By nekekal at 16,Oct,23 21:32 other posts of nekekal 
Me. Yes, but not that kinky. I went for a weekly massage for a while. The masseuse would do the massage topless. Nice tits, but you can only really enjoy them while on your back.

If you just wanted the massage, it was $60 including the shower after. For an extra $20, she would do full body, includec your cock. It didn't cost much extra since the massage included up to your balls and pubic mound. By the time she got her oiled hands around my cock it only took a few more minutes of rubbing and cum was flying.

By Lvphose at 16,Oct,23 06:27 other posts of Lvphose 
Sounds fun

By #7976 at 19,Jun,09 03:52
When I was young and inexperienced I went to some great massage parlors in the Orient. The ladies would double up and make your every dream come true and when you left, you actually felt better and a bit lighter in the balls. Massage parlors in the States were never worth the time or money. It is a great memory but now days, to much of a danger to one's health. If your actually going to get a massage, it may be a good deal still.
By #5531 at 20,Jun,09 15:29
Agreed. I do go for a true massage from time to time. While in the Corps I never did visit any of the places you refer to, however many of my buddies shared the experience of it with me (they also shared some interesting things which required a visit to the Doc too).
By #7976 at 21,Jun,09 01:25
Very true. The Navy and I visited quite a few exotic places during Vietnam and our Flight Surgeon was always there with a syringe of the good stuff to keep us healthy. Fortunately, we survived our youth and can look back at the events fondly. Simper Fi (Dad was in the Third Raiders).

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