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How many of you guys are married?

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Started by #49676 at 19,Nov,11 18:22
Just curious. I am happily married and my wife enjoys this site as well.

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By Momo69 at 30,Oct,23 02:47 other posts of Momo69 
married but her and i dont fuck as often anymore

so i just fuck around with other guys instead

By wirda at 27,Sep,23 16:36 other posts of wirda 
Married but I sleep around
By hairypussywife at 24,Oct,23 23:38 other posts of hairypussywife 
Sweet lady

By casado at 24,Oct,23 15:32 other posts of casado 
Casado a 26 anos. Muito feliz. Estou aqui somente para olhar e ser visto.

By massco at 23,Oct,23 03:24 other posts of massco 
Married 45 years no sex for the last 5 years. Looking for a woman that wants only sex for the pleasure of it.

By onthelose at 19,Oct,23 21:45 other posts of onthelose 
I have been married for 55 years. She told me about 15 years ago she has never been interested in sex. I asked her why she let me use her and she said it was her duty as my wife. I never fucked her again. She is my best friend and I would never knowingly hurt her.
By wycowboy at 20,Oct,23 15:31 other posts of wycowboy 
We've been married for 40 years and, unless she wants it which is rare, we haven't had sex in about 5 years. I once told her I would never force her and I have kept that promise.

By #693619 at 16,Oct,23 22:01
Sadly widowed.

By nekekal at 16,Oct,23 21:36 other posts of nekekal 
Married. But no one is happy.

By t-rex at 15,Oct,23 00:51 other posts of t-rex 
Divorced here

By geboza at 23,Sep,23 21:58 other posts of geboza 
Nős vagyok йs a felesйgem nem tudja, hogy milyen sokat szexelek egyedűl, csak a sajбt magam gyцnyцrйre ! Az elйlvezбst sokбig kйsleltetem, mert nagyon imбdom a begerjed, бllу faszъ testem nйzni egy tьkцrből !

By jimbo111949 at 17,May,23 22:07 other posts of jimbo111949 
Have been married to my wife for 50 years.

By casado at 22,Feb,23 13:20 other posts of casado 
sou casado e hйtero.

By Ohioguy at 20,Feb,23 18:33 other posts of Ohioguy 
Yes married here.

By #688322 at 20,Feb,23 17:53
I’m married

By Jamie at 20,Feb,23 00:28 other posts of Jamie 
Yes married

By #677384 at 19,Feb,23 23:47
not me bro...been single all my life...I have some FWB's though hehe

By #688930 at 18,Feb,23 07:33
married but like to look at gay porn
--------------------------------------- added after 36 hours


By onthelose at 20,May,22 21:31 other posts of onthelose 
I would guess ,based on my conversations with many men ,that most mature married men are not getting sex at home. I haven’t for about 20 years.
By wycowboy at 16,Feb,23 20:12 other posts of wycowboy 
I'll be married 40 years this year. I haven't had regular sex with my wife in years.

By #656954 at 16,Feb,23 18:57
I am married,but love Wan king and gay porn

By Ananas2xLekker at 16,May,22 16:33 other posts of Ananas2xLekker 
Steady relationship for 23 years.
With a cohabitation agreement and wills for the last 12 years.

By Timtriple at 16,May,22 16:30 other posts of Timtriple 

By knewbi at 16,May,22 15:37 other posts of knewbi 

By #662360 at 15,May,22 14:05
I’m married. We are older and don’t have sex very often but she still hand jobs me.

By #667453 at 15,May,22 13:00
I'm single

By #652988 at 19,Dec,21 16:06
I'm not married but she doesn't know that I'm wanting to have sex with a man

By Walker at 22,Nov,11 23:34 other posts of Walker 
Yup, although wife knows she ignores my play.
By SluttySarah069 at 15,Aug,20 19:31 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Same here - she has caught me looking at porn. Also she's aware that I'm Bi and cross dress and also that I have been to seedy adult cinemas dressed and also saunas.

By #622501 at 15,Aug,20 15:17
Married but no sex for years fortunately I have a busty married ex work colleague whose husband is not interested. More fool him.

By #621517 at 09,Aug,20 19:29
Married. Still get sex. Still get HJ’s. My cock still gets hard for her. Still masturbating! But she knows nothing about SYD!

By bil47 at 09,Aug,20 18:18 other posts of bil47 
Married for a zillion years, and she's no longer into sex... at all. She knows I masturbate to "diverse" porn (i.e., bi and gay), but has zero interest in seeing it.

By slipper at 20,Nov,11 06:02 other posts of slipper 
YES!!! And, to the Queen of BJs!

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