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First Anal Sex experience

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Started by #170066 at 21,Jun,11 22:57
Just had anal for the first time in my life. I did it with my girl, it was great being in her! Anyone have interesting first anal stories or advice you could give me to enjoy it more?

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By wirda at 10,Feb,24 16:52 other posts of wirda 
I tried it couple of years ago. Basically my husband wasn’t home so I invited 2 guys over (my ex bf and my best friend) and things got heated. Next thing you know I got fucked in the ass and it was the best ever feeling I’ve ever felt

By #704641 at 07,Nov,23 05:59
I was 14 the first time I give my ass up to men his name was David he was 38 I meet him one day I was skipping school he had been driving around naked playing with his 8 in dick looking for someone to suck it he stop me and pick me he told me he want to party and fuck my holes he take me back to his house and dressed me up in lingerie stocking and heels he introduced me to poppers and drugs we went to his bondage sex room where he made my his whore he fuck my throat slap me around spit on me spanked my ass feed me poppers and butt fuck me and choke me for hours with no rubbers and yes I want I love it he turned me out I became a sissy little slut whore that days
By probowler298 at 02,Feb,24 07:29 other posts of probowler298 
That sounds like fun to be a sissy slut whore that craves dick all of the time.

By BigDaddy132 at 11,Jan,24 03:41 other posts of BigDaddy132 
Never with a person but have fucked myself with a rubber cock. My first time I used it, I stuck the suction cup on the toilet lid, slid my asshole slowly on to it rode it til I came. My first prostate orgasm.

By Lvphose at 09,Dec,23 19:33 other posts of Lvphose 

By SexyboytoyzMtl at 17,Oct,23 20:42 other posts of SexyboytoyzMtl 
14yo with man 58yo and he do it bareback

By knewbi at 11,Jul,22 15:17 other posts of knewbi 
The wife has used her strap on on me at times but none of the guys that I have played with have been able to penetrate me. So very tight and the wife was willing to work for as long as it took to loosen me up. Unfortunately the guys not so willing. And I so want to feel what it is like to have a guy plowing my ass and then explode in there. Maybe even piss up my ass. I have always wanted that too...

By girllyboi at 06,Jul,22 17:49 other posts of girllyboi 
my first time i was 12 a man was sitting me while my parents were still at work he got me naked and i was curious sucked his cock and he fucked me and i loved the feeling

By anyfun at 06,Jul,22 17:13 other posts of anyfun 
I was about 12-13. Had been experimenting with my brother, he's about 1.5 years older. We'd only sucked each other a few times when we took the natural next step. We took turns fucking each other

By #657920 at 06,Jul,22 06:51
I was about 10 or 11. I was home alone with my mother's boyfriend at the time. We were cuddled up together naked on the couch. I stroked his cock while he played with my ass. He licked some of his fingers and slid them in my ass and fingered it for a while as I sucked his cock. Then next thing I knew he was behind me gently pushing his lubed up hard cock in my ass. It hurt a bit when he was pushing it in but once he was in it fealt really good.

By bikev at 05,Jul,22 07:01 other posts of bikev 
I was about 13. I lived in a holiday town in the UK. I met an old guy in some toilets, I couldn't take my eyes of his hard cock. He asked me if I wanted to go to his caravan and I could touch his cock. I said yes please. When we got to his caravan he took his clothes of and started rubbing his cock. It just got bigger and bigger. He asked me if I wanted to play with it, I reached out and started to rub it, it was so warm and hard. He told me to take my clothes of and he would give me a special treat. I stripped off while he turned me round and bent me over a chair. I could feel him rubbing on my bottom then he slowly pushed his cock into my bottom. It was very tight but he didn't hurt me. He then started to move back and forwards and I could feel his cock sliding in and out of me. He kept sliding in and out of me fucking my little bottom until he told me he was going to cum. It was very nice. We spent most of the day together doing nice things to each other. He was staying for a week so I saw him very day and even met one of his friends who [played with my young cock while I was getting fucked. How nice it would have been to be able to have photographed it and be able to look at them today.

By #589016 at 05,Jul,22 01:55
15 and at my cousin's house, we showered together after swimming. He was 18 and took his thick long curvy cock out and I rubbed it with both hands. Soon I was on my knees sucking. He bent me over and make me squeal coz his thick long curvy cock

By Cummingforyou at 29,Jun,22 12:08 other posts of Cummingforyou 
In a local park walking around at 14 when collecting chestnuts seen a guy looking down an hill surrounded by trees, he got talking to me ( he was around 20 ) he asked if I wanted sex , me as so naive in the topic agreed , he brought me to a remote area where he put his hands in my underwear and grabbed my dick pulled it back and forth to my my pleasure . He then turned me around pulled my jeans and underwear down all the way when I felt his cock poking my love entrance . Was very gentle as he slowly inserted it into me . Felt mo pain just a full feeling . He then grabbed my hips pushed himself in and out of me till I heard him grunt and got a wet sensation in my ass . Took his tackle out and his cum started to dribble down my legs . My first anal experience

By #674193 at 28,Jun,22 20:27
On my 12th birthday, my best friend spent the weekend at my house. While eating Oreo ice cream cake that night, Michael (my friend) jokingly said, "I should spread some cake on my dick and make you suck it off." (We always made dumb "gay jokes" like that, so it wasn't out of the ordinary.)
I put 2 scoops in a bowl and said, "I'll be in my room on my knees." After what felt like forever.. He comes in my room and closes the door. With my heartbeating fast and heavy breathing, I slide down his shorts and put his much-larger-than-mine penis in my mouth. The warmth of it, combined with the throbbing of the vein underneath and the faint salty taste of precum, I get extremely turned on. After about 30 minutes of sucking him.. I asked if he would fuck me. I laid on my back and spread my legs. Attempting to use spit as lube, he put the tip in me and pushed kinda hard and it was a high level of uncomfortable pain that hurt forba few minutes. I got up and went to my bathroon to find anything that could be used as lube. Other than my sister's hair products, the only thing I found was cucumber watermelon body lotion. I go back to my bed and put a lot of the lotion on his dick and so we tried again. This time it eased in better, but it burned so damn bad. Slowly going in and out of me, 10% pain but 90% pleasure. The feeling of him between my legs and feeling the thickness of his dick spreading the walls of my ass mixed with the pressure when he went in deep.. I've never felt anything better. Moaning into my pillow as he progressively fucked harder, the sound of his balls echoing loudly as they slapped against my ass with each thrust and the springs of my bed start squeaking. I asked if we could move to the floor and so we did but he put me doggystyle to mix it up. That felt even better. After only 5 minutes though, I felt his dick grow while in mid thrust as he let out a groan and came inside me. We just laid there silently for a while afterward. An hour later, we had sex again. And 3 times the next day before he had to go home. Eventually friendship turned into boyfriend. And almost every weekend for the following 5 months, we were together. And at school, I'd give him head after lunch. At 12 years old, I had a boyfriend and an active sex life. If I could change any of it, I'd go back and actually put the ice cream on his dick because through all the nervousness that night, I forgot to then lol.

By #275407 at 21,Jun,18 15:51
I was wiping my butt as a young guy, and my finger went through the toilet paper and up my butt, ever since that day, I liked things in my butt
By #574505 at 18,Jan,20 13:34

By bil47 at 18,Jan,20 12:30 other posts of bil47 
I almost did it as a teen, when I was playing around sexually with boys. Had a long stretch of being married/monogamous. Finally did anal, topping and bottoming, when I was in my late 40s and exploring my bi-side.

By #516354 at 17,Jan,20 18:49
My first anal sex experience was with my now ex wife:
My first anal sex experience with a guy:

By andrew999999999 at 17,Jan,20 12:26 other posts of andrew999999999 
First time I tried anal on myself I just put a finger up my arse while I was wanking.

First time with someone else was with a guy who fucked me with a dildo.

First time I fucked an arse was with a trans woman.

First time I was fucked was by a guy in a sauna complex. Was a little anxious because his dick was thick, but once he was in and slowly fucking me, it was fantastic! This guy is now my fuck buddy, and he's fucked me many times.

By #556372 at 20,Jun,18 18:53
It was during my 10th grade. My friend, Steve, had a hard porn magazine the belonged to his older ****. There was a pic of a chick getting it doggie fashion. We assumed sex was through the ass. Well, guess wich 2 guys had an ass? We had anal for 3 months b4 his **** caught us. After she stopped laughing she showed us how to do a lady.

By #559915 at 20,Jun,18 17:25
Well I remember when I first time did anal masturbation with cock shaped thing and it was big banana.Before I was only using my fingers and when I slowly inserted that banana inside me I felt this new feeling like pooping but reverse and I somehow started enjoyng that.From that time I like ride dildo

By #522126 at 01,May,18 09:35
Back in the day,I had a girlfriend and we used to look at hardcore porn magazines together and try to copy the pictures we looked at,which included anal sex pictures,we were in the bath together when I stuck my fingers up her arse, which she liked the feel of,then as she relaxed more I lubed my dick and slowly pushed it up her anus,it felt incredibly tight,like an elastic band being wound around my cock,but eventualy it slipped all the way in and I was able to gently start pumping her arse,it felt very smooth and very tight,gripping my cock along its whole length,I pushed it as deep as I could in her and shot my load,she loved the feel of my cock throbbing and pulsating inside her tight brown hole and could feel my spunk hitting the inside of her,I pulled out and watched my cum dribble back out,so,so,hot! needless to say anal sex became a regular part of our sex life!

By #552392 at 30,Apr,18 04:36
I spent a night at my friends place when 14, his dad made us get naked and spread our legs. He took turns fucking us

By #533289 at 28,Apr,18 09:17
I think i was around 8 when me and like 4 other cousins where playing when the next thing you know I'm in her ass then we switch cousins then after that me n my boy cousin fuck .

By #451452 at 27,Apr,18 22:10
The first time that I remember was when I was 11. The next door neighbor boy was about 16 and he started playing with my cock and then blowing me. Eventually he convinced me it was good for me to suck him, which I found that I enjoyed. One of our meetings, after playing and sucking each other he bent me over a high bed and put his cock in my ass and gave me a long gentle fucking. I found that I quite liked it and wanted to try fucking him, but when we tried he said my cock was too big and it hurt him. I did eventually fuck a couple of guys, which was as much fun as being fucked. I was also fucked by a guy who could suck my cock while he fucked me from the front, wow, mind blowing.

By Moench at 30,Oct,17 21:02 other posts of Moench 
last weekend ,is wars the first time for me and my wife that we has anal sex.her pussy is very tide and her butthole has space only for one finger but she like if my dick in her pussy and i putt my finger in her butthole and playing. so at this day we like to try to putt my little dick in ass.we use a lot of oil and after 10 min my dick slip in and she was so horny and she come like crazy but i am not because to much oil.2 days later we try it again and use lest lubrication and i cane go in easy ,i think this time she wars more relexing .i hat a mega orgasm und she we will try more and more

By #535417 at 30,Oct,17 02:51
i was 15 the first i got my ass fuck it was by my step dad and his friend my step dad was 45 and friend was 52 they where hanging out drinking when my step dad friend Rick said let fuck your step son he yes ok he come in my room and told to come to his room Rick had something for me we in the room Rick was naked on bed he told get naked i did he told me to put his dick in my mouth i did my step dad got behind me start luck my ass and finger it they took turns feed me dick and fuck my ass over and over

By #497509 at 11,Sep,15 09:42
When I was 14, I was sleeping with my teacher with other boys in the same bed. He took my hand to his penis. It was thick and erect. He took his penis at my ass. He put some saliva on my ass hole and started penetrating. But I felt terrible pain and get up from the bed. I could not cry because others were also there. It was my first and last anal receiving.

By Fritz at 28,Mar,15 11:15 other posts of Fritz 
I was 12 when my best and one year older friend Gunther showed me how to wank, after some intresting sessions we started to wank each other and half a year later we tried out whether it is possible to stick not only a finger up the ass but also a dick, it did not work out the first time we tried it, but than experienced that it may work with fat or oil much better, we used at that time the very fatty blue Nivea Creme. Until now I had very many guys using my tight hole and I still enjoy it every time when I get fucked.

By cumonme1 at 21,Mar,15 16:29 other posts of cumonme1 
My Lady was the first to take my asshole with a vibrator, I was hooked ! Now I have many toys to put up my ass ofh they feel sooooo good

By foreskinlover52 at 21,Mar,15 10:17 other posts of foreskinlover52 
I had a friends cock in my ass when I was 13 for the first time..He just fit the head of his cock in and the just for a minate..I had analsex with a few girl friends and my wife..Having my cock in someones asshole made me cum so very hard..The first time I was really fucked was when I was around 28..I loved it! With a few close friends now I have analsex with them..I love to feel a mans cock all the way up my ass and hear him enjoying every moment..Feeling his hard cock swelling and then pumping sperm in my ass is the way I give him pleasure! I never had a problem with analsex and enjoy it very much, both giving and recieveing

By #480031 at 20,Mar,15 02:06
I was about 13, when the older guy I had been playing with for about a year guided my little penis into his hole. I enjoyed being inside him, but didn't cum. Later when I went to the toilet to pee, I discovered some shit on the tip of my penis. I felt disgusted and ashamed, and for the first time the word 'homosexual' entered my head (this was in 1967 or 68 in a small rural area).

Some time later, during another of our play sessions, he once again guided me into himself. This time I went all the way to orgasm. A very pleasurable experience. His health was not good, and when he was not well the next day, I again felt some pangs of guilt, as I thought perhaps my shooting inside him might have caused it.

That was the last time I performed anal sex until well on in adult years when I was married, and occasionally my wife would invite me in. She seemed to really get off on it.

I was not with a man again until after my marriage ended, at the age of 52. By now I was having difficulty getting hard enough to penetrate anyone, although I have manage to fuck my husband a few times (including one memorable occasion when he came twice while I was in him).

My first time receiving as at age 52. I had gone to a gay porn cinema/cruise lounge in the city. I nice Asian man and I started playing. He invited me into the private room, where we got naked and enjoyed some full body contact. He then uttered the magic words - "Can I fuck you?" As his penis was not too big, I agreed, but informed him that this would be my first time. He was very understanding and got my hole prepared. I was on the mattress face down, with me hole in the air. He gradually worked his way in. There was significant sharp pain to begin with, but once he had gently worked my hole and entered fully, that was all gone. He continued to fuck me like that for a while, then asked me to turn over, with my legs over the side of the bed. He then stood in front of me, put my legs over his shoulder and entered me from the front. He continued pumping my now nicely opened hole until he filled his condom with his hot cream.

Later when I emerged into the city street, I felt like I was in a dream. My head was spinning, and I had this nice warm glow in my nether regions.

By #457775 at 19,Mar,15 05:16
I was 20 the first time I get my ass fucked. It was a 17y old friend who just wanted to fuck a hole. First we compared our cocks and his cock was beautiful with a long foreskin, so he asked me if I want him to screw it into my tight asshole. It lasts 10 minutes until he was in and it hurt very much but I was so horny that I let him

By #107253 at 14,Jan,14 08:03
I.was 14 when a freind of mine and I were jerking off together. we had sucked eachother a few times. One day he convinced me to let him stick his cock in my ass, he lubed me up with vaseline i got on my knees and stuck his cock in my ass, it hurt a lot the first time cause he stuck it all the way, I pulled away and the next time a few minutes latter he went slow and I kinda likes it within a few minutes he was fucking me steadly and by the time he came in my ass I was hooked, he ended up fucking me off and on for the next 7 years, I lookforward to takeing his big cock every time I visit my hometown

By #358797 at 06,Sep,13 03:00
First anal? I was 17 and just decided I wanted it in the ass. Broke out the lube and told him to go for it. Came so hard I almost lost it. Been taking it in the ass ever since. Lol.
By #316057 at 11,Oct,13 06:43

By WristThick at 21,Jun,11 23:12 other posts of WristThick 
When I've talked about this with other guys, I find that their anal sessions are waaaaaay too short. It should be a minimum of 15 minutes long and preferably at least a half hour.

If you want both of you to enjoy it even more, teach your gf proper muscle control. There are 3 rings (sphincters) that tighten and loosen, depending on what passes through. Only the outermost one can be controlled at will. She can learn to tighten it, loosen it and relax it. After a while, the other two rings will fall into place. They can do some amazing things when she's in the right mood and being fucked properly!
By bigone21 at 05,Sep,13 17:52 other posts of bigone21 

how about the GUYS asshole!?? putting fingers, dildoes or hands up there? might be a way for him to understand what "the misses" feels when he does her!

and hey, guys have a prostate for EXTRA fun and feeling!

By #427539 at 04,Sep,13 18:14
My first anal was with 2 guys in shower. They were looking at my ass and both had big hard ons i started to stare at their cocks so they asked me if i could take them. , i was surprised at the question but agreed on it. So they bend me over and soaped my butt and one of the guys grabbed me by my hips and put his cock by my hole and started to push it in. Was painfull at first but once his cock hed was in i began to like it and pushed my ass against him to take more in,, the other guy got in front of me and put his cock in front of my face so i could suck him. Once the guy in my ass finished the guy i was suckin took his place and finished in my butt , fromthat day i liked anal and once other guys found out i was bi i became really popular. And had sex with lots of them
By #196416 at 04,Sep,13 18:16
Was this before or after you fucked your wife, mother in law, ****, cousin, sisters girlfriend, great grandmother and any other family member that came your way? Just wondering!
By #427539 at 04,Sep,13 18:49
Was before i got married. I told my wife that i liked cocks olso and she was really impressed by that. She asked me if i olso did bjs. She fell in love with me because i was soo open minded
--------------------------------------- added after 100 seconds

I only fuck my wife and my motherinlaw , used to fuck her cousin but i havent fucked her since i got married. , and the only cocks i take are few close friends. I am a serious man , not a slut
By bigone21 at 04,Sep,13 22:43 other posts of bigone21 
@ Ulissis:

thank GOD you are NOT a slut!! don't know why, but thank GOD anyway!! (and as an atheist, that's easy for me to say! haha!!)

and since you, next to your wife, fuck only your mother in law, and NOT your cousin anymore, you must have come into your self-cleaning phase sexually! every reason to give you three tumbs!

here they come!

ps: sorry small dick BTW...

By #220845 at 21,Apr,13 17:58
With a woman, in the 80s, bent her over the tailgate of a 73 f250, on a dirt road.

By #220845 at 21,Apr,13 17:56
1992, beautiful young black man

By #289712 at 20,Apr,13 16:45
Never experienced it until my current girlfriend.. She loves it, makes her cum hard and really fast, so when she asked me to fuck her in the ass, i nearly blew it out there and then.. fucking awesome, although she cums so fast i am yet to unload in her ass..

By #11431 at 10,Sep,12 14:33
The first time for me was when I lost a bet and that was the forfeit ... it was bearable but did hurt . I didnt really enjoy it and I concur with others in that , the more I asked him to stop, the harder he pounded me !

By #215672 at 10,Sep,12 01:27
the first time it hurt i thought he would rip me in to he was on top and just forced it in the more i asked him to stop the harder he gave it to me

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