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Me drunk and passed out

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Started by #553306 at 01,Feb,20 02:51
My brother in-law got me drunk till I passed out while my husband was out of town then took advantage taking all my clothes then fucking me! What would you do to me??

Xoxo bbwc05

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By #709175 at 29,Jan,24 08:15
Drunk and passed out, male or female, have you ever wondered if maybe something had happened and you just don't know what but something tells you that not is all as it seems. I'll relate my experience from a time past. I'm a 20 year old guy and I'm hitchhiking in the country between 2 large cities, lots of farms and small towns, I get a lift, a farmer, not going to the city but you can stay in the farm house and get a good start in the morning, that seemed reasonable. On the farm it's only early afternoon so I help out loading some hay and just looking busy for the other farm workers there. The days over, up to the farm house, get cleaned up, where all going into the pub, the farmer says, do you want to come. Sure. Do you want a drink, thanks.....I wake up in my room, my stuff is all there, I'm completely naked, I feel alright, I start to get dressed, the farmer walks in, how you feeling, ok. Then he says this and this is weird, he points to my crotch, " I wouldn't like to have that hanging over my eye in the morning". What did he mean? was he referring to my cock, how would he know how big it was anyway.What happened last night, I only had one drink, I think, I don't remember. I don't think he or his workers fucked me, I wasn't sore, I wasn't sloppy, I just don't know. Something must have happened or maybe not. We said our goodbyes and off I went. And that was that.

By #553306 at 07,Feb,20 17:53
My sexy thick calves!
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By leopoldij at 03,Mar,20 23:24 other posts of leopoldij 
You mean...
[deleted image]
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Very nice!
By #553306 at 03,Mar,20 23:31
Mmmm what would u do to me?
By leopoldij at 03,Mar,20 23:43 other posts of leopoldij 
I'd strip you naked and lick your pussy before fucking you doggie style
By #553306 at 03,Mar,20 23:44
Mmm do tell more him

By bella! at 03,Mar,20 20:00 other posts of bella! 

By nekekal at 17,Feb,20 17:58 other posts of nekekal 
I wouldn't fuck a passed out woman. it would be like fucking my wife. Just laying there not moving. I like some participation. So if I found you passed out, I would roll you onto your stomach so if you got sick, you would not choke to death, then cover you up with a blanket. I am not desperate enough, and I am pretty desperate, to fuck a passed out woman.

Now if you want to get fucked, we can talk.
By tb1 at 20,Feb,20 11:55 other posts of tb1 
my sentiments exactly

By #553306 at 10,Feb,20 19:43
Should I continue?
By #583549 at 10,Feb,20 22:47
Of course my dear friend!
By #553306 at 15,Feb,20 07:04

By Jrbowen2016 at 05,Feb,20 21:56 other posts of Jrbowen2016 
I would like to fuck you and you feel my cum pouring out of your cunt

By onthelose at 04,Feb,20 18:31 other posts of onthelose 
I sorry if I presume to much, but I am sure you knew you what you were doing before you got drunk. You don't sound upset by what happened. Why not let him have you when you aren't wasted and enjoy the ride.

By mikeyd270 at 03,Feb,20 02:03 other posts of mikeyd270 
Personally I would spread your thick legs and eat that hot beautiful pussy.

By #553306 at 01,Feb,20 02:53
Me drunk passed out spread nude before he fucked me!

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By #533479 at 01,Feb,20 11:17
Tell us more: did you cum? did he cum? does he have a big cock? is he your husband's brother or your sister's husband?
By #553306 at 02,Feb,20 07:45
He came for sure I'll continue the story

By #583549 at 02,Feb,20 00:56
Before I get into any more trouble here is my comment! We would have so much fun sex while you were passed out and I would most likly wake you up so that you could see what we have been up too!
By #553306 at 02,Feb,20 01:04
Lol we? Who's we sexy?
By #583549 at 02,Feb,20 01:14
You and me!!!!!!
By #553306 at 02,Feb,20 01:16
Oh I thought u meant you and someone else on me
By #583549 at 02,Feb,20 01:21
Well......The more the merrier!!!!!!

By #553306 at 02,Feb,20 00:30
Me right after I passed out when he layers me down and spread my big thick legs,pushed the sectional couch together and proceeded by undressing me


By #553306 at 01,Feb,20 22:45
He's staying at our place and when my husband left he showed up at my place of work and showed me the 60 pounder bottle of hard liquor he had for us later that night and to tell you I was excited and surprised to see how much he bought he even took a pic of my expression!
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/dqtljjdakuc8pic.html my expression and still in work clothes clothes
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Stopping for a few shots after work on the way home with a friend and the brother in law on the way home at a local park showing off my sexy legs not long after a few pics and shots she left home while me and my brother in-law went home to get wasted
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Feeling buzzed already because my friend was drinking something weaker then what we were drinking but anyway silly tongue pic time
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After we got back home I changed out of my clothes and put on shorts a t shirt and little turquoise ankle socks to lounge in,I was so beat I didn't even shower. With 12 shots gone from the bottle he poured us a mixed drink and sat on the other part of the sectional couch and sipped his drink. I was already feeling a bit high so I drunk my drink but a bit quicker then him, 3 drinks in I noticed the drinks start to taste stronger. I watched him pour the next drinks and noticed he was dropping 2 shots in per drink, by then my buzz had sky rocketed this was going to be a short night for me
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If I don't slow down.

By #553306 at 01,Feb,20 22:29
My thick sexy legs

By wycowboy at 01,Feb,20 12:49 other posts of wycowboy 
I'd fuck you and shoot my cum all over your body and leave it to dry so you'd have no doubts about what I did.

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